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A video that was published to YouTube on March 27th, 2016, shows this creature that is simply being called the Thames River Monster. The account that posted this video, Penn Plate, said “This was on the cable car in Greenwich yesterday. something huge was moving under the water and then briefly surfaced. Are there whales in the Thames?? Or is it some weird submarine”.

This would not be the first time a whale was seen in the Thames; there have also been a couple thousand seals and dolphins seen there in the past decade. Marine biologists speculated that it could possibly be a whale or a dolphin. However, because of the jerky movement of the camera, they could not make a 100% guess on the creature. Others have their assumptions ranging from anything from a hoax, a submarine, or even a fatberg (a large condensed lump of fat, baby wipes and anything else that goes into the sewers that cannot be decomposed like toilet paper). 

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In Italy, every single February, we have this super huge festival in a city called Sanremo and it’s basically five days of pure trash, italian music, awkward interviews and some more trash.
It’s really important over here, television literally stops when it airs, newspapers don’t talk about anything else and people goes at the Festival dressed like you would go at the Oscars or something.

The winner is the one who gets to go to the Eurovision.

This year, Francesco Gabbani went there with a person dressed as a monkey dancing behind him while he sings for the first night. The second night, the dancer dressed as him and he dressed as the monkey.

I love being Italian.

Oh, he does that super cool dance

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Anime -
* 91 Days
* Black Butler / Kuroshitsuji
* Bungou Stray Dogs
* D.Gray-Man
* Durarara
* Erased
* Haikyuu!!
* Hunter x Hunter
* Kiznaiver
* Kyoukai no Kanata
* Pokemon
* No. 6
* Noragami
* Servamp

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@hyenafan I saw you were considering pea puffers and a betta. This is Sev, he was housed with two peapuffers in a 35 gallon at my local fish store. He went from looking alright to this in less than 2 days (he’s naturally a long finned comb). This tank was heavily planted, but this still happened. If a puffer breaks the divider or jumps…or anything goes wrong this is what happens. Not to mention betta are solitary, and pea puffers are social. Just something to think about.

Iron Bull x Inquisitor Appreciation Week 

Pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. Bull happens to be my personal favourite Inquisition romance and I wanted to host an appreciation week for his romance. 

So anything goes for this, fanart, fanfiction, edits, meta, basically however you’re willing and able to depict your inquisitor and Bull’s relationship is a-ok. Just be sure to tag all your posts with #bullinquisitorweek you can also feel free to directly @ me (eyesasblackasthevoid) in your posts. so that I have a better chance of seeing them. I’ll try to reblog as much as I can (probably in a queue) to a side blog explicitly created for this which is: ironbull-inquisitorweek. So be sure to follow that!

This week is gonna run from Monday October 17th through Sunday October 23rd. Below I’ve provided some vague prompts you could base some content off but they are by no means restrictions on what you can put in the tag. Feel free to post any sort of bull/inquisitor content that you wish during this week. The prompts serve more as a guideline/inspiration. 

Mon Oct. 17th: The Captain Of The Chargers 

What were your Inquisitor’s first impressions of Bull when they met on the Storm Coast during his recruitment quest? What were their early interactions/conversations like? 

Tue Oct. 18th: “…demons, dragons, the bigger, the better” 

What are Bull and your inquisitor like out in the field on missions? Do their combat strengths/techniques compliment each other? Is your inquisitor as enthusiastic about fighting dragons (and other such beasts) as Bull is? 

Wed Oct. 19th: “No war, no inquisition, just you and me, nothing outside this room.” 

What are Bull and your inquisitor like when they’re alone together? How does that differ from how they are as a couple in public? Do they keep it strictly professional outside of the bedroom or does your inquisitor have no qualms about PDA, or at least it being known that Bull is their lover?

Thurs Oct. 20th: Necklace Of The Kadan

Basically anything in regards to the romance quest “tough love” ie. killing a dragon and crafting the tooth into a necklace for Bull. How did your inquisitor feel about the whole thing? Did they make the necklace themselves or have someone else do it for them? Was your inquisitor nervous about making that commitment to him or was it something they did without hesitation? How do they feel about the “kadan” endearment? 

Fri Oct 21st: Wicked Eyes And Wicked Hearts

What was Bull and your inquisitors conversation on the balcony at the Winter Palace like? Did the two of them dance together? Do they share the same opinion of the Orlesian nobility and did Bull approve of who the inquisitor chose to support

Sat Oct 22nd: AU Day

This one is sort of self explanatory. Any sort of alternate-universe goes for this. 

Sun Oct 23rd: Post Inquisition

What were the two years between the death of Corypheus and the Exalted Council like for Bull and your inquisitor? What happens to them post-Trespasser? Do they marry? Have/adopt children? etc. 

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Hi gang, so as some of you may know I have been on and off with Tumblr for quite a while now and I need some prompts to get back into it so I’m setting myself a challenge, this challenge to be exact. So yeahhhh… I am inviting you all to join me too!! I won’t be doing these consecutively either so don’t feel like you have to!!

  • Day 1: Your Favourite Character
  • Day 2: Your Favourite Game
  • Day 3: Your Favourite World
  • Day 4: Your Favourite Quote
  • Day 5: Your Favourite Trio
  • Day 6: Your OTP
  • Day 7: Freestyle, anything goes!

I will be tagging these with KHEC if anyone would like to join the tag! ^^

Here’s the official prompt list for Thominho Week 2016!

Day 1 6/20: Canon Material
Show everyone how much Thominho shines in the movies and books. Ever thought about what happened before they went into the maze? After they got to paradise? What about how Thomas decides to save Minho from WICKED in The Scorch Trials movie? From beginning to end and everywhere in between show the thominho love using the canon materials.

Day 2 6/21: Firsts
First time, first kiss, first time trying out a kink, first date, first boyfriend, first roommate, first time leaving home, etc anything goes as long as it’s the first time they’ve done it!

Day 3 6/22: Coffee shop, bartender, bakery, bookstore, diner, etc, AU:
All of the above and the like. Write about Thominho in everyday jobs. How do they meet? Do they fall for each other right away? Do they race to replace the books every day? Is Minho that one guy with the annoying drink order? Is Thomas the one with the crush on the guy that comes to the gym to run the treadmill everyday? Anything and everything goes!

Day 4 6/23: Gang/Mob/ Criminals AU
Is Minho a gang leader? Is Thomas his mob wife or vice versa? Write about Thominho as a badass couple that rules the city or as part of a gang that works to help their neighborhood, get creative!

Day 5 6/24: Royal/ historical  AU
Is Minho the emperor of Korea or part of its court? Maybe he’s a peasant under King Thomas’ rule rallying for change. Are they king of the sea? King of the skies?  Make it anything you want as long as one or both are of a high status!

Day 6 6/25: Holidays
Always wanted to write that Valentine, Christmas, or Halloween fic? Nows your chance to do it! Maybe Thomas TP’s his neighbor’s house and accidentally does the wrong one! Or they dress up in a couple costume for Halloween! Or they share an unexpected New Years kiss, the options just go on and on!

Day 7 6/26: Domestic AU
Thomas and Minho buying the first house together? Maybe they’re parents trying to take care of their children. Or, they’re just in bed cuddling and playing video games or making dinner together. The opportunities are endless!

Please keep in mind that these prompts are only guidelines! You are free to interpret them as loosely or as tightly as you want. Don’t let anything inhibit you if you think it’s a great idea! If you have any questions at all feel free to shoot us an ask or an istant message and we’ll get back to you ASAP!


 Spread that love and kindness throughout the community! Send kind asks/messages to others, post that amazing fan art/videos, anything goes! 

Also here are some questions! 

Feel free to post a selfie (or fan art; whichever you prefer) to go along with them:
1. Favorite Thing About Jack: 
2. How Jack Has Helped You:
3. Message To Jack: 

 There will be a live stream later on tonight of Reading Your Comments Videos! Link will be posted so be on the look out! 

 Feel free to reach out to me or @markandjackaremysuperheros with any questions :)

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Hey all! June 1st marks the anniversary of the Static #1 comic book release. It’s been a long time since the comic book and TV Show ended along with Virgil’s short lived featuring in Young Justice and a reboot comic that ended entirely too soon, but the 800 people following this blog just proves that the fandom is still alive and kicking and waiting for the next Static related thing to gobble up. Meanwhile, in celebration of the 23rd anniversary of Virgil Hawkins becoming the young, intelligent, electrified superhero we all know and love. I thought why not join in on some new fandom fads which led me to planning a ‘Static Shock Appreciation Week! It’s been a long time coming and is most certainly well deserved. This is our chance to show everyone that we’re still here and waiting for Static and his crew to come back to us! 

The event will start on May 30th and last through June 5th with a special prompt for each day. Anything goes as long as it pertains to the prompt no matter how accurate or how loose. Art, Fanfic, gifs, etc are accepted for the comics and TV show, if Static was in it then it can be included. Just make sure to tag #Static Shock Appreciation Week in your posts so I can reblog it here and so others can see it in the tag.

Day 1 (May 30th) -Favorite Character in the Series
Day 2 (May 31st) - Favorite Character Relationships (Familial or Romantic)
Day 3 (June 1st) - Favorite Static Shock Rogue (Ebon, Hotstreak, Puff, etc)
Day 4 (June 2nd) - Happy Anniversary! What Made You Like Series and Why? 
Day 5 (June 3rd) - Favorite Moment in the Series (Comic book or TV episode)
Day 6 (June 4th) - Favorite Guest Star (Shaq, Lil Romeo, Justice League,)
Day 7 (June 5th) - Free Day (Anything goes, something you wanted to do didn’t fit in the other days? Today’s the day to let it all out with a bang!) 

And that’s it! Take the rest of the time to think up and spread the news! Hope everyone that wants to participate can. Don’t forget to tag #Static Shock Appreciation Week in your posts!

Samezuka Shark Week  

Shark Week is almost here! And what two dorks are more than ready to go all out for it? None other than our favorite chubby shark and whale shark! Rinrin is more than excited and eagerly counting the days ‘till he turns Samezuka Academy into a shark fest all week long. With the help of Sou-chan, they’ll make this week the best week ever! (♡゚▽゚♡)

Come celebrate with us! Send them a message, share your own shark related items or art–anything pretty much goes! Shark related posts along with my own works will be all you see this week and nothing else (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و 

I will be tracking #samezuka shark week and #samezukasharkweek or you could always tag me~ (っ˘ω˘ς )

Ye be warned, the celebration starts July 5th-12th! RAWR! ( •̀o•́ )