this genuinely made me cry

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You two don't argue often but it does happen. Kissing his nose is how you eventually make the tension lingering in the air disappear. It's a simple and affectionate gesture. It happens when you walk in on him sitting on the couch—head tilted back, eyes closed in thought. That's when he feels your lips briefly meet the tip of his nose before pulling away. It startles him but he can't help but smile a bit. You look down into his eyes and ask, "We're still cool, right?" "O'course, poppet." Idk xx

I genuinely teared up. I am not even lying, this made me cry. Jesus Christ, I can’t even explain how badly I want this…

And when the fight is more serious, he’ll wait for the nose kiss, eagerly, cause he hates fighting with you. And when it doesn’t come, when you go to bed without even bothering to tell him goodnight, without even bothering to give him his much expected nose kiss, that’s when he knows he messed up royally.

And in the morning, when you wake up, moving to stretch yourself, you find him cuddled so close to you, his face almost touching yours and when he opens his eyes, they’re red from lack of sleep - the sleep he lost trying to think of a way to say how sorry he is.

“Yeh didn’t give me my kiss.” He tells you, voice rough with sleep and regret. “M’nose kiss… that’s when I know you’ve forgiven me.”

“It’s cause I didn’t forgive you yet.” You sigh and even though you’re still quite mad at him, you can’t bring yourself to pull away from him.

“I’m really sorry, love. ‘M a tosser, a proper idiot and I’m so sorry.” He’s sincere and the way he’s nuzzling against you, nose bumping yours in search for some sort of contact shows you just how much this means to him.

Lifting your chin up, your lips press to his nose with a loud smack and you can hear the relieved sigh that comes from him, his shoulders relaxing immediately after you pull away, green eyes searching yours, gleaming with sincerity and regret.

“We’re good?” He asks, hopeful.

“We’re good.”


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I hope that some of the bad/discouraging asks don't get to you! You're really a wonderful person and you're always so helpful and kind to everyone. I'm not exaggerating when I say that finding your blog and getting to interact with you saved my life not so long ago. My only worry is that you stretch yourself too thin sometimes; you need to make sure you take care of yourself! But the important thing is that you're really REALLY great and I hope no one ever makes you feel like that's not true. <3

This genuinely made me cry. 

Most of you guys know I’m not able to work right now, so I busy myself with this blog like it’s a full time job– well more, really. I work on this from the time I get up to the time I go to bed, and even check my messages when I wake up in the middle of the night. It has really really really helped me to have something to do so regularly, it lets me be creative, organized and helpful, and I really needed it. I’m so thankful for the following and demand I have because it keeps me focused and it really gives me a drive to keep creating and realllly keeps in inspired. I am so thankful for this blog and this group of people (holy fucking shit, we are less than 10 people away from 13k?!). I definitely do wear myself thin sometimes but I really want to help if I can and unfortunately sometimes I let it wear me down. 

Those kind of asks do get to me, like.. a lot. I sat in my desk chair just sort of not sure how to answer because it kind of really hurt my feelings? I spend so much of my personal time helping people, and not just about witchy things? I give life advice all day as well, I listen to people’s stories, and I try my damnedest to make every person feel like I give a shit about them because I know that I literally might be the ONLY person who makes them feel that way today.. So it definitely hurts my feelings at first to read those sort of asks. Because I get bitched at when i don’t answer asks too.. I can’t help the number of people who send me asks, and I know it’s probably irritating if you don’t follow a lot of people. But like I said, I might be the only person that person feels comfortable asking, and I don’t want to make anyone feel like they aren’t wanted or welcome here. 

But at the end of the day, I know that if it bothers someone enough that they can blacklist the tag, or literally put your phone down or whatever, your dash fills back up with other content eventually, it’s just Tumblr. 

It definitely hurts my feelings, but I know that there are 100 people who appreciate and enjoy my asks for every one person who doesn’t. 

Thank you for those sweet words, I really don’t think yo guys know how much these messages mean to me.
a prayer for which no words exist - written by Eliane
By Organization for Transformative Works


“Louis is a few seconds away from blowing up a rather important section of the New York subway when he sees Harry for the first time.”

Author - Eliane          Tumblr - @cleminism

Chaptered - 8/8 - 34,313 words

Review - 10 out of 10 Larry Thumbs!!!

Wow. Just… wow.

This fic is incredible. It took my breath away and brought me to tears so many times. It’s somber and powerful, raw and filled with love. I really connected with Louis, and experiencing his journey through the story was so special.

At the heart of it, this fic is a character study. The author skillfully looks at what it means to be a part of war, to fight next to friends, and to fall in love during terrible circumstances. It’s fascinating, heartbreaking, and rewarding all at the same time.

This fic is truly a human story. The emotions and complexities of humanity play out in the foreground of dystopian New York City where there’s potential danger at every turn. Louis and Harry have each other to lean on throughout the journey, but the changes from “normal life” to “war life” are something they have to deal with on their own.

I can’t recommend this fic enough. Give it a read when you’re looking for something introspective and somber but also filled with love and compassion.

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You are allowed to be sad or upset. You are allowed to want attention. You are allowed to want to be comforted. These are not outlandish concepts, and the fact that anon feels the need to go out of their way to make you feel even shittier than you already do just shows they're bitter because they're not receiving attention they probably desperately need too. You're okay, you shouldn't feel bad or apologize for conducting yourself how you see fit in your own space. That's what it's there for.

this message made me cry a bit, thank you. i genuinely don’t know when i cross the line between “a feeling you’re allowed to have” and “you are overstepping and manipulating ppl” so that other msg hit me hard. 

thank you <3

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your eyes remind me of sparkling stars, your hair of a raven's wing, your skin of a dusty rose, and i am in awe.

this made me cry omg like genuinely thank you so much :’) i love you, this is so sweet and hearing this made me so happy so so happy ♡♡♡

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10 ; 12 and 39 ?

10.   something you’ve heard performed live

I’ve seen loads of bands live, but my favourite performance so far was probably Half Full Glass Of Wine performed by Tame Impala when they were at Reading Festival in 2013. It made me genuinely cry.

12.   a song by an artist who’s from where you’re from (town/city/state/country)

Well I’m from England, so a lot of things. However I’ll pick The Great Gig In The Sky by Pink Floyd, as I lived in Cambridge for a time when I was younger.

39.   the most played song in your music library

Apparently it’s Run Like Hell by Pink Floyd, which was a bit of a surprise.

Episode 7 of The Lover genuinely made me cry. Even without subtitles you can see how much Joonjae cares for takuya. He seems so confused and his emotions are so raw. You can also see that he’s frightened by his feelings. Takuyaaa please love him back, its okay. Aghhh is Takuya really that oblivious? I don’t know but I hope they understand each other soon because wow that was a powerful episode.


This is probably one of my favourite videos I’ve ever made. Genuinely made me cry with laughter when editing. If you’re feeling nice please reblog :) 

I’ve just finished reading “life with a sprinkle of glitter” and I can honestly say that I’ve never cried, laughed and smiled so much at a book ever before.
Everything was so well written and her little bits of advice at the end of each chapter were so endearing and they made me feel so much better about things.
Her chapters on motherhood and being kind genuinely made me cry. They were so beautifully written and so unbelievably heart warming.
I’m so thankful that Louise has taught me that life with a sprinkle of glitter and a lot of positivity makes everything so much more worthwhile.
HAPPY 29TH BIRTHDAY PHIL LESTER- A Montage from the Phandom

This video is honestly great!! It made me cry realising how much real genuine support Phil has from people behind their screens. The interet is great.. actually let me rephrase that - the phandom is great!! And of course the creator of this video who put in 4 days of work into this - @your-local-phantrash 

Happy Birthday Phil - @amazingphil