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Today on Texts from Castlevania dot tumblr dot com, I would like to present my compelling, well-researched, and thoroughly thought-out arguments for why Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 is an important contribution to the series’ lore. Allow me to break down my evidence.


We get to see Alucard hug his mom.


We get to see Alucard snuggle with his dad.

That is all. Thank you for your time, as well as the careful consideration I am sure you will give these points.

things i want from supergirl

give me the first time kara is patrolling the skies and she hears maggie’s heartbeat skyrocket. and look, we all know kara’s probably stumbled in on maggie and alex at least once, so kara knows what /that/heartbeat sounds like.

this isn’t that.

this is faster and different and kara as supergirl is worried so she heads that way,


and maybe it turns out to be nothing, but chances are, it’s not. chances are it’s detective sawyer hauling a little kid behind her, a little boy with a fat lip and a black eye and an arm kara can see that is broken without her x-ray vision. and maybe it’s maggie with her hand protectively on the shoulder of the little boy, keeping him firmly behind her and maybe the other has her gun leveled at the gun leveled at her.

and this was only supposed to be a statement collection maggie will tell kara later - that’s why there was no back up.

but kara worries that she won’t get there fast enough because maggie has a terrified kid in one hand, a gun in the other and her eyes leveled at a man who is threatening to kill her. and kara, well she shows up just in time.

she shows up through a window, skidding through an open door because she used her super hearing and she heard, she /heard/ the way the mans muscles were tensing in his hand. she heard the slightest shift of the loaded gun and kara knew.

so she dove and rolled and skidded and is standing, wobbling, catching a bullet with her fingertips. she’s catching it and clutching it and turning to the man who fired it because

maggie sawyer isn’t allowed to die.

[maggie doesn’t know that yet, but kara will tell her]

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Dear Journal,

This morning I woke up next to an empty bed. I looked at the alarm clock and noticed how late it was. That’s probably why Sirius wasn’t next to me. I stood up and felt a bit sore but it was part if the post full moon. I put on my fluffy socks and and walked to the window. I thought I was going to see the sunny backyard of our cottage but It was raining and the sky was dark. I liked rainy days a lot. I felt so cozy and snuggly on days like these. I walked to our small kitchen and living room area and smiled. Sirius and Teddy were playing a muggle video game sitting close to eachother.

“Goodmorning.” I said, suprised by my sore morning voice.

“Oh goodmorning love! We were waiting for you to start breakfast.” Sirius said, giving me a kiss as I snuggled next to him.

“Are you feeling okay dad?” Teddy asked, worried.

“I’m okay. A bit sore but it’s bearable. How was your sleep honey?” I asked him.

“Oh I slept well!” He smiled. “My bed here is almost more comfortable than my own bed!”

“It’s always more relaxing sleeping in a cottage and I don’t know why?” Sirius laughed.

I wrapped myself in a blanket and watched Teddy play his game. Sirius was in the kitchen, working on eggs, potatoes, bacon and sausages. It smelt so good. We ate breakfast in the living room all snuggled up under blankets.

“Are we coming home tonight?” Teddy asked.

“Yeah probably. I hope the rain will calm down or we’ll have to use floo powder.” Sirius said, bitting in his piece of bacon.

“Okay good.” Teddy added.

“Good?” Sirius asked.

“Yeah.. I miss James Sirius a lot and we had planned a camping night in our tree house.” Teddy smiled, blushing.

“Camping night huh?” Sirius smirked, knowing they wouldn’t just “sleep” in that tree house.

Teddy pushed him on the shoulder and blushed even more.

“Sirius stop teasing him!” I giggled.

“I’m only joking love.” Sirius laughed.

Teddy’s phone buzzed and he opened it, smiling down at his screen.

“Wouuuhh is that a naughty picture?” Sirius wiggled his eyebrows.

“Would you let him alone for Merlin’s sake!” I laughed, pushing him in the blankets.

“Are you jealous because you don’t get naughty pictures and I do, pads?” Teddy smirked, knowing he just owned his father.

My jaw dropped and I looked at Sirius, who also had the same face. I started laughing uncontrolably and Teddy did too.

“Burned!” Teddy said, making an explosion motion with his hands.

We laughed at Sirius and he was still shocked.

“Did I.. Did I just get ‘burned’ by my own son?!” Sirius said, laughing too.

“Merlin right you did!” Teddy laughed.

“I’m proud of you! Wow you’re a real man now!” Sirius laughed, high fiving Teddy.

We all laughed a lot. In the afternoon, we were back home. It felt good to be home.


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so today I was watching burlesque and I've loved BOUND TO YOU by Christina Aguilera ever since the first time I listened to it, but now while listening to it I thought of Dany and Jon, I swear it almost seems like the lyrics were written by her, that it is her point of view, and now I'm obsessed about someone making a video of them to this song.

Good call on the Christina song, 1st anon! 

Other anon–okay so I’ve been getting lots of asks about Jonerys music lol and since I’m a giant sap I actually have a bunch of songs that give me Jonerys feels so here we go:

If you like my bizarre taste and want to listen to the whole playlist, you can here :)

Otherwise here are the songs in no particular order

“Wicked Game” – Chris Isaak

“All I Ask” – Adele

“Don’t Deserve You” – Plumb

“Poison and Wine” –The Civil Wars

“War of Hearts” – Ruelle

“Yours” – Ella Henderson

“Between Us” – Peter Bradley Adams

“Promise” – Ben Howard

“The Weight of Us” –Sanders Bohlke

“Somebody to Die For” – Hurts

“I Was Made for Loving You” – Tori Kelly

“All I’ve Ever Needed” – Nikki Reed & Paul McDonald

“River” – Leon Bridges

“The Scientist” – Coldplay

“A Million Reasons” – Lady Gaga

“Where Does My Heart Beat Now?” – Celine Dion

“Cosmic Love” – Florence + The Machine

“Linger” – The Cranberries

“New Day” – Kate Havnevik

“Turn Me On” – The Fray

“My Love” – Sia

“Fire in the Water” – Feist

“Fix You” – Coldplay

“Wild Horses” – The Rolling Stones

“You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are” – Keaton Henson

“Only One” – Yellowcard

“Unintended” – Muse

“Bleeding Love” – Leona Lewis

“Wildest Dreams” – Taylor Swift

“Here With Me” – Dido

“Bound to You” – Christina Aguilera

“Still Falling For You” – Ellie Goulding

“Slow Dancing in a Burning Room” – John Mayer

“Turn Me On” – Norah Jones

“Helium” – Sia

“The Night We Met” – Lord Huron



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A/N : I would wan’t to wake up to that hihi…. also *smiles deviously* this part has a little surprise for ya’all

(Y/N)’s POV


“I.. I like you, (Y/N) like .. I’d like to hold your hands, I’d like to hug you, like I’d like to kiss you, that kind of like..” He looked down, concern and worries ebbing from him. I know how it felt, to finaly realize your feelings toward someone that you never thought you would. Dean, is straight in every sense possible, but then I came to his life and made him feels things he never felt towards a men before. At least thet’s what Sam told me, but being the stubborn ass myself, I keep on deniying the affection Dean gave me no more than brotherly affection. Now seeing him sitting there, eyes downcast, and the fact that he just admited his feeling for me makes my heart swell. I wanted to say it too, that i also like him, but my body moves faster than my brain could process.

He kissed back softly, snaking his hands to my hips, i stradle his muscular thighs and raked my hands to the back of his head, angling our head for a better access. The kiss become more and more heated, we poured the passions we tried to deny. Once that just meant as a soft innocent kiss from me turnned out to be more and more passionate as the seconds goes. Overwhelmed by the pleasure of his kiss, i let out an involuntary moan. Dean strightly shoved his tounge to my  opened mouth, mapping each and every single place he could reach. Felling his tounge in my mouth, i locked my lips on it, and suck it back and forth. Dazed by the pleasure of it, Dean opened his eyes and pulled back a little while bitting at my lower lip. Panting hard, all of our senses are focused on eachother. We stare at each other searching a glint of love in eachother’s eyes, and we found ocean. Still gasping for an air, we both smiles and hold onto eachother tight. Making sure that we wouldn’t wake up from it like any other night i would dream about this. I closed my eyes, and let my body relax more and more. Enjoying the feeling of Dean’s heat that not only warm my body, but also warm my heart.

“So…. What was that for ?” Dean asked.

“I like you too silly ! Wasn’t that clear enough for you ?” I answered him, while I played with his hair at the back of his head nervously.

“Hmm..I think I need a little more assurance little boy..” He wiggled his eyebrows and lean to kiss me again, but I put my index finger to his lips.

“We’re on a hunt Dean, and Sam would be back soon.”

“How do you know he would be back soon ?”

“My power.. remember..?”

“Right… But does that mean you foresaw this ?” He gestured his hand toward both of us.

“No… I just saw when Sam leave the motel and when he’ll back, not even a glimpse of this..” i repeated his gesture.

As I finished pulling down my shirt, Sam opened the door. All of us looked at each other, and Sam being perceptive guy he is, give us understanding look.

“Soooo…….” He drawled

“Zip it Sam!” Dean responded fast

“Well good for you two, but no funny business while I’m around. As much as I’m happy you finally together I don’t want to witness anything.”

He put the foods he carried on the table and the other two followed to enjoy our dinner.

The next morning I woke up to a feeling of someone breathing behind my neck, and whoever arm that is, is the strongest arm that ever huged me this tight. I wiggled in my sleep hazzed mind, only to be halted by the tightening of the arm that pulled me plush to his chest. I sighed out of the comfort this arm and chest owner gave me. I put my hands on his arm and intertwine our fingers, I wiggled back to his chest, but my eyes shot open. The feel of something hard, long and thick sliding between my butt cheeks startle me. Then the memories of last night rushing to my brain, after dinner, the bothers settled for a drink. But beeing a light drinker I am, I pased out after four or five glass they gave me. I lift the comforter and I feel relief washed over me, I still have my clothes on, so nothing happens then? I looked back and see Dean, I let my body relax to the feel of his body, and the way his hips rocking back and forth onto my butt slowly arouse me. I responded to his movements, hips moving in unison, my dick’s getting hard slowly at the feeling of Dean’s strained thick shaft. I tilted my head back, and rest it on Dean’s shoulder, my breath became faster as well as him. I wonder if he’s awake yet or not, but I couldn’t care less. I felt Deans hand that holds me raking down my front and dive right into my pants. At this point I’m glad that I always sleep without underwear on, and it seems that Dean like it too. He grabed my dick and start stroking in tune with his hips movement. Our breath getting heavier and heavier, I looked to the side and then met by Dean’s lust hazed eyes. The intensity of his gaze  itself implify the twitch on my dick, he felt it too, and I felt his dick twitching on my butt too. He wishpered on my earin hushing voice

“You’re such a naughty boy you know that ?”

“I’m.. I’m always naughty and you know it… you like it…” I answer him breathless

“Yeah, I love it… I love the way you move your perfect butt, how warm it is around my dick…. If Sam wasn’t around I will surely take you right here and now …”

“Wait.. Sam is here… We gotta stop..” The reminder of Sam existence makes me worry, yet it sends a shiver on my spine and makes my dick twitch on dean’s grasp.

“Ahh.. I see… you like it don’t you ? the chance of we’re getting caught? I feel it (Y/N), you’re getting closer.. would you come for me ? come all over my hand ?”

“But Dean… ahhh.. shitt!…” (Y/N) cursed in a whisper

“Don’t worry, I’m right behind you… let go.. come for me little boy..” Then Dean claim my lips, shoving his tongue to my mouth to stiffle my whispered moan. I came, in spurts on the inside of my pants, on Dean’s caloused hand that stroked me. I feel it too, wetness on my butt, Dean’s cum sipping trough whatever he wear to sleep on to my pants. With our labored breath, the speed of our fast beating heart, and the feel of Dean’s tongue inside my mouth, made my mind hazzy and again, I fell to the island of sleep again.

I woke up to the feeling of someone’s arm around me, then it’s like déjà vu the arm tightening around my body.

“wake up sleepyhead…” It’s Dean, oh my.. how his gruff is so sexy even in this early in the morning

“I am Dean… You have a good sleep ?”

“I am… especially after your gift..this morning..” He smirked

“My gift ?.. Wha…oh shit that wasn’t a dream was it ?”

“Nope” His response to my question

“Sam… hi din’t hear a thing did he ?” I panicked

Dean just chuckling and looked at me with so much adoration that makes me feel so full “Don’t worry, he sleeps like he’s dead, plus he had a lot last night…” He kissed my forehead.

“Oh… okay then…”

“And now that he can wake up any moment, maybe we should try to get to the real thing …” He wiggled his eyebrows

“You’re kinky little prick!”

Our morning then started like usual, i would pack our belongings, and Sam would take a shower, while Dean get Baby ready. The last case didn’t give any signs about the Rating Game, nor the individuals that might involved in it. What the vampire said weeks ago still linger in my mind. Sacrifice of sixteen troops, when I look back, there was fiveteen people that related to me killed after my father left. And now after what the vampire said, it is clear that someone tried to force me to oin the game. But for what ? I don’t even know there’s such a game, because I’m Chronos’s son? I’m not even sure he’s my father. But if they are not trying to make me join the game, then why they killed my family ? Why now ? I was lost in my deep thought when Sam called me.

“Hey (Y/N) I’m done, you can use the bathroom now..”

“Oh.. yeah okay… thanks Sam ..”

“You okay ?”

“No… I’m not, I’m just confused that’s all” I grabed my change clothes then headed to the bathroom without second glance.

After all of us was ready, we drove to the nearest dinner in town. Sam had his chicken and salad, I had my beacon, toast, and salad too, while Dean and his cholesterol combo, fries, and burger. We were caught up in our conversation about how Dean was oogling on my butt while I wasn’t looking, or how Sam would always whine to me when Dean used his laptop and made it stoped working because of porn sites, and even about how I became more agresife while interogating someone. All and all the morning seems pleasing. And I can’t help to look at Dean because of how he wouldn’t look away from me, and Sam would always pretend that he’s disgusted. But I know, Dean know, we all know that Sam is the one that always have our back even before we all realized. Dean excused himself to go to the bathroom, saying about how he put to much jalapeno in his burger, and Sam went to the cashier to pay. I was left alone, just staring outside the window next our table when I saw him. The men that killed my grandpa, the Alpha vampire standing there, and smirking outside the window. Without thinking, I run outside in hope to catch the bastard and skin him alive. And of course he has to ge gone when I’m finaly out. I whipped my head franctically, in hope to see maybe just a glimpse of him so I can go after him. But nothing, he just disapeared like he did after he killed your grandpa and your whole family.

“You okay? What happened?” Dean rushed to me and pulled me into his hug.

“I..i saw him, the alpha”

“Are you sure it’s him (Y/N) ?” Sam asked

“Yeah… I saw that bastard’s face once and I remember it always.”

“Can you look at his trace then ? where he goes ?” Dean pulled back and looked into my eyes

“I couldn’t he just vanished… Dean there were fiveteen people around me killed for the reason of recruiting me to the game. They need to kill one more, and it would be either of you… I .. i.. how if he’s coming for you?” By this point, the tears polled on the corner of my eyes.

“hey..hey sweetheart.. just calm down, we could take care of ourself just fine… besides, we have you to fight with us.. so don’t worry okay ?” He swipe his thumbs on my cheeks to soothe me. Sam, being the little shit he is decided to just tease his brother.

“You’re getting sappy while (Y/N)’s around….. I wanna throw up” He then just walks away to get into Baby. The comment itself ease the worries that clouded my mind that time, I let out a sigh and smile to this men that hold me tight.

Dean Winchester, I love you, I can’t really say it out loud right know. Im afraid that if I say it, and you say it too, would put you in danger of these people that tried to include me in their stupid game. I love you, I know that you feel it too, and I saw it from the way you look at me. I love you, I’ll tell you someday when I think that I’m ready, that we’re ready. But now we should make sure that the game would never begin, for the sake of the universe, for the sake of us, so I can tell you that I love you.

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BTS Reaction: When you play the game TOO HOT with them.

Rules of game: Make out without touching eachother the winner ask the loser to do something they want you to do


You: Oppa why do you want to play this stupid game you can kiss me when ever you want. Namjoon: I wanna see how long you can do it without touching my body. He knew this was complete torture for you, You couldn’t kiss him without touching some part of his body. You gave into playing this game soon with his constant begging. You sat on yours knees Kissing and wanting to feel Namjoon. Eventually you could not take not being able to touch his body. You  touched his rock hard abs pushing his white T-shirt up. He broke the kiss right when you touched him. Namjoon: Now you have to do something for daddy. You: What do you want Oppa ? Namjoon: Give daddy a strip show.


He only wanted to play this game cause he knew you were going to loose and have to do what he pleased. Yoongi: baby, daddy wants you to play this game so your going to play. Forcing you to play,you were on your edge. Him kissing you like this, you were slowly loosing it. You gave in to him unbuttoning his pants. Yoongi: Nope Kitten, you have to do what daddy wants. Go get the toys were going to have lots of fun.


Making you play this game would allow him to see your strenths and weaknesses for the next time you had a night in bed together. Jin: If you can go the whole time, without touching me princess daddy will reward you okay ? You: Yes daddy. The way he was softly biting your lip and tugging on it. Made you give in to his body. Slipping his shirt up and off of him, feeling his abs. He didn’t dare to stop you, but believe soon he would be taking control.


He just thought It would be a fun game to play since he was bored, and on the plus side he might get a little pleasure out of if you lost. Hobi: Princess come play this game. were going to make out, but we can’t touch eachother, If you can’t do that then you need to give daddy a blowjob. You didn’t see the point in the game so you just took off his pants. Grabbing and licking, then sucking his member.


He loved the way you would go crazy when he wouldn’t give you all of his body even when you begged for all of his body numerous times. You: daddy please I don’t like this game. Tae: Why princess I think it’s fun. You reached your hand to unbutton his pants. He grabbed my hand. Tae: No, princess remember the rules for this game you can’t touch daddy. You: But I really want to. he coutinued to touture you all night.


Playing this game was hell for you, all you wanted was to have all of his body. You loved the way his lips moved against you, and how he bit at your lips made you want more of his body. You gave up shoving your hand under his shirt feeling for his warm body . He pushed his body back against yours finally getting what you wanted and forgetting about the stupid game.


He didn’t even suggest the game he just pushed you against the bed and told you he wanted you. Jungkook: Undress for daddy. You did as you were told. Jungkook traced your inner thigh. Jungkook: You know i thought of playing a game with you to get your body, but why play when I can just take your body afterall It does belong to me doesn’t it ? You: Yes…daddy.

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Hi, I only heard of this game recently, from a friend and thanks to your blog, I think I'm starting to like it and Imightgiveitashot. Anyway, I really like your blog and I love your headcanons on the boys. Is it okay if I ask for headcanons on how they kiss MC and they know it's her first kiss? Idk, I'm weak to these stuff hahaha. Sorry!

I’m glad you’re interested in giving it a shot! It’s really lovely, and very tame for the most part. While the game does allow you to talk to hot boys, the stories that are there for each of them are very sweet and engaging. I hope you do give it a try, and let me know how you feel about it afterward! ^^ 

ANYWAY, a lot of MC’s first kisses are in game and they’re very sweetly explained, but I can do a few cute things for these silly boys. :)


  • mixture of sweet and lusty but it’s something that he wants you to remember
  • excited to be the first and last person you’re goign to kiss and revels in that thought
  • cups both of your cheeks and holds your gaze and looks at you with the most tender eyes full of love
  • tilts his head slightly the right and expects you to follow suit
  • long, deep kisses and playful tonguing against your lips


  • probably one of the sweetest kissers, but he doesn’t want to come to terms with his emotions for you
  • he’s very cautious with his kisses though because he doesn’t want to admit them lol
  • but once he feels your lips on his he’s just so content and enjoying all the warmth that he feels just from your existence
  • the type to pull your whole body close to his own, slide up from the small of your back into your hair
  • one, long thoughtful kiss before he pulls away and asks you if that was alright. LOL


  • my shy boy would talk up so much game about how good of a kisser he is and how he’d like to kiss you but when it actually came to it he’s just a wreck
  • really wants to kiss you when you’re walking around the city or shopping or whatever and frequently glances at your lips
  • his kiss comes before you both retire to your rooms for the night and when you’re bowing to be respectful to him
  • he calls out to you and pulls you up for a very sweet, short, and chaste kiss
  • lingers over his quick peck before going to his room


  • superfluous kisser
  • points behind you to look at something, and when you turn back after glancing he’s up in your face and ready to capture your lips
  • the first one is very long in duration while he finds your hands and locks fingers with you
  • presses you against the wall/table/object with more force
  • traces his tongue playfully around your lips, hands sliding up to tangle in your hair as he enjoys himself
  • probably gives you eskimo kisses after, before pushing your nose back up like a pig.


  • please protect this poor boy at all costs , it’s his first kiss too
  • it’s after one of his recitals backstage where you’re waiting for him 
  • very caught up in the moment when he comes to embrace you after his performance, and kisses you impulsively
  • very sweet & short, and just a little too hard but it was all sorts of rushed and awkward anyway for him
  • until he just
  • “……….”


  • he’s relaxing on the couch, probably laying on it or something when he beckons you over
  • and you kneel to be eye level with him
  • doesn’t actually say much he just smiles that stupid lovely smile of his at you and questions your existence and 
  • “You remember that you’re mine, don’t you?”
  • one of his fingers is idly playing with strands of your hair oops and before you know it he’s pulled you close
  • kissing you possessively and nipping at you and reminding you that you’re his
  • pulls away after a chaste but also breathless kiss and strokes your cheek with his thumb

I think more than any other game I’ve played, Dragon Age Inquisition has me thinking about editing in video games.

There are just…so many quests. A lot of them aren’t even fun. Most of them do nothing to enhance the story, setting, or characters. They just feel like they exist to exist because someone thought there should be more quests.

So every area gives me this laundry list of things to accomplish but I never feel like I’m actually accomplishing anything. And that just, really takes the focus off of all the good parts of the game. Because when you spend 20 hours trying to collect a bunch of shards and 4 hours developing a relationship with Vivienne of course she’s not going to come off as a strong character.

I can’t help but feel if Inquisition was a book draft, the editor would be redlining so many of the side quests. And how that would actually make the game better. Because it’s hard to tell a compelling story if your readers are constantly forgetting what the plot was every time they pick up your book.

It doesn’t matter if they aren’t canon because deep in our heart they are.

Yes I read chapter 453. Yes there is a HUGE probability Gru.via will be end game. And you know what ? It’s okay. Because no matter what happen in the manga, Graylu will always be canon in my eyes. I just can’t give up on them ^^ Damn I wish there’s more graylu art/fanfiction….

I would like to thank you guys as well. I receveid a lot of message to cheer me up. It was really sweet of you ^^ I was a little down but I feel beter now ! 

Moreover I want to let you know I might do something longer for that drawing. I mean something like a short story. Well it’s NOT sure it depend on if I can finish it. 

Tag Game

Instructions : List ten songs you’re currently vibing on, then tag people Vibing (verb): To get into or tap into one’s good feelings. Usually due to good music that makes you feel good or a certain positive way.

Okay, so I was tagged by the lovely @kiarikakawaiii ! Thank you so much, Isa ! >3< (And sorry for the time I took ;-;)
  1. Something Just Like This by The Chainsmokers & Coldplay (This song gives me a lot of courage and happiness, and I love the beat of this song)
  2. History Maker by Dean Fujioka (I always feel so light when I listen to this music. It shows me I can do anything if I want to, and that I’m here for something)
  3. Sun Is Shining by Axel Ingrosso (This song just makes me soo happy. It also makes me think of IE. It has exactly the same message)
  4. Ice Road (Aah, Shirou’s song… It always feel me with a lot of feelings. Love it A LOT)
  5. Saikyou de Saikou (These boys will kill me one day. I love this song. It shows how strong their bonds are, and just I love this :’))
  6. Blue by Eiffel 65 (It always makes me think of Shirou O.O)
  7. Swiggity from Izecold (I can’t stop dancing at this song. It has such a good beat !)
  8. Castle by Halsey (It makes me think of GouKi, tbh. Just the lyrics.. Geez I love them. Also this song is just beautiful. I love too much the lyrics)
  9. Try (and this is a nightcore. It gives me A LOT of good vibes, and helps me in a way)
  10. My Love by Kuba Oms (The lyrics are so beautiful. And a song about love always catches me)

And so, I tag : @letsplaysakka @g-ran @everythingforsakka @lynneryon @suzunofuusuke @inazuma-eleven-lover @markofu @ozrockbitway & @ygreczed (I wanted to tag more people, but they were already tagged. Also don’t feel obligate to do it !)

Thanks again, Isa !

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So, I have a question that has bugged me since I read the ending to Mockingjay, and I wanted to hear what other Everlark shippers think. Do you think Katniss was genuinely happy at the end of Mockingjay, and in the epilogue? At least as much as her mental scars could allow? My initial thought is yes, because she says she is joyful when holding her children and seems happy when she tells Peeta 'Real'. What do you think?

I honestly do. I’m typically an optimist. I really do though. I wrote about this a while back. I still believe in my answer:

Anon asked: Do you think Katniss was happy in the end?

I really do.

We have to put into perspective that twenty years have passed. If we’re looking at their life in its entirety, that period of time that we get to be a part of, is small—only a couple of years. They lived beyond on that, spending time and days together, growing a family and a relationship.

We also have to remember that their lives will always be affected by the Games in many ways, from the loss of life to the freedom in Panem that they’ve helped to gain. Their lives and their children’s lives will not be like their own upbringing. It will be better.

  • They have food.
  • They have freedom.
  • They have hot water.
  • They have a home with love.
  • They have a family.
  • They have hope.

A few cues from the Epilogue that I love that helps me to think that she was happy:

  • The “joy” she feels when she holds her babies.
  • “Peeta says it will be okay.” She’s talking about her children knowing about the Hunger Games, but I love the dependence and trust she has in him here. It gives me a lot of hope and joy to see them really grow together in this.
  • The game that Katniss plays: naming every act of goodness she’s ever seen. That she’s looking for the good in life, remembering it, actively dwelling on it.

Plus, Peeta is her husband. Need I say more? I say hell yes she’s happy.


So, what do you think? I do think Katniss has joy and she has sorrow, but isn’t that life? it’s got ups and downs. We encounter things as we grow and change and live our lives. 

Personally, my life has changed so much in the last four years that I’ve had this blog. And I know that my life was in a totally different place when I wrote this. I’ve endured ups and downs, but I still have joy in my life and my family. I hope Katniss does too.


Okay episode two.. I’m trying to put them into maybe 15 min, one it means I don’t have to watch myself for too long xD But also…it gives me something to do till the next episode comes out haha Still awkward potato tho.. Also this game feels slower then LIS…just the way it flows…and lack of background music at times….maybe

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Reaction: Calling him the wrong name.

Wu Yi fan:……………..

Yi Fan: Do i look like Michael to you.(Questions and argue with you.)

Kyungsoo: ………. Huh.( Gives you a second to correct yourself before he sets you straight.)

Sehun: Wait a minute did you just call me oh shit hyung.

Luhan:(Giving you the silent treatment.)

Jongdae: Say that again.


(His feelings is hurt so when drunk he confronts you.)

Baekhyun: Wait didn’t she call you Daniel.( Team instigator)

Junmyeon: Yeah she did…… do i look like a daniellllllllllllllllll.

Baekhyun: So when i call you the wrong name you can’t get mad then…….

Jongin:(Makes up his face a lot.) Okay

Tao: Okay We have 7 hours for you to get my name right.( Road trip… just because.)

Chanyeol: You didn’t just call me that.( More upset that he lost in the game.)

Minseok:(Gets reminded every second by team instigate(baekhyun).)

Yixing: Are we role playing?

And ANOTHER thing abt people always hating on female OCs, ESPECIALLY those in relationships with men-

I get it. I’m a big, huge, lesbigay. I love women, always will. I’m a big, bisexual gaylord. I’ve been invalidated plenty by the gay community, and the straight community, you can do it if you want, roll your eyes at me, I don’t care. My point is I get it, gayness is awesome. WlW is great, MlM is great. But here comes my problem

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Don't worry I hate myself enough for all of this :3

I love Markiplier, romantically, as anyone who follows my blog would know. But, I do not like five of his friends. Friends he is fanatical about. Bob(muyskerm), Ross(GameGrumps and RubberNinja), Danny Sexbang(NinjaSexParty and GameGrumps), and the guys at Cydago. And I feel like this would hurt my chances of marrying him. (GOD DEITY[IES] WHY AM I SO CREEPY!?) Why i am explaining this is after the explanations

I don’t like Bob and Ross for really the same reason. I feel like Bob and I wouldn’t get along at all. And Ross, just seems like a jerk, he REALLY irks me. They are probably good people and I understand that, but I don’t know them on a personal level, so as of now, they have not been redeemed.

I don’t like Danny, because of NinjaSexParty. The songs I’ve heard are rather offensive, such as the “If we were gay” song, and I feel like Danny doesn’t actually sing his songs, but he does, it just feels like he’s just talking. Danny is also rather ostentatious, which kinda irks me. But again, he’s a good person, I know that, I just feel like I wouldn’t like him.

Cyndago’s humor just feel’s really cheap. Just…eh. Again: good people, blah blah blah.

I feel like I had to explain myself because I know I’ll get hate for this. I thought logical personal views would be okay and make me seem less stupid. I am willing to, if I ever get the chance, hang out with them and give them a chance to redeem themselves in my eyes. I am presuming a lot, but I am willing to hang around people I don’t like right now to make them not unpleasant in my eyes. That right there is worth at least one second of not self-loathing.

Marina and the Diamonds {Sentence Starters}
  • "And I know that you're not to blame."
  • "You're too proud to say that you made a mistake."
  • "Don't get on my bad side. I can work a gun."
  • "These people are weird in here."
  • "Got nothing to lose and nothing to prove."
  • "You've been acting awful tough lately."
  • "When you love somebody, they'll always leave too soon."
  • "Do you want to be with somebody like me?"
  • "Give a little, get a lot. That's just how you are with love."
  • "It's okay to say you've got a weak spot."
  • "You're never gonna love me, so what's the use?"
  • "Sometimes I think I'm not that strong."
  • "Just because you know my name, doesn't mean you know my game."
  • "Not everyone is out to screw you over."
  • "I'm only happy when I'm on the run."
  • "Better to be hated than loved for what you're not."
  • "I feel numb most of the time."
  • "I'm glad that you crashed and burned."
  • "I've made mistakes, but I believe that everything was worth the fight."
  • "I wanna mean something to somebody else."
  • "I break a million hearts just for fun."
  • "I found what I'd been looking for in myself."
  • "Was it really worth it? Did I really deserve it?"
  • "I go to bed feeling bad that I'm the reason that you're sad."