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Greg your face your FAAAAAAAAAACE: Twelve O’Clock High edition



“Want me to beg?”

“Your begging is worthless.”

“Aww, come on! We were Obo and Ojo together, weren’t we? I know you’re a good actor. It was a short scene, but it gave me chills! If we’d done it about two more times, I might’ve fallen in love with you.”

Lord of Shadows: Thoughts and Theories

This book broke my heart, Everything was fine then it went to shit, then it was fine again and then it went to shit again, and then everything was fine, and I thought things were going to turn out really well, then everything went to ABSOLUTE SHIT. I’d give this book 5/5, because it was so jam-packed with so much action and different character and plot twists, whereas Lady Midnight was basically the Emma and Jules show.

I felt that Lady Midnight, though it was a good Book, wasn’t Cassie Clare’s best work. The first half failed to really draw me in, and I had to push to really get into the book. It was also just constant Emma and Jules, though I understand she was setting the scene and setting up their relationship, it just got a bit dull. The whole book was kind of a ‘meh’, but with Lord of Shadows, it was fast-paced right off the bat, with loads of plots and different POV’s and characters drawing me completely into the book. This book, in my opinion, was a huge jump from LM, in terms of success for me, personally.

I was getting a lot of asks on why I spoil myself for things, the reason is a) I can’t help it, and b) when something major happens in a book that I wasn’t expecting, I get really hyped up for a few days and can’t really concentrate on anything else. Sounds kinda weird, but spoiling myself works. Except some people gave me fake spoilers, so…

Anyway I’ve tried to organise my thoughts into sections, but it’s all a bit all over the place, here are my thoughts and theories!

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Decided to give you guys a peek at the first part of the lyric comic (without lyrics cuz still wanna keep it a secret). The first half is giving me a hard time to decide what scenes to put down so it, I guess, flows naturally but I think I might have an idea. This is a big project and I’m hoping to have it done sometime in the Summer. 

Some days, when I’m drawing, I suddenly remember the words of a couple of people, something they told me years ago.
They got me so angry and upset, because one of them meant to harm me and make me stop drawing. The other simply didn’t think before speaking (still doesn’t do because once an asshole always an asshole).

Now, three and a half years later, many sketches and artwork and progress later (and so much more to come), I THANK you.
Because without you being assholes, I probably wouldn’t have had the same push to get better and show you that yes, I do have the balls and talent, I just needed and still need time and practice like everyone.
Thanks to that push, I found out that art could be a huge part of my life and could make me feel so alive. Now I want to get better at drawing and colouring to bring my ideas to life and make people happy with my art. I want to get better for myself. The road is steep and long, but I can do it.

So, thank you.

But, since you could have done without being assholes and I have the right to be petty, here’s also something else for you.
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FFXV Pokémon Teams - Gladio

Noctis’ PokéTeam

Prompto’s PokéTeam

Ignis’ PokéTeam

And with this, the Chocobro Pokéteams are complete~ Sorry for taking so long, I’ve been packing and suffering from writer’s block. But after I finish with moving, I might start on the Chocogal’s Pokémon Teams~ But if y’all are interested in that, you’ll have to explicitly tell me because I’m a dumb brick.

@roses-and-oceans @neko-otaku13 @insomniacapples (tumblr won’t let me tag you for some reason I’m sorry???) @femmescientia

Chesnaught: Having some form of shield Pokémon is a tradition of the Amicitia family. As such, young Gladio received Chestnaught at ten years old. This Chestnaught is a defender to the core, but mostly because she dislikes fighting in general. She will if she has to, but for the most part, she’s very gentle and sweet. She trains with Gladio and the other Pokémon often and is always the first on his team to bust out the curatives. On a team of stubborn fighters, someone has to be, right?

Incineroar: Iris has a passion for learning evolutions and after finding out Litten eventually evolves into Incineroar, she couldn’t help but think of Gladio. This cat would always guard the house from the windows, actually growling at strangers he didn’t like. Even so, he was still playful as a Litten and often tried playing with Gladio during his workouts, which he didn’t mind. As he evolved, he started fighting more, and now the two spar regularly. Cuddling on either Gladdy’s or Iris’ lap became a common occurrence and still happens as a fully grown Pokémon. He really loves Iris’ chin scritchies.

Pignite: Met on the streets of Insomnia, this little piggy tried to help Gladio protect Noctis from a random drunkard attack. Ususally a timid Pokémon, she was motivated to take action by Gladio’s powerful presence and resolve. She blew some fire at the assailant to scare him off, and after some praise from Gladio for her heroics and sudden evolution, she was determined to keep on making him proud. As his Pokémon. Pignite usually pushes herself a bit too hard in that goal though, having even Gladio tell her to cool it and take a break. Either way, she really looks up to him and is always trying her best.

Machamp: Oh. Wow. Okay. So. During a hunt on their travels, the boys met this Machamp fighting their target. After helping defeat it, the Machamp instantly did a 180 and challenged Gladio to a duel. Apparently, he was the pompous that wanted to prove he was the best. With the duel ending in Gladio’s victory, the Machamp was somewhat humbled, deciding maybe we wasn’t the best, but he was still pretty damn great. Gladio respected his strength and self confidence and they became fast chums. Machamp totally cheats at arm wrestling.

Snubbull: Another gift from Iris, Snubbull was thought to become a Granbull in time. It seems the dog had other plans though. Having almost evolved multiple times already, she seems adamant on not changing. It kinda irks Gladio honestly. Not because he desperately wants her to be a Granbull but because pretty sure she’s doing it to spite him. She’s always been a bit of a brat, never listening, constantly picking fights, going off on her own. He’s told her time and time again that being a Granbull would help her in strength, but she refuses to listen. Maybe he never stopped to think that might be why she’s not doing it…

Darmanitan: A Pokémon rescued from a Niflheim base, Darmanitan helped out during the escape effort, but quickly became anxious and fidgety after the battle was won. It seems he can’t revert back to his Zen form due to trauma from the horrid experiments preformed on him. Said trauma has also caused him to become rather reluctant to fight until push comes to absolute shove. Gladio knows Darmanitan can do great things and is an excellent fighter, so he’s trying to help him get through this. He gets a lot of help from Pignite, seeing as she was also nervous about fighting.

Gladio has always been hard for me to get a feel for, so writing anything for him is a bit of a challenge, even just something like this.


Hand-focused vignette’s from the fic Careless Talk Costs Lives by @theuncertainhour 

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Sunday - Tom Holland x Reader imagine

Title: Sunday
Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader
Synopsis: Tom meets your whole family for the first time.
Word Count: 1.3k
Warning: More fluff than you could ever wish for, boyfriend!tom so prepare for the feels
A/N: Written for anon - “laying on the couch with tom and tessa and the music is playing in the back and then that one songs come on and you just get up and start dancing to the song”. I took this a little further than that, hope it’s still want you wanted! Credit to gif owner.
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txtd my boss b4 a shift lettin him kno i missed my bus due2 having an anxiety attack n hadnt had time to leave my house b4 calming down - his response? take the afternoon off n come in for a half shift. he'd pay the other half as time owed. made sure i was a-ok when i came into work as well and gave me some easy tasks to settle me in. i was having a REALLY bad day/week n this helped me so so much. id be on edge all day if it wasnt 4 his understandin. omg. im so blessed. couldnt thank him enough!


This lovely person made a story on Wattpad and happened to use my artwork. I was not too please that MY WORK wasn’t credited. So I chatted with them and calmly asked them to please credit my work…. They gave me some half assed excused and got frustrated with ME for asking for my work to be credited

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A Look At The Project That’s Bringing Awareness To Female Scientists Through Art

But beyond the image of the two-time Nobel Prize winner bent over glowing rock, almost no stories of female achievement in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) fields are culturally pervasive. That’s why neuroscientist turned creative director, Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya started Beyond Curie. Initially a kickstarter campaign, Amanda raised over $32,000 for the Association For Women In Science with her kinetic, artful depictions of thirty five relatively unknown female scientists—all pioneers in their fields. Here, we chat with Amanda about why it’s important for women to be encouraged to pursue STEM careers and how the the worlds of science and art overlap more than you might think.

Like many people, after the election I was not feeling great. I wanted to get involved but was feeling overwhelmed by the number of options for how I might contribute my time or money. A friend who had worked on the Hillary campaign gave me some great advice—pick a cause you care deeply about, and support it in a way only you can. Her words led me to develop Beyond Curie, to highlight the rich history of women kicking ass in STEM fields and to show that our world was built by extraordinary women, not just men, of all backgrounds.

I started with women whose stories I personally had been inspired by, like Rita Levi-Montalcini, who I read about in 4th grade. Her story is one of grit, tenacity and creativity. In response to Mussolini’s 1938 ban that barred her and other Jewish people from academic and professional careers, she set up a laboratory in her bedroom and studied the growth of nerve fibers in chicken embryos, which laid the

groundwork for her later research and discovery of nerve growth factor. I also wanted to ensure the series was as inclusive as possible, with representation for black, Latina, Asian and indigenous scientists as well as scientists with disabilities. I reached out to my backer community on Kickstarter for help with women to include and they introduced me to some extraordinary scientists I’d never heard of before. Each design is unique, it connects the scientists’ faces with the work they’ve achieved into a unique collage. Each design is a visual story of each scientist’s life.We all know Marie Curie because her accomplishments are so difficult to ignore, even in a sea of accomplished male scientists who have dominated the genius label, she stands out. She was not only the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, but also she was the first person ever to win it twice, and the only person to win it in two different sciences. She was a badass, a legend, and one of the greatest scientists to have ever lived. However, when it comes to women in science, the conversation too often starts and stops with her. She is the easy choice when trying to be more inclusive with the addition a female scientist. But it’s important to look beyond Marie Curie and also celebrate all the other extraordinary women who have shaped science and changed the world.  Certainly much can be learned from studies of visual perception that can provide depth and context for why certain designs work and others fall short. But in the moment, the craft of design, taking into consideration principles such as form, shape, composition, color, not to mention typography and storytelling is incredibly nuanced and takes years of deliberate practice to hone. There is an element of luck, magic and exploration as well. Often studies on visual perception are very controlled because they must be, but in reality, timing, uncontrolled factors and an unquantifiable number of biases can skew our perception of a design. This is why a neuroscientist who studies visual perception isn’t automatically a gifted designer. I’d say that my process from a storytelling perspective is often guided by neuroscience and psychology, and supported by visual craft and careful consideration.

100 Follower Fic!

For the lovely @midnightruse​ who one my 100 Follower give-away! They asked for klance admitting they remembered the bonding moment/each other at the garrison! I hope I did it justice

It had been a long day, full of training with the Blade, aerial combat, forming Voltron, and diplomacy lessons that Allura found mandatory after several… negative experiences. With the day behind them though, the Paladin’s of Voltron had all decided to relax in the common room, trading stories from Earth, and just letting the day’s troubles wash away.

“Hey, Lance, remember when you slept in Professor Montgomery’s class all the time?”

Lance sighed wistfully, “Those were the times, man, those were the times.”

“How’d you pull that off?” Shiro asked, sitting down next to Keith and handing him a water pouch. “Montgomery was nearly as bad as Iverson back when I had their class.”

Lance snatched Pidge’s glasses from her face, and put them on. Pidge flipped him off, but made no movement to take them back.

“Very realistic glasses,” Lance grinned.

Shiro just looked confused.

“Wait,” Keith sat up, leaning forward, “I remember that. Didn’t you just put pictures of, like, realistic eyes on there?” Hunk, Pidge and Lance stared, but Keith didn’t stop, “And the only reason you got caught was because Montgomery asked you a question.”

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CREDIT to the gif maker of this gif and to the inspiration behind this imagine

“See you later Ned.” I said, waving goodbye to him.

“Good luck on your gift Romeo!” he shouted. I rolled my eyes and shook my head, a small smile forming. I gripped into the strap of my backpack and headed down the street, bumping into someone.

“I’m so sorry!” I exclaimed.

“I didn’t know we were both so clumsy Parker.” a familiar giggle announced. I looked up and saw Y/N.

“There’s a lot of stuff we have in common.” I blurted. She cocked an eyebrow and smiled. My heart did a flip and I swallowed.

“I know we weren’t suppose to give our gifts already but…” she said, reaching into her backpack. She pulled out a small box and handed me a bag.

“Oh Y/N..” I said, handing them back.

“Nah uh. I couldn’t wait. Are you going to open it?” she asked, her eyes sparkling. I smiled and nodded, giving her the box to hold. I opened the bag and smiled.

I pulled out two shirts and a canvas drawing with all three of us: Me, Ned and Y/N. I touched the canvas, feeling the dry paint and outlining the features of us.

“Y/N…this is amazing. How long did this take?” I asked, looking up at her. She blushed slightly and laughed.

“Almost two weeks. But it wasn’t difficult. Besides the time I ran out of paint and nearly stained half my clothes.”

She handed me the box, taking the other stuff and I hesitated. She looked at me in confusion, and I smiled, pulling the bow string. Inside were some new headphones and a new disc for my computer.

“No way! How did you get this?” I exclaimed, marveling at the disc.

“You know my uncle runs a computer shop down in Brooklyn. I did some work for him and he gave me this.” she smiled. I picked her up , twirling her around in a hug and she squealed. I set her down and held onto her, staring into her eyes.

“You’re amazing you know that?”

She blushed and nodded.

“I know I am. You better get home before May kicks your butt.” she giggled, grabbing her bag and waving goodbye.


“MAY! I need your help!” I shouted as soon as I opened our door. I heard clattering and walked to the noise which was in the kitchen

“Jesus Peter! You scared me.” she gasped, clutching her chest and a mess of noodles on the floor. I pouted.

“Sorry May.. I-I just have some girl troubles.” I sighed, helping her clean up. She dropped what she had in her hands and grabbed mine, bringing us both up.

“Girl problems?? Screw dinner let’s get some Thai food.” she said excitedly.

We got down and immediately she tried hounding me into telling her. She even used larb puns which, in my opinion, weren’t half bad.

“So what’s wrong Peter?” she asked, giving up on her larb jokes.

“You know how Ned, Y/N, and I are having our 3 year friendship anniversary tomorrow? I still haven’t made a gift for Y/N and I don’t know how to start.” I sighed. May nodded, cocking an eyebrow.

“What did you have in mind?” she asked.

“I wanted to do something with music since she loves it. I was thinking a CD or an old cassette tape.” I explained. She nodded and took out a small notepad and pen from her bag. She began scribbling down on it.

“Songs she likes or songs that are her?” she asked.

“I wanted to do some on the music she likes. And some on what I think of her.” I swallowed. May smiled.

“You like her Peter. I can tell by the way you look at her whenever she comes by to study.”

“I do not.” I argued, my cheeks burning.

“Okay. Maybe you don’t like her. You might larb her.” she smirked. I rolled my eyes but smiled.

“Okay… Maybe I like her, but that’s beside the point May.” I huffed.

“Well tell me what you like or notice about her. It might help me with the songs.” she said. I nodded and started listing off the things I liked about Y/N.

“I like the simple things she does. Tucking a strand of hair behind her ear only to have it fall back into her face…. The way she bites the inside of her cheek or her lip when she’s nervous… The way her eyebrows furrow when she’s concentrating creating-”

“A crease?” May interrupted. I nodded and she smiled, taking notes.

“The way her glasses fall or when a loose hair falls into her face and she blows it away, only for more to come back, making her frustrated. Also the way her eyes light up whenever she gets excited. And her smile…” I sighed.

“Okay calm down Peter. I didn’t ask for the Bible.” May chuckled. I blushed and nodded. May wrote down something else, biting the end of the pen as she thought.

After a while, she handed me what she wrote and smiled proudly. I looked down and saw a list of songs.

“How did you..” I trailed off, seeing some songs Y/N liked. May shrugged.

“What can I say…. I hear her playing her music whenever she comes by. And I may have some more recommendations due to the things you said. But don’t ask for Ned. He’s a wild one.” May winked.

“Yeah… Yeah yeah yeah. Of course.” I said. We headed home and May taught me how to put songs onto a tape while I made another on a CD. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“Ned you’re amazing!” Y/N cried as she held into her book. She hugged Ned and he laughed, patting her arm.

“I knew you were missing the second series and my mom’s friend was having a sale. I saw these and knew it was fate.” he chuckled as Y/N let him go.

“Last but not least is Peter.” Y/N smiled. I nodded and handed Ned his present, where he instantly ripped it open.

“Aw sick man!” he said, high-fiving me and showing it off to us. I smiled.

I had given him a new Star Wars Lego Set. The exclusive Yoda one, the one he’s been trying to get his hands on for a while now.

“How did you snag this​?!” he said, disregarding his other gifts. I shrugged.

“Mr. Stark helped me out.” I replied. Ned faked a sob and we all laughed and I felt my stomach tighten as Y/N smiled at me, her doe eyes filled with love. I swallowed and handed her the gift. She opened it slowly and covered her mouth.

“Did Mr. Stark help you with this too?” she asked, pulling out new paint brushes, two different sized sketchbooks and a small book, filled with coupons to the craft store she loved. I blushed.

“He insisted on helping with this but the next one, May helped.” I said, as she took out the smaller box. She opened it and saw my CD and underneath, the cassette tape. She touched her heart and hugged me.

“This is too sweet Peter.” she said. I chuckled and patted her back.

“It was nothing really.” I said. She let me go and flipped through the coupon book as Ned pulled me aside.

“Where are the roses?” she scowled.


“I thought you were going to confess to her?” he asked. I bit my lip.

“Not yet.. I-I can’t.” I sighed.

“I overheard John and his friends the other day… Flash might ask her out.” Ned said. I stared at him and looked back at Y/N.

“You’re not lying?” I asked. He shook his head and I believed him. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “I’ll get it May!” I shouted as the doorbell rang. I opened it and Y/N stood there.

“Hey Pete. What did you have to give me?” she asked as I let her in. I rubbed my hands together and sighed.

“It’s up on the balcony.” I said pointing behind me. She followed and I looked at May. She gave me a thumbs up and mouthed , “Go for it.”

We stood there, admiring the sunset. I tried making a move but I didn’t know how and I felt how confused she was because she kept asking if I was okay.

“Y/N… I like you.” I blurted out after a while. She turned to me.

“You do?” she asked. I nodded. She came closer and hugged me, surprising me.

“I figured you did.” she whispered in my chest.

“How?” I asked.

“I was listening to the tape and the first song was ‘Crush’ by David Archuleta.” she giggled, looking up at me.

Dammit May….

“I do like you.” I said looking down at her, my cheeks burning. She bit her lip and looked me in the eyes. She stood on her toes and connected her lips to mine, surprising me again. I kissed her back, wrapping my arms around her.

We stopped once we heard someone yell a “yes!” from inside. We turned to look and saw May dancing around. I groaned and Y/N giggled.

“So… Will you be my girlfriend?” I asked. She shook her head no and I furrowed my eyebrows at her.

“I’ll do you one better. Girlfriend and best friend.” she smiled. I smiled and cupped her cheek, kissing her.

Another yes was yelled from inside, along with a woo hoo. Y/N and I laughed, turning away and watching the rest of the day, turn into night.





whenever someone asks me something irl and i don’t immediately have the answer, i reply by softly saying ‘interesting,’ and furrowing my brows, thus tricking the other person into thinking i’m very wise

A long shout out to the amazing franchise owner

He (“Y”) hired me almost two and a half years ago as part of the original crew that set up the store before it opened and then continued working there as the cashiers, shift leaders etc.

Y called me to come to a face-to-face interview we’ve though I had been rude to him on the phone (I was involved in a car accident a few hours before he called. I was ok but the car got smooshed a bit).

When he ordered work shirts for all of us, he got them to make two shirts specially for me because I don’t fit into their standard sizes. I’m in the process of losing weight right now, so my goal is to stick around there until I will be able to fit into their standard size shirt.

Some time later he told me that at first he hesitated to hire me because I didn’t seem to be the type that fits in this company, but he decided to give me a chance anyway. (Prior to this job I had a very unimpressive work experience)

He gave me some support and solid advice when I was going through a very difficult time with my mom, and when she passed away, he, as well as the manager, the accountant and my closest friend there all came to the funeral, which was an hour and a half away, and a few days later to my apartment for the Shiva.

During the first few months afterwards, he never said anything when I would take a few minutes to sit in the kitchen and cry, and when my cat died about two weeks ago, he was nothing but kind and understanding.

Yesterday, I was at the cash register - I’m good at stocking shelves and updating price stickers on products, but I’m also the slowest lol and there was a lot to do, so I sat at the register.

I was waiting for a phone call, but we’re not allowed to answer our phones in the store. Y was in the aisle right in front of me, I asked him what I could do and he said, “give me the phone, I’ll answer for you.”

(I requested a company to come pick something of mine from the store and the delivery guy was supposed to call to let me know he was on his way)

The guy called and Y answered the phone as soon as it started ringing and even gave him directions on how to get there. He let me clock out to deal with this and then return to the shift.

I am working on a Biker itabag!! There’s never any Biker stuff to be found so some wonderful artists gave me permission to make their work into pins. I’ll post the finished bag along with the artists names when it’s done!! I am so excited. I made this as a pin design for it :D

She’s Skilled (Sehun)


“(Y/n), this is your first SMTown isn’t it?” Amber asked, sitting right next to me on the plane. She took notice of how nervous I looked, playing with my fingers and tapping my foot. I turned to her with a small smile.

“Is it that obvious? What if they don’t like me Amber? What if I mess up on stage??” I questioned her rapidly, getting more tense by the second. She let out a chuckle before placing a hand on my shoulder. I felt a bit more relaxed by her next words;

“Hey, hey, hey, it’ll be fine. Just breathe. We’re all here to perform and have fun. Besides, we’re performing for people who love us and want to see us. You’re going to do great and the upside is that they speak English too! You can talk to them. It’s just a two day concert and then we all have 3 days to relax.” she smiled reassuringly and leaned back into her chair when I nodded, letting a breath out.

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