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Why are so many people complaining that they can’t buy Sam curing Jorah’s Greyscale by medically removing it and then applying MEDICINE…

BUT they have NO PROBLEM with Jon Snow and Beric Dondarrion being resurrected from the DEAD…. ( Beric 6 F _ _ King times lol )

How exactly is Sam’s solution anymore UNREALISTIC lololol

the sheriff’s reaction to maya’s kidnapping is completely infuriating and inappropriate. maybe I just read too many true crime posts on Reddit about cases where the police were warned early on about a situation but claimed it wasn’t severe enough for them to get involved, but c'mon??? a girl calls you and say she heard her friend scream and then disappeared??? a 19 year old girl??? someone could be raping her??? or selling her into the sex slave trade??? these are not things to be taken lightly??? protect woman 2k17, we are far too frequently targeted for sex related crimes so if a girl screams and then disappears IT’S CAUSE FOR CONCERN. god i’m so frigging mad at this game

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Any Headcanons on Papa Khan? I am so utterly engrossed by the Papa Bear and how cares so much about his tribe, their history and their legacy.

(I guess it’s head canon day, hooray! Theseareeasierformetowrite )

Oh, my Papa! Jesus calling him Papa Bear is maybe the cutest thing ever. Arright let’s see

-While many of the Khans are cautious of accepting outsiders, after generations of being beaten down, Papa Khan is more likely to tolerate strangers associating with the Khans. Everybody gets one chance to prove a friend of the tribe. If they waste that, or he gets even the slightest bad vibe from them, he doesn’t hesitate to boot them out. He refuses to let another one of his own die because of his actions or inaction, or his trust in a stranger.

-Most of the older (30 and up) Khans call him Papa, while the younger ones call him Grandpa. He’s there for every birth, and is often the first one to hold a new baby born into the tribe. This is especially true if the mother’s spouse isn’t there for whatever reason. He’s also got an uncanny memory for birthdays, and ensures kids get candied prickly pears or other treats as presents.

-His fondness for children probably has to do with the fact he’s never had any of his own, after a string of barren wives, miscarriages, and tragedy. He’s basically adopted the entirety of the Khans as his children. This is part of what makes him extremely protective of them, and why the massacre at Bitter Springs still weighs heavily on him.

-On the note of Bitter Springs, he’s committed the names of all those lost to memory, and on the anniversary of their deaths, makes sure to visit their remaining family to check up on them. If they have no remaining family, he lights a candle to honor their memory.

-I feel that if he met Boone, he wouldn’t kill him as quickly as he might other NCR soldiers, even knowing what he did to Papa Khan’s family. What better punishment could there be for his involvement in the massacre than letting him live with it?

-If the Courier has a high reputation with the Khans, they’re adopted into the fold, and Papa Khan will send scouts after them once they leave Red Rock Canyon to keep an eye on them. He never likes one of his own to be too far from home. (NOW I WISH THEY’D IMPLEMENTED THIS IN THE GAME FRIG )

That Freaking Song from the Comrades Trailer

This song is ruining me, you guys. Ruining me. It’s at once the saddest but most uplifting song. It’s a torturous balance of despair and hope. 

It just exemplifies this entire frigging game and I kind of can’t handle it. 

If the Oracle can heal

If the plague can be removed

And the darkness overcome

Then I’ll carry on too

Must I live to sacrifice?

Must I die to make things right?

Do I dare believe in hope

When surrounded by light?

Into the darkness we will fly

(We will fly)

Soaring out over the Earth

Praying this world will survive


Fighting and striving for the night

(For the night)

Living life knowing that we must die

Loving until the end

(Until the end)

Choosing hope when all hope has been lost

And believing in these dreams of our hearts

We’ve fought evil, the fiercest of foes

Strong against all these odds~

No Excuses *Steve Rogers x Reader*

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Summary: (PART ONE) Henry and Natasha make it their mission to get you and Steve together, or to at least admit you have feelings; it takes you teaching Steve the game Cut Throat 2 for you both to confess and then arrange a date.
Warnings: Fluff, Henry and Natasha being hilarious af 
Admins Note: I had like three asks, ask for a part 2! Here you go, I assumed everyone wanted to see Steve x Reader ACTUALLY get together, so I done it in this part; prepare for massive fluff. I think we ALL need fluff after this Angst One Shot I done. I have an idea for MAYBE a part 3 if you want it, basically it’s set on a wedding day between Steve x Reader, Henry has to give Steve a confidence boost into actually going through with it. Plus an awkward conversation with Steve being like “you can call me dad, only if you want”… let me know if I should write that. - Rosalee

“It’s obvious they like one another” Natasha amused to Henry, who nodded in quick agreement with her, furiously bashing the buttons on the console remote as he played Mortal Kombat by himself. 

Natasha laughed when Henry smiled with victory, his character K.O the other character on screen; he turned to Natasha from his seat and placed the remote into his lap. It’s silent as most Avengers are either away on missions or catching up on rest.

“Okay, what do you suggest we do?” Henry asked “because every time I ask my mum to explain her feelings to Steve she declines them, plus she says no mixing personal life with work life” Henry shrugged as Natasha nodded in agreement, thoughtfully nodding away, her mind running a mile as she tried to think how to get you and Steve finally together.

“Well, personal and work life already mixed” Natasha looked at Henry, who chuckled and nodded, seemingly getting the fact he is your personal life and he hangs out with the Avengers more than his school friends. Natasha’s thoughtful, concentrated face slowly spreads into one of mischief and a small smirk presents itself, she looks down at Henry and begins to tell him her bright idea. 

“You should be considered a genius” Henry remarks and Natasha laughs lightly.

“Hey mum” Henry walks into your floor of the base, sitting up at the breakfast bar opposite you as you sift through files upon files, you smile at your son and your eyes glance back down at the words before you “you gonna be working all day?” he asked, tone of boredom and slight joy, you nod not allowing your eyes to leave the page “oh, okay” he sighed gently, you finally pull yourself away and look up to see Henry looking miserable, you frown delicately at your son. 

“What’s up Henry?” you ask, voice laced with concern for your only child, he sighed loudly and shrugged “c’mon, what’s up?” you spoke and he looked a little troubled. 

“I just wanted to hang around you today” he shrugged and you smiled lightly, your heart clenching but your mind was telling you to go back to the files, but you could use an hour break and besides it’s your son; everyone will understand.

Henry and you had been playing Cut Throat 2 for around an hour before Natasha and Steve showed up, both Avengers sitting beside either of you, Henry obviously winning because he was better at the game than you but together you both were unbeatable; especially against the others. 

Just as you were about to start a rematch Natasha butts in and reminds Henry of something they both needed to do, you frowned at them, Henry passing the controller to Steve and walked out of the lounge with Natasha in haste. You looked at Steve who shrugged back at you, telling you to hit play, you chuckled and began another game.

“No, triangle, triangle and circle” you state as Steve tries playing against the game with you training him, he nods fast and his tongue pokes out from the corner of his mouth as he lifts a leg in trying to defeat the game, his body launching forward in a matter of seconds; elbows resting on his knees, body hunched forwards and a determined look in his blue eyes, in fact, he looked more determined than any mission you’ve ever seen him on. 

He’s muttering the moves to himself as he does them, he sits up straight as his character does many combo moves, smiling as he witnesses the life bar go down on the other character; he K.Os the character a minute later and stands with victory, you snort with laughter at him, bowing as he sits back down and waits for the next round. 

“I am so frigging good at this game” he comments, eyes attached to the screen, the counter going down as you calm yourself for a moment and nod lightly.

“Well, a little more training would be needed but you are almost as good as me, you learnt from second best” you patted his shoulder, he smirked and nodded “it’s a great stress reliever, when I can’t be bothered to train or go to the gym when I am riled up, I play this game; also, myself and Tony play it when we both can’t sleep” you inform him, he nods. 

“I’ll be joining you both then” he mutters, voice strained as he plays the game, fast and furiously pressing the buttons into getting into the next round, he was improving with every minute of the game; only allowing his character getting hit few times in this round. 

Once the round was over, Steve leant back and looked at you, you were watching the game screen intently and in your world; mainly thinking of what you were going to do for dinner, especially for yourself and Henry, wondering if you did, in fact, go grocery shopping this week.

“(Y/N) are you listening?” You snapped your attention back to Steve, muttering an apology, he smiled and shrugged before plucking up the courage again “I was just asking what you were doing tonight?” he wondered out loud, you shrugged and told him nothing “want to maybe go out for dinner or something?” he asked as he began the next round, keeping his cool as you sat beside him in silence, too scared to face your rejection but he looked from the corner of his eye to see you staring at him. 

You obviously had a soft spot for Steve, you cared for him and you even liked him back, he is probably the nicest man you ever met but everything that happened with Henry’s father plus all the failed relationships in-between made you reconsider ever going through heartbreak and relationships again. 

Plus you had to think about Henry now, you couldn’t date someone and then they leave, or it was not working out between you; plus mixing personal life with home life could get messy, especially in this job. Too many factors played into this for you to ever consider it, it’s best to cut it off now then realise it won’t be working out later, you were doing the right thing, right?

Without muttering a word, you couldn’t bring yourself to maybe it was because you didn’t want to say no, not really anyway. You race to your floor via the stairs and sit in your own living room in silence, you knew you had hurt Steve’s feelings but that wasn’t important, he must have known it would be difficult for it even to work out. Plus you are a single mother, almost thirty, you hardly have time to dress up fancy or even wash your hair some days; he can get someone who has the time to wash their hair, plus you are more head-strong than he is, that’s saying something. 

Before you can react Henry is sat beside you in silence, his legs crossed as he faces you, your head in your hands and wish he didn’t see you this way but he has done many times before.

“Why’d you run away?” he asked in the silence, you sighed and lifted your head, you didn’t really have a straight answer to give him or have just one that was bulletproof but it was many small things that scared you. 

“I think my relationship history is enough of a reason, Henry” you mutter and he sighed, you looked at your son, was he really judging your decisions right now? Was he really asking why? 

“I’m a single mum, almost thirty for Christ sake, I can’t even keep my sons father around; I haven’t showered in three days, and Steve… is so Steve” you trailed “he shouldn’t have to deal with my baggage, not that you’re baggage but… he shouldn’t be in relationship that requires responsibility like being a father” you explain “plus our jobs it’s not good to have someone we can lose, it’s a risk having you around, being with Steve will just expose more of a weakness between us both; not good” you run a hand through your (H/C) hair, cringing at the knots you didn’t even know were present, you really needed to shower today.

“I think your scared” Henry shrugs “and not because of everything you said” you frown at Henry “you are scared he will leave you, like every man before has left, especially my dad… you think whenever those past guys have left it’s been because of you, when actually it was them not being able to commit to your lifestyle” Henry shrugged.

“Not every guy just gonna leave you” he mutters and you smile lightly “you always tell me to take risks, you take risks every-day, why can’t being happy with Steve be a risk you take?” he asked, you were about to talk “no more excuses, give me a real answer” you snap your mouth shut, trying to think of one good reason not to go on a date with Steve, instead finding ten reasons why you should. 

“Why couldn’t be more like your father and just leave stuff well alone?” you asked with a sigh, smiling as you hugged Henry, he hugged you back and before Henry can say anything a cough gains attention.

Steve stands at the elevator, awkwardly smiling; Henry gets up and goes to his room, wishing Steve a good luck before shutting the door. Its awkwardly silent as he sits down where Henry once had, your eyes drift to everywhere but Steve, who is sat playing with his fingers and he shyly looks at you.

“Um, I heard everything you said by the way” Steve muttered, you widen your eyes and nod slowly, gulping at the fact he now knows you hadn’t showered in three days; you’ve used perfume and sprays to cover that up, especially dry-shampoo, how embarrassing. 

“I don’t mind about any of it” he begins “you being a single mum, I don’t mind, I love Henry; he’s the best kid I ever met, he grew up with a great mum to prove that, also, the age thing doesn’t matter since I am well passed my sell by date” he chuckled and you snickered, nodding in agreement 

“I’ve never been one to go after what I want, except for joining the army, the only thing I ever want after; I don’t have a relationship history… at all” he sighed “as for our jobs you are already my weakness, I’m constantly wondering where you are, I played it off in my mind that I had to get you home for Henry… but it was that and you’re always on my mind” he shrugged and you smiled lightly at him.

“I’m free tonight” you mutter, he grins looking down, unable to contain his excitement but playing it off rather well also “um, we can go out for dinner, I don’t have food here” you state and he nods in agreement. 

“I’ll let you shower and stuff” you chuckled, pushing him away, he stands up and walks to the elevator with a grin “also, I don’t think any of the Avengers has showered in like four days, myself included,” tells you, you laugh louder.

“We’re all so bad at hygiene” you comment standing up and waving a bye to Steve, he swiftly waves before the door shut; you were dancing and jumping in your living room, whilst Steve fist pumped the air in the elevator.  

 (Should I consider doing that part 3? About a wedding day between Reader and Steve, let me know if I should do it. Hope you enjoy this, I had so much fun writing the first part and this one. Remember you can request; imagines and one shots by myself and Angie- Rosalee)

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Oh all right. For the skill ask thing, Misfortunate, Aching Blood, and if you feel like it, Vendetta.

Misfortunate – Unluckiest moment in game?

GUESS WHO MANAGED TO HIT ME WITH THAT MCFRIGGING 23% CHANCE?? And in the previous day it took me SEVENTEEN TURNS to hit a 16% one WHILE THE ENEMY HIT A 7% ON THEIR FIRST TRY! This game is frigging rigged

Aching Blood – Did you name/forge any weapons? If so, what was your favorite name that you gave to a weapon?

I never really forged stuff, nope :’D 

Vendetta – Is there a boss/chapter that you hate to go through every time you play?

Ugh……… Severa’s recruiting map……… UGHHHH…..