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Please? Part 19

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  • Daryl Dixon x Reader
  • 2507 words
  • Warnings: Language

Rick agreed to bring Merle in, but he was locking him away from the rest of the group. Daryl seemed okay with that, but that isn’t where his mind is. He’s watching you avoid his gaze. This isn’t the kind of welcoming he pictured on his way back. He assumed you would come running back into his arms, or he would get down on his knees and ask for your forgiveness—neither happened.

Everyone starts walking inside, Merle being led by Rick incase he tries anything funny. Daryl doesn’t mind, he’s a little fed up with his brother anyway.

Inside, Daryl lost you. He looks for you, but you have disappeared before he could say anything to you. He wishes he can do something, tell you what an idiot he was for leaving. He already knows he’s getting looks from Glenn and Maggie, maybe even Carol, who hasn’t spoken to him either.

Maybe Merle is only staying so he will, but he has to admit, it does make him a little happy that Rick agreed. Now if only he can get everyone on board, everything will work out amazingly, if he can have you, too.

Daryl walks into his cell and throws off the backpack and the shirt Merle ripped out there in the woods. He quickly throws on an old one he found on the bed and pauses. It’s the shirt you begged him to throw out, the one he promised he would burn when he got back.

He throws that shirt off and as quickly as possible, pulls on another one that was stuffed in his bag. He buttons each button slowly, listening to Rick and Hershel talk about Merle and keeping him locked in the next room.

The talk goes on for a few hours. Everyone has a different opinion on what to do and where to go. Daryl tries not to speak up, thinking it really isn’t his place anymore. All he wants is to find you, but you seem to have left. He glances around the room as Rick and Glenn get into it, hoping you may be hiding in oen of the other cells or you’ll walk through that door any second.

No one gets anywhere with the arguing, so Rick storms out, leaving the others to look around the room in confusion. It’s clear Rick is losing it, or he’s already lost it. Daryl rests his head against the railing of the second floor and groans. If he wouldn’t have left..


You swallow your pride and make your way back into the prison. You tried to go on a little walk, but the walkers hissing at you only made your head hurt worse.

Carl lets you in after you pass Merle, who makes kissy noises until Carl locks the door behind you. This just isn’t home anymore with Merle here, it will never be.

“He’s stayin’!” Daryl’s gravely voice carries across the prison. You look up, a little startled, in just enough time to see him racing up to the top floor out of anger and pace around the railing, biting the skin on his thumb and spitting it to the side.

His eyes meet yours and he stops. You shake your head and keep moving, over to the others standing in a circle where Rick and Glenn are fighting again. You want everyone to stop, want everything to go back to normal. This is going to set everyone apart.

“We need someone like him.” Hershel looks around at the rest of them. “He can really help us.”

“He makes me uncomfortable. Isn’t that enough?” You step in. Everyone goes quiet and looks, really looking at you. Daryl leans over the railing and stops, watching you with his beady eyes and his thin lips in a tight line.

“I want to speak with him.” Hershel announces and he starts to hobble away, doing the best he can with his crutches. At first, you felt so sorry for him. After he lost his leg, you thought that would be the end, but he has come a long way.

Carol walks over with her hands in her pockets. You catch Daryl walking away out of the corner of your eye and he disappears into the cell you two used to share. She sets a hand on your shoulder. “I’m going to talk to him. Want to follow?” She asks innocently.

You bite your bottom lip and look up, peering into the silent hole that Daryl is pouting in. You glance back down at Carol and shrug your shoulders. “I don’t really know what to say.”

“Don’t say anything.” She chuckles. “Or tell him how bad he made you feel. How bad us made us all feel when he walked away with that asshole.”

“Go on up there, I’ll be there in a minute.” You motion for Carol to go up the steps. You try to find the courage to go up there, say something to him.

When you get the rush, you quietly take the steps one at a time, listening for Carol’s sweet voice. She’s saying something, though it isn’t clear on what she’s saying at first. You catch the tail end of her sentence and stop, just outside of the door.

Daryl grunts. “This is a tomb.”

There’s a silence and then Carol says, “T-Dog called it that. Thought he was right until you and Y/N found me.”

Another silence.

“How is she?”

“I think you heard. She’s having a hard time with the way things ended.”


Carol sighs. “Did you really think you would just come back and everything be how it was before?”

Daryl doesn’t say anything, or make any kind of noise.

“What you did, it was loyal. To the wrong person.” Carol goes on. “Merle may be your brother, but he sure isn’t good for you. You have a whole group here, a big family. We’d do anything for you.”

“I’d do anythin’ for any of you.” Daryl says quickly.

“I know. Just give her some time. Things won’t just settle into place like they were before. You’ll have to make it happen.”

“I miss her…” Daryl grumbles.

You can’t handle it. You turn around and hurry down the steps, making your way outside.


You sit on the ground and press your back to the building. There’s shade there, and the breeze felt good. You know you aren’t supposed to be outside, but you can’t help yourself. Being in that place, it was beginning to get a little stuffy.

Rick runs by you, running toward the fence that you realize is open. You start to get up when most everybody else comes running out, armed and ready to shoot.

“The hell…” You look at all of them. Last to come out is Daryl. He stops and looks down at you.

“The hell you doin’ out here unarmed?? Get inside!” He points to the door, his crossbow in one hand, firmly.

“Excuse me?” You start to stand up but he grabs you under your arm and pulls you up the rest of the way. “Daryl!” You shout, tugging your arm away from him. That is going to leave a bruise later on.

Daryl pauses. “You’re right… Sorry…” His head is bowed, looking at the ground and kicking some dirt up into the air.

“Daryl!” Rick calls. Daryl hands you his knife and runs over, helping the others watch the person that’s walking up to the gate.

“Rick!” The person screams. Rick hesitates at the gate and looks over, tossing the keys to Daryl, who unlocks it and lets her in. Andrea…

Rick forces her against the wall and you think he’s truly lost it, then you remember seeing her at Woodbury. She’s in with him, the enemy. You start to wonder if she’s been sent here. Rick checks her, using his old cop techniques then kicks her knees so she fell on the ground.

“You alone?” He asks her, throwing her bag to Daryl. He catches it in the air and starts rummaging through it.

“Yeah…” Andrea looks around, her eyes landing on you last. She watches you for a second, not understanding why you look so miserable. Not that she’ll care, she was in with that horrible man, the one who touched Maggie. Or maybe that’s why she’s here…


It’s no secret that you never liked Andrea. Sure, she was one less warrior, and that was it. She was nothing but trouble when she was around, always picking Shane’s side and lusting over him. You always had a bad feeling with her, this time is no different.

You watch as she tries to plead her case, tries to lie her way back into your lives. Luckily for you, nearly everyone is on your side in the matter. Rick and Daryl give her the cold shoulder. Michonne watches her every move, carefully. The only person who seems to have missed her is Carol, even she doesn’t say anything to defend Andrea.

The whole scene is a mess. You watch Andrea beg for her life, as well as Phillip’s. Her calling him by his real name, it’s almost sickening. This is Shane all over again, this is another power thing. She loves the men with the power, loves to screw around with them and feel important when really, she’s being used. You can see that.

You’ve heard enough after Andrea says something about Rick and Phillip meeting face to face. You throw your hands in the air and walk out, walking into your room and sitting on the bed. Daryl’s stuff strewn about the place, the shirt with the holes is gone.

You sit on the bed and move his bag onto the top bunk. You think about packing your thinks, moving it into another cell, but you just don’t have the energy. You want nothing more than for Daryl to come hold you and tell you all this is a really bad dream.

Andrea showing up, that seems to throw things off balance. You can hear everyone talking, raised voices, even Daryl’s grouchy tone flowing through the bars. Part of you misses the farm, wishes Glenn never would have found those walkers in the barn, maybe Hershel wouldn’t have run off and Rick wouldn’t have brought that damn, stupid boy home. But who knows what would have happened instead.

It doesn’t take long before you feel the presence of someone in the doorway. You look up, seeing Daryl standing there, his elbows propping himself up against the bars, his arms raised above his head. He’s leaning in, though not stepping inside.

“Hi.” He looks at you.

“Hi.” You sit up, crossing your legs under you. You find a string on the bed and start playing with it.

Daryl’s nose twitches and his jaw clenches. “Andrea’s gone.” He says.

“So soon?” You wanted to sound disappointed, but it came out as a little glad. “Figured she’d stay a bit longer.”

“She met little asskicker then left.” He shrugs his shoulders and looks at the bar his elbow is leaning on. “Rick’s plannin’ on what to do next.”

“What do you think?” You look up at him, squinting a little from the sun shining in the large windows.

He drops his elbows and holds his hands in front of him, picking at a scab on one of his fingers. “I think I can’t do this without ya.”

You pause. “Do what?”

“This.” He drops his hands and motions around the prison. The sun is going down quickly. Outside, you can tell the sky is changing colors. “I fucked up, Y/N. Shoulda never left you.”

“Yeah, well, you did.” You sigh. Why is he doing this now? “Daryl, you left once. What tells me you won’t leave me again? The second Merle tries to leave, you’ll just go with him.”

Daryl’s quiet, he shifts his weight from one foot the other and sticks his thumb in his mouth, chewing on the skin around his nail. You close your eyes and shake your head, wishing he would stop that nasty habit. He walks over a few steps. “I ain’t never gonna leave you again. I swear, darlin’.”

“You’ve made that promise before.” You climb off the bed and stand up, ready to walk away from him and this cell. You’d come get your things later, once Daryl was out.

You start to walk around him, he grabs you by your shoulders and holds you in place. He looks down at you, his mouth slightly open as if he wants to say something. He blinks a few times and clears his throat. “I hated every goddamn second. I thought you would fight for me, fight for us. When you didn’t, I thought… Merle’s the only family I need.”

“And so you walk away with him.” Your eyebrow shoots up. “Daryl, I just—“

Daryl cuts you off by very gently pressing his lips against yours, still holding onto you by the shoulders. His lips are rough, chapped, and his stubble scratches against your top lip and chin. He forces himself a little closer, wanting to be as close as possible.

When he pulls back, he looks down at you. His eyes aren’t looking into yours, but down at your lips. He pursues his lips and nods his head. “Understood.”

You didn’t kiss him back, you just stood there, shocked that the man had that much courage. He doesn’t kiss you like that, ever. Pecks are his thing, unless it’s a special situation. In this case, it must have been.

He lets go of you and walks out of the cell, his shoulders slouching forward and his lip sucked in between his teeth.

I wasn’t even going to say anything, but Rucas shippers are so set on bothering Lucaya shippers, so why not kill their buzz a little?

One statement: Rucas isn’t endgame.

Now, I’m not really saying the Lucaya is endgame either, except, I kinda am.

I know everyone has their eyes on Zaya right now, and yes, Maya and Zay would look incredibly beautiful together but I’m not one hundred on that yet. I can’t just skip out of the Lucaya fandom after supporting them since the beginning.

But anyways, back to what I was saying.

I highly doubt Rucas isn’t actually endgame.

Why? Because of all the clues that point to Lucaya being endgame of course.


Now, this may not be much, but isn’t it a little strange that the actual couple and Lucaya were put into the same outfit and position? It isn’t that big of a clue though, so let’s just call it a coincidence, but coincidence, I think not.


Okay, let’s talk about this. When I saw this, I literally laughed. I couldn’t even stop that chuckle from releasing because come- the fuck- on.

This scene was taken place the first day both Riley and Maya met Lucas, on the train and in the same spot. As you can see, behind Riley and Lucas in the bottom picture, there’s a sign that says 2 Months Only, which one could see as to say that this whole relationship won’t actually last. But behind Maya and Lucas, the sign says New Long Lasting.

It’s either this has nothing to do with anything or the GMW writers are just smart and sneaky lil’ fuckers and I am all for it.


You can say all you want about the first two clues, but there is no way that this one is “just a coincidence.”

In pictures 1 & 4, Topanga and Shawn were speaking about Cory (obviously), in season 2, episode 21 titled “The Thrilla’ in Philla.’“ Pictures 2 & 3 broadcast a conversation between Farkle and Maya and a very similar setting (and clothing, for Maya specifically), in season what of which episode? Episode 21 of season 2, “Girl Meets Texas: Part 2.”

Who’s really going to sit here and lie to me and tell me that doesn’t mean anything? Salty Rucas shippers, that’s who.

I don’t even need to explain the picture for everyone to understand what I’m saying, so I just won’t explain.

And if that isn’t enough for you, let’s talk about this.

Rucas shippers love to talk about how Lucaya hasn’t even kissed but their OTP has.

You know what’s embarassing?

There was more chemistry between Lucaya in their almost kiss than there was in Rucas’ actual kiss.

That is literally hardly even a kiss. It’s awkward, and in a way, one could say cute. It’s adorable in the kind of way that I’d find it adorable if I ever caught my future child kissing his/her kindergarten crush. It’s that kind of cute.

But then we have Lucas and Maya, who’s lips didn’t even meet, delivering one of the most intense and the most passionate scene to ever be in Girl Meets World.

Sure, Maya is standing there looking like a statue because she’s nervous. But she’s looking into the eyes that are directed at her lips and the fire sets this mood and that scene was just tew much. Nevermind the fact that Disney totally cock-blocked, but it was absolutely beautiful regardless.

And that right there, is what a true pairing should look like.

There’s also the fact that Maya tames him, he tames Maya, she has amazing nicknames for him (which Riley does not, just saying), and they just look perfect together but, whateves.

Now, there are many other clues pointing to Lucaya endgame but I’m done with this post.

At this point, I hardly even think Lucas deserves Maya. Hell, nobody deserves Maya. She’s too great of a person for everyone, ever.

But I’m still for Lucaya.

And I rest my case.

Have a nice day Huckleberries.



“(Y/n), this is Elaine, my girlfriend.”

As soon as those words left Sebastian’s mouth, you felt like your heart had sunk down to your stomach. It was like the air had left your lungs and you couldn’t breathe. Like you were drowning in the deepest and darkest part of the ocean.

“I’m so excited to be meeting you! Sebastian has told me all about you!” Elaine walked over to you and gave you a hug like you two had known each other all of your lives.

You were surprised and by the look on Sebastian’s face he was too.

“It’s nice to meet you.” You said with the most convincing smile of your life.

“You are just as beautiful as in movies! I’m such a fan of yours also! You were so funny in that runaway bride movie!”

“Thank you.” You said not knowing what else to say.

“What were you guys up to?” She asked with a smile. If only she knew what you guys were really up to, you were positive that she wouldn’t still be smiling.

“We are waiting for fittings for our costumes.” Sebastian answered. He didn’t seem happy at all that Elaine was there. You wished that he would at least act a little happy because then it wouldn’t seem like something almost happened between the two of you.

“It was really nice meeting you, Elaine but I have to run. I’m sure that I will see you around.”

“I’ll be here all week.” Elaine joked before you left the dressing room.

You could tell that Sebastian wanted to stop you from leaving but he didn’t, and that said a lot more.

All you wanted was to be able to get to your hotel room. You didn’t want to cry in front of anyone and you sure as hell didn’t want to talk to Sebastian or see him acting all lovey dovey with Elaine.

Things had gotten so complicated in such a short amount of time. It left your head spinning.

You had been making your way to your trailer to grab your things when Chris spotted you. He could tell that you were upset and made his way towards you.

“(Y/n)? What’s wrong?”

“Elaine is here.” You told him as your chin quivered a little. You hated crying in front of other people.

Chris now understood why you looked like you looked so heartbroken and seemed on edge. He didn’t say anything. He pulled you into his arms and gave the comfort that you needed in that moment.


That night, you stayed holed up in your hotel room. You didn’t feel like seeing anyone and you needed the time to yourself. You thought about how stupid you felt when you almost let Sebastian kiss you.

You could still feel his lips lightly grazing over yours. You could feel his fingertips tracing your skin.

You hated the effect he had over you.

All you wanted was to seek solstice in a silly movie and eat junk food.

Before you could try and decide what movies to watch, someone knocked on your door. Groaning internally, you got off the sofa and walked over to see who it was.

You checked the peep hole and saw Chris standing on the other side of the door. You opened the door and he smiled a little and raised his right arm that held a brown paper bag. “I figured you might be in the mood for some Chinese food.”

“I’m always in the mood for Chinese food.” You smiled a little.

You opened the door a little more so he could step inside. You closed the door behind him and joined him in the living room. Chris set the bag down and sat on the couch before pulling out some boxes of food.

He handed you a box of noodles and some chopsticks after you sat beside him.

“How are you feeling?” He asked once the two of you had started eating.

You sighed a little, “Like my heart has gotten ripped out of my chest.”

“You didn’t really tell me what happened earlier. I’m sorry that I had to be on set and I couldn’t be there for you longer.” Chris apologized.

“No, don’t apologize. I’m really glad that you were there for me when you were.”

“What happened between you and Sebastian?”

“We almost kissed,” you mumbled, “Just when we were about to, Elaine knocked on the door.”

“Could you imagine what would’ve happened if she had just waltzed right in and didn’t knock at all?”

“I really don’t. Things would be a million times worse right now. I just can’t believe that I allowed myself to get swept up in his words and completely lose all of my common sense.”

“Hey, Sebastian is a suave guy. Anyone would get swept up in all of that.” Chris joked trying to make light of the situation. It made you like him more. He wanted nothing more than to make you smile.

You rolled your eyes, “Very funny Evans.

He smiled a little before speaking, “I don’t want you to blame yourself, (Y/n).”

“But I do. I’m not that girl, Chris. I don’t want to become one of those girls that infiltrate relationships.”

“Did Sebastian say if he felt the same way you do?” Chris questioned.

“He told me that he does but he can’t if he hasn’t ended things with Elaine. I don’t even know if I want him to.” You confessed.

Chris set his food down on the coffee table and gave you his full attention, “What do you mean by that?”

“If Sebastian really does care about me like he says he does, why hasn’t he tried to talk to me? Why did it take him three weeks after I told him how I felt before he came and told me how he felt?” You asked rhetorically. You knew Chris didn’t have the answers. You didn’t even have the answers. The only person that had the answers to your questions was the one person you weren’t speaking to.

Chris placed his hand on top of yours, “I wish I knew what to do to make you feel better.”

“Honestly, you being here right now is enough.”

“Things will work out in the end, (Y/n).”

“I hope that it will. Part of me thinks that I’m wasting my time. Part of me thinks that I should move on. It has been so long and I’m honestly ready to settle down. I’m not even sure that Sebastian is in that stage in his life. Maybe Elaine showing up is a sign that it’s time for me to move on.”

“Maybe all of that is true, but I don’t want you to think that you have to go through this alone.”

“I feel terrible that you’ve practically turned into my therapist.” You chuckled.

“We all have to talk to someone, and I won’t charge you nearly as much as a therapist would.” Chris teased before the both of you continued to eat your food.

Chris sat with you and watched Sixteen Candles. It was one of your favorite movies and you watched it whenever you needed to laugh or when you were upset.

“Hey, (Y/n)?” Chris asked during the scene where Jake Ryan was looking around at his trashed house.


“Are you pretty savvy with Internet lingo?” He asked.

“I would say so, why?”

“I’ve noticed that some fans have been referring to me as a cinnamon roll lately. Do you know what that means?”


When you woke up that morning, you realized that you weren’t alone in bed. You rolled over and saw a topless Chris a few feet away from you.

The two of you had spent the night watching movies and before you knew it, it was three in the morning.

Chris had dozed off during the middle of Die Hard. You had shook his shoulder gently, “Chris, wake up.”

It took him a few seconds before he finally did. “What’s going on?” His voice was still thick with sleep.

“C'mon, time for bed.” You stood up off the couch and stretched.

He groaned, “I’m too tired to go to my room, just leave me here!”

You laughed a little, “The couch isn’t comfortable enough. You can sleep in my bed, c'mon.”

“Where will you sleep?” Chris asked as he slowly got up. You placed a hand on his back and guided him to your room.

“The bed is king sized. It’s big enough for the both of us, Evans.”

Chris yawned as the two of you entered your bedroom, “As long as you are okay with it.”

“I am. Now let’s get some sleep.”

You had slept relatively well considering that you had a lot on your mind. Talking to Chris did seem to relieve some of the stress that you had. He really was like your own personal therapist.

You stretched a little, careful not to move too much to wake him. Neither of you had to be on set until the afternoon. It was going to be one of those late nights and you were glad that you did get some sleep or else you would be useless.

Getting out of bed, you did your usual morning routine. You were in desperate need of some coffee and a blueberry muffin. You figured that you would provide breakfast since Chris provided dinner the night before.

Once you were done changing and fixing your hair, you exited the bathroom and quietly went into the living room.

Just as you were putting on your shoes to go and get you and Chris some coffee, someone knocked on your door.

You got up to go and answer it, figuring that it was someone from set giving you the usual schedule for the day. Instead when you opened the door, you saw Sebastian.

You froze, “What are you doing here?”

“(Y/n), can we talk? Please?” Sebastian looked like he hadn’t gotten much sleep. His hair didn’t have the usual vigor to it.

“I don’t have anything to say to you, Sebastian. You need to go.” You tried to close the door but he was stronger than you.

He wedged it open even more enough for him to step inside, “(Y/n)! Can we just talk like two adults?!”

“No! There isn’t anything left to say! Please just go!”

“(Y/n), I didn’t know that she was going to come here. I didn’t expect for her to. I hadn’t talked to Elaine for a few days and now she’s here–”

“You don’t have to explain anything to me. You don’t owe me anything. I’m not your girlfriend!”

Sebastian felt like that was a little harsh. He hadn’t meant to hurt you at all. He didn’t know if you would ever forgive him.

“(Y/n)? What’s going on?” You turned your head and saw Chris had walked out of your bedroom. He was still shirtless and you knew that the situation didn’t look good.

Sebastian froze once he had saw Chris. He looked at you and pieced it together.

“Are you serious?!”

Chris held his hands up, his eyes widened once he realized how the situation had looked, “Seb, this isn’t what it looks like.”


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