this game is da best

Weißt du, nach allen was du abgezogen hast, geht dich all das was ich mache, wie ich es mache und mit wem ich was mache nichts mehr an. Genauso was ich denke, fühle und wies mir geht.

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Eyyy, can I request a kbtbb headcanon what the bidders+mc's reaction would be when they go in a haunted house? tbh those haunted house reaction photo memes remind me of the kbtbb guys lmao

I was almost crying from laughter @ this headcanon bless u

I kind of turned this into bidderxmc pictures because all of the haunted house photos are group shots lmao


  • He does jazz hands when he’s surprised l m a o
  • MC thought it would be fun to drag him in 
  • She lowkey wanted to see him lose his shit
  • Ohhh boy, did she see
  • Eisuke pretends to be cool until someone dressed as an axe murderer jumped out
  • He is S H O O K
  • The two of them ended up screaming their heads off


  • Nothing phases this man
  • He was willing to go along when MC asked, but he didn’t understand the appeal
  • ‘Do they know this fake blood and murder scene is seriously inaccurate?’
  • Soryu pls
  • Talks shit the whole time
  • Thinks MC’s reactions are cute
  • His first reaction to MC screaming is to pull out his gun tho


  • Super into the idea because!! He can hold MC when she’s scared!!
  • Bitch u thought
  • The biggest baby ever when he’s scared
  • Super animated, clings desperately to MC, even jumps into her arms
  • MC is too done to be scared at this point 
  • ‘Please let go of the death grip on my hand, Baba’
  • ‘I CAN’T’ 


  • Tries to nope the fuck outta there
  • MC has a death grip on his shirt the whole time
  • She knows he’ll try to run
  • If she goes down, she’s taking Ota with her
  • MC is basically a babysitter the whole time


  • Complains while in line about haunted houses being ‘little kid stuff’
  • Not amused with any of it, but MC forces him to join in
  • Big mistake
  • He’s pretty calm until he sees two actors pretending to get killed
  • He doesn’t even scream when he’s scared, he ROARS
  • ‘W H A T   T H E   F U C K   I S   T H A T’
  • Has to supress the urge to go into Cop Mode™ and help the actors out


  • Thinks the whole concept is stupid, but he agrees to make MC happy
  • Within 2 seconds, he remembers why he don’t do this shit
  • Tries desperately to remain composed to save face
  • When someone covered in fake blood scares him, that plan goes out the window
  •  Death grip on MC’s shirt
  •  He doesn’t run or anything, but his eyes say Death™ 


  • You can’t take these two anywhere jfc
  • They think everything is a joke, nothing scares them
  • Pretends to pelvic thrust and flip off the actors 
  • Knows exactly where the cameras are so they can pose accordingly
  • Are forcibly removed from the haunted house for ruining the scary mood
  • Frames this pic when they get home


  • This poor baby thought going into a make-believe land would be fun!!
  • MC tries to convince him otherwise, but he already buys the tickets to go
  • So confused when he gets inside
  • Why is everyone so frightening, MC?’
  • MC explains the concept of a haunted house to him
  • Shrieks whenever someone jumps out
  • MC is equally shook
  • She buys him ice cream afterwards to calm him down


  • Doesn’t understand the concept of haunted houses, but wants to make MC happy
  • The bidders are worried he’ll be terrified the whole time, but he suprises everyone
  • Think’s it is so weird that people like to be scared for fun
  • MC hides behind his tall ass whenever she’s scared and he just laughs
  • All of the skeletons and fake blood make him rly excited!!!
  • Tries to talk to the actors playing surgeons to compliment them on their costumes
  • Luke no

“Can’t you see why I want nothing to do with that life?”

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Wir würde ein game aussehen, das du entwickelt hast?

Wahrscheinlich wäre es das Beste Game, das es jemals gab.. 😏

Ich versuch mal kurz zu überschlagen, was mir wichtig wäre: Ich würde dem Game wahrscheinlich keinen realistischen, sondern einen sehr stilisierten Look verpassen, den ich persönlich ästhetisch finde. Außerdem würde ich versuchen einen Mittelweg zwischen gutem Storytelling und anspruchsvollem, spaßigem Gameplay zu schaffen, da die meisten Games meiner Meinung nach nur eins von beidem aufweisen. Wahrscheinlich wär’s ein Openworld-Game, das über die Mainstory hinaus noch Unmengen an Content zu bieten hat und mit Eastereggs vollgestopft ist..


Ezio Auditore da Firenze

I have lived my life as best I could, not knowing its purpose, but drawn forward like a moth to a distant moon; and here at last, I discover a strange truth. That I am only a conduit, for a message that eludes my understanding

Khepri gives everyone who does their best hugs

After matches, friend or foe, Khepri will give out hugs to those doing their best. Especially those who weren’t doing so well. Got trapped in an Odin, Zeus alt and got bullied? Khepri will hug you and tell you you’re doing your best, that the Beard Father Bros Inc. Just catch people off guard sometimes. Missed an Ult and the team is yelling at you? He’ll give them a stern talking to and carry you on his buggy back so you can get a breath of fresh, non toxic air. Khepri just wants you to do your best and have fun