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“It was the first thing my dad taught me, you know..”

Hannibal watched him as Will approached his space, sat between his legs and basically made him his bed, just because he can. Will could feel the smile radiating off Hannibal’s face.

“..that here in the sea, the stars are your comrades.”

He lazily points a finger upward, following a train of stars.

“These two are your friends.” Will says as  he pauses and shifts to a constellation opposite. “Spring up, fall down.”

He points to one star, directly above him. “And that’s your best friend.”

“Polaris.” Hannibal supplies. “The star that would always take you home.”

Will smiled to himself. “I used to call bullshit on it. One star couldn’t just be able to miraculously substitute directions.” Hannibal felt his body getting heavier, along with an audible sigh. Will closes his eyes.

"But maybe… I take it back.”

Silence hung in the air. Will hadn’t felt this comfortable in years.

Hanniversary request for @imlostinthedream who wanted Will and Hannibal cuddling under the night sky. I’m sorry I used a stock photo for the stars (I collect too many of them ||orz||), but this one was so PRETTY.


The things you need to know about Charlene.

June 25, 2017 (Day 365)

Rick looked at his watch. “Hey, babe? You need any help? You’ve been up there a while,” he called from the base of the stairs.

When he got no response, Rick hurried up the steps and into the lake house’s master bedroom. Michonne was sitting in the window seat with her head down between her legs breathing deeply. Rick rushed over to his wife.

“Babe?! Babe?! Are you okay? Do we need to go to the hospital?”

Michonne took another deep inhale and then slowly sat up. “I’m fine. I just felt dizzy all of a sudden.”

Rick squatted down in front of his wife. His face was etched with concern. “Why didn’t you lie down on the bed and put your feet up? The doctor told us that’s the best thing to do.”

“Honestly, the bed seemed a million miles away in that moment and I didn’t want to risk falling down.”

“Well, I understand that. But, call me next time so I can help. Do you think you can stand now?”

“Yeah. I’m better now.”

Rick stood and helped Michonne slowly ease from the window seat. Looking at his wife closely, he eventually felt confident that she was indeed okay. He let out a breath.

“If that happens again, we are getting one of those Life Alert bracelets.”

Michonne scoffed. “I’m not elderly, Rick. I’m pregnant.”

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(1/11) “Boyd and Erica get a better deal in fandom than they ever did in the show.” Lets see what I can do. When Stiles cleans up the belongings of the nazi-werewolf he finds a ritual that purports to return people from the underworld. It is rather complicated but fortunately some key “ingredients” such as a banshee to open the gates and a hellhound to guide the way are already available.

(2/11) The tricky part is that someone who is connected to the to-be-resurrected person must be sent to the underworld find them and return with them. There is no strict time limit per se but if the sorcerer casting the spell is exhausted completely he’ll die and everyone still in the underworld is trapped there. The ritual warns that the dead “move on” so it will be more difficult to get back people who have been dead for longer. (3/11) Stiles thinks that this is finally a chance to make amends for all the death he caused when possessed by the nogitsune. He tells Scott and Lydia and Parrish and they start to prepare the ritual, and look for people guiding the dead back. Scott will look for Allison, Danny and Ethan come back to look for his brother while Derek and Isaac will try to find their packmates.

(4/11) Stiles casts the spell and stays behind to keep the gate open (which means that O’brien has only few scenes fitting his tight schedule). Aiden’s spirit still lingers close to the edges of the underworld and Ethan finds him soon and leads him back to the world of the living (which means that the carver brothers also don’t need to spend too much time for TW).

(5/11) In the meantime, Scott keeps looking for Allison. He finds her chained in a cellar full of torture instruments, courtesy of Gerard and Kate who both blame Allisons “treason” for their deaths. Scott frees her and they try to go back, but Kate and Gerard attack them trying to keep Scott trapped until Stiles is exhausted. And being already dead they cannot be killed and it looks like they’re succeeding, until Victoria shows up.(6/11) Due to the nature of Gerards deaths he has learned of his plan and well betrayal and homicidal rage just about covers her feelings for him. While she still dislikes Scott she is willing to entrust Allison to him if he gets her back to the land of the living. She says Allison goodbye and fights off Gerard and Kate while Scott and Allison escape.

(7/11) In the meantime Isaac and Derek keep looking for Boyd and Erica but don’t find them anywhere and go deeper and deeper into the underworld despite the risks. Upon his death Boyd immediately went looking for his little sister who had already been dead for years which means that he is already much further than a normal ghost of his age. Nonetheless they eventually hear Dereks howl and answer.(8/11) Derek and Isaac find them in a makeshift house Erica and Boyd made for his sister to offer her some comfort and protection. They start to make their way back but are confronted by a new hellhound who demands that Boyd’s sister must stay here as neither Derek or Isaac have any connection to her and both Boyd and Erica are dead and thus don’t count.

(9/11) Derek tries to fight him but is defeated while the hellhound reminds them that Stiles strength is nearing its end and they should hurry if they don’t want to be trapped in the underworld. Boyd offers to stay in his sisters stead, to which the hellhound agrees but his sister refuses to leave without him. So Erica offers to stay instead to let both Boyds return to the living.

10/11) The hellhound is surprised and impressed and allows them to leave, and the manage it out just before Stiles and the gate with him collapse. When the sheriff arrives to check on all the howling and lighting in the preserve he finds an exhausted and injured but happy and complete pack of wolves/hellhounds/… curled into each other. All is well except that they have to get themselves declared legally alive again which is a pain.(11/11) Seriously just arriving in court is not sufficient: www(.)nytimes(.)com/2013/10/12/us/declared-legally-dead-as-he-sat-before-the-judge(.)html And they all lived and howled happily ever after.

This ask is epic! I had to wait until I was off mobile to answer it. 

This is incredible. It gave me unexpected Victoria Argent feels even! 

I would read 100K+ of this fic. Not only that, but I’d pitch it as season 7 if the show wasn’t cancelled! 

The Captain Underpants movie gave me unexpected Melvin feels!

I was rewatching the scene where Poopypants uses the Anti-Humor Ray on the rest of the school (sans George and Harold), and there’s a line that Melvin says that completely went past me until now.

“Finally! You’re speaking my language!”

The more I thought about this line, the more it stabbed me in the heart. This line had no villainy behind it. He sounded… excited, like a lonely kid who finally got picked for a team to play with the other kids at recess.

That’s when it hit me; despite his genius intellect (and in the books’ case, constant insistence that he was more mature than his classmates), Melvin is still only 9 years old. A 9-year-old who, may I remind you, is physically incapable of laughing at anything. Sure, he acts like it doesn’t bother him much, but with that single line, it implies just how much it actually did.

I mean, think about it! His entire life, every kid around him was laughing at something, and despite how smart he was, he could never figure out just what was so funny. And even worse, he was the only one who never got the joke.

One can only imagine just how alone that made him really feel.

Maybe that’s why he was always doing anything for extra credit, and always got so excited for the Invention Convention. It gave him some validation, despite the fact that he never got a joke.

And then Professor P. came along, and actually seemed to praise the fact that this kid had no sense of humor, and said he had a way to make sure no one else did, either. That’s why Melvin got so excited when for the first time in his life, everyone else said, “I don’t get it.” Because it meant he wasn’t alone anymore.

And it’s probably also why he jumped at the chance to rat George and Harold out the second they tried to stop Professor P. He didn’t want to be the only one who didn’t get the joke again.

Just… Damn. This poor kid…

Extended Preference #2

-How you kiss-

Theses preferences went so fucking well it has 91 notes so far! I actually spent a long time thinking it through, it gave me feels


His unexpected bursts of energy always surprised me. We would just be laying there out of energy then his kisses would bring me back to life.


External image

His kisses would give me heart attacks, both from the sparks and his tricks. He always had a new trick every time.


His kisses were always filled with so much passion. He would hold you and lean towards you as if you were going to leave.


His silliness was the one thing you loved about his kisses. It would seem prefect until he got a better idea and fool around.

So when will Yuuri stop idolizing Viktor and calm down when he’s around him and deal with Viktor’s teasing in a calm way and maybe even strike back?

It would be hilarious, though, to see Yuuri suddenly touching Viktor’s chin and hand and making Viktor blush.

Wouldn’t that be a surprise? The type of surprise Viktor loves?

Connections (Part 2)

Part 1 here

Rating: G

Fandom: Star Trek; Star Trek Beyond

Summary: Someone has been leaving Bones cups of coffee in the mornings and Y/N receives an unexpected offer.

Warnings/Notes: As stated in the first part, this has minor spoilers in that Jaylah from Beyond is in this story. Otherwise, no plot lines are actually mentioned. Also, reader is to be read as either ADHD, autistic, or both. As explained, there are very few stories that depict neurodivergency without the stereotypes attached. As an ADHDer myself, I tried to put into words my own experiences of certain social situations. I just hope I did justice. 

Even though both parts are technically Bones imagines, he does make a main appearance in this last part.

Beyond gave me a lot of unexpected feelings for Bones.

Edit: Totally realized I forgot to link the first part of this. Oops

Originally posted by boldlymckirking1701

           Bones walked into the senior staff meeting and sat down next to Jim. “You ever figure out who’s been leaving you the coffee yet?” the Captain asked with an amused smirk. It had been going on for close to a week: apparently someone within the sickbay had taken to leaving Bones a fresh cup of coffee every day before his shift. While it both touched and amused the doctor, the continued routine now confused him because he wasn’t able to catch his little “barista” in the act.

           Bones shook his head as he took a sip. Yup, still as he liked it. “Nope. Now they’ve started to leave a snack or something around mid-shift.” Jim looked up, surprised. “I know! I didn’t even leave sickbay at all yesterday and yet somehow they managed it!”

           “Manage what?” Scotty asked, sitting across from the doctor and Captain.

           “The sickbay barista managed to sneak Bones a snack during mid-shift yesterday,” Jim replied. Bones nodded, still sipping his coffee.

           “I’m sure that once I head back, there will be another cup of coffee waiting for me too.” Bones immediately caught the soft smile Scotty was trying to hide behind his hand. Setting down his cup, he leaned forward. “You know something about this?”

           Scotty glanced up from his PADD and nodded, unwilling to lie to his friend. “Aye, I do. In fact, I might have given her the idea for it or something similar.” Jim started grinning like a Cheshire cat upon catching the pronoun.

           “Her? Bonesy has secret admirer?” Scotty snorted and shook his head while Bones kicked Jim under the table.

           “Nay, not exactly. It’s your new medical assistant, Y/N.” Bones’ eyes widened slightly as the pieces fell together. Jim scrunched his nose in thought a moment before speaking up.

           “Wait, isn’t she the kid who walked eggshells around most everyone and was a nervous wreck for a week, but has been slowly opening up? Hangs around you and Jaylah in Engineering?” Both Bones and Scotty nodded.

           “Yeah, I wondered what triggered the change,” Bones said softly.

           “Y/N and Jay became friends in the Academy and she’s been trying ta find her own place here. Despite how hard-workin’ and energetic she is, she has trouble connecting with people. So I just gave her some advice and let her figure out the rest.”

           “And the coffee made to my preference?” Bones asked, though he already knew the answer.

           “The replicator, sir. She knows enough engineerin’ ta get the computer to make your coffee.” Scotty smirked a little as a thought occurred to him. “If I may, she’s also a quick study. Wouldn’t be a bad idea ta teach her a few of your tricks here and there, aye? In case there’s an emergency and you’re off ship?”

           Bones slowly smiled and nodded. “It would be nice to have a second-in-command on hand. Thank you, Scotty. I’ll make sure to keep that in mind.”

           You quietly walked into sickbay the next morning and headed towards your office to start the day. Setting your blue uniform jacket over the chair, you walked to the replicator and thought a moment. “Computer, coffee with one cream and two sugar and coffee cake, please.” You smiled as the food and drink materialized. Even though Dr. McCoy didn’t know it was you leaving the coffee and occasional treat, the gesture helped to open up around him and the rest of the staff in sickbay. Yesterday, you did a good impression of Captain Kirk and even managed to get a chuckle from both him and a patient you were working on. You finally felt as though you were beginning to find your place.

           Carefully holding the coffee and the treat, you turned and froze when you saw Bones at the desk, setting a steaming cup down upon it. “I wasn’t sure what you preferred, so I asked Jaylah. She said you liked chai tea.” You nodded slowly, your mind racing to find a response.

           “I-I wanted to try something different. I wasn’t sure, though,” you stammered, slowly handing him the cup and plate. Bones smiled appreciatively.

           “I actually do like coffee cake, yes. Especially in good company. Come on, we’ll take this in my office.” You practically beamed and followed Bones into the bigger office and sat down. Bones produced a second fork and handed it to you, letting you have the first bite. The two ate in silence for a while, Bones letting you gather your thoughts and work up the courage to speak first.

“Did Scotty tell you?” you asked softly. Bones took a sip of his coffee and nodded.

           “He did. He also mentioned you’re a quick study. I looked at your files; your grades in the Academy were outstanding, but I couldn’t find an exact specialty. Is there anything that interested you in particular?” You shrugged, not quite knowing where this was going.

           “Everything was interesting. Even engineering was interesting because a lot of the mechanics were similar to medicine. Everything was just so interesting, I really couldn’t choose.” You thought a brief moment, thinking back to your time in the Academy. “Well, except command. I tried a couple classes; it was boring.”

           Bones nearly choked and burned his tongue on his coffee. Wiping his mouth with his napkin, he chuckled. Command classes were boring…oh, if only Jim could’ve heard that piece of gold. He was going to have to remember that. “I’m afraid the Captain would argue on that point, kid,” he chuckled. You shrugged and sipped your tea. It was really good. “Let’s try a different route. You interned at the hospital in your third and fourth years. What did you prefer?”

           “The chaos.” At the slightly raised eyebrow, you hesitated before trying to explain yourself better. For some reason, getting other people to understand how your brain was always hard; you wondered if it was because of that invisible wall. “When I volunteered, I tried to get as many hours in the emergency ward as possible. For some reason, the chaos of the ER was like focus rod; it was all my crazy thoughts would zero in on the chaos and my brain would snap into a one-track frame. I learned more about the practical applications of medicine there and it was challenging. I also liked volunteering in the pediatric ward; the kids are easier to connect with than adults.” Your eyes widened when Bones nodded understandingly. Had you actually managed to find a way to help him understand your perspective?

           Bones set aside his cup and leaned forward a bit. “Here’s the thing. You know that part of my duty as CMO is I am sometimes required to go on away missions.” You nodded, your mind already jumping and churning out possibilities. “While it doesn’t happen often, it has happened that the ship was attacked while I was on the planet. It left the ship without someone here leading sickbay. I was wondering if you want to take on the challenge of becoming my second-in-command, as it were.” He smiled as your eyes widened with excitement, but he caught a hint of trepidation too. “It’ll be a challenge because I’ll be adding more duties to your shift. However, when the situation arises, I think you’ll be more than able to handle emergencies should they arise in my absence.”

           “You think I could?” you asked, your insecurities immediately jumping forward. Bones reached over and covered her hands with his.

           “Y/N, you are an intelligent, creative, hard-working young woman. I’ve watched you around sickbay these past few weeks. With a few more skills and some experience under your belt, you would be more than capable.”

           “When do we start?” Bones smiled at the excitement replacing the insecurity.

           “Right now. Grab your jacket and follow me, kid. We’ll make rounds before heading to the morning meeting.” You drained your cup and bounced excitedly out the door behind her new mentor.

           As the shifts and days progressed, you slowly grew more confident and sure in yourself and your abilities. Where your understanding of social situations lacked, you made up for it through your intelligence and bubbly personality. For the first time in your life, you felt like the wall that held you back from the universe was breaking down. You were finally starting to make a connection with the people around her.

           For the first time in your life, you knew the Enterprise was exactly where you were supposed to be.


100 Fitzsimmons Moments: (013 / 100) Fitz and Jemma fool Mack and Bobbi into believing they are at odds, as Fitz leaves Real Shield. However they are smuggling The Toolbox, that Jemma has hidden in his rucksack, out of the Playground. (2x16: Afterlife)

Making this gifset gave me unexpected feels. While performing the fake fight, they were able to look at each other mostly dead on, but here they just can’t. Their eyes don’t meet at all because this is goodbye for who knows how long, just as they have slowly come together again. He avoids looking at her altogether and she keeps her gaze on the rucksack where The Toolbox is hidden, but so is the sandwich with that all important message.