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the major Game of Thrones houses as notorious fandoms/groups

House Stark - Spirk - You follow the old gods, you get an old fandom.

House Targaryen - Superwholock - This house has a flair for the dramatic and bringing different people together.

Arthur Dayne - The Onceler - Appears when least expected, will never really die–is, can, and will be shipped with everyone/everything.

House Karstark - MARVEL - A strong, powerful house that apparently has no women or lgbt people and doesn’t make the best choices.

House Baelish - Killing Stalking - Do I need to explain this?

House Tyrell - Yuri On Ice - Appeared out of nowhere, made everything gay and beautiful, disappeared again suddenly. 

House Baratheon - Memes - Get it? Because, you know, all memes die eventually. Also, the only remaining Baratheon is an actual meme–forever rowing. Plus, come on, the Stannis the Mannis thing that happened for 2 minutes.

House Martell - SJWs - “YOU raped her, YOU murdered her, YOU killed her children!” Very passionate, just want peace and justice. Also loves sneks.

House Lannister - Game of Thrones - A good many elitist roleplayers, but many roleplayers with a good heart too. Occasionally, accidentally lets a cult take over the community. 

House Arryn - Star Wars - Much like the film Star Wars, we thought Arryn was gone until it showed up to Battle of the Bastards and proved what a Force™ the house was. Also the Vale might as well be outer fucking space.

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8., 9. and 17. for the video game ask meme!!

Best Soundtrack

It’s a toss up between Oblivion, Halo ODST and Life is Strange.  They all get regular play in my daily rotation!

I once read that Jeremy Soule had a near death experience while writing the music for Oblivion, so he was inspired to infuse his music with a wonder for life (I believe it, wow those instrumentals are vital).

Martin O’Donnel is a master composer.  All the Halo soundtracks are pulse poundingly good, but ODST invokes the most emotion for me.

And Life is Strange just did a really good job conveying the genre and feel of the game.  

Saddest Scene

I bawled the first time I played Mass Effect 3 and experienced Thane’s death scene.  I knew it was coming, but it was written really well.

Favorite Antagonist


Kreia.  Her motivations are very interesting and unique.  Few things are ever really surprising in the Star Wars universe, since it tends to be a very simplistic moral narrative, but the plot arc of this game was pretty well written.

Thanks for the questions!

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For the unpopular opinion thing: It's strange that (some) fans get upset about a musician having a significant other because it's their life, especially personal life, and fans and the musician don't actually know one another.

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