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Having just finished The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, I felt inspired to make a playlist dedicated to Erin Morgenstern’s beautiful work.

And to pay proper tribute to the book in the form of music, I have tried to find songs with melodies and lyrics that really embodies the ‘feel’ of the book. I hope you guys listen to each song and really think of Le Cirque Des Reves when you hear they lyrics and melodies.

Please feel free to add songs below.

- Tris

1) The Circus

* Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us - Robert Plant and Alison Krauss*

Strange things are happening everyday
I hear the music up above my head
Though the sight of my heart has left me again
I hear music up above

2) Isobel

* Trampled Rose - Robert Plant and Alison Krauss*

I know that rose,
Like I know my name
The one I gave my love,
It was the same
Now I find it in the street,
A trampled rose

3) Bailey

*Nature Boy - AURORA*

There was a boy
A very strange enchanted boy
They say he wandered very far, very far
Over land and sea
A little shy and sad of eye
But very wise was he

4) The Murray Twins

* Cemeteries of London - Coldplay*

At night they would go walking ‘til the breaking of the day,
The morning is for sleeping…
Through the dark streets they go searching to seek God in their own way,

5) Marco and Celia

*Carousel - Melanie Martinez*

And it’s all fun and games,
‘Til somebody falls in love,
But you’ve already bought a ticket,
And there’s no turning back now

* Shark - Oh Wonder*

Are you gonna be my love?
Are you gonna be mine?
I feel it falling from the skies above
Are you gonna be mine?
My wave, my shark, my demon in the dark
The blue tide pulling me under
Or are you my soul, my heart, pull everything apart?

*Promise - Ben Howard*

Who am I, darling to you?
Who am I?
Gonna tell you stories of mine
Who am I?

wheres-your-rum  asked:

I've only followed Black Sails through gifs (and shipped some things) but now I see all your flailing I want to watch it too

Dude. DUDE.

Like. I think part of the reason I’ve been so disappointed in O*nce lately is that I have been bingeing Black Sails and it is SO GOOD. The writing, the characters, the plot lines, the twists and turns, all of it is just. so. good? 

Like. Listen. There is maybe one milquetoast, typically hetero relationship on the show, and even that one involves a woman who is bi. But it’s not, like, poorly done? 

Every single character has an arc, and growth, and motivations, and they betray each other and they hate each other and they love each other. 

The women run the fucking world in this show, and neither the writers, the show, or the actors shy away from that. The men are super pretty and mostly a bunch of assholes, but you fall in love with them all anyway. The women you kinda just stare at in awe, but in the end you love them too.

Every single one of the characters is flawed, and honestly most of them are downright horrible most of the time, but somehow, we end up loving them all anyway. 

The plotlines of the show are always present, and they arc over all four seasons. The writers keep you in suspense from episode to episode, but it never feels trite, it never feels like they’re stringing you along (TWD, I’m looking at you). The number of times I just let my jaw drop before muttering “What the fuck. OH WHAT THE FUCK!” (okay, there was some yelling too) at something is honestly astronomical at this point, so obviously now that the series is done it’s time for a rewatch. 

I can think of one death on the show that felt a little Game of Thrones-y, and honestly I think that’s just because I’d gotten so used to them eliciting drama and tragedy without the usual GoT torture/death porn tactic. 

And the scenery, and the cinematography, and the choreography, and the FUCKING SOUNDTRACK OMG as if Bear McCreary didn’t already own my fucking soul, they are all so good.

The series finale was the best payoff of any series end I think I’ve ever watched. It wasn’t so much that it was tied into a neat little bow (it wasn’t, not really) but that the show ended in a way that brought it full circle. 

I’m still super bitter about my fave getting killed, but even in that, they executed the death masterfully and it was for a reason - it moved the story to where it needed to be, yes, but it also shed a light on who that person truly was, there at the end. 

At the end of the day, this is a show about, of all the trite things, love. In all it’s forms, in every iteration, the most important thing about this show, the thing that draws you in, the thing that makes you invested, is watching the way these characters navigate around each other, to each other, away from each other. 

And the writing and the acting are fucking phenomenal on every level. Honestly it may be one of the best shows I’ve ever watched. 

1000000/10 would recommend.  

anonymous asked:

Does Soul really have low self esteem? I've watched the anime and read the manga but I haven't noticed that could you explain?

The most important thing to remember when dealing with Soul and his character development is that the Oni/his demon/whatever you wanna call him, is Soul. It’s a manifestation of all the worst and darkest parts of him, so when the Oni speaks, it speaks the truth— or at least the truth as Soul perceives it through the warped lens of his inner weaknesses. And his perceptions are… pretty grim when it comes to himself.

The moment that really drove home to me, during my second read-through of the manga, just how much Soul absolutely loathes himself, was when he was under Arachne’s enchantment in the Baba Yaga arc. Arachne’s whole game is that she’s a puppeteer, she doesn’t go out like Medusa and attack her prey, she snares them in their own weaknesses and fallibility and draws them to her. She does it over and over and over again throughout her time as the reigning villain of SE, it’s her entire modus operandi. The spell she casts amplifies things that were already there to trap people with their own flaws.

And out of that, we get a glimpse into what Soul really thinks of himself. Amplified, true, brought to the surface in a visceral way it would normally not be, but all those things came from within him. A few key moments, if you don’t mind…

Note how the Oni emerges from Soul’s own shadow much like Crona’s conversation with their shadow.


Hellooooo massive inferiority complex~

……….enough said.

And this is just from one scene. Again, a scene that does specifically feature Soul caught in a spell designed to trap him… but the point is to trap him in his own weaknesses that were already there.

The theme of his tenuous grasp of How To Not Hate Yourself comes up repeatedly, especially during the moments when he’s flirting with the borderline between sanity and madness, when his own inner demons come bubbling to the surface to try and drown him. And man, that arrogant front he puts up? The one that no less than three people (himself included) call out as a total front? Man, I can tell you from personal experience that arrogance is the best mask ever for intense self-hatred.

Soul’s entire character arc is built around self-acceptance and learning how to be confident and comfortable in his own skin. It takes him a lot of time and a lot of trials and more than a few doses of Maka to get there, but he does in the end. Hell, you can even compare his posture at the beginning and end of the series as a demonstration. He starts out with his hands shoved in his pockets, shoulders slumped, slouching and hunched over on himself, but by the end of the manga he stands tall with his shoulders back, standing on the steps of Shibusen in front of the world with his head held high.

Strangers 35

Have an update. Thanks Proma, Marsh, and Lunar for looking over this one. A little NSFW but not in an exciting way. 

Summary: The rest of their friends are back in town and drag Soul and Maka out for night swimming shenanigans featuring an unfortunate bullfrog. 

Smile Like You Mean It 

August 24th

Maka has almost forgotten how loud Black Star is until he’s in their apartment boisterously eating fried chicken. The summer has been so quiet until he got back and demanded to see their new digs.

“So this is the love nest.” He wanders the apartment while Soul leans against the wall tiredly.

“Dude, it’s like midnight. Go home.” After being relaxed for more of the summer, Soul’s permascowl has taking up residence on his face again.

“I thought you said you wanted to hang out when I got back?” Black Star asks. “Don’t you want to see your best bro?”

“I want to go to bed.” Soul rubs the bridge of his nose. It’s more than it being late at night – Maka knows he hasn’t been sleeping well for the past couple of days and she’d also love to see him pass out for a solid eight hours.

“Bed is for suckers. I’m still on Japan time; as far as I know, it’s late afternoon. Time to get wrecked.”

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