this game is killing me ; ;

good things about ndrv3!!


-saihara’s secret and adorable ahoge

-the helluva plot twist in chapter 1


-tenko fucking flips saihara like he weighs nothing more than a bunch of grapes. saihara is screaming

-tenko does the same to yumeno

-kiibo’s ahoge

-chapter 5 hurt a lot. throwbacks to dr1


-kiibo’s smile

-danganronpa was literally fucking destroyed

-thank god for kiibo


My man Stephane out here

((not gonna lie this reminded me of Eros and Terra Incognita))

Like who he tryna kid though?



*CONTINUITY ERRORS* Later that afternoon

Mitchell: So, what do you think?

Claire’s jaw dropped when she walked in the apartment. She wandered around the living room, looked at the cabinets and imagined herself cooking on them. She looked at the sofa and imagined that movie nights were going to get way more fun. She imagined… living at that place and that brought a smile to her face. Mitchell laughed and smiled at her.

Mitchell: You’re so cute when you get excited about things

She smiled back at him and looked at the hallway. Only two doors: one leading to the bathroom and another one leading to a bedroom that she already wanted to move things around. It was a small apartment. It was close to work, they could afford it, it was well decorated. It wasn’t a place to start a family. Claire whispered to herself:

Claire: It’s a place to get married and save money.

She turned to Mitchell and threw herself at him, giving him a tight hug.

Claire: It’s this one, Mitch.

Mitchell: Yes, babe. Yes, it’s.

Gaiden is getting a remake???
There’s going to be a new FE game for the Switch?
FE Warriors is still an enigma???

Ouma FTE

Ouma starts a “knife-game” with Saihara and ends up cutting himself  It could be an accident, but it fits more with his character +the rest of the FTE to do it on purpose as to inspire concern from Saihara and blame it on an “accident”.

Saihara goes to get a first aid kit

Ouma says something about “if I said I’ll kill you would your heart be occupied with thoughts of me”

Then you wouldn’t forget the time we spend together

Now that I’ve stolen/occupied your heart, I don’t mind dying anymore

Everything was a “lie” but maybe he lied about lying

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For the "send me a ship thing": yoonseok :)

  • shops for groceries 
    • yoongi - i don’t know why but I can completely imagine him being meticulous at the market, spending like 20 minutes to pick out the best tomato… and then maybe he comes home to Hoseok nagging in an apron and asking why he took so long when they were just waiting for one ingredient 
  • kills the spiders
    • yoongi - he does it without a change in expression, mercilessly, ruthlessly (with Hoseok’s cries in the background)
  • comes home drunk at 3am
    • yoongi - definitely yoongi ._. he needs something to drown all that artist’s sorrow (and he the heavyweight right?)
  • makes breakfast
    • both - they’d altenate and would both have their own way of doing it? Like Hoseok’s more the “breakfast in bed for you” type (mostly because Yoongi doesn’t get out of bed and Yoongi would be “candles and gourmet brunch” type? :P
  • remembers to feed the fish
    • hoseok - maybe only because Yoongi’s too busy doting on Holly :P
  • decorates the apartment
    • both - I feel like they both have their own unique tastes that they would contribute and probably have a few squabbles in between
  • initiates duets
    • hoseok - isn’t he usually the one that initiates the S-ope duets? if not that both of them would spontaneously burst into song and then the other would join 
  • falls asleep first
    • yoongi - ha. 

thank you for sending me this ^^

send me a ship and i’ll tell you who

DST info meme

i originally made this form for an intro thread in my Steam group, but i realized it works as a tumblr meme too, there’s nothing steam-specific about it. so

Name: blob

Time Zone: CST

DST experience level: decent? i will sometimes make foolish decisions and die, but i am reasonably acquainted with pretty much everything in the game- as in, if you tell me, say, ‘we need to craft a thermal measurer’ i’ll say ‘but boss that’s a useless structure are you testing me’ know what you want me to go and get to make it and i will know how to get those things. if you tell me ‘i want to kill such and such enemy’ i will know whether that’s reasonable with our current equipment and if not what to go get. i know what biomes to find things in, the most necessary items to have on hand for each season, etc

Character(s) I prefer to play as: wilson. i have a little bit of experience with willow and maxwell and not a whole lot as anyone else, but if you need a specific character for a server i’d be happy to play whatever character that may be.

Playstyle: i really like crafting stuff and making a nice base. i’m not super into combat for the sake of combat unless everyone’s doing it and its like a fight party, or the mob has something i want. or it’s a bat. FREAKIN BATS

Favorite strategies: if you bring me into your server, you will have tooth traps as far as the eye can see

I am particularly interested in the following types of servers: anything but free-for-all PvP servers or super cheaty ones. extensive modding is fine but everyone running around in godmode or something like that is not super interesting to me

Invite me to random servers as you please y/n: not if i’m already in-game because i don’t open up the game unless i have already promised to play with somebody (or am just briefly checking the trade inn). otherwise sure but if you catch me when i am working on endless comic lineart i will have to decline

Okay with RP servers y/n: i have discovered that i love rp servers but please SFW only. otherwise: i prefer playing wilson, willow or maxwell in that order, they’re the characters i am most comfortable with. wickerbottom i could RP but am less familiar with the mechanics of actually playing as. however i am willing to take any character you need if you are okay with me needing to get used to the character a bit. (as for shipping: any of you are free to try to start something with the character i’m playing as you like but my character may or may not respond favorably. especially if i’m playing wilson, who is an idiot and will probably not notice what you are doing)

Up for trading y/n: i am always up for trading any duplicate item in my inventory. if i have something you want but it’s not a duplicate, and you have a good offer, feel free to offer but i am not guaranteed to say yes. (if you are asking for one of wilson’s items i am guaranteed not to say yes)

I failed...and I'm sorry...

I don’t know what else to say….I feel like so many things in my life is facing apart and it gets worse and worse…

All I wanted to do is find a family again…all I wanted was to do things with friends….play video games…livestream..

I set goals for myself…ever since I joined tumblr…ever since I had inspiration

Now look at me….I’m not getting any more notes…I’m not getting anymore comments…im no longer making any more arts….and it kills …..i don’t enjoy it anymore…its not fun…its not fun anymore.

I have empty promises I wish I could keep…I dedicated my heart to this and it’s slowly dying away…I’m no longer getting love..

I’m lonely.the only thing I can think of is me dying.and seeing noone would care, and it makes me sad to see people do care..

I’m so pathetic…im so stupid, I think of myself very little, I hate myself, I don’t want to be near people that would rub it in worse

I only make these messages when I am not well, I am 0% happy…I’m..not well. I’ve been up now till 5:42 am

GODDAMMIT! noone will ever read this post! Noone will gave a damn!

I’m loosing my mind…I’m loosing myself..


I don’t know what to fucking do anymore…

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That dodge ball bumping almost gave me a heart attack. Plus the part where they play that game where louis held harry's legs! I HATE THEM!!!! Why are they like this! Btw that was the only reason ben winston wasn't killed. That saved ur ass ben.

The part where he holds Harry’s leg and he’s so careful…. I’m crying