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Melissa has been protecting Spencer since “before it started.” She knows almost everything. She even killed Bethany thinking she was protecting Spencer.

This has made me wonder if Melissa killed Jessica. Peter asked Jessica in 4x24 about the “agreement”, something she was probably willing to break now that her daughter is alive. Peter probably told Melissa that Jessica would go to the police to try and say that Spencer hurt Bethany Young, and of course Melissa couldn’t let that happen as not only Spencer would “go down” but she herself would too.

Hiyaaa~ I made my first follow forever not to long ago back in August when I was nearing 1k. But since new years is right around the corner I just wanted to show some appreciation to such amazing blogs one last time before the year ends (and thank you for the 1.6k that follow me ♡). I currently follow around 530 blogs so it was extremely hard to just pick a few. I wanted to do this before new years but since i waited till the very end of the year i made this in a rush so i probably missed a lot of blogs…but I really hope this year has been a great year for everyone and hopefully 2016 will be even better for all of you! Also happy birthday to the world’s most precious human being Kim Taehyung! #HappyVday2015 


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