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TBH when you have an irrational fear of aquatic life/ open large bodies of water and yet you love the prince shark boy.

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i just realized that mirai-hen is literally dangan mafia. it’s literally fucking dangan mafia. one person wakes up each night to kill someone (the mafia) and then wakes up with the town and they all vote on who they think did it. it’s literally fucking dangan mafia, it’s just dangan mafia, we’re fuckign watching a dangan mafia game oh my g


OK so I know I’m like the only person on Tumblr still playing Neko Atsume, but today’s update freaks me out a little bit.  There’s one new rare cat, and he’s called Whiteshadow.  His “type” is not the usual like, grey, or calico, or whatever… no, it’s NINJA COSTUME!!!

Also, I saw him as soon as I opened the app a few minutes ago, standing on a fence in the yard, not anywhere I’ve ever seen one of the cats before, just standing there staring, not on any of the spots where the toys and stuff go. 

I thought it was odd and a little spooky; I took a couple pictures of him, looked at them on his page, and went back to the yard.  He was gone just like that, in like three seconds, and instead of fish he left three cans of cat food???  Which since I don’t use that kind of cat food and already had 99 cans of it meant I got nothing, really??

Then I looked closer at his profile page…  Under “goodies”, he doesn’t use any “goodies” like the other cats… no, he just goes on “scouting missions”.  Who is he scouting for?  Is someone about to take over the yard??  Am I becoming paranoid over a simple silly game about cute cats???  (…yes)

This game is just trying to see how far it can go at this point and still keep crazy addicted users like me… 

I need to tell myself at this point: you idiot there are starving children in the world… stop wasting your time playing and worrying about this ridiculous game… but then I think… I can’t neglect the cats!!!  oh my g this is pathetic I need a life and a real hobby…




G: Oh look at this! I love this movie, it’s so funny!

C: But my cake…

G: Oh come on! Cake can wait. This is too good. You know I want to be an actress when I grow up?

C: Well, I wasn’t sure, usually you change your mind about that a lot. Last week you wanted to be a professional diver.

G: Well, I’ve decided for real. As soon as I’m famous enough, I’ll produce my own movies too, and you can write the scripts, if you want to.

C: Really? That’d…that’d be so cool!

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Headcanon where Keith is like super obsessed with Magikarp Jump. He plays it whenever he has spare time and gives them really cutesy nicknames like "Muffin" or "Bubbles". Whenever he wins a league battle he'll get really excited and show Shiro who's like "good job, I'm proud of you buddy" but on the inside he's questioning why his little bro spends so much of his time playing a game where all you teach a fish to jump

Oh my g o d. This is beautiful and I support it 100%