this game is actually my life

My favorite thing about Life is Strange is that you never actually get an explanation regarding the biggest question by far: Why did you suddenly get superpowers that destroy the world with each use?

Like, the game not only fails to answer the question, it never even actually asks it.

It’s just like “You can time travel, but the world ends.”

“Oh! Ah…”

“Wanna bang your best friend and solve a murder?”


squiggl3  asked:

Gosh I love your headcanons Glitter, esp that one with mc getting sick bc I'm in the same boat at the moment. Just sending some love ❤

✿ *AGGRESSIVELY WATERS THE SMALL PLANT CREATURE* get…!! better soon, Squigz!!! I am rooting for you and your health, you adorable nugget you.

✿ is. is this my obsession with morrowind showing or are you making a vvardenfell joke. because IT IS SUPER TRUE I AM ANYWAY-I-LOVE-VVARDENFELL BECAUSE MORROWIND BEST GAME, FOREVER, 10-OUTTA-10. #cliffracersimulator2k02

✿ requests are open though!! actually it’s super likely i’ll do the vampire ask because I. I also love vampires. especially since it seems like you’d be cool with #actualvampirefolklore and buddy, pal, friend of mine. i love supernatural stuff and folklore like nooooooo tomorrow.

actually, fun #undead fact, did you know that a sign that a person will come back to life as a draugr (scandinavian zombie) is that the corpse is found sitting, standing, or - otherwise - not found lying down? i always thought that was hilarious.

So today at my networking group I talked about how social media for small businesses is getting all hecked up and how to find your demographic and focus on which platform they primarily use

And hashtags on Twitter came up and I said ‘follow trending hashtag games and jump in on them, but please for the love of god research them and make sure they’re not actually for like a social or political movement first’

And all these life coaches and realtors and massage therapists who’ve been businessing and adulting for twice as long as I have just got this look of utter dread on their faces as though it had never occurred to them that you could accidentally majorly fuck yourself and your business over by advertising playfully on a serious hashtag

And then I had to tell them that it’s HAPPENED BEFORE. Which was honestly the worst part.

Please help Mark see this...

Hi, Mark. I’m the developer of “Black Rose” “Captured”, and “Otherworld Hospital”, and I’ve been a long-time subscriber and fan of you, ever since your early days of ’Let’s Playing’. You help me with my depression, and you help me feel like I have friends, even though I’ve never actually met you or the gang (I’d be too nervous to, anyway). You help me feel like I’m somewhat normal. Even though I just sit here and cry sometimes, you always make me laugh.

Seeing you play my games helps motivate me to keep developing them and get better at it, as becoming a successful, appreciated game developer has been my entire life dream since I was very young. It’s been a long journey or depression, anxiety, devastation, humiliation, isolation, lack of motivation, and sadness, but you help me press on.

I can only hope that maybe, possibly, if I get lucky, you just might see this. I’m getting emotional now even just typing this out, it’s just that you’ve helped me so much in ways that many people can’t see or understand.

So, thank you. Even though it’s hard, I will keep trying the best I can.

  • Me, an intellectual: I should really stop obsessing over fictional people that don't actually exist outside the scope of my tv and book pages and I should focus on reality and getting my life together.
  • Also me: No you shouldn't
  • Me: Tru, you right

don’t forget about me,don’t forget about me

even when i doubt you–

im no good without you

reset theory got me like…..

also this has been sitting in my WIP pile for a month and i just got around to finishing it lmao this game stole my soul

My entire life just flashed before my eyes.

I need to stop writing porn on my phone.

My auto-correct now corrects the word “good” to “good boy”, “don’t” is now, “don’t stop, please don’t stop”, and “my” tries to offer up the phrase “my cock in your mouth.”

And a new one I’ve just discovered while attempting to text a family member, “need” is now “need you inside of me”

So every text is now like playing Words With Friends except the game is actually Russian Roulette with the very probable outcome of a fully loaded sex phrase and lemme tell you I have never been so thankful I stopped to look at what I was typing before I hit send.

“I thought we were happy. We had two kids. She was a great mom. But three or four years into our marriage, she started playing that Sims game online. You can be anyone in that game. She could be the perfect wife or whatever. She was always on that computer. Then she started playing this other game where you can marry, date, and screw people. All of it is fake, but people actually develop feelings for each other. In real life these guys are probably 450 lbs. but online they look like Superman. There was actually one guy that she called ‘her Superman.’ He even started mailing Superman trinkets to the house. She wouldn’t quit. I even tried to break her cellphone with my hand. I just wanted her to live her life with us. But we weren’t enough for her.”

Reasons to Watch Monster Factory
  • Just two brothers playing games and making such horrible monstrosities in the character creation
  • Said monstrosities are also given names such as The Final Pam, Truck Shepard, Christopher Christopher “The Pebble” Christopher Christopher and Daytrader Vader
  • “I’ll get the Rock pregnant.”
  • Their female creations aren’t treated differently and are made just as horrific as their male creations
  • Pure humor, nothing controversial, and actually funny unlike a lot of gaming channels (it took me like an hour to get through a vid that was 25 minutes long because i needed to pause to catch my breath from laughing so damn hard)
  • “Just like Bart.”
  • In their Second Life series Griffin was super uncomfortable with the amount of “in your face” porn content that would show up and even said that if he became mayor he would ban all of the sex servers
  • “Dr. Phil if you tell me something that stupid again you’re going to eels.”
  • Showed disgust at a young, over-sexualized neko girl and then proceeded to turn her into the most horrific Rat Baby and named her furry familiar Vape Life (after showing disgust towards the furry)
  • This compilation of almost evey time they say “boy” on the show

@bluebellsims Tillie Sweater Recolor with Rude Fox Graphics

Hoooo boy, so much credit to spread around with this one. First off, these are Simlish translations of @eglads amazing Rude Fox series. As I can’t actually own all of them in real life, my logical step was to stick them on my sims!

I also noticed how perfect @citrontart​‘s palette would fit with these, and she allowed me to swipe some swatches. Expect some more recolors in her palette because it really is the perfect palette for my game.

  • Comes in 7 colors of the citrontarts palette, with 7 simlish translations of eglads Rude Fox graphics
  • You’ll need the mesh - here
  • Standalone w/ custom thumbnail
  • Don’t claim as your own and don’t re-upload without my permission!
  • Tag me if you use them! I’d love to see these in other peoples games


Shared house traits

Gryffindor & Hufflepuff
-sweet summer child
-close, intimate, heartbreak mending hugs
-giggles “that’s what she said”
-likelihood you’ll fall in love with them +9999999%
-probably still owns a stuffed toy

Ravenclaw & Slytherin
-already wrote an encyclopedia on all the ways they’re better than you
-judging you not-so-silently
-“my words are both poison and exilir. tempt me, if you dare.”
-intimidating at first bUT THEYRE ACTUAL CINNAMON ROLLS
-“aw you didn’t have to do that!-…what do you want?”
-too many trust issues, someone just HUG THEM

Gryffindor & Ravenclaw
-already stalked you on all your social media accounts
-board games. video games. gaaames. 
-always has a mess. somehow knows where everything is. 
-BUSY. friends, hobbies, school/work, internet til 2am, busy.

Slytherin & Hufflepuff
-knows who they will search for first during the apocalypse
-“i trust you with my life. don’t let me down”
-literally gives the best first impressions
-it’s actually a little scary how much they could be hiding
-work, work, work, workwork

Hufflepuff & Ravenclaw
-“god you’re so fucking weird and i love it”
-that friend who never yells at anyone until they do and everyone is terrified
-my otp is better than yours
-“rules were not made to be broken unless i say so”
-happier when all is peaceful and quiet

Gryffindor & Slytherin
-that friend that shares all the hot selfies they find. (bless them)
-has never made a good decision after 2am
-*loses something* *blames it on you* *finds it 2min later with their stuff*
-selfie game too strong


my two most favorite people in the world