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Star sign: Taurus gang ♉️

Height: 5'3″ on a good day

Time rn: 1:21

Last thing u googled: “condoms don’t protect u from sexually transmitted demons” 🙃

Last book u read: The Alchemist but never finished so

Favorite music artists: Tory Lanez (baby daddy #1), Wale (if u say he’s trash, you’re getting blockdt), Bow Wow, Capital Steez, Frank Ocean, Domo Genesis 

Last tv show watched: The Office

What are u wearing right now: booty shorts & tee

When did u create this blog: 2015

What kind of stuff do you post: songs from my fav artists, fashion, and anything that I find visually appealing

Do u have any other blogs: i barely keep up with this one lmao

Do u have Instagram: nah too mainstream

Do u have Snapchat: ehtokki

Do u get asks regularly: 😕

How did u choose your url: ehtokki - eh is the first letters from my first&last name ; tokki means rabbit in Korean

Gender: female 

Favorite color: changes according to season lmfao

Average hours of sleep: issa 6

Lucky number: 5

Favorite characters: Darius (Atlanta), Gloria (Modern Family), Lilly (same show), Annalise (htgawm)

How many blankets do u sleep with: only 1

Dream job: Physical Therapist (imma meet my boo through this 😂)/Dietitian

Random fact about yourself: I have a scar on my forehead ⚡️ from falling on one of those rolling shopping rack as a lil kid lmao

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anonymous asked:

if you could live in a world templated from the work of 1 visual artist, whose would it be?

i nearly said david lynch until i realized that i do love his work but only from a spectator’s perspective. so maybe caspar david friedrich. his work’s have something deeply serene and mysterious about them. and on the first look they portrait the world around you but they actually show you a glimpse of your own insides. they are endless and dreamlike and i think i might really like that. 


January 16, 2017


by Meg Saligman

Deep meaning exists for me when people come together and create something purposeful and beautiful with their hands… . for in this space I can give those who need it a voice, and in this space my voice matters most.  —Meg Saligman

In Greek mythology the Muses were the nine daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, each protecting a different art and associated with a different symbol. When Meg Saligman reenvisioned the myth in 1999 to reflect the art and creativity of today’s Philadelphia she used spheres, as symbols of perfect art forms and replaced the muses with diverse portraits from the abundance of local performing and visual artists. In the center of this South 13th Street mural, sitting atop a machine spinning out spheres, the figure holding the sun represents the human spirit. Not surprisingly, in 2006 Public Art Review named Saligman as one of the 10 most influential muralists of the previous decade.  @megamural  @muralarts  @forecastpublicart  @scenesfromthesidewalk

noobzerhech5lerschannel  asked:

Do you think that the FAMAS had to be replaced? And what do you think about its replacement the HK416?

well I don’t care much about modern firearms but from my visual artist’s standpoint I think it’s a crying shame.
the FAMAS had a design that was as easily recognized as its American and Russian counterparts, but now it’s been replaced by a shitty German carbine with no class >:v
of course uniformity makes law so it’s probably better from a military standpoint..

the FAMAS will still hang around for years anyway

Lucas Samaras, courtesy of Pace Gallery

Viewfinder | Manipulated Self-Portraits From a Master of the Form

The artist Lucas Samaras wears many hats - painter, sculptor, designer, performance artist and experimenter in different photographic mediums. Perhaps his best-known work has been his self-portraits which he calls “Photo-Transformations” and began to make with Polaroids in the ‘70s. (Call them the original selfies.) By physically altering the emulsion, he often manipulated the images long before Photoshop was a resource. 

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