this gets more grotesque the more times you watch it

erinnathelesbian  asked:

If you're still taking prompts... Stucky, werewolf AU, based on an old English myth that if someone who really and truly loves and knows the werewolf calls their name, they'll turn back. Bucky is the werewolf. Steve is the stubborn idiot who refuses to give up on him

Sorry this took so long!!


“You should kill me,” Bucky begs, roaring as the change ripples through his skin. Steve can see his nails change to grotesque claws, his already-shaggy hair growing longer, more mangy. Steve takes a step closer. “Get back!” Bucky screams, swiping at Steve with his claws as his eyes grow more bloodshot, irises changing from their usual slate blue to yellow, his pupils shifting from circles to an animalistic vertical line. Steve dodges the swipe with ease, watching as hair—no, fur—covers his heaving chest, his limbs elongating. “Steve,” he says, a final time, voice near to breaking. “You have to leave.”

“No,” Steve says, willing his voice to stay firm. “No, Buck, we can fight this.”

“Idiot,” he mutters, before his mouth shifts to a muzzle.

And then it’s no longer James Buchanan Barnes standing in front of him, but a wolf.

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