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Keith scuffed his boots on the snow-littered ground. He knew he was standing a little too near to the edge but it was the closest he could get. There was a guitarist basking just across the opposite platform and he wanted to go closer, but the train was arriving soon. He couldn’t afford to take a detour.

Keith kept darting his eyes onto parts of the clothings. A hoodie. Washed out jeans. 

He tried not to be obvious, but it was frustrating. There wasn’t enough of a crowd to explain staring. He could tell the guitarist was tan, but he couldn’t catch a clear view of his face. The snapshots hovered in his head, but it was like trying to piece together a puzzle that he had never seen before. 

He could just make out the song to be Little Drummer Boy, and he usually thought it was a stupid song, but it actually sounded…nice? Keith exhaled a puff into the frost air. The cold must be getting to his head.

The music was punctured by the distant harsh rhythm of the railway tracks. He felt a small flutter of panic. There was no telling when he would come across the guy again. He was going to take a good look across the cabin windows once the train reached him. It was his last chance.

He felt a blast of icy wind as the train entered the station. Keith quickly lifted his head and stared at the guitarist through stuttering planes of the metal walls.

Oh…a sharp face, but smooth. Long fingers too, on the guitar.  He had… eyes. It was dark, but definitely blue. Pretty.

And it was looking at him.

Keith froze. The train slowed to a stop, and so did his world.

It was 5 degrees, but it burned.

And he still had a train to catch.

If only he could move.

Merry Klancemas! Let’s get that xmas mood on /blowstrumpet

My piece for Klance secret santa, my giftee gave me alot of options, and I picked pining keith/guitar lance. I wanted to make something special to end the year and celebrate s2!! Vld and fanworks by the comm has given me so much happiness  ❤

It was rly fun working on the animation (although gif ate like half the quality?!! my god/ cries / also it helps if you click and enlarge it)  



TheOppositeOfAmnesia wrote a BEAUTIFUL fic for this please check it out!!!

whats in your bag? Albus Potter

I have plasters alot of them I fall off my broom quite alot.

I think teddy gave me these ones there really bright colours.

*gets kinda nervous and shy* ah my glasses

I really don’t like wearing them, they just don’t look good any way moving on

i also have snacks 

Some string cause you never know when you might need to tie someone up…

Wait!!! that came out wrong uhm lets move on 

My tie so i dont forget it …again

A letter from mum, she sent this one for my birthday *happy smile*

Some hair stuff to try and tame my hair it works sometimes 

Books lots of books these two are my favourites they are about space i really like space its interesting

My latest potions work 

It went wrong its not meant to be that colour I’m not very good at potions *rubs back of neck kinda self consciously*

some chap stick for..
* slytherin in the distance :for kissing *

*slowly going red*
It is not for kissing shut up!!!

A note for Scorpius but i’m not sure that i’m gonna give it to him.maybe one day i’ll be brave enough to give him it.

albus potter version of the whats in your bag. @kapitan5o
these are really fun to do :D
Remus lupin


Hi guys….
Alot of you guys have been wondering where I’ve been and I decided I no longer want to be silent and just explain to yall why I’ve been so inactive on here and hopefully inspire many of you. My name is mariah, I’m 17, I’m a junior in highschool, well liked, very out going and sweet and overall funny. For a long time ever since I was in 7th grade I’ve had depression and anxiety. I have unresolved issues with my birth mom and my whole adoption, I have anger towards all 7 of my siblings for abandoning me as their baby sister and I have yet to say goodbye to those who’ve passed in my life, and i used to get bullied alot. Now that I’m in high school I don’t get bullied, in fact I stood up for myself. I’ve been having a lot of anxiety lately, anxiety attacks to the point I am in pain and unable to breathe. I’ve been in and out of hospitals, but around 4am Saturday night (technically Sunday) I woke from my sleep and started vomiting, crying, unable to breathe and in pain. My mom had to call 911 and I had to go to the hospital, the hospital gave me medication (mind you I take medication for my axiety already) but none of it worked, they gave me an iv and I had to talk to a case worker and answer questions. After I fell asleep till around 11 am Sunday morning, I woke up to my sister crying. Then next thing I know I’m hauled out the hospital and getting “transferred to another one” it wasn’t a typical hospital. In fact it was a psychiatric monitoring facility, I had to give up my phone and my shoes. Strip to a gown for 24 HOURS and stay ALONE in a small room without any tv, cords, outlets, strings, or even unlocked windows. I had to wake up at 6 am everyday to get my blood pressure and temperature sleep 2 hours to get up at 8 to eat breakfast and attend intervention groups all day with girls that tried killing themselves, cutting, suicidal thoughts, drug abuse, eating disorders, homicidal thoughts or actions and etc. I had to sleep with my door unlocked and go to bed at 9 every night. I had to take pills, and stay strong for my family. I was allowed 5 minute outgoing calls at specific times and 5 minute incoming calls at specific times, I got asked everyday if I wanted to die and too take a shower it was only 7 minutes because 14 others had to take one. I had to let them check my items for anything harmful and always report how I was doing. The beds were horrible and had writing like stay strong and this place won’t help you, try for your family. I finally got let out Friday (yesterday) and man as fucked up as the place was, I gained sanity and I learned alot, being a week without any outside communication really clears your mind. So that’s where I’ve been, and I want to say, yes you may fall in your life, you may hit hard times and be on the verge of giving up but push through those times, pick yourself up because you are worth it. No one should ever doubt their existance, you are all truly amazing in your own ways and belong on this earth just like everyone else is. Smile and try, because yeah life presents us fucked up moments but through those we will reach our happiness.

We’ll Figure It Out (Simon D x Reader)

P.S This was requested by an anon. I hope you like it, I got too carried away with this.Also I have to admit, my friend over at @khiphoponeshots gave me a bit of a boost on this, so thanks girl. Enjoy!


Since you were a teenager, you were very mature for your age and wise beyond your year. It was probably because since your parents were working, your grandmother was taking care of you, since you were wearing diapers she talked to you about kindness and love, you learned alot from her. She was there on your first hearbreak, when kids bullied your for your foreign looks- being a biracial child- she helped you become the grown woman, and you were thankfull. You still had friends and goofed around, you were a teenager nonetheless, but you knew alot for your age.

One thing that was bad about that was that you found alot of kids your age be a bit immature, you were always hanging out with older kids, you thought guys your age were stupid, you stayed single for a long time. When you dated someone they were usually older than you, you felt better that way, they understood you more. You might be young but your soul was old.

Maybe that’s the reason you started dating Kiseok. You met him at the after party of his birthday party, you were out to get some fresh air and to stop the ringing in your ears, he went out to sober up. He saw you sitting down with your heels next to you, playing with your hair. You looked up at him and he looked sick- no offense- so you got up and brushed the dust from your baby pink dress.

“Do you need help?”

You asked him. He could see that you wanted to help him, you weren’t doing it because of who he was. He smiled at the thought

“No, I’m fine”

“Are you sure? I think I have some aspirins on my purse, I can go buy a water bottle”

He could see the kidness in your eyes, you were a stranger but you acted like he was family or a friend. He shook his head negatively

“Yes, i’m fine. Sorry if i’m rude, but why do you carry aspirins?”

“I’m not used to clubs”

You said, looking down. You looked very young, he expected a girl like you to be out there dancing and making decisions she will regret in the morning, instead you were sitting here trying to cure a stranger

“a girl your age? hard to believe”

“When I go out I like it when I can hear my friends and the place does not stink with sweat and booze”

You said to him. It was true, this wasn’t really your scene, but your friends wanted to so you went with them, mostly because you wanted to keep an eye on them. You took your bag and took one of the aspirins, you took his hand and put it in his palm. Your hand felt soft and warm, so feminine and gentle, he missed feeling that touch.

“You may need it. Nice talking to you”

You smiled. You were about to walk away but he pulled you back.

“can I have your number? I might need more than one”


One year has passed and you were in a relationship. You have never felt so happy and loved, Kiseok did not care about your age, you were a caring woman, you loved him and he loved you. Besides, you both wanted the same things, you want to settle down and find the love of your life, make a family, he wanted the same.

You decided to suprise him today. You hadn’t being able to see him these few days, since he was working so much. So you bought his favorite dessert and decided to drop it off to lighten up the mood. When you opened the door, Hyuk-woo was the first one to greet you, he was just a year older than you so you were pretty close.

“Kiseok Hyung did not mention you would pass by”

“It’s a surprise so shhh”

You told him, putting your index finger on your lips. He smiled, he informed you that he was at the studio with Seonghwa. You walked over there, but something took over you, you heard them talk and you heard your name. You put your ear to the door and decided to listen a bit

“Are you going to marry her? And she will have all your babies”

“She needs to grow up so she won’t be the baby and then we’ll see”

You felt anger bubbling inside you. What the hell was he trying to say? So now you were too young for him? You walked away but Hyuk-woo stopped you

“Woah there! what happened?”

“nothing. Give these to him or eat it I don’t care


He called for you as you tried to walk away. Kiseok heard your name and walked out of his studio, he runned to you and caught you on time

"Baby what’s wrong?”

Baby, that was really not the time to call you that. You pulled away and looked at him

“Kiseok I don’t want to cause a scene in your workplace”

You whispered to him. He was stunned, why were you like this?

“What happened?”

“We can’t talk here. I’ll see you after”

You said and walked away. He was worried, you were never a person to be that dramatic for no reason, something really bothered you. He saw you walk out of the building, walking at a fast pace.

“Do you think she heard us?”

Seonghwa asked. It was like a lightbuld switched on top of his head. That was it! you heard him calling you a baby

“Ohhh shit, that’s not good”

He said to himself and runned to grab his stuff. He has to make this right


You were infuriated. Did he really talk about you like that? Behind your back? Your train of thoughts were cut short when you heard the door open, you saw Kiseok walk in and run to you

“(Y/N) i’m so sorry”

So he figured it out, that was good. He grabbed your hands and looked to your eyes

“It was just a bad joke”

a bad joke? this was a joke to him? well it was more than a joke to you. You pulled away from his touch

“ A bad joke? This is more than a joke Kiseok, you know I don’t like that”

It was true. Your age was a very sensitive subject, you never liked to joke about it.

Kiseok was getting mad, his short temper was kicking in.

“It’s not my fault you can’t take a joke”

“I can’t take a joke? you want a joke Kiseok? Would you like it if I called you a grandpa?”

Your voice was getting louder. You were pointing fingers, your expression was harsh, but Kiseok was not about to hold back

“I’m mature enough to know that you don’t mean it, don’t blame your immaturity to me”

“What do you expect from a girl that’s 7 years younger than you? If you wanted a mature one go find one your age, will your stupidity pass as a charm to them? I’m doubting you ever loved me, I was just little girl to make the old man feel good”

That went straight to his heart. He was as insecure as you were about his age, he felt like he was not good enough. You were a beautiful young woman, like a flower that just blossomed, still on your prime, he was on his early 30’s, he was getting older. Sometimes when you peacefully slept in his arms, he would look at you and wonder how much more time he has with you, until you realise what you deserve and leave.

As soon as you saw his eyes you regretted everything you said. You doubted his love, that was off limits. You felt terrible, his facial expression killed you. You took a step and hugged him

“I’m sorry, that was not right”

You said. He could feel the guilt radiating from your body. He knows you felt bad about you said. He hugged you back, rubbing your back

“it’s okay”

“no it’s not. I know you love me I just… I lost it”

You explained, raising your head to look at him. He smiled and kissed your lips

“I caused you to get mad. We all say things we don’t mean”

You knew he was trying to be strong, it showed you how much he truly loved you. Kiseok was hurt, but when you were hurt it was worse for him, he wanted you to be happy. So he forgave you

“Can we forget about this?”

“No, but we can get over it, you are younger big deal. I should be happy for that, now I have someone that can keep up with me at night”

He said, squeezing your butt. You shrieked and then giggled, wrapping your arms around his waist

“I love you old man”

“will you love me when you have to bring me my cholesterol pills?”

He asked. You laughed at his joke and pecked his puffy lips, smilling

“Sure. Do I give them before or after the pills for your heart?”

“We’ll figure it out”

He put his head on your shoulder and closed his eyes, enjoying your embrace. Today he realised how much he loves you, even though you accused him, he still hugged you and loved you uncoditionally. This is were he belongs.

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*soft gasp* your words gave me such a treat at work, I appreciate them :D I also like to look at alot of muscle art and muscle anatomy for good referance

Jaehee: 10 Years later fic (fluff) (1,5k followers series)

Here’s the second installement for the ‘10 years later’ fic series! This time it’s Jaehee’s since it was our precious angel’s birthday yesterday. Although it’s not as long as Saeyoung’s, I feel like this is the right future for Jaehee. The angel deserves some peace! - Michelle Xx


Today is a big day! It’s the 10th year anniversary of the coffee shop! Jaehee is putting up the finishing touches around the little shop. White and yellow balloons, banners with ‘10th anniversary’ and some extra special flower pieces.

The shop doesn’t open for another hour. There’s only one banner left the hang, but she isn’t ready to hang that one up yet. Actually, it’s not be hung up, but to be held by Zen and Jumin. Only because they’re the tallest ones here right one. As are the rest of the RFA.

MC thinks that they’re just here to help out with the decorations. Which is partially true. But they’re also here for something else. A little surprise actually.

Right now, Jaehee is standing in the back room of the shop. She giving instructions for the surprise to your son.

“Remember, when uncle Zen and uncle Jumin roll out the banner, you give mommy the special coffee cup, alright?” she asks her son.

The little guy gives her a big smile. “Okay, mama!”

She smiles sweetly back at him and ruffles his hair. “That’s my precious boy.”

He pushes her hand away and runs off while saying: “Now uncle Zen has to do my hair again, mama.”

She chuckles as she watches her boy run off to Zen.

She sits down and looks back on the past 10 years. It took her over 3 years to finally admit to MC that she’s in love with her. The moment she did, MC told her how relieved she was that she finally fell in love with her since she’s been in love with her from the moment they met. They were already business partners for 3 years and now they were gonna be lovers too.

Not even 2 years later the two of you were getting married. MC was the one who proposed to her. She made coffee cups with the words 'Will you marry me?’. Each cup had a word. The last cup held the red box with the ring inside. MC was so nervous that she would say 'no’ and so happy when she said 'yes’, that she had to take the day off from all the intense excitement.

And the wedding… The wedding was beautiful.

~ 5 Years earlier ~

Any minute now. Any minute now that I’ll be walking down that isle. 'Cause I’m getting married. I’m getting married. To my girlfriend. Oh, I wonder how beautiful MC will look like. Gorgeous as always, of course. She’s gonna be the light of the day.

Someone taps my shoulder from behind and interrupts me from my thoughts. I look back to see Mr. Ha- I mean, Jumin behind. Even after all this time, it feels a bit weird to call him by his first name. But today he’s going to give me away to my wife-to-be, so first name bases are exactly right. Neither my father or mother are alive to give me away and I don’t want my uncle to do it either. And as much as I admire Zen, Jumin’s never been a bad man to me. He gave me alot of work, yes, but he was never unkind or a horrible boss. Although he didn’t like it when I resigned at first, he has come to terms with the path that makes me happy. It would only feel right for him to give me away today.

“Are you ready, Jaehee?” he asks with a genuine smile.

“Yes, I’m ready, Jumin,” I say.

He offers me his arm. I put my hand under it. We start to walk to the door where the official isle is. Waiting there will the reverend to marry MC and I. I’m so happy that she agreed to get married in a church.

“Jaehee, I believe it is time to close your eyes before you see your bride,” Jumin says.

“Oh, right!” I quickly shut my eyes. We couldn’t decide who was gonna be waiting for who, so we decided to walk down that isle together. But we didn’t want to see each other until we were actually in front of the reverend. So we’re walking with our eyes closed as Jumin walks with me and Zen with MC.

As my eyes stay closed, the nerves are starting to build up inside me.

We stop. We’re in front of the door. Suddenly I smell a scent that despite all the perfume and hair products could be none other than MC’s. It takes every ounce of willpower not to open my eyes and look at her.

The music inside begins to play and the door opens. The four of us start to walk again. Only a few more moments before our lives are forever and officially tied together. These moments seem to go on forever.

Suddenly we stop. Jumin moves his arm and kisses my hand as a gesture of 'goodbye’ and courtesy. I feel him leave my side as the music slowly comes to an end. The reverend tells us: “The brides may open their eyes now.”

I slowly open mine and turn to face MC. As my eyes lay upon her, she takes my breath away.

Her dress is just above the knee, whereas mine is to the ground. Hers has sleeves and mine is strapless. Her top is covered in laced and mine with tiny flower sequins. Her hair braided to the side with white dotted accessoires and mine is in a half updo with curls. But she still looks the most beautiful out of the two of us.

My smile must be as big as hers and our eyes equally teary.

I don’t hear most of the words the reverend says. Except for when we have to say 'I do’. Her hand is delicate when she slips on my ring. I put her ring on as gentle as I can.

“You may now kiss the bride.”

Our kiss is soft and long. Her lips fit perfectly against mine. We are made for each other

And they still are almost 5 years later. She already said 'I do’ to Jaehee once. She will again. She also said 'yes’ when they decided to adopt a child together. And here they are with a perfect 7 year old boy.

Jaehee takes a deep breath and steps out to the front of the shop. All of the RFA members, her son and her wife. The big moment has arrived.

She steps forward to MC, who’s looking at the finished decorations. Behind her, Jumin and Zen are holding the rolled up banner. She lightly taps MC on the shoulder. She turns around and looks at her with a smile.

“Are you excited, Jaehee?” she asks sweetly.

“Yes, I am,” she answers, “But not just for the reason you think.”

She gives her a puzzled look. Jaehee takes her hand and begins to speak. “Ten years ago I asked you to be my partner. Back then it was just for business. A little further down the road it was you asking me to be your partner. We both agreed to share the rest of our lives together and to raise a wonderful son together. And now I have the same question to ask you as I did 10 years ago; will you be my partner? And this time to renew our vows.”

The banner behind them is rolled out and it says 'Marry me again?’. Then their young son comes up to them and gives his mommy the ring from his mama.

The two women look at each other before MC showes Jaehee a big smile and starts to cry. From happiness and joy. To have been blessed with such a wonderful lady is something she still thanks the Lord for every day.

“Yes! Yes, I’ll marry you again!

She throws her arms around her wife, who lets out a sigh of relief and holds onto her beloved for dear life. They both feel the arms of their son wrapping around their legs and hugging his parents. Behind them are their friends cheering and celebrating.

She’s so happy to have found someone like MC. Someone to start a family with, filled with love.

plans for tomorrow (4/20/17) how ironic XD

-edit videos to be schedule for upload later in the evening and also for saturday

-work on CA HIST questions (cause they are due on friday morning)

-work on the prepatory assignment that is due on friday…cause i have ALOT to work on for that one…cause the teacher kinda gave it to me in the comments -.- so theres alot that i have to revise…

-work on final part of the alternate reality oneshot mini-series (hope you guys liked it…if you have read it it’s the first set of writing’s that are on the top of the blog @kissfanfiction)

-also if time permits i want to work on a laughlin concert oneshot (with what actually happened since i’ll be seeing KISS on saturday :3 and then the “what could’ve happened version both with the inclusion of my character ava)

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Hey people

I just wanna share a little story of me, i just got fired from my work 2 days ago, from a work of 4 years and i really idk what to feel, for the part that i was fired is ok bc lately i wasn’t feeling good there and my boss was just looking for an excuse to fire me, i’m fine for that part, in the 4 years i worked there i gave the best of me, i gave my time, my body and soul, and they just say thank u, it’s okay every work does that, that happens to everybody, this is is for the emotional part, alot of my work partners are really upset bc they do that, yesterday i got alot messages all the day of people from work and they were saying that it was unfair and that they miss me and i felt really touched bc i really noticed how many people apprecite me and how they feel about what happend, and most for the part that my parnet the one i was really close to share so many things send me a message and i started to cry bc she’s one of the most kindest person i’ve met before, she’s so dedicated to her work and not everybody appreciated it, that’s why i really fell so bad bc i helped her when she needed help and i go a little worried for her bc not everybody is so kind to help there and i still feel a little bit broken for all those messages i received yesterday, but this teach me that there’s people who will be there for you when you most need and people who really dont care of what you so pls, be that kind of person who is for some who needs it, and i wanna thank to @westhallen and @sailoriu who really gave me some word to go through this.

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Theres a girl who works at a store in my town who is around my age and is really cute. I see her working there all the time and we always make eye contact and smile at eachother. I really wanna get the courage to talk to her (Ive been to her till before but that was to by things, I actually wanna talk to her) and ask for her number or something but Im too shy to and my friends keep trying to get me too and I always chicken out. Ive also low key searched for her insta but it hasnt appeared. Help?

Aw this sounds cute tho! Honestly it’s just as simple as talking to her. Maybe osmething in your own words like: “Hey I know you’ve seen me alot here and I think you’re really cute/cool/*blank* do you have an instagram? “or would you mind if i gave you my number?” (as she as at work it might be difficult for her to give you hers) I hope i’m making sense. If not, you could leave her a note with what you would say on it? You could even get one of your friends to talk to her for you, there really is no harm in that. I hope i’m helping somewhat haha. Its a weird situation when they’re at work. But you just have to go do it in whatever way feels comfortable for you.



After taking so many photos and videos and seeing them and feeling really bad about myself because certain angles made me look bad and then my confidence flew out the door I wanted to try and remember the good feelings everyone gave us during the con.

Like I’ve said before, yes, I’m chubby, always have been, I’m working on it. I also struggle with social anxiety and taking pictures let alone video is something EXTREMELY hard for me and I cried about this alot waaay before the actual convention.
Some pictures have surfaced where I feel like I look 10x bigger than i actually am, same with videos.
I’ve seen some mean comments, and yeah, I should sorta be used to it but…
I have to remember how sweet and wonderful and amazing everyone has been with us. Some people so excited they could barely speak. They didn’t care how big or small I was, they were just happy to see us with their own eyes, and I think that’s more important than any bad picture or video of me out there. 

I had an amazing time with Dalton and Luke too. It was so amazing meeting so many amazing people!! 

My biggest fear going to this convention was the thought of people being dissapointed when they finally saw me, (since Dalton has no problem showing his face for the channel, people knew what he looked like for the most part). I was afraid of that, but what we got instead were people so in awe and so happy - it’s just mind blowing, and an amazing confidence boost.

Anyways, I wanted to share these pictures, one of myself a couple days before the con I really liked, and a last day of con picture with me and Dalton. 
We had a really great time, and I won’t let a couple negative comments about my appearance get me down. (And thank you so much stevraybro for the confidence boost as well, you’ve been so sweet and so great words can’t even describe.)

Whether you see my face or not, like that I’m chubby or not, it won’t change who I am, or who Jaltoid is, and how great it feels to know how much we really are loved. So really, thank you so much everyone

Mostly Incomplete

Everything around me points back to a feeling I’ve once felt, a sound that echoed, a sight I used to gaze upon. And I am reminded that every single thing I have experienced has propelled me forward to this very point and will continue to do so. Being home in Singapore with family brings out mass introspective, self evaluation. It helps me see the negative in my life and fights for me to expel all of it. Which can be tough because that’s impossible. 

I am searching to become more of the man God created me to be. 

Let me open up a little bit. My life is engulfed in music. I love leading worship, I love singing by myself in my car, I love playing piano and guitar. But I’ve always had this voice inside my head saying, “You’ll never be good enough to amount to anything.” This voice of (un)reason has stopped me from doing alot of bold things with music. I can go on blaming this voice, or actually own up to my lack of work on my piano or guitar skills. Today I NEED to work on and stir up the gifts God has given me.

Like in 2 Timothy 2:6-7

For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands. For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.

 I was created to sing and bring a new song to my King and to adore him with the gifts he has given me along side his people - I know that. But just like the parable Jesus tells of the talents in Matthew 25, where the master gives out talents, and only the last person used and mutlipled those talents. I have been all those other servants. I have been sitting on my talents, warming it up, waiting for it to hatch into something meaningful and significant without investing half as much as I should. I have buried them expecting growth and rebirth what in fact they have been dying. 

I am not complete. I thank the Lord for that. I look to Phillippians 1:6 

And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.

We all want to be complete without the waiting. We all want our lives to be fixed by the power of human self-sufficiency. But that’s not what is promised. Christ’s work on the cross finished off sin and death. But us being transformed and restored into the beings we were initially created to be will take a face to face encounter with our Creator. The One who formed us and knows us to our depths will complete us Just as he completed our salvation on the day of Christ’s death and resurrection, only when we are reunited with our Savior will make us fully complete. For now, I will work on the gifts, the talents, the time, the resources, NOT to earn grace or favor, but to bring his name to light in the darkest times our world has been through. Take heart, be encouraged, God is working, Christ is saving, The Spirit comforting, The Father is in control. Hold to his name, love more deeply, stand firmly on the promises that cannot be shaken. We are going to be complete one day and everything will be more than alright - it will be perfect.

It doesn’t matter to me Spencerxreader

Request:Could you maybe write a Spencer x reader where his team or someone else teases him because he is still a virgin and you overhear it. And later when the two of you are alone you tell him that it doesn’t matter and that you’re happy to be his first.♡♡

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You were busy trying to catch up on paperwork, you take one day off and you become everyone’s personal slave. You looked at the never-ending pile of paperwork and groaned, spinning around in your chair you glared at Morgan. He just slowly shifted his glance from his computer to you “can I help you?” he said while giving you a raised eyebrow “oh I don’t know. Let’s see, how can you help me? That’s a tough one. Oh I know, how about you take your paperwork off my load that would help alot” sarcasm strong in your voice. Morgan just gave you a chuckle in reply “nope, that’s what you get for taking a day off“ he smirked “that makes no sense!” you exclaimed throwing your arms in the air. Morgan rolled his eyes “why don’t you ask pretty boy, he would get the work done so much quicker than your snail speed” you shot him another glare before getting out of your chair and walking over to where Spencer was sat.

Spencer was in his own world as always “Spence?” you poked him “come back to earth” you joked. He snapped out of his little trance and turned to you with a smile “oh hey (y/n), what can I do for you?” you put your hands together “would you help me with the never ending nightmare of folder pretty pretty please” you gave him your best puppy dog eyes. He chuckled “you know, I can never say no to you when you use those eyes. Fine” you grinned “thank you alot Spencer” you gave his cheek a quick kiss before returning to your seat. You looked at Morgan “I hate you for this you know” he faked a pained expression “oh that hurt my feelings, oh wait no it didn’t” you stuck your tongue out at him. “Am I that bad to work with?” Spencer smirked “oh you have no idea, I mean I don’t know how I will survive” you returned the smirk.

You glanced at your mug and frowned “Say, Spencer you know how much you love me and would do anything for me. Would you get me some more coffee please?”, “sure, I was going to get one for myself anyway” you handed him your cup “you love me really” you shouted after him “someone obviously lied to you” you gasped and stuck your tongue out at his retreating figure. Morgan stood from his chair with a smirk, you just gave him a look and watched him follow Spencer.

You glanced at the clock, Spencer had been making the coffee for 20 minutes now, you glanced across the room and could see Morgan speaking to Spencer “if you want something done right, do it yourself” you said sighing and getting out of your chair and heading towards the kitchen area. You were about to walk in but the conversation they were having intrested you ‘it’s so wrong to easedrop but no one has to know’ you thought and listened in. “So you still haven’t crossed that bridge so to speak”, “no, Morgan. I still haven’t t..” Morgan cut him off “you haven’t told her you are a virgin?” Spencer looked down slightly but you could see the faint blush on his face, Morgan smirked “well pretty boy not only are you the youngest but you the most innocent out of all of us” you saw Morgan ruffle Spencer’s hair before Spencer pushed his hand away mumbling for him to stop it. You sighed and walked in “Derek stop embaressing Spencer” both men turned and saw you in the doorway. Morgan raised his hands in a surrender laughing “sure, I have to go anyway Savannah will kill me if I’m late again” you both watched him leave then you turned back to face Spencer.

He was making sure not to make eye contact with you, walking over you grabbed his hands “Spence, look at me please” you pleaded, shyly he looked up making eye contact with you “why, didn’t you just tell me that you were a virgin?” he let out a sigh “I suppose I’m embaressed about it. I mean I’m probably the only one who is still a virgin and I didn’t want you to think badly of me” you shook your head “Spence, you aren’t the only one you know. I am still a virgin too” he just looked at you shocked “really?”, “yes genius, I wanted to wait for the right guy. It doesn’t matter to me if you are a virgin or not, I love you Spencer and I would love to be your first. Don’t ever feel like you can’t tell me anything because you think I will any less of you. I love you for you not if you are experienced or not. So what do you say we ditch the paperwork go home and start practising?” you smirked ‘Morgan is such a bad infleunce on others somethimes’ you thought. Spencer just looked like he had no idea what to say “or we could just go home and watch a film and if something happens then it happens” you smiled gently this time and Spencer nodded and you both went to grab your jackets.

Heartbroken 2 (Liam Dunbar Imagine)

Request: please do a part two of the imagine where liam cheated on you! it was rlly good !!!

you HAVE to make a part two omg i almost created with the heartbroken imagine :(

Can you make a part 2 of heartbroken Mabey when she comes back one year later ? Love your writing 

 OMG!!!! Part 2 to heartbroken pleeaseeee

 A/n; omgg, so many people requested a part 2 to Heartbroken! I’m so happy that you guys liked it and i hope you enjoyed part 2! 

Remember to request here.

Part 1.

I can’t forget the times we’ve shared together. The sadness and the happiness,the failure and success, the simple hugs and those tender kisses. I don’t know when it will happen again, seems like a part of me was gone. I miss all of that, I miss us. And most importantly I miss you.

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Bismuth and Snowflake Theory

I’ve been watching the 100th episode alot and I came up with a small theory about Bismuth’s past.
So, you guys all remember when she was talking about the other members of the gems and her reaction when she realized someone named Snowflake was gone. Didn’t she sound more pissed than with the others?

That small voice change gave me a small idea. I think Snowflake was her old girlfriend before and during the war.  Now, I did my research on the gem Snowflake Obsidian and found some interesting facts. For example, it helps take away negative emotions like anger and violence. I think that Snowflake helped Bismuth with the extreme and violent part of her personality when they were together. With that information; it made alot of sense, they’re opposites but they compliment eachother. Bismuth is big, colorful and extreme while Snowflake is most likely small, calm and helps heal.

The information also says that Snowflakes are made from volcanic lava, like where Bismuth works. That gave me another idea that they worked together; side by side in the forg 

Bismuth made weapons while Snowflake worked on alternative ways to help cracked and injured gems during the war. So, with all that information I think my theory makes sense but I want to know what you guys think too.

I hope we can all unite and ship Bitmuth and Snowflake. Snowmuth or Bisflake~

Derek Hale Imagine

Derek Hale Baby Imagine 

I exhaled deeply; today was not my day. I woke up for work late, Im getting sick. I didnt want to wake Derek but for the love of god he has got to do something about running in the forrest all night and then climbing into bed. I gagged when I woke up this morning, plus I spilt coffee down my shirt. I got a run in my panty hose. I groaned and sat at my desk. I blocked out the world and began to work.

I was half way through with my lunch when i felt extremely tired. I sighed and got more soda hoping it would keep me awake. I researched some ways to stay awake and finally was able to stay awake until 4. I had one more hour before I could go home. I yawned as my boss walked past. “Hey, y/n you okay? you look pretty tired” I nodded looking up at him. “Im so tired and I have no idea why” I said with a frown, “I went to bed at like 930 last night and woke up at 7 this morning.” He shrugged and leaned against my cubbie wall, “well if you want, you can go ahead and go home. Your reports are finished for the day” I smiled sadly at him, “Thank you sir, Ill see you tomorrow” he nodded and smiled “why dont you take some vacation time and catch up on everything at home, like sleep. Ill email you your work and you can just work from home for a while” I grinned and hugged him “Thanks Max, I really appreicate it” I whispered in his ear.

I got home and opened the door gasping. The loft was wrecked, dirty clothes everywhere, it smelt like wet dog and dirty gym clothes. There was take out boxes sitting out and the sink was filled with dirty dishes. I looked around and went into our room. It was wrecked to, the bed wasnt made, dirty clothes on the freshly cleaned bedding. I walked out in the living room and sudden just let out the loudest blood curdling scream I could. I could hear the pack laughing as they got out of the evelator. When they came into the loft they all stopped, Derek smiled at me. “Hey honey” he said walking toward me, “GET IT CLEANED! NOW!!!” I screamed turning red. “I’m not your maid. Im not your little house keeper. CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF AND THESE…….THESE MUTTS!” I glared and walked into our room slamming the door, I grabbed all the dirty clothes and threw them into the living room. “AND WASH YOUR OWN DAMN CLOTHES!” I ran a hot bubble bath and locked myself in the bathroom. I relaxed alittle but still felt like crap. I felt bad for snapping at Derek and the pack like that.

I heard a noise and Derek, using his claws unlocked the bathroom door and came in closing it again. “We got the loft cleaned back up” he said alittle harshly. I stared at the water, “Im sorry I snapped, Im just not feeling the best and the loft was dirty and it smells and I feel sick” I groaned leaning against the tub. He sat on the toilet and nodded “you work yourself alot, you need to rest” I nodded looking at him “Max gave me some vacation time to get rested up. If i still feel sick tomorrow I think im going to go see Deaton” I played with the bubbles in the bath as Derek squated next to the tub. “hey, youre probably just over worked” he kissing my temple and left.

I finally got out of the tub and got dressed. I walked out of the bathroom and noticed the bedding was washed and cleaned, the bed remade and our room looked like new. I walked out into the living room and noticed it was spotless as well. I looked at the pack who were sitting and reading. I rolled my eyes “Im sorry for calling you mutts, I havent been feeling well and I’m tired. The house was trashed and I took it out on all of you. Im sorry” I felt Derek hug my waist from behind and we sat on the couch.

I woke up the next morning gagging again and ran to the bathroom throwing up. I groaned feeling the warm hand holding my hair and rubbing my back. I finally finished throwing up and I leaned back into his chest and groaned. “oh god, my stomach hurts” I coughed and slowly stood with his help, I brushed my teeth and put on sweats and a t-shirt. “Im taking you to Deaton, come on” I held onto Derek as we made our way to his four runner he lifted me up sitting me inside. I laid my head back against the seat and closed my eyes. I knew derek was speeding down the street in seconds and he even called Scott and told him to get Deaton to the vet clinic.

Derek skidded to a stop in the parking lot and grabbed me taking me inside through the back door. “Shes sick and can barely keep her eyes open.” Derek rambled as he laid me on a table. “Both of you out. Ill look her over” Deaton said as he pushed them out and shut the door. Derek growled and Deaton shook his head walking away. About an hour later Deaton came back out to see Derek and Scott sitting in the waiting room. “heres the deal, you need to watch her closely, shes got about 7-8 months to go, Shes going to need constant care and food, Shes going to need lots of energy. Derek looked at Scott worried and looked at Deaton, "Whats killing her?!” Deaton furrowed his eyebrows and then smiled and shook his head. “follow me, he opened the door leading them into the back room.

I laid on the table with my shirt lifted, Deaton came back over and moved the wand over my stomach and he pointed to the screen, "You see this, this bean looking spot? Thats the baby Derek” he said smiling at him. I tried to contain my smile but I couldnt, I grinned looking at Derek as tears ran down my temples. “Im pregnant” I said barely above a whisper. Derek stood there speechless, he didnt smile or grin, he just stared at the screen with this almost horrid expression. “Derek?” I mumbled Deaton nodded to Scott who took Derek by the arm and pulled him out of the room. I looked at Deaton as he printed the picture out for me. “Ill drive you home okay?” he said as he helped me off the table. I nodded wiping my eyes.

When I arrived home, the rest of the pack was sitting in the living room. I looked at all of them and sighed sitting on the couch. “Im pregnant, and Derek kinda freaked out” I looked at them, they all looked at each other and smiled. “Thats amazing! Congrats! He will come around Im sure!” Isaac said smiling. Peter rolled his eyes, “great more family members, at least its with someone I can stand” he smiled and kissed my head. I laughed alittle and went into the kitchen to cook dinner. I felt happier, though, I was still extremely tired, I wanted to wait for Derek to get home. After dinner i cleaned up the place as the pack headed to bed I sat on the couch with a book and began reading. I soon fell asleep on the couch.

I felt something around me and I woke up starting to panic. “Shh shh, its okay, I got you” I heard Derek mumbled, I looked up at him, he was dirty, like hed been fighting. “What happened?” I reached up rubbing his cheek. He bent down as he lowered me on the bed and kissed me. “I’m fine, I love you, and Im very excited for this little to get here” he rubbed my belly grinning. “Its just going to take some time to get used to having a baby around.” he smiled. I grinned and wiped the tears from my cheeks. “I’m so happy” I laughed some with more tears pouring out. “Dont cry” he mumbled curling up to me wiping my tears. “I’ll be back.”

About ten minutes later he came out in a pair of sweats and curled up with me in bed. I grinned kissing him “you smell much much better” he chuckled a deep chuckle and kissed my forehead. “I hope we have a boy and he looks like you"I said quietly, he grinned."Its a girl if you really wanna know” he smirked and tapped his nose. “I can smell it” I pushed his chest some, “I hope you are wrong” I grinned as he looked at me. “Tomorrow Im gonna start on the nursery” I smiled drifting to sleep.

Just some more thoughts

I think something to into account here is that Yuri on Ice was a show that wasn’t based off any pre-existing media. It wasn’t a game, or a visual novel, or a manga or a light novel. It was a completely original concept made by a small company. A company that while it had made a few pretty good productions (Days, Kids on the Slope, Zankyou no Terror) none of them, to my knowledge were ever on the level that Yuri on Ice is now.

Making an anime isn’t easy, unless you’re UFOtable or Kyoani or another one of the really well known studios. You aren’t given that big of a budget, which you need when making animation. So you make do with what you have! And honestly what MAPPA did with Yuri on Ice, from a budget given to a show that was a anime only original concept is pretty fucking impressive! So that’s why i’m inclined to forgive animation goofs and decreases in quality (which will be fixed in the blu rays I have no doubt!).

And also because their concept was original, its highly unlikely that they were granted any more than one cour to work with, which is 12 episodes (thirteen if you push it). And to be honest there’s only so much you can do in 12 episodes! I do screenwriting and the hardest thing I’ve found when planning out a series is minimizing it to 12-13 episodes because that’s all you’re gonna get unless your show does take off the ground! Heck, sometimes that’s if you’re lucky. Look at some live action shows that only get 5-6 episode seasons to work with!

Its hard to fit so much story, and so many characters, and their character arcs and development into 12 24-25 minutes episodes,  Unless you’re a writing god, you’re gonna have flaws and bumps and maybe even plot threads that need to be left open in the hopes of another season (because thats what you want when you make a show, assurance that your audience DOES want to stick around and watch more!) in your final episode.

 And here’s the thing, no matter how great your story is, your ending will ALWAYS be the weakest part.  Look at Naruto, look at Bleach, look at Free!, Look at Dangan Ronpa 3, HECK LOOK AT NEARLY EVERY VIDEO GAME IN EXISTENCE. Their endings are the most descive parts, and they’re a BITCH to write, and lucky for YOI it does have another season to hopefully clear up some remaining questions everyone has.

But you know what, for what we did get. With all the constraints and limitations Mappa had when creating an Anime original concept, that was going against some pretty good stuff this season. IT DID A PRETTY FUCKING GOOD JOB AT IT. 

So maybe you liked the ending, maybe you didn’t, maybe you liked some parts and you didn’t like others. But i think one thing we can all agree on is that Mappa did a pretty good job creating this show from nothing! Kubo and Yamamoto worked their asses off creating a show thats gonna be remembered and with any lucky season 2 will be just as great, if not better!

I certainly enjoyed the ride this show gave me, and I hope the rest of you did too!

DDM #16; You're teething

Liam; your mom was at her home town,  and liam said to her that it was okay to leave you here with him, but what he didn’t know that you will start teething, “oh god here we go again” he said as he heard your cries, he came to you and picked you up, “what’s wrong baby girl? Does it hurt?” He asked, and kissed you, but you only cried louder, “okay I bought this today hopefully it will help” he said and walked to the bedroom and out you in the bed and came back with a bottle, “the pharmacist said this teething gel will help, I just have to rub it on the gums, that what he said” he was talking while rubbing the gel, when he finished, your cried has died, “ohh does it feel good now? How about you get some rest” he says as he puts you on his chest, then the two of you fell asleep, guess teething is hard for you and him.

Zayn; “mom she is dribbling more than usual and she has red swollen gums” zayn called his mom, to ask her what he should do with you, “ahh zayn maybe she’s teething, I will tell you what to do you can buy teething rings, but for now you can give her some cool, sugar-free drinks, water will work, it will soothe her gums, but make sure that it’s not too cold” she said, “okay mom thanks alot, talk to you later” he said, then he ran to the kitchen where you mother is holding you, “mom told me what to do” he said and grabbed your bottle filled it with cool water, and he made sure that it’s not too cold, then he gave it to you, as soon as he gave you the bottle you stopped crying, “so you like it” zayn said in a baby voice then kissed your nose.

Louis; you were now chewing your father new shirt, he puts it next to you and you took it, louis walked into the room to see you and his new shirt in your mouth, “really?” He said, but you looked at him and giggled, “I always tell you not to put your shirt in-” your mom started to say but he cut her, “I know I know, but we will now wash it, so no problem right little miss” he said to you, and you giggled more which caused more dribbling to fall to the shirt, “okay stop laughing missy, I need to go and buy something for you to chew on or I won’t have any clothes to wear”.

Niall; *his pov* arghh if she keeps crying like that my head will explode, she’s teething and it’s hurting her, she’s crying all day and all night, it’s soo tiring, I looked at her and her face is red like a tomato, I made a funny face to her, then she stopped crying, “niall keep doing that it’s distracting her from the pain in her gums” my wife said, I kept doing that and she stayed silent, I took her and held her, “c’mon love show off your beautiful gums” I said and started kissing her, she smiled and started giggling, “keep doing that” my wife said,  “yeah keep doing that and then I won’t be able to move my face” I said, “c’mon it’s your turn now” I said and gave her to my wife, “the things we do for you” she said then started tickling her.

Harry;*his pov* I’m standing next to the door looking at my little girl, something was wrong she’s always rubbing her ears and she wakes up at the middle of the night crying, I think I will take her to the doctor, “babe are you okay” my girlfriend said, “I think I will take her to the doctor” I said, “yeah I think this is a great idea” she said and picked her up, “let’s go” she said, and we walk to the car and I started driving, the drive to the hospital was quick, I picked her and went to the hospital, “can you help me?” I asked the nurse and she nodded,  “what’s wrong with her?” She asked, “she’s always rubbing her ears and waking up at the middle of the night, I’m afraid that she has some problems with her ears” I asked worried, she looked at her and puts her hand inside if her mouth, “nothing to worry about sir she’s just teething, the only thing you need is some teething rings” the nurse said,  and I sighed in relief, “thank you very much” I said and we walked out of the hospital, “now let’s get you some teething rings” I said and kissed her head.