this gif is horrible shit

Okay listen.

I’ll probably never stop rewatching Expiration Date for these two and every time I’ll notice something else. I’m just shocked I didn’t notice these things sooner.

First off, look at him straighten himself out when she looks back at him. Spy taught him to sit up straight and hold himself better, otherwise his posture is HORRIBLE. He’s actually super awkward for a second because he’s like [shit be charming fuc k] Footnote: was he checking her out prior to that? And didn’t want to get caught, or make it seem like he was checking her out. That makes this whole interaction even better. He loses all his cool around her. Like there was much cool to lose, but the point is he’s a whole different person??

Second, look. at. that. smolder. he hits her with. He’s looking off towards something then he brings it home like BAM and it makes me laugh and cry for him because he is trying so hard to impress her.

I have been boasting about doing tumblr awards now for the last few hundred goals I’ve met. I figure it’s about time I actually follow through on my word and give you guys the thanks you deserve. I really appreciate all of you and still can’t wrap my head around why you follow me but I am sure glad that you do. I am going to include as many fandoms as I can but it’s likely a few will be left out so I’m sorry for that. It’s nothing personal, it could just be that I don’t know enough about your fandom to accurately judge it. Below are rules for entry, categories and prizes!


→ Must be following moi
→ Reblog this post. (Likes are for bookmarks only)
→ If you’d like to be only considered for one specific award feel free to tag. If not just enter as you normally would.
→ You have until November 20th to enter. (may extend depending on notes)


→ The Rami Malek Award (Best URL) 
→ The Illya Kuryakin Award (Best icon)
→ The Angela Moss Award (Best overall posts)
→ The Richard Gecko Award (Best theme)
→ The Connor Walsh Award (Best edits/gifs)
→ The Matt Murdock Award (Best aesthetic)
→ The Bellamy Blake Award (Best The 100)
→ The Elliot Alderson Award (Best Mr. Robot)
→ The Santico Pandemonium Award (Best From Dusk Til Dawn)
→ The Matt Murdock Award (Best Marvel)
→ The Laurel Castillo Award (Best HTGAWM)
→ The Napoelon Solo Award (Best overall movie)
→ The Charlie Kelly Award (Best overall tv)
→ The Chanel Oberlin Award (Best multifandom)
→ The Titus Andromedon Award (Caley’s favorite)

Winners get:

→ A follow from me if I don’t already follow you
→ A spot on my blog for a month
→ 3 edits of your choice (gifs/icon/user aesthetic)
→ Unlimited promos for a month per request

Runners up get:

→ A spot on my blog for a month
→ 1 edit of your choice (gifs/icon/user aesthetic)
→ 4 promos for a month per request