this german dude


I learned one thing about those denim shorts in my last post…
German Dude was a fan back then because they were loose and I would do weird yoga things. That, and I didn’t wear underwear. I was clueless and honestly blushed when he informed me.

white supremacy is a serious problem within the heathen community… and i dont really understand how people think it’s an ethnic-guarded religion? it’s not. like any religion (including mainstream ones like christianity and islam) more and more people convert over time. there’s black christians, white muslims, arabic jews.. yea, religions don’t have to be similar but if you want to see the heathen community grow, if you want to see our gods retain some of their old glory, you need to stop policing who can and cannot worship them.

Super Duper

I did my yoga challenge this morning. There was no way I was going to pose in front of that giant mirror like that. I’m going to have to take the mirror down, unless there’s a bigger mess lurking behind it…

I got my groceries thinking it would be dead. I guess people are still shopping for their parties. Never have gotten into that football custom. After dragging my haul home, I decided the storm door, which never held the glass, isn’t cutting it as a screen door either. It is a pain to prop open while I unlock the door.

On a side note, my sectional is in its resting spot. The other furniture is shifted. I even flirted with German Dude, though I’m not certain this will ever go anywhere. I do all of this because I want to and it feels right for me now. I’m exhausted. Good thing I limbered up for all of this earlier.


Black Forest Cake (German hot chocolate and cherry liqueur) and Caramel Kiss from the Prost! stand located in the Epcot’s Germany Pavilion.

the other top quote of that trip was when we were all waiting to get off the hell ferry, like we’re all half dead just exhausted and this german dude starts pushing thru the crowd trying to get off first saying “toot toot! toot toot!” and my mom, just livid whirled around and yelled “TOOT TOOT, FUCKEROO”

Ran into Captain America at the other gym on the university campus. Dear Lord, I’m a sucker for a man in a white t-shirt, but not nearly enough to follow up on his vague reference to playing hockey later this evening.

Nope. If I was a decade younger, I’d venture into the kiddie pool. If I was a decade younger he’d probably be my age. Nope. Nope.

For now, I’ll nurse my beer, read about unconditional love, and wonder if my German Dude will flirt with me tomorrow because I’m a masochist.

anonymous asked:

my crush is a very sweet and tall German dude with the cutest accent and Extremely Blue eyes. he wears blue a lot to bring them out. his smile is just delightful, and he tugs on his hair when he's nervous. one time he happened to see me sitting alone (I was early to dinner), and he went out of his way to sit with me and talk. but it's still hard for me to get up the nerve to approach him myself because he seems to always be around friends whenever I see him. I just want to know him better ahhh

He sounds gorgeous, wow! And very nice, to make sure you didn’t have to eat alone. I wish you luck and courage!

I sent this to my German Dude joking about it should be in fiction. He took me seriously and asked if it was in the wrong place. I persisted with sarcasm that it’s bullshit. He proposed that it’s a mystery. I said it was science fiction; love between two robots or a lady and her cats.

I’m too weary to flirt. I’m too tired trying to keep him involved to know when he’s offering a romantic turn. We’ve texted a bit this week. I’d send a link or a joke that interests him. He’ll try a genuine conversation, but I’m only squeezing him in at work because of the time difference. We’re in a weird place. There are a lot of little reasons to let go. I wish I didn’t like him so much.

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foxglove, tulip, sugarbush, windflower, dandelion (why are violets not an option i really wanted to send you violets)

thank you! and yes violets are great and gay yess!

foxglove: my favorite color is dark green and a kind of dusty rose… basically i like soft colors ^^

tulip: my favorite makup product is probably my eyebrow box from urban decay. i bought it in england so i could ignore the price more easily 😅 i do like soft and kind of lowkey colors so bright lipstick and eye-shadow is not really for me. i usually do the exact same look every day and try to buy as few products as possible

sugarbush: my favorite sweet… wow that is a hard one… uhmm i love chocolate! and those manner wafers are 👌👌 oh and chocolate covered berries!!

windflower: you and @egoisticalgoat you post really great stuff 😌
@thenighttheblackwaterburned idk you blog is just great dude
@official-german-schulsystem because german memes
and all those awesome sapphic blogs i follow because ~positivity

dandelion: talented? me?? ufff i really dont know…