this game ughh

Smol Foxes

if your sad you should really consider thinking about Tfc no, not that part and definitely NOT THAT PART but like, think about

+ Andrew and Neil sitting in the seats on the bus, Neil’s feet barely touch the floor and Andrews just stick straight out when he sits back making him look like a disgruntled child next to Kevin.

+ Or the shorter foxes walking around another schools campus at an away game and being scolded by a security guard or teacher mistaking them for jr.high/high school kids.Like thinking that they’re hoodlums hanging around to be a problem and telling them to leave, Coach has to come rescue them, which is more amusing than annoying and he brings it up as often as possible.

+Neil getting a hoody but it turns out to be way to big but its so comfortable he keeps it. Andrew borrows it occasional practically swims in bright orange fabric. It’s way more adorable than it should be . also, like all the new foxes (internally) think of Neil as a strong and cool leader but he shows up looking like that and it nearly causes a riot. no one can focus because his sleeve keeps slipping down when he’s taking causing the extra fabric to flop back and forth with his gesturing. it’s just too much.

+ Neil falls asleep in the lounge wearing it , his face is barely visible but he looks so young and sweet nicky walks into like four walls before tumbling over Aaron. 

+ Maybe the foxes go to an amusement park before the upperclassmen graduate, Due to height requirements Andrew and Aaron can’t go on some of the rides. So Neil hangs back and they spend most of their time at the game booths shooting targets for prizes and ball tosses and small skill activities Andrew is really great at. He wins a prize at nearly every booth making Neil and Kevin haul around a huge bear, a stuffed crocodile and a pin wheel etc. at the end of the night he casually tells Neil to “keep it, i don’t need that junk.”.

+ At first he kind of sarcastically keeps the stuffed animals on his bed but he grows pretty attached. the bear is as big as he is. More than once Andrew looks over to find Neil sleeping under a mountain of stuffed animals.  Because you know once Andrew has broached that subject Dan and Renee and Matt find subtle reason to give him stuffed animals. “Its valentines day Neil, this is what friends do ok?” “It’s a limited edition Palmetto state bear.” Neil loves (the foxes) them so he just accepts the gifts adding it to his growing collection with a sigh. 

+ and like when a team insult the shorter foxes, “they let children play on your team?” Dan just smiles when Neil makes brief eye contact with Andrew and then Aaron. You know that idiot who opened his big damn mouth is going to get a ball to his head all night long. Someone stays on the player the whole night blocking them the fuck out , they can barely step straight. The player gets so frustrated he ends up getting himself a red card twenty minutes in.