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Buzzfeed’s interview with shawn back in 2015

(Buzzfeed asks) “What Hogwarts house are you in”

Shawn looks so offended “Gryffindor DUH!”

BF: I will say, I was on Tumblr today in the Shawn Mendes tag and there were a lot of fans who thought you’d be in Hufflepuff.
SM: What?
BF: There were posts about Shawn in Hufflepuff because you’re so nice.
SM: Why do they think that? Hufflepuff is useless!
BF: Hufflepuffs are nice. They were saying you’re so nice!
SM: That’s upsetting. I need to start being more mean.
BF: No! That’s Slytherin.
SM: I have to be brave to be Gryffindor. How do I be braver? I thought I’ve been brave. Where do you think you’d be? Gryffindor, right? Who wants to be anything but Gryffindor?
BF: I would’ve been Ravenclaw, for sure.
SM: Ravenclaw actually is cool though. They are geniuses.
BF: I think Hufflepuffs have a good sense of humor.
SM: Really? I just feel like throughout the movies and books you never really know much about Hufflepuff and you’re just kinda like, they’re dumb and useless. But they’re not, I love them.