this game got me back into playing

Near death again

In my current game I am playing a changeling swashbuckler who has nearly been killed 11 times and counting
1: 1v1 a bugbear captain that was trying to board our ship.
2: nearly frozen solid by a Koa Toa mystic
3: The goddess of thieves and rouges had to intervene to keep me from becoming a flesh eating monster because I was drinking out of a fey fountain.
4: fought a hydra on its back. Was saved by a shield relic another PC got from the sister sister goddess.
5: paralyzed and run through by scorpion centaur (forget what they are called)
6: fight with a colossal slime: near sentient lake sized bad idea to fight
7: just made it out of a warehouse that was blown up by black flames
8: fell 100’ impaling the big bad and nearly dying again, saved by the Druid
9: tracking down my wife’s parents who were kid napped through a magical maze by a vampire.
10: getting run trough the vampire while wearing the far of his lover (changeling)
11: unable to move had to wait while my wife went back to through the maze to get help for all the other people that were kept there as human cattle for the nest. 3 weeks and 4 days latter they were able to find me and 15 other people (there were 25)

Survey ~

Ok, so some of you may know that I’m designing a video game (a phone app) ~

It would really help me if I got some feed back on what you all enjoy in games (be it phone or game consoles games)!

Right now I have the following mechanics and I really want more!
- capturing creatures and leveling them up for battle (they can also evolve)
- multiplayer battles (so you can play against friends)
- community teams
- leaderboards
- accessory/clothing options for creatures

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Someone talk me out of writing a series in which Reader is training the Winter Soldier back when Hydra first get Bucky, thanks. Much appreciated. I totally got inspired from playing that stupid Captain America video game, plus WS gifs! - Ro

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shiro’s bday

you guys have no idea how amused i am that shiro’s bday is feb 29th and so i must convey it through all these potential siblinglike sass moments??? think of all the possibilities??????

shiro: patience yields focus
keith: don’t use your dad voice on me you’re like four
keith: unlike you

keith: shiro play video games with me
shiro: can’t now, i’m busy
keith: you’re not busy, you’re five
shiro: ok first of all, THE DISRESPECT, second of all, how dare you quote the english dub of ponyo to me in my own home

shiro: ugh i’m so tired…
keith: naptime for baby
shiro: had it not been for the laws of this land, i would have slaughtered you

shiro: shit i forgot my wallet
keith: don’t worry i’ve got it this time just pay me back later
shiro: ah okay, thanks–
keith: one student and one child ticket, please
shiro: kEITH

(also all of shiro’s friends and family throw him an extra big birthday party whenever february 29th actually exists, and he’s embarrassed but also adores it because he loves Friendship and Teamwork)

You couldn’t look at me.

I was right there, and you couldn’t look at me.

Maybe it killed you to see that I could smile without you, that I could laugh with someone who wasn’t you. Maybe you finally realized that I could breathe and live, and that I didn’t need you after all.

Because at some point I got tired of chasing, chasing someone who was never going to come around. I was a fool, going back and forth playing your stupid, little game. The difference between you and I though, I tried to get through to your heart - I cared, I loved, and you didn’t. You could’ve let me in, you should’ve let me in, you needed to let me in.

But you made a decision, and your decision wasn’t me.

—  c.f. // “game over”

my little brother got overwatch for christmas (i dont play but i love bastion) and he says his three favs to play are widowmaker, sombra, and mc cree, and here is his reasoning for why each of them are great:

  1. “widowmaker has a gun but its also a sniper, and that’s great because all my other games have snipers that suck and this makes me able to snipe and not suck while i play the rest of the game”

  2. “sombra is great because you can drop a thingy and then you can go blow stuff up then teleport back to where you dropped the thingy and not die”

  3. “he’s a cowboy”
Hidden Encounters (Yoongi)

Genre: Smut

Description: You and Yoongi get locked in a closet and make a game out of the others pleasure. 

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“Are you fucking kidding me?” you groaned, annoyed beyond belief. You didn’t even know how you got pulled into playing such a game as hide and seek. You cursed yourself for being so easily convinced. But what you couldn’t believe the most was that you were stuck in a cramped closet with the biggest asshole you’d ever met. 

“Feelings mutual, sweetheart.” Yoongi said rolling his eyes. 

The both of you glared at each other for what seemed like minutes. Jaws clenched tight, lips pursed, and eyes narrowed. Neither backed down until, you finally snapped. “God, stop breathing on my face!” you hissed. 

“Turn around then,” he suggested with a clipped tone that made you feel like kicking his shins. But you did as he said. You were now facing the wall but now you could breathe fresh air. 

You folded your arms over your chest, “Don’t tell me what do.” Yoongi didn’t reply, he just covered his eyes with his hand and blew out his cheeks. Everything about you really irked him. Just being in your presence made his skin crawl. But it was either staying in a closet with you or dealing with a super hyper Hoseok beneath the table. His choices were not very good. 

Footsteps echoed on the other side of the closet. From the spaces on the door he noticed a shadow flickering. Someone was standing outside of the door. He heard you suck in a deep breath but before you could speak, he slapped a hand over your mouth. You noticed that someone was indeed behind the door, so the both of you remained silent not even breathing. 

“Hmm,” you heard Namjoon on the other side and heard him walk down the stairs. 

Yet Yoongi’s hand was still over your mouth. You elbowed him slightly, just hard enough to make him let you go. But the little push made Yoongi lose his footing and fall down on the ground, dragging you down with him. You landed on Yoongi’s lap, your dress flew up exposing your legs in front of him. That’s when you felt something poke you. It took you a minute to figure out what it was. 

“And you said you didn’t like me,” you said smugly. 

Yoongi frowned. “I don’t like you.” 

You wiggled on his lap and looked over your shoulder. “Feels like you do.” 

“Trust me, I don’t like you.” 

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[Wadanohara and the great blue sea - TRUE ENDING ]

Good ol’ days of amazing games.. 

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: Jax’s overprotective team — requested by @starklinqs
→ “The best feeling I ever got from being on the field wasn’t when I made a great play, or when we won some game. It was when one of my teammates took a tackle for me, and I knew they were going to make sure I was safe. That nobody got to me. Watching all of you rush back to the ship– even those two knuckleheads– to take on Chronos… It made me feel the same way. I like being part of a team, man.”



don’t worry brother, i got ‘chu.
      you just call on me brother, i’ll mop up your piss!

full bastion movie when


                         Fluffy Blankets and Pillows V2

I had done these a while back and posted them, but the pictures got messed up and one was missing. Plus, they had grid lines on them and it was horrible, so I decided to redo it!

This is more recolors of my Fluffy blanket and pillow set.    The pictures still aren’t that great, but they are better.  These have been extensively played in game, but still things happen. Let me know if there are any issues.

36 Swatches

Fits most beds easily, but may need to use bb.moveobjects for best with large footboards.

Search “SLRN Fluffy” to find in Build Mode

Original Conversion done by @lindseyxsims  (Thank you)

Download Here- SimFileShare

Linked download folder also has links for original recolors, if you do not already have them.


I think I went a little overboard putting male Robin in a yukata

But I got the idea from an otome game I play bc I was admiring the kitsune mask of my fave chara (who also has white hair lol) which was my main insp for this and I was like…you know who else has a purple/gold color scheme and also has white hair? ROBIN.

Bonus: Robin’s a youkai or is the vessel of a demon spirit (like Grima lol)

okay please don’t make me be the one to write an omgcp fic where it’s a dirty game and someone goes flying into the goalie net and pushes chowder into the back and nursey and dex just kind of “thats our fucking goalie” and start a fight and nursey is there first and the crease just dissolves into mayhem. nursey gets his time in the sin bin and when he gets out he plays hard af and they win, but the moment they get to the locker room chowder grabs nursey to make sure he’s okay bc he’s got a busted lip and his cheekbone looks pretty bruised already and nursey prides himself on being calm and collected, proving himself with his stick instead of his fists, and nursey just smiles and grabs chowder, says he’s fine and asks how chowder is and chowders fine and nursey just jostles him, promises the next time he’ll get the shutout and chowder just pushes him back and promises next time he can fight his own fights and they’re both smiling and laughing and like idk some good pure chowder/nursey interaction

Fresh From the Hood- By Daveed Diggs

Breath of fresh air from a fairly fresh place
Fresh jeans, fresh kicks, and a fresh face
Old school to these freshmen and it tastes fresh squeezed to these morning streets I be OJ

On BART listening to MP3’s of these other MC’s trying to figure how I’m different than
Better than, Flip it then
Let me be explicit and say “fuck you” anybody that ain’t Get Back specific

Not to be a hater but I feel like something greater than
Aligator face away from the game that I’m playing in
Bass-hits for these base-wits in the basement I’m basically based in this base from the bay shit

And they wanna say
That the bottoms is the bottom but I’m calling it the top
If they feel me then I got em on that Morrison
Music for this Tony I’m pursuing act a fool for your amusement and you don’t know why I do it

I do it for my town, I do it for my gouda
I do it for my favorite artists so pardon my Sula
I do it for my pupils dilated in they schools who learn to cooly talk their shit cause they been treated like manure

My family for sure, who taught me to maneuver
And said embrace your contradictions cause nothing is truer
I’d let you be the juror but you lack all the facts
Cause I’m under-represented cept for my voice on these tracks

I’m picking up the slack of a bunch of lazy ears
Thinking I’m just making noise, blood I’ve been around for years
Shaking spears, kissing babies, making peers listen lately
They say “Diggs, you on some other shit” I tell ‘em,“Maybe”

Other than what?
Other than Pac, other than Jay?
Other than B.I.G, other than Jeezy, Weezy, or Drake?
Other than say, a 40 Water although I keep my collar popped too?
Other than Keak although that is often what I rock to?

Is there anybody else you’d say this other shit too?
Am I gon be “other” whatever other shit I do?
Maybe I’m just other than famous
Maybe I just have to accept that that’s where I’ll remain

But if that’s true
It won’t be due to lack of noise making I’m a hammer these lyrics till the songs break pavement
I’m a cook these bars till the streets smell bacon
I’m a pig eating everything that’s there for the taking

I’m making these statements just to get it on the record
If you should hear it hold me to it this is not a lecture
This is more a call to anybody within earshot
That from now on like it or not this nigga Diggs is here I got

A squad that a mob
On the game at the drop
Of a dime and its time
That you all know the name
This the Get Back behind me now watch how we game
“Hi I’m Daveed Diggs and I’ve got something to say”

I’m tired of worrying whether or not you will like it
I’m tired of tripping off whether somebody gon’ buy it
I got a lot to holler, some bad, some good
Keep listening you’ll witness something (fresh from the hood)

Playing mysme be like

You - “JUST LOVE ME!!!”






You - *turns off game*

You - *turns it back on*

You - “God fucking damn it…”

Prompt Series; Alec Lightwood - #16. “I can’t believe they caught us having-”
Requested by: @crazyfangirl345
Warnings: smut. I’m sorry if it wasn’t really what you wanted, but I got a little bit carried away. 😅😂😊

You fluttered your eyes open as the light flooded your eyes from the window. You rolled away from the light and stretched, moaning as you did.

“Baby, I’m not even doing anything.” Alec mumbled to your left with his eyes still closed.

You giggled. “You wish you could make me moan.”

His eyes shot open. “Did you forget last night so quickly?”

You smirked. “Who said I wasn’t faking it?” His mouth dropped open, making you laugh, throwing your head back on to the pillow.

“Let’s play a game then.” He said, propping himself on his elbows.

Your smirk was still on your face as you asked, “what game is that?”

“Ten minutes.” He said.

“I don’t know what that is, Alec.”

“Well, first I set a timer for ten minutes. Then, you just lay there. If I can get you to moan before the clock runs out, I win. If not, you win. I can do whatever I want to try and get you to moan.” He said, a smirk playing at his features.

You tried to not let your face waiver. You were only joking before and Alec knew that. He knew all of your sweet spots. You knew it was very possible that he could win. But you were very stubborn.

“What do I get if I win?” You ask.

“You won’t have to worry about it.” He said, grinning. “Be as confident as you want, but you know that I know exactly what you like.”

You rolled your eyes playfully and say, “Whatever you say. If I win, we have to go on a double date with Simon and Izzy.”

He rolled his eyes. “If I win, you can’t wear Izzy’s clothes on missions anymore.”

“It’s a bet.” You say.

He leaned over to the table and grabbed his phone setting a timer. “And… Time begins… Now.” He said and came over to you smirking.

He leaned down to your neck and began kissing, sucking, and biting all of your favorite places. You bit your lip, but so far you were okay. You and Alec were only in your underwear. His hand trailed down your stomach and to your panty line. He came to your ear and breathed softly on it before licking your earlobe.

His hands came back up your body and unhooked your bra. He took it between his teeth and moved it out of the way before kissing in between your breasts. He smirked a little as your breath hitches in your throat. You gritted your teeth and cursed yourself in your mind telling you to get a grip.

He went to your left breast and began kissing. Then, he licked a circle all the way around your nipple before suddenly taking it in his mouth, using his tongue to do circles around it. Your head instinctively went back into the pillow and you gritted your teeth harder. Your hands balled up into fists as his hands traveled down to your panty line, removing them.

His mouth left your breast and kissed your lips as he spread your legs, rubbing his covered self against you. His tongue began to explore your mouth and it was taking all you had not to give in to a moan. Alec pulled away from your mouth and went to your ear. He whispered, “Baby, you know you want to give up.”

“Never.” You whispered back. How long has it been anyways? You couldn’t see his phone, but you were sure and alarm would go off.

“Stubborn ass.” He whispered before removing his boxers. Your eyes went wide. “I said I could do anything I wanted to make you moan.” He said as he hovered over you again.

He rubbed himself against you and your head threw back, opening your mouth, but you stopped yourself. Alec chuckled. “I love a challenge.”

He began sucking on your breast again. Your eyes closed, trying to focus on clenching your teeth, when suddenly, he entered you. Your hands grabbed the sheets, balling them up in your hands. You screamed out and suddenly the door opened.

“Guys-” you heard clary say. You immediately pulled apart, but it was too late. Clary and Jace had seen you. “Oh my-” clary started as Jace interrupted her.

“Sorry!” Jace yelled slamming the door shut.

You and Alec just laid there a moment before you said, “I can’t believe they caught us having-”

“I don’t want to talk about it.” Alec said quickly. “Ever.”

You just busted out laughing.

  • George: Back at Hogwarts, I was on a game show. It was torture!
  • Ginny: What was it called, George?
  • George: I just told you: Torture! Umbridge asked the questions, and you better have the right answers. Things like, “Who do you like better, me or Voldemort?” “Who’s got the snappiest boots, me or Voldemort?” “Who’s got the cuter girlfriend, me or Voldemort?” And you always had to answer, “Umbridge!” Otherwise, they forced you to play the lightning round. And they used real lightning!
  • Ron: Come on, George, you’re making this up.
  • George: Like hell I am. Goodson-Todman brought it to the United States, changed a few rules and called it Tattletales! Now count your blessings and go to sleep, goodnight!