this friendship and pairing snuck up on me but I love it


Comic Book Meme - Marvel edition: [3/5] Favourite Relationships (platonic or romantic)
Gamora and Angela

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Genji! <3 for the ask meme.

My otp: Probably one of the few OW characters where I have 2 otps: which is Gency and Gencio. My pansexual ninja has love for everybody.

My most hated pairing: Shimadacest, miss me with that stuff. Also romantic Geneyatta (I don’t hate this pairing I just don’t prefer it) only because I headcanon that Zenyatta has taken a vow of celibacy as a monk. As well as, mentor/student turned lovers can be a little iffy with me. Too much imbalance in power. However monkstudent!zenyatta and pre!cyborg Genji I can deal with.

My unusual otp: Genji and the gosh darn payload. Why are you off in Bed, Bath, and the Great Beyond asking for healing when the payload is right here?!? Am I a bitter support main? Darn tootin’

My crossover otp: Genji and Itachi Uchiha bond over how stupid their brothers are. Genji then asks for his autograph.

My brotp/friendship otp: Geneyatta all the way. Also I love the thought of  mentor/student with Genji/Bastion. When Genji first joined OW he was a bit of a whiny piss baby, McCree didn’t take his shit, and years later Genji thanks him for it. I can’t forget Tracer/Genji, because that’s all I see flanking in comp and THEY ALWAYS COME IN PAIRS. And despite all the Genji’s I’ve killed as Winston, I think they’re friends too. 

Character headcanon: Even though I’ve talked about the Shimada bros being the uncles of and with Genji being described as the fun one, he’s definitely the most protective between the two of them. definitely reminds him of his 19 year old self and then remembers having that youth and happiness brutally ripped away from him and he vows to never let that happen to her. He also is really protective of her when it comes to male suitors because he remember’s being a playboy in his youth and would have definitely been the one to flirt with had he been that age. Forget Soldier 76, Genji’s the one the lads had to worry about. Genji’s certainly relieved when he sees she’s dating Lucio.

A Gif that shows how I feel about the character:

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