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You were always outside at exactly sunset. Cassidy isn’t blind to you at all, often watching you try to garden in this dry ass town. He, of course watches from the church’s windows as you walk by and occasionally glance or wave at him. Every time you came in on Sunday for Jesse’s sermon, he couldn’t stop staring. There was something about you that made him feel something he never felt. Yes he occasionally flirted and made small talk until you were needed elsewhere, but you enjoyed his company. You’d never let him know, but you were quite interested in him. Sometimes you’d bring clothing to the church and you knew, when he would wear one particular article of clothing from that box. You always suspected something was wrong or going on with him. He never came out in the mornings, when he did, he wore some strange outfit covering almost his entire body and a straw hat. When he did come out, well it’s safe to say his intentions were always outrageous. You knew he did drugs, and drank, and went to the whore house. Sometimes you felt as if any feeling towards him would be unrequited on his way of life. You were probably never on his mind like he was on yours. He probably never thought about what you were doing or you at all. But that night, your opinion changed completely.


The door knocking almost alarmed you, since it was past midnight and everyone was already gone to sleep. Rushing to see who would interrupt you from dreaming, you were surprised to see Cassidy, standing there. He looked nervous, as you searched his eyes for any clue as to why he was here. 

“Cassidy, what’re you doing here at this hour?” You slightly mumbled, rubbing your eyes. 

“Hi, um didn’t mean to interrupt you, love. Um.” He was stumbling to make proper sentences. Always beginning one and then stopping to try and say something else. 

“Cassidy, is something wrong?” He had you worried. 

“Can I come in?” He asked.

You moved to shuffle back from the open door and out of his way, telling him and motioning to let him in. 

He sat gently on your small two-person couch, and looked at you. You could see his eyes now, without the disturbance of his glasses and you took comfort in the fact that his eyes seemed soft. 

“I haven’t been completely honest with you, lass. There’s so many things I wish I could tell you without thinking of how you’ll never want to talk to me again.” 

“Cassidy, you’re scaring me. What is it exactly you haven’t told me?”

“I’m a hundred and nineteen year old vampire from Dublin City.” He spoke softly for you to hear each word he said. For a second you sat next to him stunned, arms crossed, and eyes facing the floor. Then, you began to laugh. It all made sense now, the way he’d cover himself whole, never go out in the sun, it all crossed your mind.

When you laughed, he looked completely surprised. You weren’t chasing him off with garlic or a cross or threatening to shoot a silver bullet, which only worked for werewolves, or holy water. You were laughing, a different reaction he wouldn’t have expected. 

“Cass, is this what you were so serious about? If you think I’m about to throw you out of my home, you’re wrong. I think I needed some validation to your antics.” Cassidy’s face lightened at this.

“But if you’re here, then who’s holding down the fort in Transylvania, Nosferatu?” You giggled. 

His face scrunched up in defense and at your mockery.

“Why is this such a joke to you lass?”

“I’m sorry Cass, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, it’s just that the thought of meeting a vampire never occurred to me. Much less a tall, handsome one.” 

His eyes grew at the description, and met your eyes. He noticed you were very much interested in this conversation by the way you were leaning to him. 

“But I have a question, why did you come here at-’ you glanced at the clock, ‘3 in the morning to tell me you were a vampire?” 

“Because I, I um…” He was struggling to find the right words.

“Cassidy, be honest, are you trying to say you like me?”

“Yes, I like you. Ever since I met you. You don’t know how much it makes me happy when you walk by the church and wave at me. Or when you bring that box, or when you accept every time I flirt with you over the counter.” He could’ve said more, but you reacted quickly, and instantly brought him close enough to embrace and kiss. His hands fidgeted, searching for an appropriate body part to lay his hands on. The kiss was not how you could’ve ever imagined, you felt so anxious and happy to finally kiss Cassidy, it hadn’t registered in your mind. Cassidy smiled into the kiss, maybe things do work out after all.

zoeyrph Character PSD #029: Stay Gold

I originally made this for a friend, but they no longer need it so I’ve decided to release it to the community.

As I do with all my PSD’s, all customizable layers have been highlighted in red. To use this PSD, all you’ll need is an image of your chosen faceclaim. It should be at least 370px in width, 55px in height. The font I used is Didot.

Included in this PSD is a texture that does not belong to me — credit goes to Google Images. Besides the texture, I’ve created colouring layers of my own. Please do not take these and use them on other graphics. I made them specifically for this PSD.

While customizing, please note that there are 6 colours available to you. Black & white, red & gold, brown & gold, blue & gold, green & gold, and purple & gold.

Remember to like or reblog if you download. If you need help customizing, contact me here.


{ Alois Trancy,
Kuroshitsuji Season Two. }

“I wαɴɴα нιde тнe тrυтн
I wαɴɴα ѕнelтer yoυ
Bυт wιтн тнe вeαѕт ιɴѕιde
Tнere’ѕ ɴowнere we cαɴ нιde

No мαттer wнαт we вreed
We ѕтιll αre мαde oғ ɢreed
Tнιѕ ιѕ мy ĸιɴɢdoм coмe
Tнιѕ ιѕ мy ĸιɴɢdoм coмe.

Wнeɴ yoυ ғeel мy нeαт
Looĸ ιɴтo мy eyeѕ
Iт’ѕ wнere мy deмoɴѕ нιde
Iт’ѕ wнere мy deмoɴѕ нιde
Doɴ’т ɢeт тoo cloѕe
Iт’ѕ dαrĸ ιɴѕιde
Iт’ѕ wнere мy deмoɴѕ нιde
Iт’ѕ wнere мy deмoɴѕ нιde.

Doɴ'т wαɴɴα leт yoυ dowɴ
Bυт I αм нell вoυɴd
Tнoυɢн тнιѕ ιѕ αll ғor yoυ
Doɴ'т wαɴɴα нιde тнe тrυтн.

Tнey ѕαy ιт'ѕ wнαт yoυ мαĸe
I ѕαy ιт'ѕ υp тo ғαтe
Iт'ѕ woveɴ ιɴ мy ѕoυl
I ɴeed тo leт yoυ ɢo….

Yoυr eyeѕ, тнey ѕнιɴe ѕo вrιɢнт
I wαɴɴα ѕαve тнαт lιɢнт
I cαɴ'т eѕcαpe тнιѕ ɴow
Uɴleѕѕ yoυ ѕнow мe нow!

Wнeɴ yoυ ғeel мy нeαт
Looĸ ιɴтo мy eyeѕ
Iт’ѕ wнere мy deмoɴѕ нιde
Iт’ѕ wнere мy deмoɴѕ нιde
Doɴ’т ɢeт тoo cloѕe
Iт’ѕ dαrĸ ιɴѕιde
Iт’ѕ wнere мy deмoɴѕ нιde
Iт’ѕ wнere мy deмoɴѕ нιde…..”

- Imagine Dragons, Demons.


Rory and Logan in… ↔ 506: Norman Mailer, I’m Pregnant

I mean it would have been easier if you just would have talked to me now, but I can do it the other way if you want. The other way. Yes. You tracking me. Yes. Following my every move? Y–yeah. I pick that way.