this gets to me every playthrough

highlights from my dishonored playthrough
  • i initially planned to do a no kill playthrough. couldnt get past the first guard in the dungeon, so i gave up and decided to do a high chaos playthrough. by decided i mean when i left the sewers i’d killed 13 guards and figured there was no turning back
  • i somehow accidentally triggered a fight at lady boyle’s party within the first ten seconds and fought about seven thousand people i should never have had to
  • once i fell like two hundred feet into water off the side of a cliff and i had to drown myself to get out of that predicament 
  • emily would say things like “you smell like blood when you come home” and “when im empress im going to full two ships with men and crash them together so they drown” and i’d run far far away from that
  • i managed to find the nonlethal way to neutralize the regent but then i got lost on my way out and had to kill him anyway
  • that time i summoned too many rats at a time and also there were actual rats ready to eat me and the guards were screaming and i was screaming and the rats were screaming
  • i genuinely didn’t know at first if the loyalists only betrayed me because i was such a bad person
  • i’d gotten so desensitized to killing people that at the end when samuel’s like “you’re worse than the traitors so i told them you’re here” i got super mad and tried to kill him but that motherfucker is a fast rower so i slowed time to do it and then the endgame had corvo standing by his grave like he died by plague and not a crossbow bolt in his face 

and my personal favorite:

  • when i found daud and he started his big speech where i decided his fate but i’d already summoned some rats and they ate him
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imagine if this was your first playthrough of dragon age: inquisition and you were faced with this

Calm Down

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I get that it’s been ten years since ME1 but I’m tired of seeing all these First Impression reviewers talking about ME like it’s deserving to be a beacon of perfection. It never has been. I’ve been playing ME3 in the last couple of weeks and I still see graphical hiccups. It happens. Get used to it. The game is probably fine.

To quote myself on the escapist forums:

“I’ve been watching a No Commentary playthrough of it, and I feel that a lot of the complaints people have are kind of petty. Awkward dialog? Who cares. Overlarge UI? I don’t think so. Some characters don’t blink sometimes? Holy shit.

Every point of complaint I’ve seen on early access reviewers seem like things I’ll just get used to in time. Yes, human animation is a little wonky. I’ll agree with that but it’s hardly a major dealbreaker as far as I’m concerned. I also think the autoswitching of quest focus is a bit irritating but that’s one of the easiest kinds of things they can just patch up.

Beyond that, it looks like they went back do its roots. A lot more running around that the first game in 2007 had, except these days it flows better.

I understand the cautious optimism people have but I think it’s going to be fine. Gamers are just, as a whole, entitled little shits who are overstimulated so any flaws a triple A game has they’re ready to pounce on and tear apart. It’s just silly.”

anonymous asked:

If they do have the point system for character relationships, we'll have to rely on someone to make a walkthrough cataloging the point system for every mission, character conversation, I used one from Gamefaqs DA2 and it saved me so much time and stress. So i'm looking at you Early Access Gamers to get started on that.

Ah, yes…. Sounds fun……..

I don’t know if I’ll rely on online information this time, I think this first playthrough might be a bit messy for me. But I’ll immediately start a second one most likely so I might do better in my second playthrough :D 


sorry about the delay every one; I promise I haven’t forgotten about Iggy or Luna. 

I originally planned to playthrough XV but clearly the universe doesn’t want that since getting the system and set up I have been working LITERALLY 2 AND 3 WEEK WORK WEEKS so I’ve been a little overwhelmed but I should be catching up slowly again.

If you seem me around the dash totally feel free to spam my inbox <3 

Love you lovelies! 

Bobbi and I have such different playing styles. 

When I get a new game, I usually do the bare minimum to romance someone and finish the game asap. I like doing that so I can kinda know what to expect for the dozens of replays and I can be really precise with what I want. 

Bobbi plays things like once, and DOES EVERY SINGLE MISSION. I admire her determination. I’m mostly just here for the alien booty. 


I don’t care about the animation, I’m here for the characters. You know?

Honestly same. As someone who used to be a game tester, I can tell you that there are MUCH bigger fish to fry when getting a game ready. I have no qualms with petty little animation bugs - every game has them. 

Are the animation problems unsightly? Well yeah. Right off the bat in my first playthrough Lexi got stuck in an A-pose for a bit. But from what I’ve seen so far they’ve had huge worlds and scenes and stories to prepare. I’m here for the story and the characters, and I haven’t found the writing bad at all (well, maybe in one or two places..) I’d rather they fix any places where you fall through the map or your game crashes when you do x-y-z or have something completely unplayable.

Like, I get it. Other games have gotten this stuff down way better. Do I care? No. Imma have fun anyway.

On my first playthrough of BL2 I chose to play as Zer0 because they were such a badass in the intro, but I fell in love with them when I found out they were agender and, the part that I can relate to more, asexual bordering on aromantic. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the pairings that have come out of the BL series - especially Janey and Athena because in my opinion that feels like the most natural representation of a same sex couple I have seen in games - but for years in literally every other game at least part of the motivation for the characters was “get the girl/guy”.

It just felt really nice to finally have a character that I could relate to so much that I ended up picturing myself under their helmet.


I cannot even begin to like Vivienne. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a brilliantly written character. It’s actually that her personality is so believable and well-written that I hate every inch of her. She disagrees with EVERYTHING I do, and I cannot even TRY to appease her. My first couple of playthroughs I never even knew she could be Divine, but the second she suggested it I just scoffed like… “really, girl?” Her ambition is toxic, and her priorities are WAY messed up. I CANNOT like Vivienne.

Confession:  I have a lot of anxiety when it comes to talking to people irl. My first playthrough of da I got really anxious about getting disapproval from my companions. I used dialog trees for every conversation. The whole game felt stale and unrealistic.  with time&multiple playthroughs I got comfortable w/dissaproval Now i make decisions on my own and its so much fun Da taught me that if someone doesnt like something you did/said, its not the end of the world. Now Im comfortable being myself irl

Confession:  On my first playthrough, I planned to romance every character possible with my male elf just to get most of the story out of the way. As soon as I started Dorian’s romance, I knew that was going to be impossible. Not only could my elf not betray Dorian, he didn’t want to. That was the first time in my life a relationship lasted longer than the bare minimum. I think Dorian taught me to love monogamy.


I need to hire a DA babysitter to look over my shoulder when I’m playing and say “Why the hell are you playing the games over if you’re just going to make the exact same decisions?” every time I start romancing Anders and coddling apostates on what was supposed to be my pro-templar playthrough. I get sooooo locked into my headcanon it’s ridiculous. There’s so much game I never let myself see. Don’t get me started on Inquisition/Solas.


I’m against the death penalty. Every time I can, I choose to save a life in the DA universe except for Zevran. I feel really bad about it but taking the time to make sure I get enough love from him so that he wont betray me feels like wasted time. I already had all that conversations in other playthroughs and I dont really like him at all so why bother? I feel like if the only way he wont betray me is me sucking up, I dont want him. Isabela is different though, maybe its just because i like her