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Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

Word Count: 1482

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Fluff

Request by Anon: Hi ok I love your account ilysm! Anyway I was wondering since I loved your Peter song preference could you one with Bucky using the the song Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)?

Authors Note: Ahh thank you anon you’re so sweet and I love this song so thank you for requesting it! Enjoy :) 


The snow’s comin’ down

(Christmas) I’m watchin’ it fall

(Christmas) lots of people around

(Christmas) baby, please come home

Out of all the times you could have gotten hurt it had to be near Christmas. Your mission was simple enough; go in, save the hostages, and get out. However with your luck that didn’t quite happen.

Everything was going according to plan until you got a bit cocky and didn’t realize that a Hydra agent was sneaking up on you. Before you could react, a knife was already jabbed in your side. Taking out the agent, the last thing you saw was your boyfriend, Bucky running to your side before everything went black.

Luckily your wound wasn’t that bad it did, however, mean you had to sit out on missions until you were cleared. You were mostly bedridden during the beginning of your recovery but now you were allowed to walk. You still could not join the others on missions since the doctor has yet to clear you.

Which leads you to today where you’re sitting in a busy tower watching the snow fall. Since it was the day before Christmas you’re teammates were busy rushing around doing last minute jobs.

Everyone was getting ready for Tony’s annual Christmas Eve party expect you and sadly your boyfriend. Being Earth’s Mightiest Heroes meant that even during the holidays you were always on the job.  

Bucky had special orders from Fury himself to help take down some of the remaining Hydra agents. Though it was only supposed to take him a few days it actually turned into a much longer trip than expected.

This left you alone on Christmas Eve wishing you could join him so at least you would be together. But here you were one of the world’s deadliest assassins sitting on a couch watching snow fall while drinking tea.

“Still think about Barnes,” Your best friend Tony said.

“That obvious?” You asked.

“(Y/N) every few seconds you look at his dog tags and sigh. The whole team has noticed it.”

“I should be with him.”

“I know you miss him but come on it’s Christmas Eve! Where’s your holiday cheer?” He said playfully pushing your shoulder.   

“Tony,” You sighed.

‘Wow tough crowd tonight,” He laughed before standing up from his seat. “I have a party to get ready for. Hopefully, you’ll be in a happier mood by the time guests arrive.”

“I’ll try but I’m not promising anything,” You grumbled as your friend laughed.

“That’s all I’m asking for.”

Watching Tony walk away, you took a sip of your tea before grabbing Bucky’s dog tags from around your neck. He gave them to you before he left to remind you of him but it still wasn’t the same. Placing your tea back on the coffee table, you slowly stood up from the couch.

“Baby, please come home,” You whispered before making your way to your room to get ready for the party.

They’re singing Deck The Halls

But it’s not like Christmas at all

‘Cause I remember when you were here

And all the fun we had last year

Tony’s parties were always something you looked forward to but tonight nothing seemed to brighten your mood. You felt like something or really someone was missing as you watched all the guests mingle with each other. Christmas music played in the background as drunken guests began singing along horribly.

Half way through their rendition of Deck the Halls you started to remember all the fun you and Bucky shared last Christmas. The lazy days in bed, singing Christmas songs, eating an ungodly amount of cookies, and the look Bucky gave you one Christmas morning seemed like a dream since there was still no word from him yet.

“Well doesn’t someone look happy,” Natasha said before handing you a drink.

“I’m just overfilled with joy,” You said sarcastically before taking a sip of your beer.

“Bucky would want you to have fun you know. He knows how much you love Christmas and trust me he would hate to see you this down.”

“I know Nat but it’s just he’s somewhere we don’t know and he could be in trouble and-”

“Easy tiger don’t get yourself worked up. Come on we’re going to mingle with some guests,” She said dragging me to the dance floor.

“Nat I don’t-”

“I don’t care we’re going to have some fun.”

Pretty lights on the tree

(Christmas) I’m watching them shine

(Christmas) you should be here with me

(Christmas) baby, please come home

Finally able to ditch Natasha, you sat on the couch next to the huge Christmas tree Tony just had to have. It was decked out in gold and red ornaments and to no one’s surprised it had an Iron Man helmet as the “star.”

Rolling your eyes at your friend’s decorating choices, you sighed once more as laughter filled the air. Playing with your boyfriend’s dog tags once more, you watched the happy couples together wishing that was you and Bucky.

Then a familiar red head appeared next to you as you sighed once more. Before you could object Natasha grabbed you hand and dragged you back to the party.

“You can’t lose me that easy (Y/N)!” She yelled over the music.

“Nat just let me sulk,” You whined.

“Stop being a negative Nancy,” She said before pushing through the crowd of people. “Oh look it’s Steve and everyone! Let’s join them!”

Groaning in annoyance, you walked over to your friends while checking your phone for any new messages. Seeing that there was nothing from Bucky you shut off your phone and tried to get your mind off of things.

If there was a way

(Christmas) I’d hold back this tear

(Christmas) but it’s Christmas day

Please (Please) please

(Please) please

(Please) please (please)

As some of the guests began slowly leaving you took that as your cue to slip away. Mumbling a quick goodbye to your friends, you began walking to your room with a heavy heart. You knew that your boyfriend was saving lives but a part of you just wanted to be in his arms.

Checking your phone once more you sighed at the time on your phone. It was now Christmas day and your spirit sank to a new low. Running a hand through your hair, you made your way elevator.

“Merry Christmas to me,” You mumbled as you waited for the doors to open.

While you were so caught up in the thought of hiding in your bed for hours, you didn’t realize that the doors opened. As the sound startled you, you began to hear a small laugh coming from inside the elevator.

“You alright doll?” A familiar voice said.

“Bucky!” You squealed before tackling him in a hug. “I thought you weren’t going to make it for Christmas!”

“Me too but hey what’s Christmas without some miracles,” He laughed as you held him tightly.

Pulling away from your hug, you pulled your boyfriend in for a long overdue kiss. Smiling into the kiss you brought your hands up to his face where you tugged on some of his short locks of hair as the kiss deepen. Feeling the scratch of his facial hair on your hands, you felt a pair of arms wrap your waist and pull you closer.

“Hate to interrupt you two but can you guys not do it in my elevator? Other people have to use that you know,” Tony said.

Breaking the kiss, you laughed sheepishly as you fixed Bucky’s messed up hair. Licking your lips you turn to face the rest of your teammates trying not to blush.

“Let the two lovebirds have some fun. Finally (Y/N) can stop sulking,” Sam joked

“Yeah they can do it in their room but not in my elevator,” Tony argued.

“And that’s my cue to leave. Welcome home Bucky,” Peter said looking flustered.  

“Nice to see you two Stark and we weren’t going to do in your elevator,” Bucky said putting an arm around your waist.

“Oh please, I know for a fact you two have done it-actually never mind I wasn’t supposed to say that,” Wanda chuckled as you glared at her.

“I’m sorry what? F.R.I.D.A.Y. I need a clean up crew now! That is a public elevator you two!” Tony yelled.

“Merry Christmas?” You said before pressing the button to your floor.

Once the doors shut, you turned back your boyfriend and wiggled your eyebrows. As both of your laughter filled the elevator the doors opened as quickly as they shut.

“Shall we continue?” Bucky asked pulling you closer to him.

“We shall,” You winked as he picked you up and carried to your shared room.

Bucky was right it couldn’t be Christmas without some sort of miracle and that was something you couldn’t complain about.

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