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My work has started hounding us to get customer emails. OK, fine, but the registers don't have an option for a customer who's already on our email list. So my choices are A) have the customer give me their email again, knowing they already get our emails, thus wasting their time and risking pissing them off, or B) don't get their email at all, which counts against my percentage and could result in a talking to from my boss (even though they've ALREADY SIGNED UP FOR OUR FREAKING EMAILS!!!)

Use a dummy email when they say they already gave it. Like none(at)nospam. Our store is in Florida but when we have to ask for zip codes (every other month they start that) it annoys the customers so we just all put 90210 when they say they’ve done it.



AoS Ladies Appreciation Weeks Day Twelve: Favorite platonic relationship
              ↪ May and her tiniest duckling 

Lyn vs. Lucina. What a dangerous dance. Whoever hits first wins, I guess!

I remember the days when I thought fire emblem was a dead franchise. Then Awakening happened, and now we have a mobile game featuring all the characters from everywhere battling everyone.

And a slot machine to pull heroes from! And everyone shares my hate of lunatic-mode conquest boss Takumi in his mobile incarnation!

Miracles are real!

Don’t mess with the bae.


Had some free time in the office today to doodle this! Cleaned this up a bit, posted the hella rough one on twitter. 

Don't hit my guys!

Previous boss walked into the office where I was team lead over three engineers. I was out at the time, but heard this from the victim… Boss was angry about a mistake one of my guys made on a architectural plot (not a ‘mistake’, but a 'failure to use telepathy’).

Boss got so angry that while standing behind the seated engineer he punched the guy in the side of the head.

As if immediately realizing what he did was wrong, he said; “Fix it” then left for the day.

I got back to the office soon after and they told me what happened.

We made a pact that is he ever put hands on one of us we’d all stand up and put him down hard and back each other up.

Well, it never came to that. After approaching upper management and HR I got the runaround on reporting the incident. They all basically said; “If it’s was that bad then report it to the police, but he’s too high in the political structure to fire for this.”

Unhappy with that answer, and with my guy unwilling to involve the police, was set a plan into action.

We invited HIS boss, the district manager to see the progress we had made on a day when boss wasn’t around. During this I asked the DM to have “Skip-level 1-on-1s” with my guys saying that it would be good for morale.“ He agreed.

Each one of my guys opened with; "The biggest concern I have is that boss-man punched Tony a couple months ago and HR told us they couldn’t do anything about it. How can you ensure my safety?”

I got called in and gave my story but had to say I wasn’t there. I had tried to report it up through the proper channels and failed. I was told it was political suicide for my entire team if I was to push it.

District Manager didn’t buy in to the political bullshit. He made things happen. We agreed that my guys should not be in fear of physical attack. I also had DM’s backing in case of political fallout, and he was a personal friend of the CEO so that was good enough protection.

Boss-man was walked and trespassed. Boom, headshot.

Don’t hit my guys!


Yuri Plisetsky WeekDay Five: Social Networks
↳ Yuri “I must post a selfie with this shirt immediately” Plisetsky

I really gotta stop playing Overwatch before bed bc last night I had this dream that the game got a story mode and I don’t even remember all the details bc it was absolutely ridiculous all I remember is that D.Va discovered some sort of infinite power source via the internet (of course) that allowed her to tear holes in reality and change people’s pasts, presents, and futures, and ultimately Zenyatta had to kill her because she’d grown just too powerful

Today, I fucked up because I made my boss think I was suicidal.

I was at work. I was bored and tired and waiting for a client to call (dropping off a package) and I was typing random stuff into Google to see what the auto-suggestions were. I typed “I’m tired” and looked at the drop down list, selecting the first item just as the phone rang. I ran downstairs to get the package and then came back upstairs and went home without turning off my computer. I got a strange email an hour later from my boss:

Hey. Pardon me for asking, but you left a screen with a Google search up on the computer at the front desk, and I was worried. Three things. First, thank God you’re part of this team. Couldn’t do it without you. Everyone’s glad you’re here. Second, if you ever want to talk about anything, including bad times and ugly shit, I’m here. Third, I can’t promise you that life will be wonderful, but I can promise you that you can feel better about it. I didn’t believe it, but it’s true.

I emailed him telling him I was fine and asking what I had typed.

I’m tired of living

My boss is hyper-aware of depression and suicide and was scared for me. Now, all the senior attorneys are treating me with kid gloves.

TIFU: Internet`s best fucked up stories are here.

okay I’m two episodes through with my trash rewatch and I have thoughts/feelings (definitely lots of those):

  • Lucy accuses Flynn twice to his face of killing his family, and he doesn’t bother at all trying to explain to her that he didn’t do it. He is just (surprise) so one-track-minded focused on Rittenhouse that he keeps repeating it to her and insisting that she find out who they are.
  • so when she accuses him in 1x14 of not telling her who her dad was if he knew all along…. girlfriend, he kind of did??
  • but she’s just NOT AFRAID of him, he finds her in the train station in 1x02 being a smug jackass all “Lucy, we have to stop meeting like this” (yeah dude, on your SECOND ADVENTURE, you’re convinced that you have this ~cute secret meetup society~ going on…. oh the hubris and delusion of Garcia Flynn, oh babe seriously)
  • and she’s like you son of a bitch what did you do to my sister and just goes after him, and he doesn’t even care, he’s like you’re gonna help me it’s the future, now please don’t get in my way k bai
  • also, “I’m not trying to DESTROY America, I’m trying to SAVE IT!!” and Lucy is confused but she doesn’t exactly know what to say to that, and she of course doesn’t tell Rufus and Wyatt that she talked to him
  • his facial expressions the entire time he’s dealing with Booth and his muttered “actors…” are the best, also Flynn, buddy, friend, pal, you have like 0% right to tell anyone off for being melodramatic WHEN YOU ARE LITERALLY THE MOST MELODRAMATIC INDIVIDUAL IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE, DO NOT FIGHT IT YOU KNOW IT’S TRUE
  • also everyone keeps describing Flynn as “tall” and over here my ass is like huh huh huhyyyup 6′4″ and I clearly have no weaknesses at all for such a type
  • and when he barges into the box at Ford’s Theatre and Lucy’s there, he is GENUINELY STUNNED AND THROWN. He was not planning on this and he does not want it. He stares at her and lowers his gun and is about to possibly do something else, but remembers why he’s there and just kind of grabs Lucy and throws her onto the couch and shoots Lincoln and jumps out of the box, because Garcia Flynn is a terrible human being who makes bad choices.
  • this after he was shooting like crazy at Wyatt earlier (also something Flynn enjoys doing apart from a) being A-Number-One Lucy Preston Fanboy and b) making aforesaid bad choices). Again, he doesn’t try in any serious way to hurt her, he just wants her out of his way. Wyatt, yeah, dude’s trying to kill him, he’ll do the same, but not Lucy.
  • don’t get me wrong – he’s a shitty dude who does shitty things, especially when we’re only two episodes in and he’s just basically a one man wrecking ball, but okay there’s just this whole ~THING with them from the start and it’s dark and twisty and so good
  • aka basically pure shipping crack cocaine for me
  • I regret all/none of my choices
  • feed my hunger
  • feed it