this gave me so many feelings i tell you

fanfiction should be taken a lot more seriously as literature. True, some of it isn’t really excellent writing and some is just smut but let me tell you i have read some fics that are beautifully well done and turned my life upside down and legitimately gave me feelings for days and if that’s not real literature then what is

Best Friends (Part 11)

Summary: Meeting in college, you and Bucky strike up a friendship. And that is all there is, until Bucky realizes he’s in love with you. But it might just be a little too late for that.

Word Count: 739


A/N: This is right before the end, guys!

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Bucky didn’t see you for the next two weeks. He felt betrayed by you, his heart broken to pieces with the choice you had made. You had chosen a man you barely knew over him, over more than ten years of friendship, of memories and laughter. He thought he’d have some leverage, but you had proven him wrong.

The day of your wedding, Steve came bursting into Bucky’s place and swatted the back of his head. “What the fuck are you doing?”

Bucky yelped and glared at him. “What the fuck, man?”

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“You could have anyone” - Bruce Wayne x Chubby!Reader

Annnnnnnd I’m back with a new story after almost a week off (and evidently  I forgot how to fucking write…meh). I hope you guys will like it, as usual, feedbacks and such are welcome :-) : 

Look at this amazing drawing @awesomeblueturtle did of one of the scene of this story : the cutest thing ever will appear if you click here

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You’re still unsure how you got the job. 

Someone like you, so unfashionable and plain (with quite a bit of extra pounds on…) shouldn’t be the famous Bruce Wayne’s assistant. 

Sometimes, when he received important and rich people in his office, you were almost ashamed to show them the way…Not ashamed of yourself. Not at all. To be honest, you had been teased on your weight and such enough in school to not care anymore. 

No, you weren’t ashamed of yourself in front of such fancy people…you were ashamed for Mr. Wayne. 

How could he let someone like you be the first thing his clients and partners would see ? Surely, it gave them the wrong idea about the man, like he wasn’t classy enough or something, if his assistant was…You. 

Or maybe he chose you because he thought people would think he was nice to give you such a great job, you, a nobody from the Narrows, the poor little orphan. Maybe they thought he was charitable to give you, a bland and simple person, a taste of the lavish and fancy lifestyle they all lived ?

You didn’t really know how it happened. But one thing for sure…you were definitely his assistant. 

Little did you know that, on the day he gave you the job interview, you made quite an impression on him. 


Two years ago : 

Stress. You were nothing but stress. It was your fourth interview of the week to get a new job, and definitely the one you were the most stressed about. I mean, so far, you had an interview to work in a supermarket, two to work in a fast-food, and one to be a waitress in a shitty diner…Oh my God why did you even apply to this job ? It was so out of your league ! 

You felt underdressed just sitting in this more than fancy waiting rooms. Like for real, the seats were covered in wonderful red velvets, and you were pretty sure there were real Picasso and Monet paintings on the walls…

Besides, you weren’t the only one waiting to get an interview with the famous Bruce Wayne, and the other candidates were…Well. 

They were out of this World. 

They were some of the most beautiful women you ever seen. 

…What were you doing here ? It was clear you wouldn’t get the job.

But damn the way they were looking at you, you and your used woman suit you bought in a thrift shop, made you want to slap them, and just to spite them, and though it was quite obvious you didn’t stand a chance, you didn’t leave. 

Of course, you were the last one to be called by the very handsome Mr. Wayne (seriously though, why did he have to look that good ? He was one of the best thing that ever happened to Gotham and it’s disadvantages inhabitants, such as you. He was smart, a genius. Billionaire. And the most handsome man you ever met). So when you entered his huge office, with windows showing you the best side of Gotham, and not the dirty gutters you were coming from, you were more stressed than ever, and afraid to simply throw up on him because of it…

He was such a gentleman. He didn’t make any comment about how different you looked compared to the other candidates. He didn’t even seem slightly surprised. He just smiled at you, of his extremely charming smile, and gestured for you to sit down. 

-Well hello Miss…(Y/L/N) is that it ? 

-Hum…Yes. Helluuw. 

Why ? WHYYYY ?! Why did you have to say “hello” in such a weird way ? You were ready to run out of his office, when you noticed his smile widening, and becoming almost genuine. There was a small silence, and strangely, it wasn’t an awkward one at all. He breaks it with his deep and soothing voice :

-So. Miss (Y/L/N), I have just one question for you…Why did you even bother to apply to be my personal assistant ? 

You stiffened. Oh. Maybe not so much of a gentleman. You narrowed your eyes at him a bit, not able to control yourself. Years of bullying in school had turn you into a “come back master”. 

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This Is War [2]

Request: jealous!bucky where he tries to outdo the guy in everything and its just ridiculous and funny (Again, wasn’t sure if this was an ACTUAL request, but I thought it would be fun as one :p) 

Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 755

Warnings: None; Bucky is kind of an ass I guess.

A/N: Here is part 2! Please let me know what you think so far!! xo

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“I was telling all of the girls at our brunch on Sunday that whenever I feel like I can’t do something that needs to be done or whenever I let certain insecurities about my body or the way I look overtake what I KNOW to be true about me, I watch my old dancing with the stars videos! I know that may sound stupid or maybe conceited 😳 but honestly, it was one of the hardest yet rewarding things I have ever done in my life. The body type that this world refuses to accept actually won a competition using this same body. People watched, enjoyed, and actually VOTED! I still to this day can’t believe I did it. So I had a hard week last week and the girls wanted to watch the videos on sunday and I just smiled, and I came home tonight and I thought 💭 why do I have to live in the past to get that feeling 💭?!? Dancing makes me so happy, so why not just dance whenever you feel down?!? So tonight, I DID! I put on my fave jam right now “Distance” by Omarion and I danced until my legs gave out 😂 I don’t care that it may look silly or off, I just got my life celebrating and using this body to make myself happy. I wanted to share the video and that moment with you to encourage all of you to do the same. So many of you tell me that me just being me encourages you. Well, I want you to know I have mountaintops and valleys but I am always climbing and making my way through life with as much joy as I can create! I challenge you guys to do the same! Turn on a song and just dance or sing or do something to celebrate YOU this week! Something positive that makes you happy or makes you feel beautiful! Tag me in it if you like 💜 ok time to ice my knees now, I think I got ahead of myself trying to drop it low goodnight y'all”

Too Strong

REQUEST by IMPOSSIBLYLUCKYVXI: Can I have one where Ro meets YN a journalist at a press junket for Fastlane. He immediately wants her but she runs from him because she thinks she isn’t good enough for him since she’s a average girl. Months go by since their encounter & he still wants her & she wants him too but can’t get over their career differences. One night she has to go a live Raw show to right a story & she sees him again. He corners her this time & gets mad possessive & sexy. End it how you’d like. Thanks 😍😘.

Warnings: Smut, language
(A/N): I’m so sorry it took so long guys. To make it up to y’all, I made it longer than I planned it to be. I also loved writing this one, so I hope you guys enjoy it! Feedback is always welcome😌


‘’You ready?’’ my best friend and colleague asked me, ‘’In a few minutes, you’ll be interviewing Roman fucking Reigns.’’

‘’Calm down girl, as much as I adore the man, I have to stay professional,’’ I chuckled as I took a sip of my water, ‘’I’m nervous though; he’s competing against Braun Strowman and he’s a monster, I wonder what his strategy is for tonight.’’

‘’Yeah, I agree. I’m curious too now you mentioned it,’’ she turned around and smirked, ‘’Why don’t you ask him yourself?’’

‘’Wait what?’’ I looked at her confused as she walked off. I honestly had no idea what she was talking about, so I turned to the paper with questions that was given to me. Fastlane was tonight and I was chosen to interview few of the WWE superstars who were having their matches. The perks or being an journalist is that you get to see so many different places and people, situations that you’ll always remember.

‘’This is probably the first time someone hasn’t notice me sitting next to them,’’ a low heavy voice said, making me look up surprisingly. ‘’There she is,’’ he chuckled, ‘’you’re the one who’s interviewing me, am I right?’’

‘’Oh my god, I’m so sorry Mr. Reigns,’’ I said embarrassed, ‘’and that’s right, here she is.’’

‘’It’s Roman, sugar,’’ He smiled, making me melt right away, ‘’Mr. Reigns sounds so old.’’

‘’Alright then, Roman, you ready for your interview?’’ I asked, trying hard to hide my nerves. This man is gorgeous, how can anyone act normal around him?

‘’I’m more than ready,’’ he raised an eyebrow as he looked at my chest, ‘’y/n. Oh don’t worry, I ain’t a man like that, I’m a decent guy.’’ He chuckled, making me laugh.

‘’That’s good to know,’’ I smiled and stood up, ‘’Let’s get started then.’’

‘’We can’t talk some more?’’ He asked pouting his lips. ‘’I mean, we gotta do the interview, but I’d like to get to know the beautiful woman who will be asking the questions.’’

‘’I bet you say that to every woman who is about to interview you,’’ I chuckled. He stood up and walked over to where I was standing and took my hand in his.

‘’I only say it when I mean it, babygirl,’’ Roman smiled as his hand caressed my cheek. Looking him in the eye, I felt butterflies. ‘’And actually, it’s the first time I told someone.’’ He whispered, making me smile. ‘’So what do you say? Wanna talk some more now, or after my match?’’

‘’I think we have to get started if you wanna be on time for your match,’’ I hastily answered as I took the papers from the table and made my way to the interview corner. ‘Did you really had to respond like that, you idiot?’ I thought to myself. I could hear Roman chuckling from behind me.

‘’Alright then, but after my match, which I will win without a doubt, I insist you going to grab something to eat with me.’’

‘’So that’s a bet?’’ I frowned, slightly smiling. He nodded, already convinced he was going to win. Don’t get me wrong, I truly believe he will win, but Braun doesn’t know what mercy is. I’ve seen how the man literally throws people around and I can’t even imagine the agony that’s caused by that.

‘’If that’s what you wanna call it, then that’s a yes.’’ He smiled as he stood where he had to stand.

‘’I’m not sure, we’ll see.’’ I answered him as I saw the camera man coming our way. ‘’Right now, let’s do this interview.’’

‘’Whatever you say, love.’’


After the interview, I kind of started to avoid Roman. Even though I desired to be with him, I wasn’t going to give myself any form of false hope. He kept trying to talk to me, but I pretended to be really busy with the aftercare of the interview and my trip back. At some point, he went to prepare for his match, leaving me alone.

‘’He really likes you,’’ A familiar male voice said, making me turn around. Seth was standing there with his crutches and a big grin. ‘’You’re all he talks about at the moment.’’

‘’Nice to see you too, Seth.’’ I rolled my eyes and let out a small chuckle. ‘’I’m only here for the interview, which we finished, so there’s no need for me to be here anymore,’’ I lied.

‘’Y/n, be honest with me.’’ Seth said seriously as he sat down next to me. We’d known each other for quite some time; I had to interview him for a magazine a while ago and we kept in touch ever since.

‘’I am being honest,’’ I said as I looked at the screen where Fastlane was going on. ‘’Shouldn’t you be backstage?’’

‘’Not really no.’’ He chuckled as he signed to his knee.

‘’Oh yeah, you’re right, my bad.’’ I laughed.

‘’So why don’t you just tell me what’s the matter? I’ve seen how you’re cutting him off, why was that?’’

‘’I wasn’t cutting him off, alright.’’ I sighed, looking at Roman who came out with a whole new gear. New sneakers, the black and white logo, he looked incredible. ‘’Why is he interested in me while I’m average? There are so many beautiful woman around him.’’ I thought out loud. Next to me, I could feel Seth frown. ‘’What I’m trying to say is, we’re just not meant to be.’’

‘’You and average? Y/n, please. You know damn well that that’s a lie, quite a big one too.’’

‘’Thanks Seth,’’ I smiled as I stood up and grabbed my bag, ‘’But I gotta go. Tell Roman I owe him a victory drink.’’ I gave him a hug and looked at his knee, chuckling, ‘’Take care of that and come back asap.’’


A little more than a month has passed and I couldn’t get Roman out of my head for some reason. Seth called me a couple of times, saying that Roman wanted to meet up with me, but I said that I was busy. It was half of the truth, because I was truly busy at some moments, but at other times, when I had nothing to do, I still didn’t want to meet up with him. Not that I didn’t want to, I wanted it more than anything, but I just couldn’t. ‘He really likes you’, Seth’s words still roamed through my mind, making it seem like more of a dream that I really met Roman in the first place. How can he like a girl like me; average looking, average personality, everything was average about me.

As I was sitting downstairs, I got a phone call of my boss, saying that I had to attend RAW. My heart skipped a beat, knowing I would see Roman after all this time. I have no idea how he’s gonna react on me not contacting him back, but I was planning to just do what I came for and leave. I grabbed my stuff and left the house, on my way to the arena. When I arrived, Seth welcomed me with open arms, constantly telling me how happy he was to see me and that his knee was doing so much better.

‘’Someone wanted to see you,’’ Seth began as we got backstage, ‘’I probably don’t have to tell you who I’m talking about.’’

‘’I figured,’’ I sighed as I looked in my bag if I had everything with me;  paper, pen and my phone, ‘’but I’m here to do my job, same goes for you guys.’’

‘’Whatever you say y/n,’’ he chuckled, ‘’I’m heading to the dressing rooms, you coming along?’’

‘’I have to go to the restroom first, I’ll find you eventually.’’ I answered as I gave him a smile. Just as I was probably one meter away from where I was first standing, someone pulled me aside. ‘’Jesus, what the hell-‘’

‘’Y/n, calm down,’’ Roman chuckled.

‘’Oh my god, I’m sorry.’’ I covered my face with my hands, totally embarrassed. ‘’How are you doing?’’ I asked, hoping he would answer my question normally.

‘’Better now I have you for myself for a moment,’’ he murmured as he pushed me against the wall, his body pressing against mine, ‘’you thought you could just ignore me huh?’’

‘’I-I didn’t mean to…’’ I stammered, completely caught off guard.

‘’Of course you didn’t mean to,’’ his hand ran through my hair as the other found my ass, squeezing it tightly, ‘’after my match tonight, you’re coming with me to my hotel and I’ll show you what happens when you ignore me on purpose.’’ He whispered next to my ear, making me shiver.

‘’I c-can’t Roman, there’s so much I…’’ I couldn’t finish my sentence as he pressed his soft lips against mine. I kissed him back, not wanting him to stop.

‘’I assume that’s a yes?’’

‘’I guess so,’’ I whispered, making him smile.

‘’Room 209, I’ll be waiting for you baby,’’ Roman smirked as he walked away, leaving me standing there; turned on and speechless. I took a deep breath and continued my way to the restroom.


I stood in front of Roman’s room, not knowing if I should knock on the door or not. After what must’ve been two minutes, decided to just knock. Fuck it. He opened it, looking relieved as he saw me. ‘’You came,’’ he said. I could make up a sense of disbelieve in his voice, but I wasn’t questioning it further, ‘’come in.’’ he stepped aside, making room for me to walk inside his suite. It was huge and everything looked beautiful. ‘’I can’t tell you how happy I am that you showed up.’’

‘’I didn’t really have much of a choice,’’ I chuckled as I turned around, facing him.

‘’You always have a choice,’’ he replied, closing the door behind him. ‘’The moment I realized you didn’t want to meet up kinda hurt me.’’

‘’That was not my intention, I’m sorry.’’ I said, feeling a sense of guilt flushing over me. ‘’It was not that I didn’t want to, I wanted it so bad.’’

‘’Then what stopped you?’’ He asked as he stepped closer to me and grabbed my bag, throwing it in the chair next to the queen-size bed.


‘’What thoughts?’’ Roman asked as his hands caressed my cheek, moving down to my hips.

‘’Of not being good enough for you.’’ I whispered. His eyes widened, grip on my waist tightens.

‘’Not being good enough for me? Babygirl, look at you, you’re flawless.’’ He said, making me bite down on my bottom lip. As I did, his whole body language changed, so did his eyes and facial expression. Anger, need, want, lust was what I could feel. ‘’So you thought you were getting away with this?’’

‘’With w-what?’’ I asked as he started to place sloppy kisses on the side of my neck. My whole body tensed as he continued.

‘’Ignoring me,’’ he whispered. Roman lifted me up and his lips hungrily found mine. My arms wrapped around his broad shoulders. ‘’You’re not getting away with it so easily, babygirl.’’ He angrily, but seductively said as he roughly lied me down on the bed. He got rid of his black t-shirt and towered over me. ‘’Take it all off,’’ his dark eyes burning through me, making me obey him without saying a word. While I took my clothes off, he did the same, leaving him only in his boxers. My breathing became heavier as his hand found the thin material of my panties, rubbing slowly. I let out a quiet moan, making Roman smile against my neck. ‘’You’re soaked baby, all for me?’’

‘’All for you Roman,’’ I finally spoke

‘’God you’re such a goddess,’’ he mumbled as he looked at my naked body, his eyes never left mine. I’ve never been more turned on in my life.

‘’Roman please,’’ I breathed, wanting to touch me more.

‘’I want you to stay quiet, don’t say a word, or all of this will be over,’’ he whispered sternly, ‘’You understand?’’

‘’I understand.’’

‘’Good girl. Now lay still for me.’’ He started to nibble on my neck, index finger slowly circling my clit. Two fingers pushed inside of me exaggeratingly slow, making me arch my back. I gasped as he slowly picked up speed and placed sloppy kisses on my collarbone. ‘’Feels good baby?’’ He whispered. The only thing I could do was nod since he demanded me to stay quiet. He grinned against my thigh.

‘’Roman please,’’ I pleaded, breaking his rule. I just couldn’t stand staying muted any longer even though it hasn’t been that long since he asked me to.

‘’I thought I told you to stay quiet,’’ he frowned and as punishment, he slid his fingers deeper, keeping them there. I bit my lip hard, trying not to make a sound. Suddenly, I felt something wet circling my clit slowly. I looked down, finding Roman staring back at me, pure lust and hunger in his eyes. He moaned against me, vibrations almost pushing me over the edge. ‘’You’re not cumming until I say so,’’ he huffed as he pulled his fingers out of me, taking one last lick at my pussy and licked his lips as he kissed his way back up. ‘’I’ll show you what happens when you ignore me,’’ he growled as he kissed me. Desperately kissing him back, my arms wrapped around his neck. I felt the tip against my entrance but before I could savior the feeling, he roughly pushed inside of me. At this point, I didn’t care if I made a sound, it just felt too good. Roman seemed to forget about his own rule as he continued to thrust.

‘’Oh fuck Roman!’’ I cried out. He sped up, his large hands wrapped around my waist.

‘’Tell me how good I’m making you feel,’’ he breathed. The intense pleasure he was giving me, made me feel dizzy. I tried to answer him, but I couldn’t collect the words to make a proper sentence. ‘’I’m waiting,’’ he rubbed my clit fast but gentle.

‘’You’re m-making me feel s-so good oh my god,’’ I moaned into his mouth.

‘’Promise me you won’t ever ignore me again,’’ he said, looking me straight into my eyes.

‘’I p-promise,’’ I shakily said.

‘’What do you promise?’’

‘’I promise n-not to i-ignore you a-again,’’ I whimpered as he hit my g-spot.

‘’Good girl,’’ he smirked as he bit down my lower lip, making me shiver. In a split second, I was lying on my stomach, his dick buried inside of me again, hair in his tight grip. His thrust became rougher.

‘’Fucking hell Roman,’’ I let out a muffled moan as I grabbed the silky sheets.

‘’You’re fucking beautiful,’’ he grunted. ‘’Ah damn baby, that’s it.’’

‘’Roman please.’’

‘’Please what huh?’’ He knew exactly what I wanted as he stated to rub my clit again roughly. But he was passionate too; placing soft kisses on my burning shoulders, rubbing my waist. ‘’You want me to make you cum?’’

‘’Yes please,’’ I begged, ‘’Please Roman, can I cum?’’ The familiar heat began to pool in my lower abdomen. He chuckled and yanked me up by my hair, my back glued to his sweaty chest.

‘’You can cum now babygirl, let me feel you soak my dick,’’ his husky voice whispered in my ear, still rubbing my clit. My walls started to clench around him, making him groan out loud. ‘’Christ y/n you feel so good,’’ Roman moaned. As he licked my neck, I closed my eyes, moaning his name. My orgasm washed over me and if he hadn’t hold me, I would’ve collapsed. I felt him throb inside of me as he continued to thrust. ‘’Shittt,’’ he hissed as I felt him release inside of me.


‘’I’m sorry if I was too rough,’’ Roman apologized. We were lying under the covers, TV on but I don’t think either of us was actually watching.

‘’I’m sorry for ignoring you,’’ I said, looking up at him. He grinned as he wrapped his arm around me, kissing me on the head.

‘’You’re mine now y/n, there was a reason why the universe brought us together again, Our love is just too strong,’’ he quietly said, making me smile. I looked up, finding him half asleep.

‘’I’m not going anywhere Roman.’’ I kissed his lips and put my head back on his chest.


“Look at me. (Y/N), look at me right now!” Tate raised his voice. My vision is clouded by the build up of tears. I glance up at Tate. His eyes darker than the darkest of darks. He makes the gesture of placing his hand against my cheek but I flinch away in fear.

“Tate,” I hesitate on my words due to the amount of restraining from crying I’m containing. “I-”

“I love you too.” he says almost instantly.

“Yes, Tate, I love you but I have to go-”

“No, (Y/N), please. Don’t leave me. Please stay. Stay with me,” he begs. Once again making the gesture to caress my face, I give in and trust him. He brushes his lips against mine. “Tate, I don’t have a choice. I’m sorry, I have to go…” a tear slipped from my eye and dropped onto Tate’s shirt. He shook his head from side to side. He shoves his hand into the pocket of his jeans and pulls out a bottle of prescription drugs and a plastic bag of another substance of drugs. I narrow my eyebrows. He nervously pops the bottle open and spills the pills into his hand.

“We can be together forever. Just you and me. In this house forever. We can grow old together and be happy-”

“You want us to commit suicide?” Yes, the idea has come across my mind quite frequently and I’ve attempted it once before but I never actually wanted it to be intentional. I really do love Tate and I don’t want to leave him here. He is the darkest light in my darkness. As much as that doesn’t make sense, it’s true. I’m attracted to the darkness and that’s what he is. I’m scared of him. He scares me and I love him for it. He’s a psychopath and I’m crazy in love with him. I’m crazy for him as he is for me. “Yeah, you know what? Okay, I’ll do it.” I nodded my head and took the bag from his hands. His nervous smile turned into a smile that was unexpected for him. A real smile.

“I’ll run the bath…” I notified him and left the room. Stepping foot outside of my bedroom and bolted down the hall and down the stairs as fast as I could.

“MOM!” I’m panicking. “DAD! WHERE ARE YOU?!” I’m running and I’m panting. My lungs feel as if they’re shrivelling up as my breathing becomes hitched. I bust through the front door and struggle to open the gate that guides the house. I make a run for it down the street. “SOMEBODY HELP!” I run and I-

“(Y/N),” Tate sighs. I look around. I’m back in my room.

“What the hell?” I rush back downstairs and through the front door, leaving the house again.

“(Y/N)!” Tate says my name once more as I find myself back in the house.

“No, no, no!” I try to leave again. I come back. I leave again. I end up back at the house. “This can’t be happening, Tate, what the hell did you do?!” I’m out of breath from sobbing and attempting to run away. I need to leave. I try once more.

Making yet another exit from the house a pair of hands violently grasps my arm and strongly pins me to the wall. Before I got the chance to scream a hand is placed upon my mouth. I breathe heavily and scream as loud as I could even with my mouth closed shut. Scared to death, my chest raises up and down at a rapid speed as my heart thumbs loudly against it.

“Shh, shh,” I’m shaken and shoved up against the wall at an even stronger force. “(Y/N), it’s okay it’s just me.” Tate removed his hand from my mouth.

“DON’T FUCKING SCARE ME LIKE THAT!” I roughly pressed my hands against his chest and pushed him off of me. I leaned my back up on the all and slowly let myself fall to the floor. I begin to hyperventilate while crying hysterically. “Why do I keep running around like a crazy person? And why can’t I leave?” I look up at Tate who has a look on his face I’ve never seen before and that was sorrow. He’s never felt anything until I came along. I’ve made him feel something. Emotions. Emotions he’s never been able to express or feel before. Barely being able to see his eyes, blocked by his messy blonde locks, his build up with tears

“I’ve been trying to tell you but-”

“Tell me WHAT?!” I stand up defensively.


“What is it, Tate? Spit it out. Don’t bullshit me.” I push him again.

“Come.” Tate takes my hand and clenches it tight. He guides me down to the basement, through some doors, and down the halls. It’s dark and I’m exhausted. “Tate, where are you taking me?” I asked him, terrified. He stopped and pointed to a ditch that his flashlight shined on.

“Is that?… Is that me?!” I gasp and cover my mouth with my hand. I glanced down at my decomposing body, disgusted and in disbelief, I began to panic again. “No, no!” I cried. Tate made it his duty to comfort me. I pushed him away once again.

“What the hell happened, Tate? Did you drug me or something? I don’t remember dying!” I yell at him, consumed with rage.

“No, (Y/N) of course not! You attempted suicide and took too many pills. I tried to save you. I dragged you into the tub with me and made you puke some out but it was no use. It was too late.” Tears fell from Tate’s eyes. “I’m so sorry, (Y/N). I’m so sorry I couldn’t save you.”

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner? That I had died?”

“I don’t know… I thought it’d be better if we died together. So you wouldn’t feel alone.” Tate shrugged his shoulders and sniffled. We walked back upstairs in silence.

“So, looks like I’m not going anywhere…” I gave him a weak smile. “And I guess I’m stuck with you in this house forever.” The weak smile turned into a smirk. He chuckled and smirked back at me.

“Tate,” I said.


“Thank you.”

“For what?” He says, obviously confused.

“Attempting to save my life.” I said making unbreakable eye contact with him. We stood there for a moment. “Because I know saving lives isn’t exactly what you do…”

“I tried. I really did. I care about your feelings more than I care about mi-”

“Don’t say that, Tate. My life wasn’t going to be worth living anyways. I had nothing going for me. All I had was-”

“You.” Tate and I said at the same time. I nodded and smiled as my cheeks flushed red.

Tate brushed my hair behind my ear and pressed his lips to mine. He kisses me ever so softly and passionately. Running my hands through his hair, I kiss him back. Tate’s hands ghost down my body and up my shirt. His hands against my skin caused chills down my spine.

“You’re the only light I’ve ever known.” Tate pulls away for a splint second to pierce those words into my skull with his lips and the black holes that are his eyes staring back at me. Without saying a word, my eyes said everything for him to comprehend. I loved him and he loved me. There was no escaping one another.

Tate playfully throws me onto my bed. He hovers over me and kisses me hard. I wrap my arms around his neck and pull him down. I tug on the collar of his shirt as I kiss him roughly.

“You make me a little less miserable.” He says with a smirk.

Know what?

Now it’s scaring me, scaring me that Jin won’t be able to hold off his emotions anymore and just lash out. The BV season 2 episode 2 was eye opening, or rather I should say, a place of accepting the reality. The true fans have noticed it, the episode just solidified the belief. We all knew that Jin was aware of the unfair treatment he was going through, he knew that there are people in this world, his fans, his Armys trying to provide him with justice, but it still might have hurt you know? To know that till his date, after so many years of being in the band, he is still not appreciated enough? That he is not “important”? To feel the despair and disappointment when you try your best but it’s still not enough? And still at the end of the day have to plaster a smile on your face to stand in front of the world as if everything is just fine in your life?

for how long can a person go on like this before he loses it? There are examples of so many people who had tried and tried but eventually gave up when they didn’t find the ray of hope they needed. I have seen many in life as well, and let me tell you, it doesn’t end well.

Yes, he is a emotionally strong man, he kept going on even after knowing everything. But is it worth pushing a person to the very edge? He loves Bangtan, he loves his family, but what if he decides one day that he is just done with it and leaves? It is probably the most obscure and absurd idea but I can’t shake off the thought. BTS won’t be BTS without Kim Seokjin. He is a precious gem and the world better start treating him like one. He is not perfect but he comes dangerously close to being that. I can go on for hours about his significance and why he loves Armys more than his own damn self. But all of that for later.

This one is for BigHit,

you better start treating the eldest member of the group like a fucking bottle of vintage wine or your ignorance will have terrible consequences.


Imagine: Y/N and Justin are best friends, until one night Y/N notices Justin has been acting different. Find out why;)

“What?” You say smiling, he was staring at you for a while now and you were beginning to feel a bit insecure.

He looks at you as he shakes his head smiling. “Nothing..” he simply says before returning his attention back to his plate of food.

You look at him confused letting out a chuckle before taking a bite of your pasta.


An hour has passed as the two of you ate your dinner and talked. You and Justin walked out of the restaurant heading towards his car.

You found it bizarre how different this night felt. Throughout all the days you guys spent with eachother, this one stood out the most and you couldn’t pin your finger to the reason why it did.

Just as you were about to reach for the car door handle, Justin slips his arm past you and opens the door catching you by surprise. You quickly look at him confused, he doesn’t say anything but smiles.

Weird… you thought to yourself.

As you got into the car, you looked at him one last time before getting lost in your thoughts.

Throughout the whole night, you noticed Justin has been acting differently, there were times you caught him staring at you, or times where he would always brush his hand on your hand whenever the two of you walked side by side. You’ve always had feelings for Justin but he has never showed you how he felt until now. You weren’t sure if you were becoming obsessed or paranoid but you swore you were noticing some signs.


You and Justin still haven’t said a word since the ‘opening door’ thing occurred. You unlock your apartment door as the both of you walk in.

“Are you okay?” You say as you slipped your boots off.
“Hm?” He says as you watch him take off his jacket before throwing it on your couch.

Justin and you have been best friends for so long, that you treat each others homes as if they were your own. Sometimes you would even sleep the night or more at each others places, that’s how comfortable you two were with eachother.

“I said are you okay?” You say repeating yourself as you placed your coat in the closet.
“Of course, why wouldn’t I be?” He says confused.

You walk towards him as you simply shake your head. “Nothing…” you say hesitantly but you couldn’t keep it inside. “Well actually to be completely honest, you’ve been acting differently these past few weeks…” you say. Justin looks at you surprised.

“Different? How?” He says still confused.

Was he actually trying to play the clueless game? you thought to yourself.

You cross your arms. “Seriously Justin? You don’t think I notice? The constant stares? Our hands brushing whenever you walk beside me?! The constant compliments? The drive homes? Us hanging out every single day?! ” you spat you until you were almost out of breath.

Justin looks at your hurt but he quickly looks away before you could notice, but it was too late for that you already did. “Ouch. Sounds like you don’t enjoy my company” he says jokingly.

You roll your eyes as you were beginning to become irritated. “Justin, can you be serious for one second? Of course I love your company, more than anyone else'sz I’m just saying the things you’ve been doing is as if you liked-” you suddenly stopped as your realized you were saying too much.

“As if I liked you?” He says slowly, causing your cheeks to blush.

“No that’s not what I meant.” You say quickly, you were completely embarrassed.

Justin takes a few steps closer to you as he places his hands in his pockets before chuckling. “I’m pretty sure you said what I thought you said. You think I like you just because of how I’ve been acting lately?”

Now that he was saying it out loud, it did make you sound a tad crazy, but you decided to defend yourself and try to make yourself appear less idiotic. “Yes? Have you not watched a single romance movie in your life?”

Justin chuckles, after a few seconds of silence he looks at you. “So if I did like you…what’s the big deal?” He says confused.

Your heart immediately stops, you didn’t want him to know about how you felt and that’s how it was going to be. “N-nothing” you says nervously.

“Tell me the truth.” He says looking into your eyes, he knew you were hiding something from him. That’s the one thing you hated about Justin, he could read you easily.

After a couple of seconds, you gave in. “Fine! I don’t want to sit here and wait for you to get my hopes up and lead me on just to find out that you don’t feel the same!” You yell almost in tears. You didn’t know why you were crying but there were so many emotions rushing through your head. “That’s why this is such a big deal to me..” you say quietly as you quickly wipe sways your tears. You felt like a complete idiot.

“You like me?” He says shocked as he takes another step closer to you. If he took 2 more steps your bodies would be almost touching.

He repeats it once more, you look at him. “Of course I like you! You’re not…hard to fall in love with.” You say quietly before looking down.

“Y/N…” he says before gently grabbing your hand. You look at your hands, before pulling them away. “Look before you reject me I just really hope this doesn’t affect what we already have…” you say truthfully as you were getting ready to leave.

“Y/n!” He yells, grabbing your arm causing you to spin around. “Just listen to me for a second…” he whispers, and your heart suddenly began to beat fast once you realized how close you guys were.

“You’re one of my best friends and I do not want to risk losing the friendship we already have,I’m sorry but I-i don’t like you like that…” he says and you felt as if someone took a knife and stabbed it right through your heart.

“Oh…okay yeah” you say pretending to be okay when in reality tears were streaming down your face. You were just about to turn away when…

“I’m in love with you…” he says, causing you to stop.
“W-what?” You say turning around, Justin walks towards you as he places his hands on your waist.

“I love you Y/N L/N” he says smiling before placing one of his hands on your cheek.
“You do?” You say still shocked.
He nods his head chuckling. “I do, been in love with you for a while now…”

Suddenly you playfully hit his chest. “Ow!” He says wincing, as he looks at you confused.
“Why the hell did it take you so long to tell me?!” You says angrily.

“I was afraid! I didn’t want to take the risk of losing y-”

You didn’t let him finish as you pull the collar of his shirt and kiss him. You smile as he kisses you back placing his hands on your lower back. You pull away after a couple of seconds, you look at him. “Still afraid?”

Justin shakes his head quickly causing you to giggle. “Fuck that, im risking this.” He says before pulling you in for one more kiss. You both pull away.
“I love you” he says causing you to smile wide.
“I love you too, I promise this will work out…” you say before taking him to your bedroom.

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Hello, I would like a AMBW story, about it being your first time on your wedding night with Gray and your scared (but you still do it) and in the morning you avoid him and Gray asks what's wrong, is that okay? No daddy kink stuff, please. Thank you!

Wedding Night(AMBW):

Seonghwa carried you into your house, passed the threshold with a wide smile across his lips. Today was the best day ever and it had finally happened. You were married and together forever. You had waited for this moment forever because he was perfect and everything that you wanted in a man, only to find out he felt the same way about you and that made your heart melt. The day was filled with love and laughter, and now it was honeymoon time just you and him all the guest gone home and you both together in your brand-new house for the first time. Of course, you would take a trip somewhere later in the week but for right now you wanted to be here with him. He spun you around in the house knocking you out of your thoughts as he smiled down at you.

“What’s on your mind jagi?” He asked softly carrying you towards your shared bedroom.

“Everything about you.” You admitted softly locking your arms tightly around him. You leaned up pressing your lips against his and he couldn’t help but smile nuzzling his nose against yours.

“I’m glad then, because my mind is filled with what I want to do with you.” He admitted shrugging as he carried you into a room dimly lit with a few candles. Gasping you looked around the bedroom seeing that it matched your wedding colors and he had some of everything in there. It was a perfect view and it helped to aid the little butterflies in your system. He sat you down on the bed looking down at you as he took of his suit jacket and laid it on the dresser. Biting his lip, he watched you as he undid the buttons on his shirt, taking it off with his tie. Once he was shirtless he walked to you and you squirmed in your seat telling yourself to take deep breaths. He grabbed at your hands standing you up pressing his lips softly against yours. Heart beating fast you kissed back letting your hands press against his chest to steady yourself. His hands started to unzip your expensive wedding dress making sure not to ruin it he pushed it off your body pulling back to break the kiss. His eyes roamed over the white lace you had on your body, picking you up he lay you down on the bed grabbing at the dress to move it towards a chair by your walk-in closet making sure nothing got on it. He moved back to the bed crawling over you he looked down at you with love and adoration.

You were scared, beyond scared it was all happening so fast. And you wanted it to happen you did! But you were also afraid of what would happen. This was something different from anything you have ever done before. But you tried to mask it because you knew he really wanted to do it, you had made him wait for over two years and he was very patient never forcing you or making you do anything you didn’t want to do. Seonghwa started to undress you slowly leaving wet kisses here and there in his wake igniting your skin. You didn’t know how to moan so you were trying to make small noises grabbing at his hair. Slowly your clothes came off one by one until you were both completely nude and pressing against each other. Your hands braced on his chest, he leaned down a finger slowly pushing it inside of you stretching you out so that it wouldn’t be so painful for you to take him. Starting at a slow pace he soon was pounding his finger in and out of you causing your hips to rock off the bed as you cried out for him. Your head rolled back and lips parted you gave out tiny cries of pleasure gritting your teeth as he added another finger to stretch you out more. Removing his fingers once he felt you were ready he sucked on his digits cleaning them off and aligning himself with your entrance. Kissing your lips, he slowly pushed inside of you biting gently on your bottom lip. He went slow gentle enough not to hurt you. Once he was half way in he leaned on his elbows caressing your face.

“I have to push in baby girl. I have to push in all the way.” He said apologetically only being halfway in. He surged his hips forward burying himself inside or your tight pussy and you couldn’t help but clench around him making it more painful for the both of you. He whispered sweet words to you trying to encourage you, his fingers dancing across your clit to help you breathe and relax for him.

Once he felt you were ready he started to pull out and thrust inside of you slowly feeling you up to the brim over and over again to make sure he was stretching you out slowly and not fucking you too hard making love to you with his hands moving to tangle with yours pressing them by your head. Slowly he picked up speed until he was going fast hips rutting against yours. Your legs locked, toes curling as you cried out in pleasure bucking your hips up harshly against his feeling the pleasure wind up in your stomach. Slowly you met you high reaching your orgasm letting your hands clench onto his. He moaned softly watching you, black hair pressed against his forehead as the sweat dripped down from his face and body. He gave a few more thrusts and he was spilling his seed inside of you filling you up to the brim. With a few more thrusts he rode out your orgasms and slowed down his hips peppering your face with kisses. In a few more minutes he was cleaning you off and you with hooded eyes fell out into a deep sleep.

The next morning when you woke up you could hear the pan sizzling and you could smell the food in the room. Getting up you moved to put on a shirt, wincing slightly because you were sore. You avoided Seonghwa at the most costs. Going outside or going to the bathroom as time passed. But surely, he caught up with you wrapping his arms around your neck planting a kiss on your cheek.

“There is my favorite lady.” He teased as he nuzzled into you.

“Yeah.. I’m here.” You said half-heartedly shrugging your shoulders. Seonghwa spun you around looking down at you with a frown.

“What’s wrong?” He asked softly trying to read your face. His hands cupping your cheeks as his eyes searched yours.

“Nothing.” You lied smiling sweetly at him. And it hurt him terribly. Pulling back, he sighed letting you go.

“Fine.” He said simply because he wouldn’t push you to talk about it. But you didn’t like that. Grabbing at him you pouted hugging him around the waist sighing softly.

“Last night.. Was a first or many. And I was really scared, but I did it for you. Well for us! But I’m still trying to process it.” Sighing you kissed his shirtless back pulling him closer to you.

“Never. Be afraid to tell me what you want. We could have waited. I don’t ever want you to feel uncomfortable.” He turned around pressing his forehead against yours. “I love you for your heart not your body that’s just a bonus And for how you gave into me last night, I didn’t know you were nervous. You did amazing and you were so brave.” He teased nuzzling your nose. “Never again will we have to have sex until you’re ready.” He promised and you cupped his cheeks in return kissing his lips.

“I just needed validation. I’m sure with a few more tries I will love it just as much as you, maybe even more.” You teased biting on his bottom lip. “Just take me slow okay? That’s all I ask. Now let’s eat.” You grinned lightly and he picked you up with a nod carrying you towards the kitchen.

Open Your Eyes - Stiles (part 3)

Stiles x Reader

Y/N) is the new student at Beacon Hills High School and she has a secret. Being born blind, she was never able to see a thing, until she was attacked by a wild animal. To this day she has never told anyone about it. So will she do it now?

Word count: 2584

Other parts: Part 1  - Part 2 - Part 4 - part 5 -

Originally posted by dylanobriengirl

“What were you thinking!” my mom shouted at me from the passenger’s seat once we got into the car. I didn’t say anything. Not because I was ignoring my mother, but simply because I had no idea what to say. To be honest, I wasn’t sure I was thinking in the first place. And everything because of those beautiful whisky eyes… 

“(Y/N)! Are you even listening?”

“Of course I am, mother,” I said, as calmly as I could. 

“So what did I just say?” she crossed her arms and looked at me with great expectations. I just sighed and didn’t respond. That was clearly enough for my mother. 

“Well, I hope you had enough alone time with your friend up there, because I forbid you to see him.” Soon after she said it, she realised that she made a big mistake with her word choice. “You know what I mean.” 

 I did. But that didn’t even bother me. What was stuck in my mind, was how she said that word: friend. It was so full of disgust. So what? Now I couldn’t be friends with boys? My mom always had problems with me hanging out with the male gender, but it never went this far. Well, then again, I never ran away from a dinner party before with somebody of the male gender. 

 “Fine.” I said, “But I do want to let you know that he was the only person today that did not think I was a freak.” 

“I really do not care now!” 

“Honey!” my father finally spoke up from behind his steering wheel. He gave my mom a stern look, but she totally ignored it. At least he tried. That was probably the only thing you could do with my mom: try. Especially if she was angry. And in this case she was pissed. 

 At home I was directly send to my room. Which was fine, as I did not want to talk to my parents anyway. And if I went to sleep now, I could see Stiles again. 

The next morning, I was woken up by my father for a change. 

 “Wake up sweetie.” he said softly. I opened my eyes and was greeted with my own reflection from my glasses. My dad put them into my hand and I put them on. “There are some clothes on the chair. Put them on. Breakfast will be ready in a bit.” and he left, closing the door behind him.  

I got up and looked at the clothes that were neatly left for me. It was a simple black t shirt with some skinny jeans and a hoodie. I put it on and walked to the kitchen, with my cane in my hand. 

 My mom was already up and cooking. She didn’t say a word to me. Drama queen. I sat down and she shoved a plate of food in front of me. I ate it without commenting. 

 When I was done with my breakfast, dad told me to get the rest of my stuff because we were leaving in a few minutes. I walked back to my room and got my books. I put them into my backpack and with that I was ready. My dad was already waiting for me, so we could quickly leave for school. 

 At the end, I did say a quick “Bye,” to my mom, but obviously she just ignored me. 

As if it became a tradition, neither I nor my father spoke while driving. I started to get used to it. Not talking was definitely easier than making up lies as answers to their stupid and unnecessary questions. 

Finally arriving in the parking lot of the school, I opened the door, but I was stopped by my father: “Do I have to walk you to the entrance?”

“No, it’s fine, a friend is actually picking me up from here,” I lied. 

“Well, than I’ll wait until she gets here.” I wanted to tell him he shouldn’t, but as if on  queue, Lydia’s car drove into the parking lot. I released a deep breath that I didn’t know I was holding. She parked right next to my father’s car and once she got out, she greeted me with a wide smile and a hug. 

 “(Y/N)! Good morning.” 

 “Morning,” I said a bit awkwardly. I did not expect her to be a morning person. She finally let go of me and said a quick hello to my dad. He, in his turn, just waved and drove off. 

 “He seems-”

“Don’t. Just don’t finish that sentence.” I sighed. “Let’s go inside.” Lydia agreed and we walked towards the school. But surprisingly, we were stopped in our footsteps when my father’s car almost drove us over. Lydia stopped my right in time, otherwise I would have been a pancake. He rolled down his window and looked at Lydia. 

“Here are mine and her mothers numbers and out adress. If something happens call one of us. But better call me.”

“Okay, thank you sir.” she said unsure. Of course, my dad didn’t say anything back, just nodded his head slightly and drove off again.  

It was still quite empty in the building. I even think we were the only ones here. 

“So, how was the dinner,” Lydia surprised me with the question. How did she even know about it. 

 “Yeah, Stiles SKYPE’d all of us afterwards and told us about it,” she explained and I immediately started to blush. I started to wonder about what exactly he told them. But, did anything happen actually? 

 “Oh.” I simply said after a while. From the corner of my eye, I could see Lydia give me small smile. We stopped in front of her locker and she put some books in it. Slowly, people started to turn up. 

 “Hey guys,” I heard Malia’s voice from afar. She walked up to us. She was still looking at me the same way as yesterday. Fortunately, she didn’t comment on it this time. She started to talk to Lydia and I tried not to listen. I looked around, without looking like I was actually looking, for somebody else I knew. 

“Scott, shut up,” a voice erupted from the end of the hall. A few seconds later. Stiles showed up through the crowd. He smiled when he saw me, but I obviously couldn’t return the favour. 

 “Hey, (Y/N). You going to your locker?”

“Yes actually. Do you want to join me?” 

 “It would be an honour.” he lightly bowed down and I had to hold in a giggle. Why was he so adorable? 

 Stiles said a quick “hey” to the girls, took my hand and lead me to our lockers. Even though more and more people started to show up in the hallways, it was still empty where we were supposed to be. We stopped in front of my locker and I unlocked it. Stiles was leaning against the wall next to me and just looking at me with a small smile. It was a bit strange, but I enjoyed it. 

 “So, last night,” he said once I closed my locker again. 

 “What about it.” 

 Stiles thought for a second. I could see he was bothered by something. “Uhm, nevermind.” he shrugged and walked to his locker. I followed him with my eyes from behind m dark glasses. As usual, he looked amazing. His dark hair was up and messy. His shirt showed off every feature that needed to be showed off. But what amazed me the most was, how he didn’t notice how good he looked. From the other side of the hallway, I saw two girls looking at him and when he turned around to say hi, they immediately started to blush. And there were plenty of other girls who would react the same. 

 “So, I was thinking,” he said after a minute, “would you like to hang out today, after school?”

“I would love to,” I said, but quickly my smile faded, “But my mom kind of forbid me to hang out with you after, you know.” 



 “Well, I have lacrosse practice today, so if you want, you can come by and we can talk there.” he suggested. 

 “Don’t you need the… I don’t know, practice then.” 

 “Oh no. I don’t really do anything there. I’m pretty bad.” I wanted to say that I was sure he was better than he thought, but right at that moment, the bell rang, so we had to head to class. Just like yesterday, Stiles guided me to the class. And the next one too. And the one after that. And also to lunch. 

We were the first to arrive at the table so we just ate in silence and waited until the rest arrived. 

“Hey, guys,” I heard Scott say once he arrived at the table with Kira. They sat next to each other, opposite of Stiles and I,  and to be honest, I was so jealous of how cute they looked together. Stiles started to talk to his best friend and without realisation, he put his arm on the back rest of the chair I was sitting on for support. I knew it was no big deal, his arm wasn’t round me it was just behind me. But I just couldn’t help but smile to myself at the thought of being embraced by… 

 “(Y/N)?” My thoughts were broken by somebody calling my name. 

 “Huh? Sorry, what were you saying?” I asked, whoever had called me. 

“I was asking if you know anything about lacrosse.”  Scott repeated himself.

 “Uhm, not really. I don’t know anything about any sport.” I said a bit unsure. I felt so stupid. So… alone. Nobody knew what it was like to be like me. No one could relate or genuinely say: “I know what you mean” or “I know that feeling”. Because they don’t. I mean: How many people that are born blind, get attacked by an wild animal and get their sight back. But of course, they don’t want to be turned into a science experiment, so they still have to pretend to be blind. Only this time, they also have a gigantic scar across their face. 

 “That’s okay. I will tell you everything about it,” Stiles said with a big smile as he, this time for real, put his arm around me and gave me a sideways hug. I thanked him and hugged him back. I gelt everybody at the table looking at us. Together with Lydia and Malia that had just joined us. I could see that Malia was trying very hard not to stare at me like she did the day before, because she only looked very quickly at me and Stiles and never made “eye contact” with me ever again. It made me very uneasy. There was definitely something about me that she didn’t like. 

The bell rang and I walked with Scott, who I shared my next lesson with, to the classroom. He was very sweet, but nothing compared to Stiles. 

“What do you think?” 

“Of what?” I answered his question with another one. 

“Beacon Hills, School, S-” he coughed, ‘uhum, us.” 

“Everything is great. Except for the fact that my mom hates it that, for the first time in my life, I’m making friends.” Scott clearly did not know what to say. Who would blame him?  After sometime, he finally managed to say something: “I’m sure she’ll get over it quickly.” right at the point that we stepped into the room. For reassurance, I sat down next to Scott. 

The class was very boring. Just like the other teachers today (and yesterday) clearly heard of what happened at ECON, so nobody had asked me to introduce myself or put my glasses off. I was officially the creepy new girl that even the teachers were afraid. Just what I wanted to be. 

After the last lesson of the day, I was dragged outside by Lydia to the bleachers of the lacrosse field. Malia was sitting behind us and I could feel her eyes drilling into the back of my head. 

 “(Y.N)” Stiles yelled my name. I immediately felt my cheeks heat up. Fortunately, the girls didn’t notice it. Or at least, they didn’t comment on it.  

Stiles walked up to us and he sat down next to me. I don’t how or why, but he managed to look even amazing in a simple, old, grey shirt and some track pants. In his hands, he held his lacrosse stick. As he sat down, he accidentally poked me with it in the leg. 

 “Sorry,” he apologised. I told him that it was fine. “You wanna hold it? Like, know what it actually is that I poked you with. Wow, that sounded terrible.” 

“Yeah, sure.” I laughed at his rambling. He handed me his stick. It surprisingly felt lighter than what I imagined it would feel like. Which was still a bit heavy, but it was doable. I put my hands on the top of the stick, where the net it, and felt it. It felt rough and old. A bit worn out too. 

 “You probably have to get a new net. This one feels a bit old,” I told him. Stiles did not seem to be amused by my comment. 

 “HEY KIDS, LOOK OUT!” suddenly somebody shouted from the field. I looked in front of me just to see a small white ball rushing towards me and getting bigger and bigger. Without thinking I swung with the stick and expecting to get hit in the face, I hud behind Stiles, but nothing happened. Instead, people started to cheer. I sat up straight again and looked at the stick that I was holding. This time, there was a heavy, white lacrosse ball in it.  

“Hey, girl. That was amazing. Can you throw it back now?” the coach yelled. 

 “I don’t think she can!” Malia yelled from behind me. 

 “I probably could with some help.” I looked to Stiles with a little smile. We stood up and he put his arms around me, embracing me completely as we held the lacrosse stick together. He showed me where my hands had to be positioned and then turned me to the right position so I would actually throw it in the direction of the coach. Unfortunately, then he let go. I realised there was some wind rushing to the the left, so I swung a bit more to the right. Everybody watched the ball as it flew through the air. It passed coach, but landed perfectly in the net of a stick that was laying on the ground. 

 The small audience on the bleachers erupted in cheers and yells. It actually scared me to realise how many people saw that. “Oh my god! Did I hit somebody?” I asked Stiles, looking a bit a scared. His expression changed very quickly. Before I was looking at him, he seemed to be extremely confused, just like Malia yesterday. As soon as he looked at me, he gave me a wide smile and hugged me. 

 “You did absolutely great.” 

 “That doesn’t really answer my question. I have a feeling that you would be extremely amused by me hitting any person on that field.” 

 “True. Sadly, no. You didn’t hit anyone. In fact, you threw the ball straight into a net of a stick. How the hell did you do that? Are you like Daredevil or something?” 



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things maybe those other novelization posts missed

there’s been a couple of posts about the novelization highlights going around but whatever the world needs my thoughts right????

really just a rehash of my livetweeting sometimes direct copy and paste but whatever. LMAO THIS IS LIKE 5 PAGES LONG WELP SORRY FRIENDS. 

  • Even the excerpts from the rogue one novelization have not prepared me for the utter DRAMA that is cassian andor in this book omg
  • everything about bodhi rook made me cry. HE DOUBTS HIMSELF. THE ONLY THING HE’S SURE OF IS THAT HE’S NOT GOOD ENOUGH.
  • Hi. Just wanted to let you know that after Cassian said like 10 words to Jyn, she was imagining them on a date.
  • Jyn also is careful to try and shield cassian from a blast in Jedha city like you know just for safety and stuff. And standing close to each other. SAFETY THO.
  • Cassian: I’m cold, I bet Jyn’s cold. I’m tired, she’s probably exhausted. She beat the shit out of those guys, IS SHE CONCUSSED? CHILL, BUD
  • the. entire. time.
  • cassian really cannot stop thinking about jyn and how she’s fucking up his job/mission/life AND YET
  • the thing is CASSIAN IS VERY GOOD AT HIS JOB AS AN INTELLIGENCE OFFICER. he’s wildly good at it. and he’s sharp. so smart. the book constantly shows him sifting through his mental catalog of info he’s VERY SMART AND VERY PROFICIENT AT HIS JOB

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Brendon Urie x Reader : Date With A Dork

A/N: Despite what the request says this is still a gender neutral fic my lovelies! :) Requests, comments, and questions are accepted as always. I love you all, thanks so much! 2 more followers and then I hit my first 100. Thank you!!! The past month has been amazing, and I’ve loved writing fanfic for you guys! You’re the best.  

Anonymous said:
Hi!! Could I get an imagine where the reader is a YouTuber and Frank or Brendon (you choose) is a huge fan of her, they meet after a concer and he asks her out?? :D

You sat on the couch of the dressing room, tapping your foot nervously, anticipating the moment when your lifelong idol and celebrity crush would walk into the room. Sure, you were almost just as famous as he was, almost, but to you, he still seemed like a thousand levels higher. You grew up listening to all the Panic! At The Disco songs. They were the band that helped you survive middle school and high school, and to think that you’d be in the presence of Brendon Urie, the actual singer and front man of your favorite band, it blew your mind. You had met him online through some DM’s on Twitter, and you texted each other, even had a video talk, and Brendon decided to send you some free tickets for some of his upcoming shows in hopes that you could make it and you two could meet and hang out later. It felt surreal.

That day you had called Brendon a couple hours before he went on stage, and he had explained to you where to go and what to do in order to find him. Zach, who you had seen in a million backstage videos and Brendon periscopes, had introduced himself to you and showed you to the dressing room, sitting you down on the couch until Brendon came out from his shower. You had agreed upon walking to a little music shop Brendon had scouted out earlier, a place where he had told you he had bought one of his favorite guitars. You were lost in thought when the door swung open and Brendon’s eyes met yours, and your heart leapt. This was really happening.

“Nice to finally see you in person,” Brendon smiled as he dried his hair off with a towel, setting it down on the ground and giving you a hug. “I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“Looks who’s talking,” you smirked, both of you walking out the door and down the sidewalk.

“I’ve watched a couple of your YouTube videos,” he chuckled. “You’re pretty cute.”

“Cute? More like embarrassing,” you rolled your eyes. “They find it humorous when I humiliate myself.”

“Stuffing marshmallows in your mouth is humiliating?” Brendon raised his eyebrows. “Ha, remind me what humiliation means the next time you get so drunk you take your pants off on stage.”

“Well that’s actually sort of hot,” you admitted. “A marshmallow filled mouth? I don’t think it even comes close.”

“You’re too humbling,” Brendon laughed. “I think you’re great.”

“Same,” you grinned. “I’ve been listening to your music for forever.”

“Forever is a really long time,” he reminded. “That’s almost fucking eternity, you know. I don’t think my band’s even been around that long.”

“You know what I meant silly,” you gave him a playful jab in the arm.

“You hit like a girl,” he teased. “No offense to girls.”

“You sing like a girl,” you joked. “Hitting those high notes and that falsetto.”

“Really now? I never noticed! Oh my gosh,” Brendon responded, doing his best Valley Girl impression, which made you giggle. You had seen him do it so many times in his Periscopes, and even sometimes on stage.

“The show was great by the way,” you added. “I loved it.”

“Was it worth the price?” he raised an eyebrow.

“You gave me tickets for free,” you laughed. “Remember?”

“Fuck, I love it when you laugh,” Brendon sighed happily. His eyes grew wide after he realized he had just said that aloud, and it only made you laugh more. “Damn, I didn’t think-”

“No, haha,” you regained composure. “It’s fine. I love your smile.”

“Really now?” he flashed a toothy grin.

“Not like that,” you rolled your eyes.

“You sure?” he insisted between his teeth.

“Better quit it or I’ll start calling you Beebo,” you playfully threatened.

“Because heaven forbid anyone call me that!” Brendon gasped. You both burst out into laughter as you neared the music shop.

“So this is the place, huh?” you wondered as he opened the door and ushered you in.

“Yup, the one and only,” he grinned. “Damn, it’s been forever since I’ve been in here.”

“You know, forever is a really long fucking time,” you reminded.

“Shut up,” he rolled his eyes. He slyly reached for your arm, holding your hand as you walked down the aisles, and you stayed silent, but bursting with joy that he would be so kind as to show that sign of affection. You knew Brendon could be flirty, but you never knew he was this romantic.

“Look, I see a Sinatra vinyl,” you hinted, pointing towards a copy of one of Brendon’s favorite albums.

“I think I spot a Weezer one too,” Brendon added excitedly. You both drifted off to that corner of the shop and released the hand holding, so that you could pick up a Death of a Bachelor vinyl.

“You see this?” you smiled. “You’re right up there with them, Brendon.”

“That’s insane,” he laughed. “I never thought I’d live to see the day.”

“It’s right there beside them,” you pointed out. “Look at you, Mr. Accomplishment.”

“Ah, you’re not too shabby yourself,” Brendon reassured. “You’ll be up there on the internet hall of fame one day. I know it.”

“Nah,” you shook your head. “I think I’ll be one of those old celebrities in the magazine showing how much I’ve aged or something like that.”

“Whatever,” Brendon chuckled.

You walked over to the guitars and picked one up, handing it to Brendon. It was a lovely acoustic, and Brendon just looked at it and smiled. “Play something,” you begged. “I want to hear you.”

“You just did? Remember? About an hour ago?” Brendon reminded.

“No, I mean just you and me,” you persisted. “Right here, right now.”

“If you insist,” Brendon sighed, sitting down on a stool and strumming a couple chords. “Oh shit, what do I even sing?”

“Jesus loves me more than he loves you,” you joked.

“Oh I think that’s going to be featured on our next album,” Brendon teased. “You’re not allowed to tell anyone yet. It’s going to be the second single after Pirate Love.”

“That one you wrote with Kenny?” you giggled.

“That’s the one,” Brendon nodded. “Swab my deck!”

“Brendon!” you squealed.

“I’m just playing around,” he reassured. He strummed a couple chords and then hummed, starting to sing. It sounded familiar, but it wasn’t until he sang the first few words did it register what song it was. “I’m just setting, I’m just setting a trap. And I’m not pulling, no, I’m not pulling for ya-”

“You’re just pulling at me,” you chimed in.

“I’m not a betting man, but this is a sure thing,” you both grinned as you sang the words together. “Bababadadadadabababadada, I’ve been to Tokyo and to South Africa…”

“So many places,” you laughed.

“That you might say I’ve seen it all,” Brendon gave a goofy face.

“But my favorite place is the warm embrace, of holding your hair back in a bathroom stall,” you both sang out the lyrics playfully. “Everything I do is bittersweet, you could tell me secrets that I’ll probably repeat, I’m not trying to hurt you, I just love to speak, it feels like we’re pulling teeth. So bittersweet…” Brendon strummed a couple elaborate chords and you both laughed, until he put the guitar down.

“So you know all the words,” he smiled. “I like that.”

“I love that song,” you sighed. “Vices and Virtues bonus tracks are literally the best.”

“That’s what they all say,” Brendon smirked.

“So, any bonus tracks for Death of a Bachelor?” you raised your eyebrows, hoping to possibly pry some information out of him.

“I already fucking told you y/n, you’re not allowed to ask anymore questions about the new Beyoncé collaboration,” he groaned playfully. “That’s strictly between Queen Bey and me, got it?”

“You’re such a dork,” you giggled.

“Is that a good thing?” he wondered.

“It’s amazing,” you reassured, and almost instinctively, you gave him a quick peck on the cheek. He bit his lip trying to suppress a smile, and you skipped over to the rack of CD’s, pretending nothing had happened. An employee who was restocking some of them looked at you.

“Were you the one with the lovely voice?” he wondered.

“Nah, that would be Brendon over there,” you explained. “He’s the singer.”

“You didn’t sound too terrible yourself,” the man reassured.

“You’re too kind,” you blushed.

“Hey y/n,” Brendon snapped. You turned around, surprised at the sudden sharpness of Brendon’s voice. “Let’s go, we’ve got dinner reservations.”

“We do?” you inquired.

“Yes, we do, so let’s get going,” Brendon insisted. He tugged on your arm and basically dragged you out of the store, until you reached the corner and he finally let go.

“What the hell was that all about?” you asked.

That’s when Brendon kissed you, right then and there, his lips pressed up to yours, and when he pulled away, he left you stunned. “I didn’t like the way that man was hitting on you,” Brendon shrugged. “You’re mine.”

“Am I now?” you smirked.

“If uh, you’re okay with that,” he double checked.

“You little dork,” you kissed him on the lips quickly. “You’re too adorable, Brendon.”

“Nah, you’d beat me any day,” Brendon shook his head.

“So I believe there were mentions of dinner reservations?” you reminded.

“If you’re up for it,” he shrugged.

“I’m up for anything,” you grinned. “As long as you’ll be there.”

“Are you saying yes to a date with the biggest dork ever?” Brendon wondered.

“Yes I am,” you nodded. “I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

  So I found my old journal from my edgy, woe-is-me teenaged years and I found a few choice excerpts I would like to share. (Keep in mind this is only on the first 10 pages – the journal is 150 pages and I filled every single one with this type of shit..)

-“I am sick. I am twisted. And I hate; no, I loathe it. Yet I feel complete in obliterating those rose-tinted glasses so many people view the world from behind. I relish those seconds when the innocent light that gleams from doe-like eyes dim in realization and something akin to horror.”

-“I’ve come to the conclusion that I enjoy making people emotionally unstable. I find a sickeningly gratifying happiness in seeing seemingly strong individuals crack and whither and weep under a few choice words.”

  As you can probably tell, I was one of those people who thought that being “brutally honest” gave me the right to be an asshole. It goes without saying that I didn’t have any friends. It didn’t help that I wanted to become an author and thought I was above everybody else.

  And as a nice little conclusion, here’s my most favorite one:

_””Good,” I want to say to them. “Submerge me in your hatred, your fear, and sadness, Let me soak in it and know that I’m not the only one capable of feeling these wretched emotions.””

Janna needs closure

“Hey Janna,” a certain skateboard loving teen announced.

Without taking her eyes off Star or Marco, she effortlessly waved at Jackie. “Hey.”

The blonde glanced between Janna and the Starco pair. “What’re you doing?”

She waited for a response, but Janna ignored her question, watching Star highfive Marco and move closer to his seat to the point where she was leaning against her friend. The boy placed an arm over her shoulder and laughed with Star, probably over something trivial.

“Uh… Janna-”

“Those two are dating.”

Keep reading

Three magical words (Rami Malek x Reader)

Request: Hi! I’m the person that asked if we can send requests in, and I was wondering if you could write a really fluffy imagine?? Idk just want some Rami fluff!! If you get around to this, thanks girl!! (Sorry for grammar mistakes! I hope you enjoy this! Feedbacks are appreciated!!!)

Word count: 1,147

It was a wonderful Saturday evening and I spent my time cuddling on the couch with my wonderful boyfriend Rami. We were covered with a large blanket and watched an old movie. Rami came back from Europe only a few hours ago and I noticed that he was exhausted and tired from all the work he had to do over there. I already asked him to go to bed but he declined.

“I want to be with you now.” He said before he gave me a kiss.

 I felt Rami’s warm hands stroking my hair gently. I pressed myself closer to his body and laid my hands on his chest. God, I missed him so much. The last week was so unbearably hard for me. Besides work I had to struggle with horrible heart ache because I missed my boyfriend so much. You can tell I was very attached to Rami. He was everything to me. Nothing could tear us apart.

“(Y/N)?” I heard him calling my name. I hummed as a respond. “Do you remember what kind of day is today?” I turned my head to him, so our eyes could make contact. A confused expression was on my face. What kind of day was it supposed to be? His birthday was far away and I had no clue what he meant. So I shook my head. “Think, baby. What happened one year ago?” I really was clueless. What was he implying to?

“Our first time and our first ‘I love you’.” He whispered to me with a smile on his lips. My cheeks turned slightly red. “Remember now?” Oh, I did. How could I forget this?



“I really love you, (Y/N).”

My eyes went wide as these magical words escaped his lips. He finally said that he loved me! I couldn’t describe my feelings in that moment, it was something I longed to hear for a very long time. We were still breathing heavily from the passionate intercourse that we had a few minutes ago. It was my first time and Rami treated me like I was made of porcelain, he was gentle and careful, always asking me if I was okay. The moment I felt him filling me up was so magical and wonderful. I would keep this in my mind and in my heart for the rest of my life. But now that he had confessed his feeling towards me, telling me that he loved me, made it more special.

I still couldn’t get a word out of my mouth; I guess I was too shocked. Our eyes met and Rami looked very confused and insecure, almost like he was regretting what he had said to me. I wanted to tell him that I loved him, but my tongue was knotted.

“(Y/N)? Don’t you want to say something?” He asked quietly. His whole body was covered with sweat and god he looked so damn beautiful in his naked glory. How could a man like him love a woman like me?

“(Y/N)? Was it too much? Did I cross the line? I’m sorry if you’re not ready for this, I really thought-“

“Rami stop!” I interrupted his rambling. Thereupon, he stood up and collected his underwear and put them on. Meanwhile, I sat up and covered myself with the white silky blanket. ‘What the hell is happening?’ I thought.

“I’m very sorry, (Y/N).” Rami sighed and turned to me. “I really understand if you don’t feel this way. I just thought-“

“Rami!” I interrupted him again. “Please hear me out!” I gestured him to take a seat next to me. But before that, he gave me my night gown. “I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable while we talk.” He said.

After wearing my night gown, we were sitting opposite each other and I took his hands in mine. Our eyes met into an intense glare and I started to pour my heart out to him.

“Rami… You didn’t ruin anything, so please calm down. I’m sorry the way I reacted. I know it was very inappropriate but I was too shocked. I mean, I just had my first time, which was mind blowing enough and then you confessing your love for me… I have so many feelings rushing through my body now. “  I smiled at him, squeezing his hands slightly. “But to go back to your confession, Rami, I feel the same way. I have since the moment we met.”

His expression turned to a very surprised one. “Are you telling the truth?”

I laughed at his statement and gave him a slight slap on his arm. “Of course, I’m telling the truth, you silly man.”

Suddenly, I felt myself being pushed back and before I could even realize what was going on, I felt his sweet and soft lips capturing mine into a gentle kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pushed his body closer to me. I could feel his heartbeat against my chest and I loved it.

“Tell me, please tell me…” He murmured against my lips.

“I love you…” I confessed. “I love you Rami Said Malek.” And earned a lot of more kisses on my lips.

A huge smile appeared on my face as I remembered the event from one year ago which was also definitely the best day of my life. Never have I thought he would grow strong feelings for me. I honestly thought our relationship just based on attraction or flirtation, but Rami proved me wrong. When he took my virginity in the most beautiful way, I realized that he deeply cared for me. Our relation meant more to him than I ever thought.

Rami grinned from ear to ear and gave kiss on my forehead. Then, he turned us around so I lied beneath him. “Oh, I know that from somewhere.” I laughed, referring to how he pushed me back last year.

He buried his face in the crook of my neck and his breath caused goose bumps on my skin. My hands went up to his hair and tugged at his tiny curls. I could feel his body relaxing. “Rami, I know you’re tired. Let me take you to bed.”

“No.” I heard him whisper. “I’m fine here.”

“Are you sure?” He nodded his head for a response.

Tell me, please tell me…” He quoted his statement from one year ago. I rolled my eyes at him with a gentle laugh. Rami slowly drifted to a peaceful sleep and a smile was plastered on his lips as I fulfill his wish.

I love you… I love you Rami Said Malek.”

Seven Brothers (Big Brother JB)

Type: Angst Fluff

Request: Hey, could you do a got7 scenario where the reader is JBs little sister and staying with got7 in their dorm and one of the other members catches you doing selfharm and they tell JB about it and when he confronts you, you tell him it is because you feel as a brother he has abandoned you, but a fluff ending please where you end up with 7 brothers instead of 1. Also my reason for making such a request is because as of 5 june 2017 i have been 3 months clean of selfharming and my brother helped me.

~Congratulation on keeping clean love!!!~

~also sorry if it’s not great or anything. I really don’t know too much other than what I have read on the topic~

Your fingers tingled lightly at the sensation of the metal of the blade trying press through the sensitive tips. You looked at yourself in the mirror before you looked down at your wrist. Past marks littered your skin and no matter how many times you did it, you were left with the still feeling of loneliness. While staying with your brother, you still seemed even farther away from him than ever, maybe being there didn’t help you at all. You understood he had his own life and all but he seemed to completely forget you when it came down to it in the end. 

You were snapped from your thoughts to a pressure on your wrist, sounds had disappeared when you lost yourself in your thoughts. “Y/N” you hear in a panicked voice as you looked down seeing the carmine liquid that had been coloring the sink for who knows how long now. Arms had wrapped around you and it was a rather soothing feeling “what are you doing?” BamBam’s voice rang through your ears. His eyes had scanned over the scarred arm as he held you tighter than ever. “Drop it” he told you as your fingers let go and the thin metal clinked into the sink.

He sat you down onto the toilet “keep pressure” he told you as he pulled away and went under the sink “don’t tell anyone” you begged as he looked up at you. “Please” you continue as you felt yourself shake. BamBam stayed quiet as he got the first aid kit out. “We both know I can’t promise anything like that” he told you “you weren’t even supposed to be here” you tell him as he shook his head “not everyone wants party or anything” he told you as he pulled the towel away, he shook his head lightly as he scanned over everything. “Whatever it is that’s troubling you. It might not seem like it but there’s someone out there willing to listen and help when you feel like this” he says as he rubbed ointment onto it before he placed gauze on it and wrapped it up. 

“For now lets just go lay down for a bit” he told you as you looked at him “come on” he says as he takes you over to his room to lay you down. “I’m staying with JB-” “well you’re going to lay with me for awhile” he says as he brought you down onto his bed. He wrapped his arm around you as he brought the cover over you two. You didn’t say anything but let yourself into the warmth and began falling asleep.


“What do you mean?” Jaebum asked “keep your voice down” BamBam hissed as he smacked his elder. “Don’t shout it out” BamBam continues “how bad is it?” Jaebum asked “check for yourself but don’t be rude to her” BamBam says as Jaebum nods.


You were woken up by Jaebum “what did you do?” he asked as he sat down on the bed. You shrugged, he calmly took your arm and pulled up your sleeve up lightly as he looked over your arm “why would you do this to yourself?” he asked. You shrugged “stop shrugging. It solves nothing” he says “why?” he asks again as you turned away “Y/N” he warned “why does it matter?” you asked him loudly shocking him “we aren’t close don’t act like we are” you tell him. “I don’t care if we’re not close. You’re my baby sister” he told you as “you haven’t been my brother to me for a long time” you tell him. His face instantly showed hurt “what do you mean?” he asked “when was the last time you called me just to talk?” you asked him as he remained silent “it’s like you’re cutting me out of your life and you were a really good job at it” you whisper as he shook his head. 

“That’s not true” he promised “I would never do that to you” he says “I know I don’t call or text as much as I should but I think about you all the time. You’re important to me. So so important” he says as he took your hand. “I won’t leave you” he whispered pulling you in for a hug. 


No one brought it up, no one stared at you unless you were telling a story, and never made you feel bad. The boys seemed to really care about you and your safety, it made you happy and it was pretty nice when you had Jackson cling to you, Mark and Jinyoung gave you smiles, Yugyeom and Youngjae made many jokes, BamBam would just say sweet things to you. They made you feel loved and cared for. You had a real feeling of happiness with these boys, they made you feel wanted more than anything else. 

sorry if it’s not good once more!

But to the anon, Idk if it means anything but I’m proud of you and I hope you stay on this path. I’ll be cheering you on the whole time!

February Fic Rec Round-Up, Part I


Rather Emotional Days by Draycevixen

This fic is delightful. Yes, Harry Hart Lives!, but he comes back as a field agent and utterly confident in his desire for Eggsy. But things aren’t always straightforward; it takes time for Harry to requalify and Eggsy is the bright, shiny new agent taking on all the exciting missions. This throws Harry for a loop, but luckily, Merlin is around to troll assign his agents to missions where they’ll be forced to confront their feelings.

Callouses and Canes by starredthought

Adjusting to the world without a sight would be challenging for anyone, and Harry’s no different- his reaction at the beginning is heartbreaking. But with time and Eggsy by his side, he gradually adapts to his new circumstances and the world. This fic follows the process, and how they slowly grow together and take care of another. It’s just lovely.

First Impressions (Or a second) (Maybe a third) by propriety_is_not_a_priority

Think of this as the Meet Cute from hell. Harry springs Eggsy from jail, they share a pint at The Black Prince, and quickly realize they’ve met before… and we’re not talking about when Harry gave Eggsy the medal. Eggsy is cheeky and brazen here, and Harry’s embarrassment is palpable and delicious.

Accidental Roommates by enjoy_acne

YASSSS! @enjoy-acne just updated this, and it’s fucking awesome. Devastating, hilarious, and a great mix of canon elements. The Hartwin interactions are gold. READ READ READ.

Unwin, et al. (2016) by eggmuffin

Nerd humor FTW!

Okay, I love this fic. I’ve read other academia AUs and they tend to focus on the petty politics and the soul-robbing process of finishing the thesis. This story touches on all that and more, but the difference is its tone. It’s gleeful. It’s fun. You can tell that @eggmuffinwrites had a blast writing this, and for me as a reader, it’s so delightful to read.

where on this earth i could be by fideliant

When I was a teenager, my grandpa gave me his copy of “The Royal Road to Romance” and I learned that the word “romance” has many different meanings. I’m bringing this up because this fic by @fideliant embodies romance. Eggsy and Harry go on epic adventures together, and the slow burn between the two is gorgeous. Their love is never voiced, but you can feel it in every interaction.

And can I say that when they finally get together, I love how easy it feels?

to all the men who have stood without fear by romans

Hartwin vampire AU where Harry, instead of recruiting a young man into the service, has a taste for rent boys.

So this is fantastic with one hell of a twist.

For the sake of a simple thing by concernedlily 

At least in terms of ubiquitousness, Rentboy! Eggsy is the coffeeshop AU of Kingsman fandom, but @concernedlily elevates the trope to a new level in this fic. Harry is assigned to take Dean’s group down and Eggsy is his confidential informant.

The first thing that struck me about this fic is how gritty it is. There’s this low level tension that permeates the story and never lets up. Also, no glamour nor gloss here; the inglorious side of spycraft is emphasized. A lot of waiting, a lot of watching, a lot of politics and behind the scene machinations.

I was also struck by the writer’s empathy for Eggsy. Usually CIs are portrayed as craven and motivated by personal greed, but @concernedlily never lets you forget that Eggsy is the one taking all the risks, and he is the one with the most to lose. I remember feeling infuriated when Eggsy literally risks his life and limb (due to shoddy information) for an assignment.

Read it! The storytelling is top notch and the characterization of all the players, even the minor OCs is outstanding.  There’s a sequel as well, and it seems to lighter, thank goodness. I don’t know if I could take another equally intense follow-up.

A Long Way to Go by 221watson

Eggsy gets woke.

I love this fic for three reasons:

1. While class issues were discussed in Kingsman, nothing else was said about the lack of diversity of this mostly white, male, upper class group.So I enjoyed how @queercroft explored the prejudices that would exist in such an insular group.

2. The roles are reversed, and Eggsy is Harry’s teacher.

3. The emergence of Harry Hart, unapologetic feminist. (”…he even gets enthusiastic about it, because a gentleman should know his privilege, he says.”)