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As you guys have seen, @commanderholly is being attacked, and she’s pretty much hurting bad by all the haters, just because she is friends with Danny, who we all know is Jewish, and other very sensitive topics. Can we please send her love and support? She turned off her asks, so we can only tag her in good fanart. Draw birbs, draw Strix, draw her as a Pigeon Mage- Anything to make her a happy Birb Mom again. Use the tag in the title, and give her some love, will ya?

If anything, I’ll start first. Since I’ve discovered her through Ross and Game Grumps, in the Harry Potter playthrough. She and I both shared a love for the series, and I discovered her channel. She was the reason why I grew to love birds more. She even kinda inspired me to get into DnD, and she shows an interest in witchcraft, which is also my own interest.

So, Holly, if you read this, please, take a step back, and breathe in some lavender candles. Drink some tea. Nibble on a cookie. We’re here for you, every step of the way. If you need anything, the Owl Family on my blog will welcome you with open wings, tea or coffee, and endless nerdy awesomeness. I personally never met you, but if I ever did, I am sure we would get along. :)

Confession:  Kinda annoying how ppl hate on Vivienne for the way she is but Morrigan acts similarly in Origins, sometimes it feels like she was going out of her way to be a unlikeable. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Morrigan, all my wardens consider her a sister and I maxed out her friendship as soon as I could in every playthrough but Morrigan was an asshole too.

akindergentlerlexluthor  asked:

Ace Attorney has been a really meaningful game for me. It got me through the day in a phase when my depression and anxiety were pretty bad. I followed your tumblr because I'm interested in voice acting, but I was struggling again this past month, so I was absolutely delighted to discover PB&T. It turned out to be really comforting to have Ace Attorney there for me again and to know I'd get to laugh every day. I'm grateful for that. Thank you to both you and Alex!

I’m glad our playthrough could help you when you’re feeling down.  I get told often that stuff that I put out on the internet cheers people up when they’re feeling upset, and I’m always really happy the silly things I create can help others in any way.  You’re welcome, and I hope you have a good one.

you can watch our Ace Attorney playthrough here

on dream daddy: a dad dating simulator, re: criticisms

as a nonbinary lesbian, i just have to say that i am so disappointed at how other sapphic people on tumblr are reacting to ddadds. 

(quick disclaimer: i haven’t played the game. i was going to buy it but my laptop only has two gb of ram and ddadds requires four. however, my friend @nbnightwing, does have the game and is doing every ending he can get (he’s done them all but hugo and craig) and has been sending me screenshots as he plays because he knows how much i wanted to play. i’ve also watched several playthroughs on youtube, including craig’s entire storyline. so i know the game pretty well). 

i’m gonna be frank: before the game i was very nervous about it. i wasn’t sure if it would be good representation of achillean people and their relationships. i was worried that it was just going to be a joke, not to mention the fact that i don’t trust the game grumps. but then it came out. then i saw how the game actually plays through. so here we go. 

first things first. while the game grumps are genuinely fucked up, this is not their game. they voice some of the characters (meaning every now and then they grunt or say a word or two) and they produced it. so torrenting the game because you don’t want the game grumps to have your money is useless. you’re just denying the actual creators money. 

now that i’ve addressed that, let’s move on to the other two big criticisms. 

the cult ending everyone is so up-in-arms about is non-canonical. that means it doesn’t actually happen in the game. if it ends up being a dlc, cool because that sounds like an interesting storyline. if not, oh well! either way, that ending wouldn’t be homophobic. if joseph was the only gay man and shown to be a cult leader? that would be homophobic. but he’s one out of eight gay men in the show (including the playable character) and you know what? gay men can be anything straight men can - including evil cult leaders. 

lastly, the game isn’t misogynistic. the focus is, of course, on men because it’s a game about gay men. however, amanda is easily one of the main characters being the playable character’s daughter and there is so much character development for her in the game. mary is shown to be a caring woman stuck in a loveless relationship who has resorted to alcohol - she’s not a great mom, but she is a good character. of the other dads’ children, six of them are girls (and one of them is canonically sapphic and has a girlfriend! you only meet her if you play her dad’s run though). 

now that i’ve gotten through the two biggest reasons why people are hating on the game, i have one last thing to say. 

this game isn’t ours. this game isn’t for wlw. we can buy it, we can play it, we can enjoy and make content for it, but we can’t claim it. this is a game about mlm (or as @nbnightwing says, dld - dad loving dads), for mlm. let them play it and enjoy it without your endless criticisms. let them have fun with some of the little positive representation they get. 

look, i get it. we all need to be critical consumers of media and you can enjoy something and still be critical about it. however, claiming the game is homophobic and misogynistic, when you don’t actually know much about the game? is irresponsible. grow up and let achillean people have something that belongs to them without feeling the need to constantly hate on it. 

-TideTale:Two Nuts And A Screw- Chapter 4

This fanfiction will contain spoilers for UnderTale, TideTale, MechaTale and TideTale:102. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!
Also, there’s violence, potentially disturbing content, explicit language and SPOILERS.
Yes, I know I’ve said that already, but seriously.

UnderTale and its characters belong to Toby Fox

Mecha!Sans belongs to @wolf-wrathknight

Fabulous!Youmna and Color!Sans belong to @superyoumna

META and the SoulEater belong to @idariddle (me)

The Procedure and its tragic remnants

“Say. What if I told you… I knew some way to get you a better ending?”

“Yeah, whatever, tumbleweed. Can we just skip the small talk and get on the fucking Pacifist  Route?”

Flowey eyed META, peeved by her insulting manner.

“Sure, whatever, freak. Have fun not being able to enjoy the game anymore because you’re dead inside”

“Speak for yourself, Caesar Salad. I kicked your ass in every playthrough since I started. Now fuck off and let us through”

The little golden flower scowled, stuck his tongue out at them and then ran for it.

“He really doesn’t like you, does he?” Color asked, shaking his head, but META laughed.

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Night in the woods review

Short version: Made a depressed cat twerk, poked a severed arm with a stick, cried while talking with a pastor about an uncaring god. 10/10

Long version:
For this kind of genre, good games have engaging stories, fun gameplay, nice music and graphics, relatable characters, and well written dialogue. Great games have all that plus a strong and consistent tone. They set out from the very start to show the player something. This is a great game.

Fair warning: This game is not a fast paced one. If you speed through content and don’t like exploring and talking to everyone you can, you might feel like it’s short and shallow. You get out what you put in. If on the other hand you take the time to explore, to chew it over, to talk to everyone, you’ll love it. If you play games exclusively to feel good and escape boredom, maybe this isn’t for you. But if you play games to get something out of a story, to learn a little about yourself, or generally to experience something, it’ll feel very rewarding. 

I’m gonna break this down into a full scale review because it deserves more than just a blurb about how good it is.

Pros: Excellent story, characters and theme. Great music. Personal and honest dialogue that will more than likely hurt and empower you personally, and make you feel complex, good, and bad emotions.
Cons: Sometimes the swears are a little lacking and out of character, no easy save/reload feature (your choices and mistakes count), and the occasional difficulty in platforming in dim lighting.

You play as Mae, a college dropout who just returned home to her town of Possum Springs. You reunite with your friends you left a year and a half ago, and find that the town is in some ways changed, or maybe not. Strange things are afoot in town, but few seem to notice or care when they have more important things to worry about like putting food on the table, juvenile delinquency, or just getting caught up in the slow stagnancy and deterioration of small town life. 

This game’s magic is in its story and the well written characters. This is a deeply relatable, emotional, honest game. The scenes have a certain real-ness to them more than most games can ever hope for, mostly helped by the converastional language of the characters. It doesn’t feel scripted it just feels organic. The only negative on that front is that to maintain a teen rating, the game had to limit its swears, so there’s a lot of “effin” and mild swears like damn and a couple shits. So that kinda felt a little out of character now and then, but otherwise, it was tone aware. Everyone is a deeply fleshed-out character with their own interests. As the main character, you won’t win all the time. As a matter of fact you’ll find yourself in situations where you can’t make the best of a bad situation at all. But that’s good, because this story isn’t just about you. It’s about a community. 

This game sets out with a theme, and does it well. The short version is that it’s a critique of modern society. In that, it tackles issues of capitalism, social isolation, religion, mental health, poverty, friendship, sexuality, anarchy, environmentalism, war, and defiant hope. Themes that video games, and stories in general really don’t often approach well, if at all. Pretty much every scene in the game somehow contributes to this, but does so without coming off forced at all. it’s all integrated into the larger whole of the game. Since the theme is pretty broad and far-reaching, you get a lot of different ways of looking at the situation, from the perspectives of all the characters. It’s a poignant story that hits close to home no matter who you are. 

Originally posted by drunkonschadenfreude

It’s a solid platformer. It controls a lot like limbo or other side scrolling adventure games. There’s no real major obstacles or deathtraps, but there are some kinda tricky jumps you might need to do a few times to get right. The platformer thing isn’t really the game itself to be honest, it’s more the way you get from point A to point B. It could just as easily have been a visual novel or a grid based rpg, but it would have lost some of its charm of exploring the town. 

There’s a lot of minigames, ranging from guitar hero esque, to a stationary worms tank minigame, to a fully built souls-series-hyper-light-drifter thing that easily could have been a standalone game on its own. All the minigames control well, but they’re pretty tough and there’s no easy reload button besides force-quitting. None of them are exactly mandatory though so don’t feel pressured unless you want all the achievements.

it’s layers of pretty stylized shapes and incredibly well animated characters. Subtleties in movement and expression help the dialogue too. The lighting and palette are beautiful, and the mood is carried by the graphics well. I can’t say too much about the graphics except that they’re pretty and fit the theme and mood. My only criticism of the game is in the graphics though, that the lighting in a few of the scenes was a tad dark for my monitor to differ between ground and background so I found myself guessing at where platforms were every now and then, but it was never enough to inconvenience me, and I could have adjusted my monitor for the effort of it. 

Originally posted by zagfros

I need the soundtrack. It’s moody, atmospheric, happy, unnerving, rocking, and fun. It covers a ton of ground with the soundtrack to fit the many moods and emotions. Looking forward to the OST.

Time and money
For 20 bucks on steam, it’s good. Took me 11 hours to play through the first time. To get to some of the stuff you’ll have to do multiple playthroughs. There’s no proper save and reload function. Your choices stick and that’s for the best imo. Unfortunately that means getting some achievements would take a disproportionate time investment, but so does dark souls, so whatever. 

Overall: If you like games that make you feel things, if you like stories relevant to the present, if you don’t want to feel like a badass, but just want to feel… ironically human, this is for you.

imagine if this was your first playthrough of dragon age: inquisition and you were faced with this

anonymous asked:

hi, i just finished watching your AA playthrough and it inspired me to play the whole series for the first time. i loved your interpretation of every character, i couldn't stop laughing to myself! have you watched the anime adaptation/would you recommend it? thank you!

I haven’t seen the anime.  Glad we could get you interested in playing the games, though.

you can watch our Ace Attorney playthrough here


so guess who thought this playthrough was a good idea

A few things abt the aph allies going on a road trip

  • America hogs the music player for mostly country music
  • Russias gotta have ‘em stop the car every 2 hours bc he gotta pee a lot
  • England, aggressively suggesting that America should play the beatles
  • China demands front passenger seat so he can put his legs on the dash
  • France sleeping most of the drive time, fixing his make up every break
  • America literally threatening to “turn this car around” at least 7 times
  • Canada being squished between England and France for the whole trip
  • indie road trip selfies in front of stupid mountains
  • America’s ipod mysteriously getting broken after the 19th playthrough of “Chicken Fried”

feel free to add tbh

lemonade-shark  asked:

omg! please tell me if you figure how to get the cult ending q.q ive been trying for hours and have found nothing online! thanks so much

i really think at this point it is inacessible, either due to a bug- most likely the WMH glitch, as i think I’ve had that happen every playthrough, and most definitely in every one since I found out about the cult ending and tried for it, and it’s been confirmed as not supposed to happen by a dev on Steam- or because it was scrapped.  i’m really hoping it’s a bug because I WANT this content, I am a sucker for lovecraftian shit.  i’m going to start trying for World’s Okayest Dad soon as people have said that one is bugged too.  if i do find it rest assured I’ll immediately post it under a read more.

Vivienne rabbles

I’m just going to put this out there but I think Vivienne made the most character development out of all the characters, other than maybe Iron Bull. Now I know what your thinking ‘bull shit. Absolute bull shit.’ But hold on nay sayers because I have some facts and proof for you.

Does Blackwall really change? He has, but it has happened off screen. He decided to take Blackwalls name. But does he change IN game? No. He does the same shit. Lies and runs away and YOU have to find his sweet ass.

Does Sera? Nope. No story arc at all, unless you romance her, and you can see her getting a bit scared of what you both have. But unromanced? Not really.

Cassandra? Nah.

Solas? Fuck no. I mean, if you romance him, you can see a change in him but it’s not for the better, because he’s hurting you and himself.

Cole? Arguably, yes, but also no. Cole is still the same in both routes if his arc, he wants to help. One just ends up with him being more flesh than the other.

Varric is Varric is Varric is Varric.

Dorian? Once again, I’d day no, unless you romance him, where he starts to believe he can fall in love.

Now Iron Bull? He did evolve as a character. You see him as fun loving and laid back until you have to make one of the most important choices in his life for him. You can see the anguish and indecisiveness in his face. You are that he’s too weak to choose, so you have to choose for him. And you do, and the change in him is that he hardens. Killing the chargers hardens him against emotional attachment and letting them live hardens him against the Quns authority.

Now back to Vivienne and why I think she has the biggest development out of all the characters. Vivienne is a master at the game. Everyone knows this. She took a role that was basically made to mock mages in the court into a position if power and one to be feared. She made something meant to oppress her people and made it something to empower them. Now, if Orlais was as against mages as it is in Inquisition during Vivienne’s time, then that would have been no easy feat. She would have had too lie, kill, cheat and defend herself at all times, climbing her way up the political ladder.

This would more likely than not make her cold. We only ever see her speak fondly of Bull, and why, I don’t know, I’m still speculating on it. I think she night have a sort of motherly connection to Bull, but this is just my theory and headcanon. And we also hear her speak fondly of Bastien and his wife. Now, I think Vivienne’s trust is something you have to earn, through a lot. Not only because she is do used to playing the game but Vivienne knows how easy it is to be betrayed.

That makes the Heart of Snow White mission so much more meaningful. She is coming to you, whether you have low or high approval, to save the life of someone she loves and cares about. She is entrusting their life into your hands. And not only that, she lets you be there for Bastiens death. She allows you to see her vulnerable and sad. Vivienne, with her false 'darlings’ and mocking laughs allows you to see her in such a way and in that moment I have never seen a character in dragon age be so delicate.

Though, I usually go pro mage in NY playthroughs, Vivienne is a character I love dearly because she is a strong woman who allows no one to see her weakness, and if she does you must really mean something to her.

Notes: Feel free to talk to me about this. Don’t be bringing me all the drama tho cause I ain’t playing that shit gonna have to get up outta here with all that mess. This is a pro every character except Dorian’s dad.

chairmanxmeow replied to your post “to all the girls i keep seeing in the ddadds tags with “dadsonas” that…”

But there are men who look feminine in real life though….

I KNOW there are men who look feminine in real life. I get misgendered every damn time I go outside, thanks. I’m not talking about QUEER GUYS making characters that look like themselves. I’ve done several playthroughs and a few of my dads have been pretty feminine-looking. But I’m a dude with two partners who are also dudes. I’m making my reality. This is my story that belongs to me that I should get to tell. 

What I’m talking about is scrolling through the tags and seeing girls with “fujoshi” in their blog descriptions playing as cutesy-cute dads with overtly feminine-coded names. Women going onto a game FOR MLM and making overtly woman-coded characters or their perfect bishie yaoi boy is homophobic and disgusting. 

It should NOT be a controversial statement that trying to play as a woman on a game about and for MLM is homophobic. 

Uh… long time no see guys?

It’s kind of a long story why I’ve been gone. Basically stuff happened. I’m fine though, don’t worry.

Not much has happened. I did manage to get Path of Radiance to work on my computer so I’m playing that against my better judgement since I’m still in the middle of Genealogy. (Then again with how messed up my Gen 2 pairings are going to be it might be good to take a break and figure those out…)

I would do a mini runthrough for you guys, but every time I tried to upload a picture it kept trying to upload it and wouldn’t even let me hit post. I really think I need a new computer but I also really want a switch so that will have to wait until Christmas instead of my birthday next month.

Anyway I’ll bring up interesting things I note in my playthrough and share them with you guys, so you guys will get to see me ramble about things, don’t worry :p