this gets more gross every time i look at it

alright ive been thinking about the inquistion road trip just imagine

-so the inquisitor and they’re companions rent a rv to travel cross country various stops both business and fun along the way

-Josie and leliana take turns driving 

-leliana drives wicked fast and refuses to stop and ask for directions

-meanwhile when the occasional argument breaks out in the back you can hear josie ‘if you do not stop i will turn us right around and we will go back home!’

-cullen backseat driving

-solas giving history bits about where they are (and sera groaning each time he does) 

-’are we there yet are we there yet arE WE TH-’ ‘we will get thERE WHEN WE GET THERE SERA’ 

-backseat chess match

-back seat wicked grace (varric of course carries a deck of cards with him) 

-viv complaining about how she can’t wait to leave this gross rv and get some fresh air

-cole spends a lot of time looking out the window

-blackwall attempts playing i spy and other car games. sera enjoys the idea

-bull keeps wiggling his eyebrows in dorians direction

-the inquisitor falling asleep on their love interest 

-varric would attempt shooting Bianca at every target sign. cassandra eventually has to take away any bolts left. 

-theyd totally stop at the world’s biggest ball of twine and other stupid things like that

-battles over the radio 

please add more i just really love this idea  a lot

Truly though Dr. Phil is a dangerous misogynist and I love seeing him dragged at every opportunity. You know how many times he guilt tripped anorexic girls for “using their eating disorders to get attention” when they were literally on the brink of death because it was easier than asking why, yeah, some of them were totally ignored in their families before or even more, why women might feel compelled to shrink themselves away or might have body issues so severe it lead to then starving themselves and being unable to tell what their bodies even look like? Drag his gross ass.

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do u ship hoseok x seokjin? i think i saw it on one of ur tags. i dont think i've ever heard of that ship, so what are u fav moments to convince me? :P

oh my god YES dsfdjghsdhg there are maybe 3 people who ship 2seok and i dont??? know why??? its lonely over here but we manage bc its worth it,,, anyway, 2seok are pure, soft boyfriends who are just full of love and mutual support; they have the best time together, laugh a lot and joke around all the time all while having rly gross heart eyes for each other.. so lets get into this (under a read more cause i’m Passionate and this is gonna get very long)

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Reasons that Makise Kurisu is a precious sweet raisin muffin and deserves to be protected

Number One: Her adherence to the girl code. I mean, when she heard that Mayuri was a “hostage?” Hell no. She’s calling the cops. Okabe does that moronic thing where he grabs Rukako’s crotch (which is totally uncool even if the person is the same gender as you?)- Kurisu whacks him with a book, making it emphatically clear that she will not put up with this shit. And in the movie, when she suspects that Daru may be misleading or otherwise bamboozling Amane Yuki? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE DARU. She makes it a point to defend other chicks from gross dudes and I wholeheartedly applaud.

Number Two: How generally kind she is in general. I mean, she gives what she gets when Okabe teases her or Daru cracks a dirty joke, and she doesn’t take any crap, and she’s a hopeless tsundere, but her interactions with Mayuri are liquid gold. She never looks down on Mayuri for her more simple-minded nature (not that I am implying that Mayuri is stupid, because she is not), and always takes the time to calmly and patiently explain things in Mayushii’s terms. Also, every “sweetie” that passes between those two makes me glow ok

Number Three: When it all goes south and Moeka raids the lab for the first time, in the VN Makise is stated to be wearing the Time Leap Headset before Okabe even gets to the machine. He then takes it off of her head and places it on his own. Makise barely knows Mayuri, and she is still willing to take on the responsibility of leaping to save her life. Just. Just.

Number Four: During this same scene, Kurisu asks Okabe several times if he is sure about this decision. Now, at the time when I was reading the VN, I was screaming at her to just “push the goddamned button already,” but in hindsight, I realize- Makise doesn’t know what’s going to happen when she presses that button. Okabe is emotionally distraught. He may not be thinking clearly. (In the VN, when Mayuri is first shot, he goes into this brief sort of shock where he just goes blank, and then goes into this blind rage- he has already exhibited signs of being extremely unbalanced, and I don’t blame him.) Therefore, Kurisu stands there and asks, again and again, until she is shot.

Number Five: How supportive in general she is during this expedition to save Mayuri? Again, Makise just met these people a few weeks ago, and she is still a pillar of strength and support to Okabe during this ordeal. She helps in any way she can, and can we just talk about that impression of Okabe’s Hououin act? She acts like she completely despises this whole mad scientist act, and yet she does it in an attempt to cheer him up. She’s just. My girl.

Number Six: When she goes with Mayuri to Comima knowing that she is going to have to watch her die, so Okabe can have more time to look for Moeka? It kills me. Especially since you can actually hear the pain in that woman’s voice in both the VN and the anime. She cares. So much. Just. I cry. Help.

Number Seven: I know I’m giving a lot of reasons from the VN, but goddamnit, the Visual Novel is so good, and gives us such great character expansion, 10/10 recommend. Anyhow, when Okabe is about to throw down with Moeka in her apartment, Makise advises Okabe to kill Moeka if he needs to. Now, this would not seem like something that one should love her for- but the way she handles it is sublime. She tells Okabe that he can’t be afraid to kill her if he needs to- but that he is always going to have to carry the guilt and burden of his actions along with him. It is not okay, and she’s not saying that it is- but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, and that’s exactly what he needed to hear right then. (Of course, ultimately, Okabe couldn’t find it in him to kill her, but that’s beside the point.)

Number Eight: Ok, I don’t even know how to touch that scene where they kiss. Basically, Kurisu now knows that in order for Mayuri to live, she is going to have to die- and she accepts this. She tells Okarin to do this. Because she has figured out that Okabe pretty much can’t live without Mayuri, and she wants them both to be happy- so she decides that this is the right thing to do. She even attempts to comfort Okabe afterward, saying things such as “think of me as alive in another worldline, like I am in America-”. This girl is literally about to give her life, and she is comforting the man who will essentially be her murderer.

Number Nine: Oh, God, when her father is trying to kill her, she doesn’t even look angry, just scared and confused and hurt- and please can my ot3 be canon so this woman can have twice the love? She needs it? Help her??


Number Eleven: After Okabe actually saves her this time, and is standing there with a stab wound, she is immediately concerned and trying to help. And yeah, he saved her life, but I also seem to recall him threatening her piece-of-shit father with disembowelment and that is a bit scary ok

Number Twelve: How in the OVA she runs off into the desert after Okabe without even pausing to fill her gas tank because she was worried that she had hurt him so badly that he ran off into the wild blue yonder? Help?

Number Thirteen: the movie fucked my Kurisu feels all up, ya’ll. Just, how she’s so distraught and upset by Okabe’s disappearance (despite all this bullshit about hating him and him being annoying- which he is, but girl you so gone, please), that she time leaps- and then ends up attempting to respect his final wishes by not doing it again or changing the past. But then she realizes that LOL NOPE everyone is pretty much miserable and feeling that something is missing, so she brings him back- with flair, and after a beastmode impression of his Hououin Act- again.

Number Thirteen: The movie, ya’ll, that part in the movie where Mayuri starts crying because she can’t really remember Okarin but she knows that something she loves is missing, and Kurisu just, like, gently embraces her and says she’ll make it right? Help? These? Girls?

Wow, this ended up even longer than Okabe’s- someone help me my children are making my eyes water who is cutting onions in here

Only You

Title: Only You

Paring: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1,122

Warnings: None!

Request by Anon: Hi!!!! Could you please please please write a fluffy one shot with Sam x reader with an age gap??? She feels she’s not good enough because she’s much younger, but he assures her that he doesn’t care about the age, he just cares about her?

A/N: Hope you are seeing this Anon and loving it! Enjoy!!


“Sammy!” Dean yelled through the bunker, “you and Y/N ready?”

“Yeah! Just a sec,” Sam yelled back as he turned to you. “Babe, you look amazing, come on.”

“Just a second! I just need to use a little hair spray and I’m good.”

“Y/N, we’re going to a dive bar, you don’t need to be dressed to the nines.”

“Sam, I get carded every time as it is, I don’t need to look more like a 12 year-old.”

Sam laughed, wrapping his arms around you, “you don’t look like a 12 year-old, 15 maybe.” He let out a grunt as your elbow drove into his gut.

“Just shut up Sam. I’m ready now. You happy?” Rolling your eyes, you grabbed your purse and stomped out of the room.

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i'm a taegiseok (forgive the sluttiness) stan, but i want Jin to get the recognition he deserves too :( the boy need and deserves more appreciation. He works just as hard as the other boys :(

ahh, tae, yoongi and jin? me too :’) although admittedly i love jin the most haha, but i agree. i’m just sick of every time a new song is released or there’s a comeback, i go from being really excited to deflated in seconds. i should probably be used to it by now haha, but it still sucks when you can’t really enjoy the music fully bc something is missing. i get that not every song suits jin’s style but i find it weird how in the earlier years it seemed he got more lines than he does now when bts’ music has changed greatly. idk it just irks me. i don’t usually make my feelings on this matter known bc i hate feeling like i’m being annoying or w/e but i’m due my period and i’m a moody bitch rn so i want the world to burn haha. i know i’m not the only seokjin stan who feels like they’ve had themselves conditioned to be happy when he gets ONE line. that shouldn’t be the case. Jin’s voice has improved greatly as the years have gone on (and his dancing) but he’s never able to showcase his voice to its true potential and know he’s!!! been conditioned himself to think his voice isn’t suited for bts’ music…so that’s just great really…

i get that line distribution can’t be equal all the time, but from where i’m sitting, seokjin ALWAYS gets the short end of the straw, closely followed by taehyung. it’s really unfair and leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

Apologizing for Porne: A Retrospective

I’ve been meaning to do this for some time: just a look back, from a distance of some months, at the Dorne plotline from Season 5 of Games of Thrones. But every time I sit and open the doc and try to answer the question; “how the hell could they ever think this would be successful?” I just get overwhelmed and end up writing bullshit instead.

But no more Martell-like conflict avoidance and procrastination, this will get done! We will put on our latex gloves and perform this autopsy, no matter how gross and rotten the corpse is!

(Thank you to gotgifsandmusings for ALL the gifs. I may have overdone it with the gifs this time… I don’t care.)

I’m going to try to structure this around answering a series of questions:

  1. What was the story they were trying to tell?
  2. Whose story was it?
  3. What was the result of this story, from a thematic and character perspective?
  4. What adaptational choices were made?
  5. Why did they make the adaptational choices they did?
  6. How did those choices change the story?
  7. What was the story they were trying to tell?

What was the story they were trying to tell?

Let’s start at the very beginning. I’m going to TRY to look at the storyline just by itself, as though I’ve never read the books and am coming to this season completely Unsullied. This is an impossible task, obviously, but I will do my honest best. I won’t even use the snarky character names.

The first scene involving Dorne this season is in the second episode, “The House of Black and White” where Cersei calls Jaime into her solar to show him a disturbing package she got. Inside the package is a taxidermied red snake with one of Cersei’s distinctive lion necklaces in its mouth. She claims only two of these necklaces exist. One is hers and the other belongs to her daughter Myrcella, who was sent to Dorne when she became betrothed to Prince Trystane, back in Season 2. This is disturbing to Cersei.

As she patiently explains to Jaime, this is obviously a threat from the Dornish, who are angry about Oberyn’s death. She assumes that it came from from Doran, the Prince of Dorne, which is a reasonable assumption; Myrcella is his ward and he would have easy access to her stuff. Cersei is very reasonably concerned that Myrcella is no longer safe in Dorne.

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HNITS One-Shot: Besotted

The first time they go to the movies on a real, official date, Hannah thinks she might pass out from giddiness. 

Hannah x Baker. 2,000 words. 

An outtake from Her Name in the Sky, Chapter 17. Details Hannah and Baker’s first time going to the movies as a couple. Spoilers for HNITS, but you don’t have to have read that story to read this one-shot. 

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Even if the relationship continues, all of these sexy pics and videos make her look so gross and fake. It doesn't matter how long ago they are from. Every time I think the newspapers won't find anything else they come up with more. Can't believe it. She knew all this was out there and still outed the relationship.

She thinks she is perfect, nobody is she doesn’t get that. thanks anon

Growing out your hair takes time, there’s no denying it! But you’ve got to start somewhere right?
If you’re sick of your short hair and you don’t know what to do with it, or maybe you just want those long locks back you once had:

• Start with cutting down on all the heat! I’m not saying you should throw out all your curling irons or straighteners but if you want to grow out your hair at a faster rate, that’s what you have to do. Only use a curling iron or straightener on special occasions.
If you feel like you have to curl your hair every single day, having your hair in two French braids (or one braid) over night leaves you with soft waves in the morning! :)

• When showering, use lukewarm water or even cold water when rinsing out shampoo and conditioner.
(NOTE: Use the conditioner on your ends, NOT in the roots as it will weigh down your hair)
Using hot water on your hair is just as bad as using heat products! And since you probably wash your hair a lot with hot water, think of how much damage your hair has to go through. It’ll cause split ends so you’ll have to cut your hair and start all over again.

• When you get out of the shower do NOT use a hairbrush!!! Your hair is so fragile and so much more prone to breakage when it’s wet and using a hairbrush on your hair after showering will once again cause split ends and breakage. So instead of a hairbrush, use a WIDE TOOTH comb or a wooden brush!

• After showering it’s great to use an argan oil of some sort and massage it on your ends as it’ll soften up your hair and you could even run your fingers through your hair (with the oil) and it will make your hair more shiny as well!

• Now, when you’re growing out your hair you don’t want to shower your hair every single day, so maybe wash your hair every second day or three times a week. Now I know you’re all thinking ‘Ew! My hair will get so oily and disgusting!’ Yes, it will get oily and it will look kind of gross but that’s why you’ve got dry shampoo! Dry shampoo will be your new best friend for the next couple of months when growing out your hair! Just part your hair in sections and hold the bottle around 30cm from your hair and spray those roots! I’ve only tried batiste dry shampoo and they tend to look really grey/white when you spray it so make sure to massage it in really well! You don’t want to go out with the roots of your hair looking grey or white!

• I’m growing out my hair right now and it’s a pain in the ass tbh but it’s working, haha. I use a really good hair mask from Lee Stafford, it’s the ‘hair growth’ one and I personally think it’s amazing! I use a thickening hair shampoo and conditioner and with the hair mask it leaves my hair feeling much thicker, softer and it also smells really good.
Hope you guys liked this little hair tip on how to grow out your hair! :D Please send in requests if you have any and I’ll answer as fast as possible! Xx

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If you don't mind me asking, why do you so strongly dislike miroku?

nah, anon. i don’t mind at all. in fact, it’s a very good question!! i’m glad you asked

too put it simply: miroku embodies everything i hate in men, especially young men

now let me make it perfectly clear that i am aware that miroku does do some growing up by the end of the series and gets his fair share of character development, but nevertheless… my feelings about him don’t change. and they probably never will

now growing up i had to–and still do to this day–deal with boys like him on a regular basis who constantly make inappropriate comments and cause women to feel very uncomfortable even existing. it’s not fun realizing you are being looked at like an object, especially a sexual one. this is more or less what miroku does to every woman he meets, and often times he sexually assaults them on top of his unnecessary and gross comments

for example:

upon his first meeting with kagome, inuyasha, and shippo, we are met with this lil scene

and while it may not seem like much at first, you may not truly understand just how disgusting the panel on the right is. he is literally groping kagome, and at least in my own personal experience… when a man (or anyone for that matter) touches you without your consent, you are left feeling very dirty and gross like you feel the physical need to wash yourself bc you and your personal space have been violated. and in many cases, things like that have serious long-term repercussions

(i.e. back in middle school, when i was at the very impressionable age of 13, a junior made a comment about my large chest and since that day i had started to stay away from form-fitting clothing bc i hated how their gazes made me feel… and that’s just the way they looked at me. we aren’t even talking about physical contact here)

and, if we are being honest, he only rlly stopped bothering kagome bc miroku realized that at some point she already “belonged to” another man. which is bullshit, bc even if inukag hadn’t had a budding romance, miroku should have never done what he did

and don’t even get me started on sango and how she repetitively shows her dislike for his actions involving his hand and her butt

basically: miroku, while definitely not being the worst character in the series, is far from a nice guy, and this is the reason i rlly dislike him as a character

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"I thought you were dead" and bellarke please. :)

Here it is! Tonight I am feeling more inclined towards funny than angst, so hope you like it :) 

“I bet you can’t do a double somersault into a front dive!”

Clarke rolled her eyes at Japser’s latest attempt to antagonize Miller into another round of diving competition. From her position on the shore of the watering hole, she shaded her eyes from the sun with her hand, looking up at the boys lounging around on the boulders across the pool of water.

“I bet he wouldn’t either, unless he was looking to break his neck,” she called out in warning.

“Aw, mom, you’re no fun!” Jasper whined, and Monty chuckled at the use of the nickname.

Frowning, but without too much disapproval, Clarke replied, “I told you, no more of that mom stuff. It’s creepy, Jas.”

“But mommm—”

“Knock it off,” Bellamy added lazily from his position lying on the tallest boulder.

With a cowed expression, Jasper mumbled something like “Yes, dad,” but dropped his voice quickly when Bellamy sat up and glared at him.

Clarke couldn’t quite stifle her giggle, because her co-leader was looking quite fatherly with his furrowed brow and pursed lips. He shook his head at her laugh, closing his eyes and tipping his head back to enjoy the warmth. As she continued to look at him, bare chest spotted with droplets and damp curls hanging across his forehead, Clarke felt her cheeks flush with heat. I should get out of the sun, she thought absently, tearing her gaze away from Bellamy.

Only after had she looked back at the rest of the boys did she notice that Jasper, Miller, and Monty had left their earlier position. Instead, they were now slowly starting to creep their way up onto Bellamy’s boulder. Clarke debated calling out to Bellamy to warn him of the impending attack, because he had been far too sullen after losing their last ‘King of the Rock’ round for someone of his age, and she didn’t need him in a bad mood this week, not with the Grounder meetings coming up. As she opened her mouth to call out, however, Miller sent her a devious smile, shaking his head as he held up a finger to his mouth. Sighing, Clarke shrugged her shoulders, letting the boys proceed.

Jasper’s war cry echoed off the rocky cliffs around them, startling Bellamy and the rest of their group. Bellamy managed to scramble up in time to face his attackers, but three against one was never fair, and soon they had Bellamy on the ropes. Yet even as fierce as their tussling got, they all were smiling, the idiots.

When a few rocks slid loose at their movements and tumbled down to splash into the water below, Clarke’s smile faded, realizing how high up they actually were. Just as she was about to call out for them to be careful, Miller lunged at Bellamy, who, being distracted by Jasper’s fake karate posing, wasn’t quite able to fend him off. Stumbling in his footing, Bellamy stepped backwards to maintain his position, but the sheets of rock disintegrated beneath his heel, pitching him backwards off the boulder.

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Best skin care tips? 💜

Take care of your overall health. If you’re not feeling your best, chances are it’ll show in your skin. If you’re at all worried about wrinkles, dark spots or premature ageing, then consider quitting lifestyle choices such as excessive junk food and/or alcohol, cigarettes and drug use, and try to get more sleep.

✿ Take care in the sun. I’m fair and burn easily, so I feel like I’ve tried every facial suncreen out there. I eventually invested in a SPF booster and haven’t looked back, because it isn’t excessively oily, tinted (see: orange), doesn’t feel or smell gross, and can be added to your daily moisturiser or foundation. I know a lot of people dislike SPF products but even if you have dark skin, the sun is doing a lot of damage that you can’t always see. So at least buy a cute hat and wear it everywhere, and pop your sunglasses on every time you find yourself squinting.

Stay hydrated. Skin care that you apply to your outside can only go so far if you’re dehydrated on the inside. Water removes waste, without it toxins can build up, which can show on your external appearance. Also, without enough water, your skin will most likely look and feel dry.

Learn your skin type. This is important, because once you start addressing your specific skin issues, you’re going to look and feel so much better. Eg. for me, I look for products that address my sensitivity and redness, such as rosehip oil.

✿ Always cleanse your skin at the end of the day to remove dirt, pollution, excess oil, and especially if you’ve been wearing makeup. Tone, this removes any cleanser residue and prepares skin for serums & moisturisers (but you CAN skip this if, for example, you are cash strapped). Moisturise!! I can’t tell you how often I get lazy when it comes to this step, but I actually break out more when I skip this step. It’s the important final step!! You don’t have to go into masks, serums, scrubs, treatments etc. if you don’t want to…but cleanse, tone & moisturise OR at the very least cleanse & moisturise!!

Double cleanse. You don’t have to do this every day, but I do whenever I’m wearing makeup. Plenty of brands make an oil cleanser, I’ve personally tried Bobbi Brown, MAC & Estee Lauder. Estee Lauder is my favourite, and while it is expensive, I find that it lasts me a long time! You massage the oil onto dry, made up skin, and the oil helps melt it all off. Rinse, and then cleanse again with your usual cleanser. The purpose of this is to remove all makeup and impurities, then actually clean your skin and pores.

Never go to bed with your makeup on. Ever. I don’t care how tired you are, the extra 10 mins spent cleaning your face will make you feel so much better. You know when you wake up the next day, hungover, with a super greasy face, a makeup stained pillow and (your real) eyelashes falling out? Yeah, let’s not go there ever again! 

Try not to touch your face or pick at your skin. If you do pick, put some healing oil (such as rosehip) on to try undo some of the damage before it turns into a scabby mess. Learn the truth about blackheads and removing them. If you really want to remove a pimple, avoid using your hands and instead (carefully) use an extraction tool, and even then, only try to remove pimples that are ready. Make sure your extraction tool, tweezers, makeup brushes, pillow cases, etc. are all cleaned regularly to remove dirt, dust and bacteria buildup that can cause breakouts.

part one

By the end of visiting hours, Dean was mentally exhausted. He had told Castiel about their life over and over, constantly reintroducing himself and who he was to Cas; who Cas was. He had to remind himself that he had taken vows, through thick and thin, sickness and in health. He wouldn’t abandon Castiel simply because he couldn’t remember anything.

“Maybe you should 50 First Date him,” Sam suggested later that evening over dinner at Dean’s favorite diner. He wasn’t sure if Sam was joking or not.

“Like Adam Sandler him?” Dean shook his head and took another bite of his burger. “No way,” he said after swallowing the large bite. “I won’t subject him to that trash.”

“No, man, like… Make him a video about your life that he can watch. Maybe it’ll jog his memory. Show him the house, show him your life together. You guys take all of those videos, put them in a larger one. Like that trip we had to the Grand Canyon last summer. Put those videos in there.” Sam stabbed his salad a few times, twirling his fork a little as he thought out loud. “Or your wedding videos, the stupid home videos you guys take.”

“Hey,” Dean snapped, pointing his finger at Sam. “They’re not so stupid now that they could be useful… Just gotta make sure to keep the sexy ones out.”

Sam groaned and covered his face as if he were in pain. “Gross.”

Dean grinned. “What can I say, Cas has an exhibition complex.”

“Okay, dude, more than I needed to know… You going back tomorrow to see him?” Sam looked at him curiously. “I mean I know you were getting tired before, seeing him in a coma all the time, but he’s awake now.”

“Yeah… But it’s fucking exhausting telling him who I am every half hour,” Dean replied as his shoulders slumped. “He can’t even remember his own name. It’s really sad.”

“But he’s your husband,” Sam said quietly. “You promised you’d be there for him.”

“I know, Sammy, I know. I’m going back tomorrow.”

“I mean, imagine how he feels. You think you’re tired? Imagine waking up with no memory of anything. Not who you are, where you are, how you got there, the strange people around you…,” Sam gestured at him, “Imagine being him and seeing this strange man with you, telling you that he’s your husband, and then forgetting every thirty minutes. Just wiping your brain clean like a slate.”

Dean sighed and nodded. It was true; being in Castiel’s shoes had to be more terrifying than being in his. “You’re right.”

Sam pushed his plate aside once it was only remnants of dressing and small pieces of lettuce. “Not trying to say your issues aren’t relevant or important, just that he’s going through a lot too is all.”

“Yeah, I know.” Dean ran a hand down his face. “I’m just so fucking tired.”

“That’s understandable.” Sam nodded and reached over to grip his wrist for a moment. “Go home, get some rest. Maybe don’t go back tomorrow. Take a break. He won’t remember anyway.”

Dean flinched because Sam was right and he hated it.

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anonymous asked:

I feel so ugly it makes me want to kill myself but I can't tell anyone because they just say "ohhh you're so pretty" and it makes me feel like a child. Why does everyone feel the need to lie to me? It makes me feel worse every time I get a compliment

Weird coincidence, somehow I managed to get into a DM conversation with Stefania Ferrario (because my life lately is some kind of incredible fever dream), and we literally talked about this exact same thing.

I think the problem with being a human being is that your mind is an infinite space in which you are completely alone. You’re always with yourself and it’s impossible to escape your own head, so when you get stuck on specific opinions about your appearance, every time you glance at yourself you end up accidentally reinforcing that opinion.

When I thought I was ugly, any time I’d look in a mirror or see my reflection I’d think “ugh. I’m so ugly.” Every time I’d go to fix my hair I’d think “why do I even try, everyone’s gonna think I’m gross anyway.” 

These ideas are wrong. You deserve to love yourself, and part of that is putting in effort.

Start small. I want you to compliment yourself before you leave to go out in the morning.

“You look great today. Your shoes are on point, your tattoos look dope, you have a great smile, and people think you’re funny.”

This will get you out on the right foot. You’ll approach the day in a positive light, and you’ll have a more loving outlook through the rest of the day.

Then, every time you catch your own reflection I want you to say something nice about yourself. “My hair looks good.” “This outfit is cute.” “My eyes look pretty.” “damn this eyebrow game is on point.”

This’ll teach you to appreciate the little things about yourself, especially when you catch your own reflection in the glass unexpectedly. you’ll realize you’re beautiful when you don’t even try.

Finally, I want you to start to see the beauty in others.

When you see someone, find something pretty about them. Their hair, their smile, their outfit, even if it’s just the vibe they give you. As you continue to do this, you’ll start to see the beauty in everyone, even the people you don’t find yourself attracted to. When you start to realize that people are beautiful regardless of what flaws they might have, you start to realize that your flaws aren’t as big and loud as you think they are.

You’re beautiful, I promise you are. Others believe in you. I believe in you.

You can believe in you.

anonymous asked:

I need your help. My Misha obsession is getting out of hand. It's constant he's too good, too precious for life. Just give me one tiny reason not to like him. Please help!! Otherwise I fear I'm so deep in the Misha trash bin I'll never escape!

Reasons to not like Misha? I mean, I suppose there’s the way he’s such a cute little trouble-making shit by crashing Trump rallies and using his influence to make people do his bidding with Random Acts and GISHWHES like how dare he try to make the world a better place. Also the way his smile lights up any room he enters like wow how considerate of him not to even think about vampires or other people allergic to the sun. And personally I always just feel so attacked whenever one of his live streams is posted because maybe I’m having a bad day and maybe I just want to wallow in fucking misery instead of laughing and grinning from ear to ear like how rude can you get??? And don’t get me started on what a gross and disgusting person he turns Jensen into every time they’re around each other I mean what an asshole Misha is for being so attractive even upstanding heterosexuals born and bred from Texas have a hard time resisting him. And on that note has he even had the decency to register his looks as a lethal weapon because how many more people must suffer before the man realizes that his beauty is not a force to be reckoned with???? At best, it’s irresponsible; at worst, Misha Collins is the antichrist. So there you go, nonny. Being the devil incarnate is a pretty good reason not to like someone…after all, he does play Lucifer on TV, so my conclusion must be 666% accurate. ;)