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n ice

Bitter was the only taste you could feel on your tongue. Maybe it was the cheap wine that left such a rotten aftertaste, maybe it’s the way he paid so much attention to her over his own wife. Bitter wasn’t only what you tasted, but it was also what you felt. It’s harmless. He had whined when you confronted him about the new woman from C&R. She was.. Beautiful. Much more than you were– at least In your mind; you had thought so. Long silver hair that went past her shoulders and swayed at her lower back so gracefully. Ocean of blue was the only thing you could see inside her round wide eyes, and she was small too. Thin waist, long legs. A looker all around. But you know what was the most striking feature of them all?

She looked like his fucking cat.

He was interested in a woman that looked like his cat. His million dollar fur ball in human form. The thought was so mind boggling, but that’s Jumin for you.

You gripped your wine glass so tightly; it could’ve shattered at any moment. Of course you were jealous. Your husband was spending more time with his co-worker than he was his own goddamn wife. Who wouldn’t be?

They really never ‘flirted’ per say. He just seemed so.. intrigued, and curious about her; the one apparently named Eliza. God, even her name was so similar to Elizabeth. It drove you insane how much he talked about her now days, it bothered you so much. When you try to change the subject, it always floats back to her.

“ Why the pout kitten? ”
You groaned as a familiar red head snuck up behind your chair, scratching a finger underneath your chin just as one would do to a cat. He usually did that to you, and Jumin hated it. But what Jumin hates was the last thing you cared about right now.

You lazily lift your right hand off of the love-seat to point towards the duo who was chatting on together– looking ever so happy– as your left brought the half emptied wine glass up to your lips. The liquid went down hot seeing as you let it sit for so long, the temperature had gotten the better of it. This was your… Fourth? Yeah, Fourth glass of wine as of tonight. The leather chair squeaked as Seven plopped down– rather roughly, onto it. He groaned contently, the relief of being off his feet for the first time tonight was an amazing feeling. Dress shoes aren’t his thing, and now he remembers why.

“ Hm.. Is that the lady that he’s always talking about? The chick that looks like my lil’ baby Elly? ”
His eyes gleamed at the thought of the soft little kitty, but he quickly was pulled back to reality. He brought a finger up to his mouth in thought as he observed the two carefully– No touching each other yet, that’s good.. He said internally.

“ Yeah. ”
You answered curtly with a venomous tone, practically burning holes into the back of your husbands head– Praying maybe just maybe he’d turn because of it; see you alone with Seven and he’d kick into defensive mode, come swoop you up and take you back home to get you away from Luciel’s flirtations. Hell, you wouldn’t even mind that. Any kind of attention right now would feel good.

“ Awh– Is somebody jealous? ”
He batted his eyelashes annoyingly as he spoke with a baby voice– Of course you were jealous! How couldn’t you be? But you didn’t want to let the goof know his assumptions were truth; so you push his face softly away from yours, he pretends to have a knockback much stronger than what little force you used– it made you both chuckle together with soft smirks tugging at the corner of your lips.

“ It just.. sucks balls. ”
You used his lingo, much to his amusement. “ Sucks balls indeed. ”
Luciel mimicked you before sighing heavily after he commented, personally he found it quite annoying that Jumin hadn’t been paying attention to you. he would love to hang out with you all day. Be able to be with you the way Jumin can; Cat dad doesn’t know how good he has it.

“ It’s like i’m the side chick; You know? Agh.. And I know– It doesn’t seem like a romantic thing.. Jumin just wouldn’t do that… ”
You whisper the last part to yourself, however Luciel has keen hearing. He raised his brow in doubt as you continued on.

“ I wish he didn’t act like he found me boring now days.. ”
The ring on your finger clinked gently against the wine glass– catching your attention. Memories of how it used to be caused you to smile as you stared down at the large diamond your husband gave to you to propose.
Yes, Jumin still treated you good. You felt you didn’t have the right to complain; after all, he was a very loving husband. Maybe it was the controlling side you had deep down inside of you, or it could be you just don’t like how pretty that woman is– It’s aggravating not knowing why this whole thing bothers you so much. It just does.

Things have changed slightly, you’ve noticed. Late nights at the office had been getting even later; that was your first real concern. But with a nudge, you got Jaehee to hang around at work to see what on earth Jumin really does around there. It wasn’t anything groundbreaking, he was indeed working– Which relieved you instantly. She assured you at work there was no flirtations, they just seemed like friends. Hell, everyone told you they just seemed like friends. Maybe you were exaggerating too much– But the pit in your stomach just wouldn’t go away.

“ I bet if I kissed you he wouldn’t find you ‘oh so boring’ anymore huh? ”
You raised a brow at his unexpected words, it was clear Seven had a peculiar interest in yourself but.. It wasn’t something that got in between your friendship. Luciel knew his limits. But that statement was quite bold; it caught your attention.
“ He’d probably permanently sew three– No, Four– body guards on you at all times if he knew I even laid a hand on you…. Agh! ” He threw his head back in frustration, causing you to smile softly. That was true; Jumin probably would pay much more attention to you if something like that were to happen, but you’d never. You could never. It just wasn’t right.

“ MC? ”
The low voice caused you to look upwards– Slowly at that, eyes following the soft pattern of that black suit you knew oh so well. A pair of dark black eyes meet your own, causing you to shiver. He always had that effect on you.

He was tugging on his cufflinks out of boredom, right away he noticed how close Luciel was towards you. It bothered him, and he had no problem voicing those concerns.
“ No. Leave space, at least enough to fit three Elizabeth the 3rds in between you.”
Jumin suddenly grabs your hips firmly–you have to bite your lip to keep from yelping– sliding your body across the leather couch to follow his rule.
Always have to leave space for the Elizabeths.
Both you and Seven roll your eyes at the so called ‘rule’ but Jumin looked quite pleased with himself.

“ You’re one to talk.. Where’s the three Elizabeth’s in between you and pretty girl over there huh? ”
Seven chimed in, You knew right away Jumin would brush it off like he always does– You sigh heavily to yourself. Staring into the dark liquid of your glass as the two start to bicker.

“ I did the math, there was 3.6 Elizabeth the 3rds in between us. I follow the rules, as should you two.”
You couldn’t help but snicker at that, Much to Jumin’s displeasure. He looked down at you heavily for a few moments, after he got no response– He spoke again.
“ We’ll be going soon MC. Would you like me to grab your coat? ”
The ride home was quiet. Driver Kim made small talk with you; he always does. He’s a nice man, and even he seemed to notice something wrong with you. Why couldn’t Jumin notice then? You were texting Seven while slumped into the seat of the car, It was on the messenger but in a private message over the usual chatrooms.

” Con fron tation!!! Con fron tation!!! ”

You smiled softly at the text, looking up for a moment to see what Jumin was doing. He was in his phone as well, so you decided to continue.

“ Should I? What if he yells at me -_- ”

“ then i’ll teleport over there myself and rescue you n elly from that cruel cruel man!!! you deserve better! #justice for elly and mc 2k17!!!!! lololol ”

Well. Maybe you should? But you didn’t want Jumin to be upset. Speaking of which, he seemed to notice you giggling into your phone this whole time. Not saying a word though, but you could feel his eyes on you from across the seat.
Awh, was he jealous?
Part of you wanted him to take a seat in the jealousy club. There’s obviously room for him to join. But it was cruel to have an eye for an eye after all.
Powering down the phone, You place it at your side before sighing softly. Your gaze quickly meets your husbands who had done the same thing a few minutes ago. With a soft smile you look over towards him for a moment before focusing your attention to the window– The penthouse was in view.

He looked like he wanted to say something; But the car had already stopped.
“ We’re back Elizabeth the 3rd! ”
You call out to the kitty; the jingle of sparkly bells on her collar was getting closer and closer by the second. Setting down your bag before crouching, You greet the little fur ball who was meowing wildly– Desperate for attention. She enjoyed your petting; but it was clear Jumin’s eye was what she was after. That makes two, Huh?

“ Hello Elizabeth the 3rd. ” Jumin smiles gently at her as he hangs his coat on the rack, revealing a clean white button up shirt. He uses the backs of his knuckles to pet her face, the sound of her purrs echoed throughout the quiet home.
You leave the two alone; not before excusing yourself to go– just to get out of this god forsaken dress. This dress was tighter than ones you’ve worn before; hoping it might catch Jumin’s attention a little more, but instead you only got some extra looks from creeps and weirdos. Oh– And Seven, but he sort of falls into that category.
From the closet you choose something comfortable, loose grey sweatpants and a simple black tee shirt. It was soft, Jumin only picked materials that were the best of the best for you after all.

Taking one final look into the mirror, you inhale deeply; absolutely dreading the talk to come. Would he brush you off once more? Or finally listen to your pleas? You were mentally planning what to say to your husband.

’ Hey look– Im jealous to the point of it being painful so you can’t be friends anymore with Miss Kitty. No talking. Nothing. Only me. Okay? ’

Fuck no.
That sounded terrible. But hell, it’s what you were thinking after all. It felt so selfish, but one thing Jumin always said is he wanted you to be selfish with him. It’s something he always states constantly, So why do you feel guilty for actually being selfish now?

You made up in your mind that you’d just wing it. Let your emotions spill over, say whatever it is you’re feeling. Hopefully it would give him the push to accept that you were indeed lonely. You wanted to be the only woman in his life… To just hoard him all to yourself. God it sounded awful; but it was the truth.

Your bare feet squeaked against the hardwood flooring, anxiety filled you like never before seeing Jumin resting quietly on the couch, Elizabeth the 3rd by his side.
Without a word, you take your seat across from him. The couch was of course big enough for the both of you, but you really didn’t want to sit next to him right now. Back here was fine. The room was silent, besides Elizabeth the 3rds soft purrs and the gentle hum of the light fixtures. You sort of phase out for a moment, eyes out of focus as you’re lost in thought.

“ Whats wrong with you lately? ” Jumin said suddenly, causing your head to snap up; breaking you from your mindless thoughts. His eyes were trained onto the cat besides him instead of you. He looked calm as always, but his scowl was a bit more pronounced as of now.

“ Nice of you to notice. ”
You state sarcastically, rolling your eyes and hugging yourself by crossing your arms below your chest. He let out a low growl of disapproval, He never did like it when you talked back.

“ Are you cheating on me? ”
That incredibly sudden accusation took you aback instantly. Was he fucking serious? You?Cheating on him? Thats what he thought was different?

“ I could ask you the same thing you know. ” Your tone was bitter as your voice became raised, it was clear how upset he’d gotten you by your change in attitude. Your brows stitch together in a painful mix of shock and anger, how could he accuse you of something so foul? It was enough to make your blood boil.

“ I would never do something as low and filthy as that.
He was glaring deeply at you with fire in his eyes now, Still outwardly calm; which aggravated you to no end. The atmosphere changed so fast. It was heavy and the tension was sharp.
Elizabeth the 3rd quickly scurried away into the bedroom upon feeling the mood change. She must not have wanted to be in the middle of this all. Good call.

“ So you’re implying that I would? ”
You were standing upright now. Nails gripping tightly into your arms; enough to make your skin irritated. The fiery pit in your stomach hurt, as if a rock was inside you. You didn’t like arguing with Jumin at all, but this was pretty inevitable.
He was quiet through clenched teeth. His knuckles were white, and his legs crossed. He still looked so composed as he waited your answer to his question.

“ No, i’m not cheating on you Jumin Han. There– Happy? Huh? ” He didn’t break eye contact and also didn’t say a word, the way he seemed so collected while you were so upset was aggravating.

“ Even though you’ve been living it up with you new little play toy i’ve been here, lonely! All day long! ” He scoffed slightly out of disbelief, Brows scrunched in confusion.

“ My play thing? You must be delusional. Am I not allowed to be interested in knowing someone now days? ”

“ You’re not when the person in question is just so.. so– So beautiful! And smart.. and, And kind! and.. Well– better than me and…”
Your voice fades from sheer anger to sadness in the end. The gravity of the situation hit you hard, hot tears streamed down your cheeks thinking about everything Eliza was that you weren’t. Maybe it would be better if he was with her.. She sure did match him way better than you ever could.

It was silent. It hurt, that he didn’t have anything to say to you. It only made you cry some more.

“ .. Are you jealous MC? ” He questioned after a few moments; gently and with pity in his voice, but you still hated those words. Mainly because it was true.

“ Yes– Okay!? I’m jealous, i’m so fucking jealous! I hate the fact that all you talk about is her anymore. ” You stopped to wipe tears away from your eyes with a sniffle before continuing.
“ I mean.. I don’t have schooling like she does; and I don’t look like your cat.. I’m not successful or own a business like her.. ”
You hung your head low as you avoided his gaze. It’s true, you weren’t even in comparison with her. Not even in the same ballpark.

He sighs heavily to let out his frustration after a few moments of the room being filled with your sobs, swiping a hand across his face roughly before looking up at you. He realized what you were getting at, and he felt like shit because of it. He was being too selfish in this situation. His heart strings pulled painfully at him seeing you brought to tears because of this.

“ Come here. ” It was gentle and soft, he didn’t sound angry or upset. Remorse was evident in his tone. His arms were open to you, eyes warmer than the cold ones you saw before.

God, that was it. That was all you needed right now. You didn’t care how sad you looked or how angry you just were. All you wanted was to be held by your husband, you’ve been wanting that for weeks now. Just.. Needing something. Anything. And this was it.
You burst into tears as you fall into his arms, curling tightly up in his lap as his white shirt was now stained with your tears. He pets his hand over the back of your head soothingly, holding you tight to his chest like a baby. You could hear his heartbeat, it was so steady and barely ever hitched while you two sat there together.

“ I truly didn’t know you felt that way…. I– Im so sorry.. ”
He sounded so sad.. You felt horrible for everything that’s happened. You should have talked about this sooner, instead of letting all the emotions fester.

“ I’m sorry for letting you think I was cheating.. You know i’d never–”
He interrupted you with a soft shush,
“ That was idiotic for me to say. I know you’d never.
He states quietly as he runs his thumb in circles on your back.
“ I’ll explain how you feel to Eliza as soon as tomorrow. ”
You nod softly, still feeling selfishness resonate inside you– But Jumin didn’t mind any of this. He felt terrible for purposely trying to make you jealous these past few weeks. Seeing how close you and Luciel had been getting. It was horrible, doing that all so you’d pay more attention to him. He really didn’t think about it before hand. He just was.. Well, Jealous. No idea that it would all backfire this badly.

” I don’t ever want you to ever feel like you’re not beautiful– Or smart, or successful. You’re My princess. You’re all that and more in my eyes, my love. ”

You cuddled deep into his chest, his words were soothing to you. This whole thing was so ridiculous, you’re so happy it’s finally over.

“ Just.. Can you introduce me to her? I’d like to formally meet the woman who looks like my husbands cat put into human form.”
He chuckled softly, causing you to laugh as well. The vibrations of his chest made your heart skip a beat as you smile.
“ Of course I will. I should have done it sooner. ”
but if you didn’t get it MC was getting super close to Luciel/Seven, so Jumin started talking to Eliza to make mc jealous of him as much as he was of her and seven. Obviously it backfired seeing as they both ended up Angery ™ but hey it worked out in the end and jumin learned his lesson lmao!! check out my masterlist of you’d like as well, in my bio!! i just updated it with some new stuff! ~~

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Pairing: Reader x Thomas Jefferson

Warnings: Stripping ;), Implied smut, Swear words, Mention of sex

Word Count: 1707

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You hated your roommate. It was a month into your first semester at King’s College and you wanted to rip out your hair. Your roommate, Eliza Schyler, loved to have her boyfriend, Alexander, over 24/7. If they weren’t at your dorm for the night, you were sure they were bugging Alexander’s roommate. You were finally pushed over the edge when you came back to your dorm over the long weekend to see that your bed was a mess. You furrowed your brows and set down your bags on your side of the room. You distinctly remembered making your bed before you left, so you were trying to figure out why it wasn’t made.

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No emotion. Just sex.

You rolled off Jack, collapsing on the bed beside him as you tried catching your breath. Your head still spinning from the mind blowing orgasm you just had.

“wow.” Jack breathed out, his chest heaving up and down, “that was incredible”

“I.Know” you breathed out, a dopey smile on your face.

You and Jack were close, and there’s always been something between the two of you ever since you met a few months back. Some sort of tension, but neither of you acted on it ever, especially with Jack and Jack being so popular, and your acting, you were both so busy, and constantly in someones spotlight, neither of you really wanted to bring some complicated relationship into the mix, since the two of you weren’t sure what was there. The two of you didn’t want to ruin your new friendship either, but one night at a party that logic went out the window when the two of you, both having a few drinks, snuck off upstairs and fooled around. Now here you are, 4 months later.

You sighed, getting out of the bed and searching for your clothes.

“what are you doing?” Jack whined from the bed, giving you puppy eyes as he watched you pull on your panties and bra and wiggle into your shorts, searching for your shirt now.

“I told you today had to be quick. I’ve got that music video today” 

“oh…right” he spoke, getting out of bed and pulling on a pair of basketball shorts.

The two of you talked while you walked through the house, grabbing a piece of toast in the kitchen and heading out, Jack walking you to your car.

“alright beautiful, kill it today at the music video.” he smiled, resting his hands on the top of the car, your door open, and leaning down.

“I’ll try” you smiled. “I’m not sure what I’m doing, but it can’t be that hard, I doubt I’ll have any lines.” you laughed.

“I’m sure you’re gonna do great.” he smiled, leaning in and kissing you before closing the door and watching you drive off.


When you arrived on the set you walked around. You hadn’t really heard much about this, all you know is that the artist requested you be considered for the part, according to your manager, who was more than thrilled, saying it would be a good ‘experience’ when being considered for other parts in movies and shows.

Your manager, Tyler, met you at the door as soon as you walked in.

“hey (y/n). Good to see you” he spoke, hugging you. Tyler was cool as shit, and definitely watched out for you, like a protective older brother, so you trusted him when it came to this part.

“yeah, I’m pretty excited for this actually” you smiled at him as you two started to walk through the place.

“I think you’ll love this actually” he smiled.

“yeah, I hope so. I just really wanna meet the artist. I mean, to be like personally requested.” you gushed.

“oh yeah, well he thought you’d fit the part perfectly for what he had in mind. He’s actually changing I believe, but let’s go talk to the director, he’ll give you the basic idea.”

After meeting the director, and getting the main idea, you were actually pretty excited. This would be the first, more intimate like scene you’ve done, but you thought it’d be good for you.

So Tyler showed you to your room and showed you your outfit, which you were pretty excited to slip on.

Walking out after changing, and hair and makeup had their turn with you, a robe around you, you were more excited than before. You walked towards Tyler, who’s face lit up when he saw you.

You approached him, and the director, and another guy, who’s back was turned towards you. The director saw you and smiled, nodding at the robe, and you undid the little tie, and slipped it off, the director and Tyler’s eyes both going wide, which wasn’t as creepy as it sounds, it’s not like they were 50, they were both late 20′s early 30′s, and I mean, you were 20, so it wasn’t that weird. 

You held the robe in you arms and watched as the director nudged the other guy, who lifted his head up to look at him, but when he nodded his head in your direction the other guy turned around, as if in slow motion.

Your eyes widened at you made eye contact. He was hot. So fucking hot. Tall. Scruffy. Man bun. Great style. Killer smile. Low eyes you could just get lost in.


When Jace nudged Nate, he was curious as to what he wanted. They were in the middle of talking about the video, Nate talking about some of his ideas, and input from Tyler, about things you’d be good at, and then just everyone throwing out ideas. Nate was seeing it really coming together, but looking at Jace expectantly, only to see him nod behind him, Nate turned to see what needed his attention.

You were even more beautiful in person, compared to the pictures on ig, and the few movies he’s seen you in. You were so beautiful. Nate was kinda taken aback. He eyed you up and down as you approached. Long legs, thin waist and god your eyes and timid smile were killing him. You screamed innocence, but your outfit completely contradicted that idea.


You bit your lip as you approached, eyeing him up and down so obviously, but he didn’t do a good job at keeping his eyes off you either, not that you minded whatsoever.

“(y/n) this is Nate.” Justin spoke.

“hi” you smiled, reaching your hand out. “It’s nice to meet you” you spoke sweetly.

“trust me, the pleasures mine.” Nate flirted.

After your short introduction, Justin and Tyler went off to make sure everything was set, you and Nate following behind, just talking a bit.

“You nervous?” he asked, nudging your arm with his elbow.

“no and yes” you laughed.

“why’s that?”

“well I mean, I feel like I can do this no problem, and I mean, there’s always more than one take we can do, it’s just…I mean, to be requested personally, I feel like the pressures really on” 

“oh yeah, I just thought you’d fit the part really well, I mean, everyone loves a video with a beautiful girl in it.” he smiled.

“stop it.” you blushed, playfully bumping into his side.

“there’s really nothing to worry about. You’re gonna be fine.” he smiled, as the two of you got to the actual set where the cameras and lights and everything was.


Some scenes that were filmed, Nate wasn’t in, so he stood off on the side, and he was so glad he picked you for this. 

“she’s good.” Tyler smirked beside Nate, who had his eyes glued on you the whole time.

“y-yeah.” he stuttered a bit, biting his lip as he watched you 

god, you were stunning.


You were told to ‘act seductive and sexy’ and the outfit was half of it, adding to your confidence, so you literally just went with it. It started off, you filmed all the scenes you were doing by yourself, just so you could be a little more comfortable before just throwing you half naked in bed with a guy you just met.

But then came the scenes you had to do with Nate, which I mean, you were a professional, you weren’t gonna get all giddy, even though he was extremely hot and this was a rather sensual video.

You did as you were told, and god, you were actually pretty turned on.


Nate admired the way you moved, like it came so natural to you, and he couldn’t help but think about what it’d be like to actually have you like this. God, you were turning him on so much.


When you were done, you watched as Justin put it together, you and Nate standing pretty close, and you were actually surprised how well the whole thing looked.

“damn.” you and Nate said at the same time, looking sideways at one another with smiles on your faces.

“definitely. we should have it up by tomorrow after we edit it a bit more if that’s cool with you skate.” Justin spoke

“yeah, that’s cool.” Nate smiled.

“alright, well that’s a wrap then.”

Justin and Tyler stood and talked, both voicing and working on the editing a bit, more so, Tyler just voicing his opinion.

You and Nate turned and started to walk off, you were going to change back into normal clothes.

“hey (y/n)” Nate spoke, catching your attention.

“yeah?” you asked, your brow furrowed.

“you wanna go grab something to eat?”

“yes!” you exclaimed, overjoyed, but to be fair, all you had eaten was a piece of toast, Jack took a big bite out of as well.

“alright, cool” Nate laughed. “you go ahead and change and I’ll be out here waiting.”

“okay cool” you smiled.


You had never had so much fun before. You and Nate were really hitting things off, conversation just flowed naturally between the two of you and you guys couldn’t stop laughing. He invited you back to a buddies place for a party, and well, you couldn’t refuse.

You had Nate drop you off at your place, and he of course followed you in while you changed and got ready for the night, unsure of what to wear. Nate sat out in your living room while you changed.

After you finished getting ready you walked down the hall and joined Nate, getting his attention, and the two of you leaving and heading towards the party.

You were a little nervous walking up to the house, but Nate wrapped his arm around your waist as if it was the most natural thing, and you felt more comfortable.

“don’t worry, my friends are cool” Nate spoke.

“I hope so” you let out a little nervous giggle.


So far everyone was great. Nash was so chill and John and Tez made you laugh. Hayes kept hitting on you, which was flattering, and he was so adorable. You even bumped into Johnson, not knowing he knew Nate.

“so wait, is Jack here?” you asked as you were standing with Johnson, the two of you drinking together.

“yeah, I saw him around here somewhere.”

“hmm, I’m sure I’ll bump into him or something then.”

It was then that Nate came and ‘stole’ you from Johnson, pulling you downstairs.

“what are we doing down here?” you asked as you made it down the last step you saw John sitting on the couch, hunched over the coffee table.

“you’re gonna smoke with us.” Nate spoke, taking your hand and pulling you towards the couch.

When you guys finished like 3 bowls and 2 blunts, you headed back upstairs. You ended up hanging out with Nate for a bit, dragging him out to dance with you.

Jack found Madison as soon as he walked in, walking up to her and engulfing her in a hug. She wrapped her arms around him and the two were pretty much glued to one another all night.

Madison pulled Jack out to dance, and the two of them were getting sensual. Jack’s hands roaming her body as she grinded against him. Jack started kissing on her neck, when he looked up and saw Nate for the first time of the night, dancing with a girl.

You were having so much fun with Nate, and your eyes were glossed over, the alcohol and weed hitting you hard. You turned to look around when you were met with the image of a guy and girl making out, tongues down one another’s throat practically. 

Your mind went to Jack, a smile coming onto your face. It was when the two broke apart that you felt sick, seeing Jack smile down at the girl.

“I-uh, I gotta go to the bathroom” you spoke, shocked to see Jack all over another girl. Sure you were dancing with Nate, but, you just felt it was different. 

“alright, I’ll find you in a bit.” he smiled, his hand resting on your side as you slipped out of his grip slowly.

You did go to the bathroom, but didn’t go back to find Nate right away, you just wanted to go outside and get some fresh air, clear your head.

It was when you were outside that someone bumped into you, causing you to stumble a bit.

“shit my ba-(y/n)?” you heard the all too familiar voice.

“Jack” you spoke.

“what are you doing here?” he asked shocked.

“nothing” you muttered.

You knew you were being short and having an attitude, but you felt like you had the right to be. How could Jack just fuck you this morning, and then be all over this other girl with his tongue down her throat.

“hey, what’s wrong?” he asked, grabbing your arm causing you to look at him.


“don’t lie to me (y/n)”

“I’m fine really.” you spoke, annoyed honestly.

“something’s up”

“I’m fine Jack really, why don’t you go check on your little girlfriend from inside.”

“what are you t-Madison” he muttered, realizing who you were talking about.


“It’s not a big deal, she’s just a friend.”

“really? cause I don’t shove my tongue down my ‘just friend’s throat.”

“you’re being ridiculous.”

“I saw you” you laughed dryly.

“Honestly? why are you even mad?” he asked.

“seriously?! Jack, we just fucked this morning, and we have been for the past what now…4 months? did it literally mean nothing?”

“(y/n) come on. there were no emotions. no relationship. it was just sex.” he laughed, and it was then that you noticed his bloodshot eyes. Of course he was drunk, cause his words and actions tonight were completely different than the Jack you knew, but they do say drunk words are sober thoughts. So maybe you and Jack were just sex? You didn’t care; it hurt to hear him say it, and to have such a heartless tone when saying it.

“glad you feel that way, have fun with whatever her name is” you spoke, starting to walk about but turned around to look at him again “and don’t bother calling me again.” and with that you walked off.

You found Swazz and did a few shots with him before asking where Nate was, John smirking and pointing towards upstairs. “I think he headed up to his room”

“wait, he lives here?” you asked “he said it was a friends party” 

“yeah, we live here together” John laughed. “but his room is upstairs, second one on the left.

You smiled and headed upstairs, tripping but laughing it off as you made it to the top and then trying to find Nate’s room, knocking on the closed door.

When the door opened you were startled by a shirtless Nate, gawking at his abs before meeting his gaze, lip caught between your teeth.

“it looks like I-uh-I found you” you giggled.

“yeah” he smiled. He stepped back a bit, opening the door more and you walked in and looked around his room before you turned to meet his gaze.

“so, this is your house.” you spoke, raising your brow as Nate made his way to sit on his bed, sweats hanging low on his hips, sitting up against his headboard.

“yeah” he spoke, eyeing you up and down, practically undressing you, since he had a pretty good idea of what you looked like half naked anyway from the shoot today; as you stood at the end of his bed.

“so this is your party” you spoke, putting your hand on your hip.

“I guess you could say that.” he smirked.

“then why aren’t you down, enjoying your party?” you asked, walking and setting your cup down on his dresser, walking back slowly, Nate’s eyes glued to you.

“trust me, I’m enjoying this right now.” he nodded towards you as you stood at the end of his bed again. You were glad it was dark in his room to hide the small blush coming to your face, but it couldn’t hide your smile.

The music from downstairs, mixed by Dillon, flowed upstairs into Nate’s room, and it was a slower type of song. You unknowingly started to sway to the music, Nate’s eyebrows quirking up.

You bit your lip, noticing the way Nate was eyeing you up and down, and you decided to be a little daring.

You reached down and undid the button on your jeans, and slowly pulled the zipper down, turning and wiggling your butt a bit, looking back at Nate who had his lip between his teeth and his eyes glued to your ass as you slowly started to pull your pants down, bending over giving Nate a great view.

You stood back up, tossing your head back, your hair flying up above you, and then behind, bouncing a bit before resting on your back.

Nate saw that happen as if it was in slow motion. He was so fucking turned on, and you only just took your pants off, but damn, you were so fucking sexy. The arch you had in your back when you bent over, and then slowly stood back up, god. You were so fucking sexy.

You turned back around, swiveling your hips back and forth, still dancing to the music downstairs, and you ran your hands over your body, starting in your hair and slowly making their way down you shoulders, over your boobs, down to the hem of your shirt.

You smiled at Nate as you slowly pulled the shirt up, exposing more and more of your flawless skin to Nate, who’s eyes were raking up and down your whole entire body, hunger in his eyes.

So you were left in just your bra and panties, and you slowly started to climb up the bed towards him, stopping when you were on your hands and knees, practically straddling him, your face centimeters away from his.

“y’know” he whispered. “I can’t get a show like this down at the party” he finished, his lips dangerously close to yours now.

“oh really?” you spoke in a low tone, your lips eager for his.

Nate slowly nodded his head before reaching up under your chin and meeting your lips. You melted into the kiss, sitting on Nate’s lap, his hands going to your ass and yours around his neck.

In no time his tongue was in your mouth and you had started grinding on him, needing some sort of friction.

Nate reached up and undid your bra, you just as eagerly as him reached to take it off over your shoulders and toss it somewhere in the room. It was then that Nate turned you over so he was on top, his lips leaving yours and moving down your jaw to your ear, leaving a trail of kisses.

“I haven’t stopped thinking about you all day” he whispered hotly in your ear before attaching his lips to your neck, slowly making his way down your collarbone and then to the valley of your breasts, one hand coming up to massage one, tweaking the nipple while his mouth went to the other.

You arched your back a bit more as Nate switched his mouth to the other, a shaky breath coming from your mouth and Nate’s name slipping through your lips in a hushed tone.

Nate smirked up at you while he continued his way down your body, kissing and sucking on your hipbone, right above your pantyline. He hooked his finger in the top band and slowly started to pull them down, you kicking them off as they got to your ankles.

Nate dipped his head down toward your heat, licking a bold strip from your entrance to your clit before he started to suck and kitten lick your clit. Your hands went to his hair, bunching it up between your hands, pulling it out of pleasure. His scruffy face adding a weird pleasurable feeling to the whole entire mix.

Your back was arched as Nate slipped two fingers into you while continuing to lick your clit. His fingers moving inside you and his mouth on your clit were driving you wild, and you were close. You had started to grind against his mouth and fingers, needing more to get your release. Nate picked up the pace of his fingers, and his mouth showed your clit no mercy, pushing you closer and closer to letting go.

Nate’s name and breathless moans came out of your mouth, mixed with small profanities. Before you knew it you reached your climax. Your back was arched off the mattress and your legs were shaking.

Nate let you recover from your orgasm, and when you could finally see straight, you pulled him up to you and smashed your lips to his. You didn’t care that the taste of yourself was still on his lips. You just wanted him…now.

You reached down between the two of you and started to tug at his sweats, causing Nate to smile into the kiss, and while balancing himself with one hand, he reached down and helped you pull off his sweats.

Nate laid back down on top of you, his tip at your entrance. He lined himself up and you felt him push his tip in, sliding his hands up and locking them with yours before her pushed all the way in, your eyes going wide at the feeling of him filling you up, you moaning quietly in his ear.

Originally posted by lovershub

Nate waited for you to adjust to his size a bit before he started to move, thrusting slowly at first, his lips on yours.

It didn’t take much for him to pick up his pace, thrusting faster and harder, the bed shaking with his movements.

His head by your ear, you heard him grunting with each thrust, and you were letting out shaky breaths and quiet moans.

No one has ever made you feel how Nate was. Your nails raked down his back as he hit your g-spot, back arching off the mattress, the two of you skin to skin.

Your head was spinning and all that was falling from your lips was Nate’s name and shaky breaths. Nate placed his lips back onto yours, never feeling as good as he did before. Your body just seemed to fit with his perfectly.

His thrusts started to get a little sloppy, and you had started clenching around him, trying to hold on a bit longer.

It was as if all at once though, the two of you both reached your climax, both of you letting go at about the same time. You moaned out Nate’s name, and he bit down on your shoulder, letting out a low groan against you.

Nate rolled off you, crashing down on the bed with a huff, his breathing uneven. He had never came that hard before, and it’d been a while since he’s had such great sex before as well. Sure, he would have loved to hit it from behind, but something about you, he wanted something more filled with passion, not just some quick rough fuck.

Nate turned on his side, and wrapped his arms around you, pulling you into his chest, kissing the top of your head as you snuggled into his chest a bit more.


You woke up the next morning to your phone going off. You were getting an incoming call, and you tried to ignore it, but this was the third time whoever it was tried, and you had a feeling they weren’t gonna stop until you answered.

Groaning, you rolled over and saw who was calling, and you answered sleepily.

“what?” you muttered into the phone.

“well good morning to you too” you heard Jack chuckle as you got out of bed and searched the room for you clothes.

“sorry, I’m just confused as to why…why you’re calling” you spoke..

“cause I was just wondering if you wanted to hang out” he spoke lowly, a smirk evident in his voice.

“seriously?” you scoffed.

“yeah? why wouldn’t I be serious?”

“last night you told me there wasn’t anything between us, no emotions or relationship between us, so sorry if I don’t wanna come ‘hang’”

“please, I was drunk I don’t even rem-” he started but you heard a tiny voice in the back “Jack, come back to bed”

you scoffed.

“(y/n) please.”

“no, don’t call me again. I just can’t deal with you right now, and clearly you need to figure some things out” and with that you hung up before he could say another word.

You let out a sigh of relief and settled back into bed a bit. 

Nate’s arm flew around you and he pulled you back into his chest more, you snuggling into him more.

“who was that?” he muttered.

“no one important.” you whispered a bit.

“alright.” he let out a little raspy chuckle. “let’s go back to bed for a bit, and then how about we go get something to eat afterwards.”

“perfect” you muttered, closing your eyes again, but feeling Nate’s lips push against your forehead.

Flat Line

Pairings: Sam x Reader | Dean x Reader (friendship)

Song: Please Don’t Go by Joel Adams

Summary: Something is wrong with (Y/N), she knows it but doesn’t bother to get checked out until a trip to the store forces her to.

Words: 1709

Warnings: angst, illness, character lost, spoilers

A/N: Sorry it’s been a while.

Master List | Request

You trudge through the bunker, your body shaking as you approach the library, but you force yourself to display a smile when you see the Winchester brothers, their heads buried in books as they desperately try to figure a way to remove the Mark.

You haven’t been feeling well for a long time now, you know it’s not the flu or just a small virus that’ll disappear in a few more days. You know this is something much larger because you’re always tired and the amount of weight you’ve lost when you haven’t been trying isn’t normal.

“(Y/N), are you okay?” Sam asks, placing a hand on your shoulder and leaning in to examine your face better. You stand there, your hands gripping the edge of the countertop while your head spins from merely reaching for a cup. Shrugging his hand off your shoulder, you nod your head a smile up at him, but you can clearly see he hesitates to believe you.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” You turn to rest your back against the counter, tucking your arms in the hoodie pockets. Sam sets a couple of empty beer bottles on the metal table before opening the fridge and rummaging through it. “You and Dean find anything yet?”

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Newt Scamander x Gryffindor!Reader Part 1

A/N: Surprise! I finished this early! Anyways, I’m still working on requests, and on another note, out of my Newt x Hogwarts reader imagines, the next one to be posted will be Newt Scamander x Ravenclaw!Reader part 2, and following will be the Hufflepuff reader part 2 etc. You are all wonderful people and you are all so so so so so great and amazing and beautiful and special. A part two to this will eventually be posted. Enjoy ^-^

Warnings: none, just fluffy stuff

Based on these headcanons:

Part 2 :

You ran your hand over your head again and sipped on a cool drink as you sat at the counter bar of the Leaky Caldron. Being an Auror could be quite stressful, and you never really had time to yourself anymore. You were lost in your thoughts once more, thinking about everything from what you ate for breakfast to your days back at Hogwarts.

Ah, Hogwarts. Some of your best memories were created there all those years ago. There was the time where you were first sorted into Gryffindor, the time you performed your charms project flawlessly thus giving you the highest marks in the class, and there was the time you met him.

Newton Artemis Fido Scamander.

You sighed as you remembered the times like they were yesterday, and you wondered where he was. Maybe he went off to do something great. Maybe he went off to live somewhere else. Maybe he had already found another person to love and spend his life with, and maybe that person was better than you. This string of thoughts had been on your mind a lot recently, and you didn’t know why. You missed him, you truly and sincerely did. You missed the long walks and snowball fights in winter, the days where you snuck out to have snacks with the fairies, the times where you kissed in the hallways but never told any soul, and the days where your relationship was still strong before he was sent away on the train.

You remembered it so vividly, as if it were so close that it was real, as if you were still there in the first class where you met. You let your mind slip back to that time as you swallowed another sip of your drink.

Students spoke closely to one another as a fresh and earthy scent swarmed around you all. You had once again found yourself working on a Herbology project by yourself, as your partner has disappeared to the other side of the greenhouse to most likely try and find a way to ditch. You shook your head and went back down to recording information, carefully detailing the events of the plant’s behavior. When you went to glance back at it though, your eyes missed and focused on something else instead. A wild mess of curls and crystal eyes had stolen your gaze, as you were now focused on the timid boy you had in your class known as Newt Scamander. When Newt peered up and glanced back at you, a pink blush settled itself onto his cheeks, like he had been bitten by the cold, and he went back to work on his own project.

The two of you had never actually spoken face to face. He had been one of the best out of the entire class, and his skills in terms of caring for and identifying plants had proven strong, securing him a spot as one of the professor’s favorites. You weren’t sure what exactly had drawn you to him. Maybe it was the way his eyes and cheeks lit up in passion when speaking about creatures and plants. Maybe it was the way of how considerate and nonjudgmental he was. He seemed different, but it was a good different.

Your professor broke you out of your trance, as he was calling you from afar. Apparently your partner had succeeded at ditching and a few others were searching the grounds for them. Your professor felt slightly guilty for pairing you up with them, and instead decided to switch your partners in an attempt to cut some of your work down. With relief, you agreed. Now you wouldn’t have to finish everything yourself. He brought you over to the second set of tables to your new partner. When you found out who it was, your cheeks became tainted with red. Newt Scamander, who had been working alone because his partner ditched with your previous one, was now your new partner. His face broke into a soft smile as he scooted his bag off the table, allowing you to sit next to him.

You placed your bag next to his and spread your parchment and supplies back out. You turned to him with a friendly smile and nervously held out your hand to introduce yourself.

“Hello, I’m Y/n.”

You waited nervously since you didn’t know how he felt about your somewhat bold first gesture, but you relaxed when he took your smaller hand in his while a timid smile reemerged on his lips.

“Hi, I’m um, Newt.”

Days passed by and it was nearing the end of the week now. Newt was now growing more open and comfortable around you, as he no longer viewed you as, in his words, “An intimidating Gryffindor that could crush someone like him.” He felt rather terrible for assuming that you were as aggressive as most people stereotyped, and he felt even more surprised to learn that you were as curious as he was.

One day, after talking to one another on the way back from the Great Hall again, he pulled you aside, heightening your suspicion.

“Y/n, can I have a word? There’s nothing wrong I promised,” he whispered in a hushed voice. You of course agreed and stood close to him, causing him to become flustered.

Newt felt something towards you, something stronger than friendship, and he knew denial was out of the question. You standing so close to him made his cheeks painted with a blush, as your radiant beauty was beyond compare. He had known that you were in his Herbology class, but you had been so intelligent and stunning that he felt absurd talking to you. He couldn’t find the courage to talk to you in person, and he debated writing you a letter to introduce himself properly, but that all changed when you were assigned to be his partner. He thanked Merlin over and over in his head for blessing him the opportunity to work with someone as beautiful and intriguing as you. He broke his train of thoughts as he took in your appearance, which he thought was so lovely and sweet, and continued on.

“Would you, um, would you want to come to forest with me? I’ve been studying some creatures out there and I was wondering if you’d like to come with me to see them I’ve never brought anyone else-,”

You cut him off with a smile before replying, “Of course.”

Minutes later, you were sprinting towards the forest with all care tossed to the wind. You had managed to speed past Newt. He saved the image of your hair blowing in the wind and the sound of laughs slipping from your lips, telling himself that one day he’d earn the courage to ask you to be his.

You adjusted your uniform and stood your broom up as your heart leapt and threatened to burst from your chest. The crowds were roaring like a million blasts of thunder, or maybe that was still your heart pulsing and your blood pumping in your veins. Gryffindor was about to face off with Slytherin in a heated match of quidditch, and you had been looking forward to this for weeks, but now, a pit formed inside of your stomach. What would happen if you messed up? What would happen if you slipped and missed your chance to help your team?

You were pulled away from your stress when you heard Newt call out to you.

“Y/n! Over here!”

You turned to see Newt beaming with a Gryffindor flag in his hand. Your heart swelled, realizing that he still cared so much. You jogged over to him and he embraced you in a hug, a gentle warm hug.

“You still have that?” you asked, referring back to the flag with a smile now forming on your lips as well.

“Of course I do, Y/n, I’m you biggest fan remember?” He let out a laugh as you remained in his arms hugging. It was warm, soft, and loving, everything you wanted but couldn’t have because he didn’t see you that way.

Little did you know he felt exactly the same way, hence another reason as to why the little flag with a lion on it brought him so much joy. Newt came to every one of your games, standing and cheering despite his quiet nature. He always rooted for you, even if it was against Hufflepuff, and he wouldn’t ever consider skipping out in supporting you in something you loved so much.

“You’re the best, Newt.”

The whistle blew, signaling the teams to reassemble. With one last look after your hug broke, he held your hand still and stared down at you touch.

“G-Good luck Y/n. You’ll do great.”

You smiled back and thanked him before heading onto the field to your position, the image of Newt’s reddened face staying in your mind.

You ran to where you usually met Newt after every match with adrenaline still scorching in your veins. You had beaten Slytherin as your team had successfully caught the snitch, and you were beyond overjoyed. Your teammates were all slapping hands together into high fives and shouting victories. Among the sea of red, a patch of yellow stuck out, and you just knew it was Newt. You heart was beating faster than ever as the two of your eyes locked together. His smile stretched across his cheeks indicating how proud of you he was, and though there were people surrounding you, you felt as if you and Newt were the only ones there. You broke into a run with your hair billowing behind you as Newt then grabbed you in a hug and twirled you around. You couldn’t remember if it was the adrenaline or the heat of the moment or even the feeling of success from all your practice that made you do it, but you knew for a fact that it was packed with passion. You were still in Newt’s arms, and you decided to kiss him directly on the lips.

Newt didn’t hesitate to follow, and he set you back down softly onto the wet grass, kissing you back harder than you expected. His own lips melted against you plump ones as they danced in harmonious synchronization. He tasted sweet, like honey laced with a sprig or two of mint, and the scent of soil and dew mixed with the grassy atmosphere and your vanilla scent, keeping the two of you in your won world. His hand was trembling slightly from nervousness but it Nontheless found its way to you lower back and waist. He pulled you in, as if he couldn’t get enough of you, as if letting your lips lose touch would awaken him from a fantastic dream of his fantasy. He was kissing the girl he had always dreamed of kissing, and you were kissing the boy you had always dreamed of kissing. You were both oblivious to those around you, some gasping and a few cheering. No one thought the two of you would end up together, but seeing it in front of them all had proven them wrong. When you two did eventually decide to break the kiss, his lips ghosted over yours once more for another simple yet sweet peck. He stared into your eyes in astonishment and wonder.

“Merlin,” he whispered, despite the environment being loud.

“Newt, I don’t know what I was thinking I-,” you started to get out, but you didn’t get to finish as Newt had grabbed your waist and began kissing you again.

He paused, “Y/n it’s alright, I’m just disappointed that I didn’t do it first.”

With a smile, he graciously kissed you again.

You swirled your glass around again, not realizing that you had finished your beverage while lost in your past. You had reemerged into reality again, as the voices of witches and wizards bounced off the walls.

You loved him then, and you still did now, but had no clue as to if he loved you still. Maybe he had forgotten about you and moved on.
You remembered the seething anger and fright that coursed through your body the day he was being expelled. You weren’t angry at him, you were angry at the fact that he was being removed from somewhere he loved even though it wasn’t his doing. You searched the grounds for him, pleading that he was still here. Your spot at the forest edge was vacant, and so was you table in the library. You searched by the lake and in the greenhouse and even near the pillar where you used to sneak off to kiss every now and then. He was nowhere, but just as you were about to accept that he had already left without saying goodbye, you found him. He was doing the same thing as you were, searching. He couldn’t leave without telling his darling goodbye. He couldn’t do that to you, not to his everything.

You remembered the way he looked at you with tears in his eyes that replicated yours. His arms engulfed you in a hug, for you knew that it could be your last and you simply held each other. With kisses to your hair, he let go. He was going to miss everything. He was going to miss the way you picked flowers in the spring and the way you snuggled up in winter coats and scarves to play in the snow. He’d miss meeting the creatures in secret with you, and he was going to miss seeing you every day and holding hands between classes.

His hand reached up to wipe your tears away, but they were only replaced by more. His own tears flowed again, and he nudged your chin to look at you.

“I love you Y/n, I love you so much. I’ll never forget you, and I hope we can meet again. Right now love, I need you to be strong, for the both of us. Can you please do that for me?” he whispered softly.

You nodded, and that was the last you saw of him.

A single tear slipped down past your cheek. You couldn’t help it, you missed him dearly. You wondered if he looked up at the stars you once stared at together and thought of you. You wondered if he still had the tiny flag. You wondered if he ended up happy.

Your coins clinked on the counter as you left a tip and began to stand up from you chair. However, something once again took you away from your current reality. As you were grabbing your bag, a voice echoed from the other side of the building.



Can I Even Complicate Your Breathing?

Summary: Pastel!Dan lives in an apartment complex and sits on his windowsill every night and sings. Punk!Phil listens to him every night. 
Word Count: 3906
A/N: Thank you to danisnotahobbit for the wonderful prompt and for betaing this for me! And also thank you to whalefairyfandom12 (as always) for cheering me on and correcting my grammar (: You both are awesome! Also, I’ve just reached 3k subscribers today so here’s a celebration fic xD
Song Title


There is a boy who lives across the street from Phil who has brown hair the colour of chocolate, the voice of an angel, and eyes that reflect a million stars. Phil doesn’t know when it first started, but he slowly began to drift to his slightly cracked window every night just to hear the boy sing.

He always sat upon his windowsill, picking at the lint on his pastel jumpers while his lips uttered beautiful melodies that put Vic Fuentes to shame. And Phil didn’t even know the boy’s name, or what he liked to do in his spare time, but he could slowly start to feel himself falling for the boy.

It was idiotic in a way. Phil had never met this brunette beauty before. He never heard his voice besides when he sang in the hours of the night, he never seen him in broad daylight, and he certainly didn’t know a single thing about him. And yet, Phil was in love with a voice and a boy who didn’t even know he existed.

These were the thoughts that haunted him at night, cracking his window open just a sliver before crawling to his bed to browse through Tumblr. He was somewhat embarrassed by how obsessed he had become, but the moment that Phil heard the first few cords of a Pierce the Veil song come from the apartment complex opposite his, Phil’s worries floated away and he leaned back to allow the pretty lyrics into his eardrums to embed in his memory.

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Someone Like You- Percival Graves

Originally posted by nifflersandmooncows

Pairing: Percival/OC

Request: “anonymous asked:

Or something for New Year’s since that’s around the corner! Working late on New Year’s Eve, walking our dear reader home because it’s late and people are crazy in New York on NYE … and someone realizes it’s midnight, and of course you have to kiss someone at midnight, don’t you?”


A/N: Alright so…I know Graves comes off as this serious, big grump. But I’m convinced he’s actually a softie deep down and just once someone to care about. So you know. Here it is. Tis the season. PS- Please send more Xmas themed ideas because I love them.

All evening, I’d been listening to the sounds of laughter and chatter as people walked past my office door. Some of them poked their heads inside, flashing me a smile and wishing me a Happy New Year. Others, like Tina, had meandered inside and begged me to come out and celebrate. She and Queenie were planning on drinking coco on the rooftop of their apartment building while they watched the no-maj fireworks. I declined her offer with a tired smile, claiming I had too much work to finish. She hadn’t looked surprised…it was the same answer I almost always gave.

I didn’t want to tell her the truth, to unload the pitiful reasoning as to why I didn’t enjoy holidays. Especially Christmas and New Years Eve. My parents had both passed away years ago, at different times and for different reasons. They had no siblings, and I had no siblings either. Which meant I’d been without a family for almost a decade now. Naturally, I’d thrown myself into work in order to fill that void. I had first joined the Investigations Department, a subdivision of the Auror Office, right after leaving Ilvermorny. Last year, I became Deputy Director…a position I loved and was proud of. To me, there was little that was more rewarding than bringing in dark, dangerous wizards off the streets.

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Hannigram AU: Nobody’s Slave

He had been sold.

The foreigner had argued on his behalf, crazily brandishing a sword and laying down more money than anyone had ever seen.

The horses, he’d been told, the prince wanted more horses but Michael saw several horses equal his own as they headed into strange kingdom and the stablehands seemed perplexed as to why the Prince would want more horses when he had so many already.

The idea of owing something to his foreigner picked away at his pride, though his Lisbeth seemed more than happy to help him work.

He sees the Prince often, the younger man coming into the stables almost once a day to “see to the horses” and only every other actually riding. The Prince is a good rider, a strong one, and Michael feels a bit of his pride returning when the Prince compliments those horses he brought of his own.

The storm is what pushes their easy accord into friendship, Michael rushing from his sleep to check the horses are secure and running into the Prince already there doing the same.

A slight blush he gets when he asks, “What are you doing here?”

The Prince mumbles, “I did not want the horses to be uncomfortable and I know the stables are often leaky. My uncle…”

The Uncle hates Michael, despises his very existence, and often will insult the way his own large horse looks when he takes off with it.

“…does not care for the horses, or you, as well as himself.”

The Prince looks away and says nothing, seemingly agreeing, and they end up sharing a long talk about the Prince’s parents’ horses that Michael had not known the breeding of before he is sure the horses are secure to leave.

"I do believe that’s that,” the Prince says, smiling, “You have done an excellent job here, and I am very…”

"Why am I here, Prince?”

The Prince looks at him oddly, “As I told the executioner, I had met some men on the road who informed me of how unique your horses were so I…”

Michael put his hand on the Prince’s shoulder, “The truth.”

They share a look that speaks volumes, “No man should have to die because another’s privilege.”

He does not know what comes over him then, the kiss a revelation and a horror even as the Prince pulls him in closer. They fall back against the wall, barely moving to breathe, and spend the night writhing in the hay like animals before Kohlaas wakes alone.

The Prince does not come near him again, the horses are set up by others, and he soon learns that the Prince’s protection from his Uncle was far more than Michael knew.

His food gets rationed, his daughter pulled out of lessons, and it is nearly a week later that he learns of the Princess.

"It seems the Prince is going to be married soon,” the cook mutters when he gets food snuck to he and Lisbeth.

Lisbeth loves the Prince, calls him by his informal name, “Char,” and Michael sees her hopes dash immediately.

"To whom?” The cook laughs, “The Princess of course! He’s been engaged since birth you know!”

So that was it then.

A dalliance before duty called, a dip into how the other half lived, nothing more. Michael had misread the teasing after, the tight hold and the shivering as he sucked a mark on the Prince’s neck before confessing, “I have thought you beautiful since the first moment I laid eyes on you.”

The Prince had laughed, thanking him with a deep kiss and he’d thought it was a joke among them.

It seemed the joke was really only at his expense.

When the Princess arrives for a visit, he steers clear, working on mating a pair of stallions that were being rather difficult despite getting along well. He does not hear anyone enter the stables, nor does he expect to hear, “I thought you were beautiful as well.”

The Prince stood across the barn, face a mask of pain and mouth in a thin line as Michael stared. “You should not be here.”

A huff, quick muddy steps that seem to be coming closer even as Michael rushes to get away. “I had to see you.”

He keeps his back to the Prince, not turning as he lies, “I have no desire to see you, Prince. You can…”

"Char,” his voice cracks, thick with emotion, “You called me Char that night, and you…”

Michael turns, trying not to let his emotions show. “I thought that was the end of a long hope but I see now it was merely a want of a good fuck for a royal who does not wish to maintain duty!”

Char shakes his head, “No, Michael that’s not…!”

He rushes to him, shaking his head, “DO NOT say my name is if we are equals. I am your slave, and you are the one who bought me for your own pleasure do not deny it.”

Char’s mouth trembles, a long sigh escaping. “I did not want to see you die,” he confesses, “I…I’ve been tempted before but seeing you then I could not let you go.”

Michael hits him, hard, the smack reverberating throughout the barn.

"If you care for yourself at all, boy,” he swallows, “Go back to your pretty princess.”

Char turns on his heel, the barn door closing with a final hard thud as Michael covers his face in defeat.

He had been content to be the object of someone being inspired to do what was right, but he would not allow himself to be a whore for a young man’s fancy.

His wife had died for his pride, but he would hold to it.

Pride was the only thing he had left.

[Jimin x Reader] My Childhood Best Friend Is A Jerk Pt.2

Genre: Angst and Fluff

Length: 5638

Quick Summary: This was the biggest fight you and Jimin had ever had. Will it also be the last or the start of many to come? Maybe none at all…

Happy Reading Dolls xxx

x x x x x x x x x

It’s only been several days since your fight with Jimin and other people have already been able to discern the difference in the interaction (more like, the lack of interaction) between the two of you, especially 6 particular boys - Jungkook being one of them.

“Why have you and Hyung hardly been talking to each other lately, noona?” the raven haired male queers, a look of concern crumpling his precious features. The two of you were in your art class one Tuesday afternoon, chatting away like the two of you usually did, seeing as you sat right next to each other. This time, however, the mood of the ambience surrounding the two of you was more sullen, you didn’t have an explanation as to why; you should be happy (shouldn’t you?) that you’re talking to the person you’ve been crushing on for the past year. Perhaps you were more than reluctant to be cooperative due to the subject of your conversation - Jimin. You were still very sensitive over that topic.

“It’s none of your concern Jungkook…” he pressed his lips into a thin line at your unexpressive response, daring himself to continue with his inquisitiveness. It made him uncomfortable to have you be so tense over a subject that should always be easy to talk about but he was deeply worried over you and so he needed to be question everything. Things were no longer normal and the mood has dropped considerably, not just between you and Jimin but amongst your family as well as close friends. The spirit of things was almost dipping into freezing waters over the simple matter regarding yours and Jimin’s sudden dispute.

You hadn’t told anybody about what had happened between you and your jerk of a best friend; it seems that Jimin hadn’t done so either, or else Jungkook and the rest of the boys wouldn’t be so curious over what had transpired. The veracious details of your fight is a mystery that they’re determined to unravel but you were unwilling to provide them with any minor clue, always avoiding as many encounters with them as possible. If the case of you ever coming face to face with either one of those males should ever occur, however, you always made an effort in keeping the confrontation brief. So far, Jungkook has been the only one that’s been able to grasp a decent conversation with you, leaving you to sometimes wonder whether or not it was because of your crush on him that had allowed him such a right.

…No, that can’t be the case..because even though you’ve had a crush on him for the past year, you were managing to keep your exchange of words with him to a minimal amount.

“But the two of you have always been together-”

“For twelve years to be exact…” you intrude, biting on your bottom lip as you grew frustrated with your diverted attention and glowered at the awful mix of paint on your palette. You hope that your art teacher wouldn’t come to know about your wasted use of valued materials because you’d prefer avoiding being screamed into the ear with an hour-long lecture, but you’ve always been a resourceful student so there’s a possibility that you can get away with this, lecture free.

“Exactly! That’s why it’s such a mystery and why the hyungs and I are so curious and worried. Please tell us noona. It just seems like the two of you are throwing all that time together, away and it’s scaring us. We’ve always known you to be the inseparable duo, something really drastic must have happened in order for the two of you to suddenly see each other as invisible! You hardly acknowledge one another when passing the other by in halls or in class.” your brows furrowed into a wrinkled mass at the centre of your forehead, you hate to admit it but the experience of being apart from him was, somewhat, painful to you. For the time that you’ve been apart, though, you’ve gotten - in some form of measurement - used to the feeling and numbed out it’s abuse on your chest and beating organ, “Please tell us what happened so that we can fix it.”

Clicking your tongue, you abruptly stand and marginally wince at the screech of your chair’s feet across the polished floors, “I’m changing my paints - I need darker colours.”

“Noona…” you couldn’t bear to look into the afflicted emotion in Jungkook’s desperate gaze and turned away as quickly as possible. In all honesty, you never could’ve imagined that this would ever ensure between you and Jimin. Not after the promise the two of you swore upon.

’…That’s just childish…Snap out of it (Y/N). He stopped being your best friend the moment he even began thinking of sabotaging your efforts to get Jungkook’s attention.’


”Jimin…I know this is really cliche..“ you mumbled, staring up at the twinkle of stars smiling down at your cuddling duo. The two of you snuck out to lay over the highest point of the mediocre hill right at the end of your little neighbourhood; as always, the absence of your parents (because of their date) as well as Jihyun (because of his usual sleepover) provided the perfect opportunities for you and Jimin to relax and enjoy each other’s company in a multitude of ways.

”Yeah?” there was a hum in his voice. So calming and so soft. There was a sudden drowsiness that tickled behind your fluttering lashes.

”We’ll stay friends forever right? And never leave each other’s side?…“ a cold wind blew over your frame, pushing you further into your dear friend’s snug embrace. Looking up at him, the reflection of stars in your eyes made it appear as though your dual pair of orbs have encapsulated an entire galaxy of their own. You made him so breathless…at this rate, soon, he wouldn’t be able to hold back.

”You’re right, that really was cliche.” he pulled away with a snort, leaving you vulnerable to the chill of the air again, “Don’t forget, cringeworthy.” this offhanded comment made you whine at his side, pressing yourself into his side as you whimpered for him to hold you again. It was so cold without his secure arms lovingly circling you with a squeeze. “What do you want princess?”

”Hug. Me.“ you pouted and, although you were demanding, he found you too adorable to resist and willingly complied.

After a comfortable moment of silence accompanied with your slow breathes, Jimin started your conversation once more, "What if I said that I didn’t want to be friends forever?”

”Wh-what?“ you spluttered, suddenly finding it hard to breath. Your chest was caving in on itself, your lungs filling up with liquid as your eyes began to sting and water at the prospect of his unexpected proposal. "You’re joking right?” you blurted with surprising control over the wavering of your vocals.

”And what if I’m not?…“ in that instant, you could no longer hold the tears back and let them spill over your long lashes.

”’What if this’, ‘What if that’- Stop it! You don’t mean what you just said! I can’t believe you would even think of something like that! How dare you!” you began pounding on his chest. They were majorly light compared to other punches he’s received from others during his time, but the deficiency of force in your hits was explainable; he can see so much pain in your eyes. He hated the angsty image of your sobbing, sniffling, sad and angry self. Although, for a moment he found you really adorable, it still upset him to think that he was the cause for your distress upon such a peaceful night. “Take it back! Take it back right this second!” you were slowly weakening in your initially mediocre hits but your weeping remained loud and crystal clear in the moon-lit night - as blaring as fluctuating sirens. “I can’t believe you! Jimin you meanie!” his eyes softened, taking your clenched fists into his much bigger and calloused hands, “I said to take it back, so take it back! NOW!”

”I know, I know,“ his voice was barely above a whisper, "I’m sorry. There’s no need to cry; I’m not going anywhere…I can never leave you because you mean too much to me…” he leaned over to place a gentle kiss onto your temple, “I take it back.”

You sniffled, “You better!” you attempt at being feisty only made you look like a helpless puppy that got kicked in the ribs. In spite of that, Jimin still found it in himself to laugh before calming down to press his forehead against yours, staring deeply into your glistening and red-flushed orbs.

”You’re so cute…“

”Don’t think I’ll forgive you so easily just because you compliment me.” you sniffled with an ailing glare.

”That wasn’t the point. I blurted it out without even noticing.“


He laughed and cupped both your cheeks, leaning even closer. There were no words exchanged; your ugly sniffling and adorable hiccups gradually subsiding. It was just the two of you again; the shining moon; the glittering stars; the whispering air. For once, time had slowed for the two of you, the moon shone brighter, the stars sparkled ecstatically, the wind stopped whispering, to create the perfect chance for you to whisper confessions and promises.

”Promise me that we’ll never fight and split up in the future.“ you held up your pinkie for him to wrap his own around, which he did.

”I promise.”

In soft silence, you both took a deep breath, in a tight embrace.

”I love you best friend…“

”I love you too…” Jimin struggled to swallow the lump in his throat, “best friend…”

At that moment, he swore that he would never hurt you in such a way again, even if it meant that he couldn’t be with you the way he had always dreamed to be.


Jimin knew that he always held the promise with a light heart after that crushing night. His currently broken state and tarnished friendship with you only proved his past hypothesis.

He had tried so hard. So hard.

All he wanted was to keep you content and always smiling but clearly he’s failed his vow. All negative emotions (mostly disappointment, dejection, and self-loathing) were all he seemed to project and act upon for the past days. Whenever he would pass you in the halls or during a class with you, he would act unaffected by your quarrel but he was internally hurting more than he was willing to show.

At least you weren’t as hurt as he was and looked fine whereas he was having to use some of his mothers make up to cover up the bags under his eyes from his lack of sleep as well as the purple and blue bruises on his knuckles.

He hadn’t slept for 5 days and hopes that he’ll just faint at some point and fall asleep on his bed that way or something. If things were to go his way, his sleep would be dreamless and, therefore, absent of your laugh, your smile, your doe eyes, your silky hair, your full pink lips, your soft skin and loving but nature. If he couldn’t dream of you, it would be for the best.

The bruising at his knuckles was him venturing out during those sleepless nights and pounding his clenched fists into the prominence of the hill just outside his neighbourhood. He would curse and sob but, even through his exhaustion, he managed to make it home before sunrise, where he would quietly sneak into his room, wash up and lay in bed until his brother came in to wake him up as per usual.

Nobody suspected anything or realised what he was doing but they had seen his sudden shift in attitude to meetings with you and your family. Somehow, he always had an excuse. At first, they didn’t think about it too much but now they were beginning to grow suspicious as he always succumbed to a cold sweat under their hot and mistrustful gazes, which never helped. His only way out was an excuse to doing an errand or do something school related. Not only that but his mum was beginning to realise that someone was using her cosmetics and he himself was starting to grow worried, contemplating on buying make up from the money in his own pocket.

“I’m going over to (Y/N)’s house with mum and dad…” Jihyun said from his doorway, “are you sure you don’t want to come.”

“I’m sure. I’m too busy with a project my science teacher suddenly decided to hit my class with.” sometimes, Jimin was surprised at how easy it was for him to lie to his brother but maybe it was only because he had his back turned towards him.

“Shouldn’t you be coming then? (Y/N) is in your science class and you two are always partnering up.”

Jimin quickly shook his head, “I-it’s not a partner project.” he desperately hopes that his brother was convinced, disregarding his stutter.

“…Alright then. See you in an hour or two.”

At a soft shutting of the front door, Jimin sighed and relaxed, releasing a breath he didn’t know he was holding. Glancing over his shoulder to eye the desk at the corner of his room, he winced and stood up to approach it. From a drawer, he pulled out your pristine portrait of Jungkook and your cleaned out bento box.

He had never truly sabotaged your attempts. The first one with the lockers was a true misunderstanding. Maybe you really had misheard him; he blames the sandwich he was stuffing his face with when talking to you about it during lunch at his house.

The day of your first failed attempt, he found that if he was able to get such a cute and clingy reaction from you then he wasn’t going to stop until Jungkook develops true feelings for you after realising how much of a perfect person you were and confesses to you himself. He felt as though he would be doing the two of you a favour because Jungkook had always wanted to be the one to confess to a girl he likes whilst he wanted you to realise that just being yourself was more than enough.

Knowing that your portrait was worth so much of your time and effort, he took a scrap piece of A3 paper and spilled the poster paint over that instead. It was the cheapest paint but was very difficult to wash off. He had remembered as much from one of your ramblings when your school shirt had gotten stained by the annoying thing - he found it so easy to remember stuff about you and your interests whenever you would be acting all cute over it.

The third and last time was him really wanting to throw the food away but after the fight and feeling guilty, he only accompanied the guys at lunch that day, saying he didn’t have an appetite and offered it to Jungkook who complemented his mother for making the best bento he had ever had because it also happened to have all of his favourite foods in it. Of course, it wasn’t Jimin’s mum who had made the bento box but he was glad that it was such a positive comment; you would’ve been so happy to personally hear Jungkook’s words of approval.

Sighing, he looked out of his window and eyed your shadow (made by your bedside lamp) through your closed currents. Usually they’d be open so that the two of you can make faces at each other whenever you would be having your late night phone call sessions. That hasn’t happened for what seemed like an eternity, however, the simple fact brought about an unbearable pain.

He’s lost you.

He’s lost you the moment you began developing your crush for Jungkook.

And there’s nothing he can do about it.

x x x

It’s a Thursday and it was your final class, which is one agonising hour of Physical Education (P.E). This was your weakest subject but you would always have Jimin to cheer you on from his boys’ P.E class. That mood boost wasn’t going to be happening today though; it really seems as though he doesn’t know you exist anymore. It hurt but you’ve said such awful things and your pride wasn’t going to make you take it back so easily because you felt that there was some truth in what you were saying - right?

Today, you were doing volleyball whilst the boys were doing basketball. Surprisingly, things hadn’t gone too bad for you; it was only a few minutes until the official ending of the class and your team had some decent success in the several matches you’ve participated in.

“(Y/N), can you stay behind and help clean up the sports hall please? It’ll just be some minor sweeping, don’t worry.”

“Sure Coach.” you can never refuse a teacher so you were forced to accept the request and grumbled to yourself when getting to work. Some girls offered to help but you politely declined, stating that this was your responsibility and that they should go on ahead, this made your teacher’s eyes sparkle in slight approval having heard your assurance. You can confidently say that she’ll be a bit lenient on you from now on.

The boys were sent in to change the same time the girls’ P.E class was so they would be changed and leaving at the same time, leaving you to be grateful for being landed the job for sweeping up, albeit being tiresome. This way, at the very least, you can avoid Jimin. Ten minutes had passed and the school bell had already gone as the students promptly left, which means that you have the changing room all to yourself. It wasn’t necessarily a bad thing because there won’t be girls squealing and making unnecessary gossip about others around you. It’ll be peaceful.

Upon steeping out of the sports hall, your eyes immediately landed on a slumped figure. Just from the stature and hair, you could tell that the male was Jimin.

What is he doing?

He was on the floor, a hand against the wall as he breathed with much strain and difficulty. Worry seeped in as soon as you heard his groan of distress. You wanted to leave him because the two of you hadn’t conversed normally for almost a week now and it’s still so tense between the two of you, but you weren’t raised like that. Whenever you saw an injured or helpless being, you always felt your heart swell with the want to help them as much as you can.


Your eyes widen because Jimin never curses. This must be serious.

“Hey…are you okay?” your voice was cautious as you slowly approached his suddenly stiff frame.

“I’m fine.” he stood up to prove his point. His tall stance was convincing but his assurance wasn’t.

“Are you sure-?”

“Stay away from me (Y/N).” flames of anger sparked inside you at his gruff order.

“Don’t talk like you have authority over what I can and cannot do.”

He gave a humourless laugh, “I’m not coming across as that, am I?” he almost fell forward for a moment having missed his footing or genuinely stumbled. His sudden lurch forward scared you but he was quick to compose himself, “After trying that the first time, you’d think that I would’ve learned my lesson.”

“It seems to me like you haven’t.” you snarled.

“Well I have.” was his monotonous response.

There was a taut silence before he began walking to the boys’ changing rooms, his hand using the wall to support him. It grieved you to see him in pain. He suddenly looks so frail and weak. What’s happened to him? He used to stand so tall despite his short (for a guy) height. Feeling sorry and somewhat responsible for his exhausted appearance, you came up to his side and tried to help him by getting under his arm, only to have him push you away with surprising strength.

“I said stay away!” he barked, making you jump but you didn’t back down.

“And leave you to weakly stumble into the changing rooms?! No way! I might hate your guts but I’m not heartless. Now let me help you.” your voice slowly grew softer as you ended your statement. Trying to help him once more, you were - again - pushed away. “Jimi-”

“Don’t mess with me (Y/N)…” his chest rumbled as he suppressed a snarl. “Now leave me alone or else.”

Irritated at his attitude, you moved to block his path with your arms crossed. “Or else what?” you challenged, eyes fierce, “What will you do?!” as swift as a fox, he slammed you against a wall and stared into your orbs deeply with his own, which had turned black as coal.

“Or else I’ll kiss you again.”

You froze up.


“You don’t want me stealing another kiss from you, do you?…Because I’ll do it.”

Your eyes narrow into slim slits, “You. Wouldn’t. Dare…”

“Watch me…” He was already leaning in. Closer and closer. His breath was still minty but you can smell the sweat in his hair mingling with the scent of his preferred shampoo. That same scent always engulfed you with a feeling of security. It felt strange to think of it as something that can bring about another feeling inside you, regardless of that, there was an odd sensation in your stomach that blossomed and continued to bloom all on it’s own when the softness of his lips brushed over yours. Panicking, you yelped and pushed him away. There was hardly any force behind your assertive shove but Jimin was sent stumbling back until he hit the opposite wall and slid down with a groan until finally remaining limp on the floor.

It took a moment for you to fully comprehend everything and realise that Jimin hadn’t gotten up. Your alarm abruptly vanished as fear and worry consumed you.

Why isn’t he getting up?

“Jimin?…Jimin?!- Hey! Answer me!” you were shaking his shoulders, tears were surfacing but you pushed them back. This was no time to cry, Jimin needs you right now. “Nurse! Somebody! Help me! Jimin-” you ended up sobbing anyway, “he’s not waking up!”

x x x

Groaning, Jimin let his eyes flutter open, wincing at the invasion of light.

What day is it?

He did his best to recall all of his most recent memories up until now. He should have come home and gone on another punching session at that hill once night falls upon him. He couldn’t remember any of that happening, though, and it shot a wave of anxiety straight through him. He tried getting up but his limbs and joints were conquered by a stifling ache and all he could do was moan in agony. His throat was parched and drier than the Sahara desert when he found that there was sore scratch in its walls when he tried speaking out to anyone that may be near by. Everything was still and quiet but there was a heaviness weighing down on his abdomen and he was desperate to push it off, even if doing so would bring torture to his muscles. Doing his best to move as little as possible, he managed to look down and catch sight of an angel - you.

“(Y/N)…?” he rasped, instantly grimacing at the roughness of his voice and the scratching at the back of his throat. It felt as though sandpaper was attempting to rub his gullet raw from the inside out. His volumed wasn’t loud enough though and you stayed unmoving, which he was relieved at; he had no intention of waking you.

Your lashes swept over your upper cheek as one ample side of your face rested atop his torso. The sinfully soft pair of pink lips you adorned did nothing but tempt him to lean forward and peck at them, he was sure his breath stank of rotten corpses, however, so he pushed the temptation back. Wisps of your hair splayed around you like a halo for the angel that you were as his eyes trailed down to widen at the image of your interlocking fingers. He wasn’t given time to properly admire your being and comprehend the countless ideas behind why his fingers were lacing themselves in yours; as the door was suddenly being creaked open and in came his brother with a bowl of soup and a glass of water on a tray. Meeting each other’s eyes, Jihyng immediately rushed to his brother’s side after placing down the tray of food.

“Jimin! You’re awake!” before he could answer, a groan from his angel brought his attention to your awakening figure. As soon as your eyes blinked and landed on his conscious form, you also cried out.



“You’ve been sleeping for almost two days now and all I get is a 'hi’?! Jimin you cruel, thoughtless jerk! I hate you so much!” then came the feeble pounding of your small, clenched hands as the male smothered all complaints.

“(Y/N) stop, Jimin can’t take any abuse right now. He’s just woken up.” Jihyun gently tried to pull you away from his poor brother but you resisted with passion.

“No! I want an explanation as to why he had bags under his eyes and why his knuckles were so bruised up! Aren’t you curious too Jihyun?”

“I-I guess…”

“Then let him explain.”

Sighing, Jimin - with much effort - announced his condition, “My throat… hurts…”

“Oh right! I have some water for you! And mum made some soup for (Y/N) but you can have it now while I go and get (Y/N) another bowl.” you and Jihyun helped Jimin sit up and lean his back against the headboard of his bed before handing him the water he needed. You stayed behind as Jihyun walked out.

“That’s much better…” Jimin had an inappreciable smile tugging at his moistened lips after setting the empty glass aside. Looking up again, he found a spoon being held up to his mouth, upon trailing his eyes up your arm, he soon connected eyes with you.


“Just shush your mouth and let me feed you…” that he did, slowly feeling rejuvenated with the more soup he had. “Will you tell me why now?” you ask, setting aside the finished bowl of soup minutes later. Jihyun hadn’t come back and you were both sure that he hadn’t planned on coming back in the first place, just to give the two of you time.

“Tell you what?”

“Why you hadn’t been sleeping properly and have bruises littering your knuckles.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“Yes it does-”

“Well, I’m alright aren’t I?”

One trait the two of you shared was always a bit of stubbornness.

“Don’t talk like that. I have the right to know.” Jimin raised a brow as you looked down at your lap, where your fingers tremblingly fiddled with one another, “B-because if it was my fault th-then I’d never be a-able to f-f-forgive myself!” you sobbed louder than you did the night after your fight a week ago. Instinctively, you crawled in bed to curl up against the wide-eyed male, who quickly snapped out of his trance to wrap you up in his arms. This was all a habit that grew from the love the two of you shared; a gesture that you took for granted. “Don’t do this ever again…please…” you begged helplessly.

“I promise.” Jimin bit his lip. This time, it’s a genuine promise, unlike the perfunctory pledge from the past.

“You promise promise?”

He laughed, “I promise promise…”

“Good.” you concluded, sniffling as you looked up at him, daring to meet his eyes, “because I love you and I don’t know what I’ll do without you.” his eyes became an evil shade of black.

“I don’t want pity love (Y/N).” his voice was ice cold.

“This isn’t pity!” you aimed to use your fiery passion to melt his frozen-over concepts, “I love you…I know that now. I can’t believe it took me this long to realise.”

“(Y/N). No-”

“Just let me finish!” you snap through your tears, moving so that you were hoovering over him on your hands and knees. You’ve always been there for me! You’re everything I could ever want in a guy and yet I was so blind to have been incapable of seeing that. You’re perfect in every single way and I was lucky enough to have you as my best friend. I’m so sorry Jimin.“ your tears dripped onto his cheeks, your glistening eyes staring into his, "If I could turn back time I would… because I don’t want you to ever suffer something like this ever! I never thought I could ever be this stupid! I’ve loved you without even realising it…”

“But how?…Jungkoo-”

“I talked to him and confessed everything when everyone came to visit you yesterday…he rejected me.” Jimin gulped, expecting a look of even more pain from you but instead, you started smiling through your salty tears, “And that was what made me realise that I’ve loved you from the very beginning. Because it didn’t hurt to have him reject me, it didn’t hurt as much as having you be away from me for an entire week! It didn’t hurt as much as it did when your bruises and eye bags were revealed! It was beyond my endurance to see you in such a state that I ended up crying myself to sleep! Jimin…I’m not lying when I say..” you choked up and whimpered, “I love you so very much.”

Bringing your face down with a bandaged hand, he kisses your face all over, “I love you too.”

x  x  x  EXTRA  x  x  x

”Jiminnie,“ you looked up at your best friend, admiring how cute he looked in his simple white shirt and jean overalls, "will you marry me when I’m older?”

”Wh-what?“ the boy spluttered, his little 5 year old mind unable to even think about what your proposal entailed.

Offended, you puffed out your cheeks and narrowed your big eyes, "Is that a no?”

”I-I didn’t say that-“

”Then…that’s a yes?” you fluttered your long lashes up at him, your small hands gripping the dirtied fabric of your dress, a result of your playing around on the small hill right outside your neighbourhood.

”Y-yeah…“ his cheeks were dusted a bright pink, an endearing sight that you were able to catch just before he made the move of quickly turning away.

”Yay!” you cheered with a giggle, jumping up to hug him and peck his cheek, “I love you Jiminnie!”

”I love you too Chubs.“ you didn’t mind the nickname because it was true, and Jimin loved the fact that you were more huggable than the other girls so you were always kept proud that you were slightly chubby (your mother also said that it was normal to be, at your age especially). He smiled and wrapped his arms around you as well, an inward squeal trying to battle its way past your lips, "But I’ll only do this on one condition.”

You tilted your head at his seriousness in spite of the remaining red tint of his cheeks, “What’s that?”

“You must only love me and no one else. After we’re old enough you’ll let me buy you a big ring and a big house, where we can play real house and not just pretend,“ you were nodding along happily, content with all of his suggestions, and you knew that you always will be, no matter what "When I propose and make you my bride you’ll have to be my lover.”

”Of course I will silly! That’s the point!“ you giggled but he quickly added.

”And my best friend.”

The two of you smiled.

”It’s a deal!“

”Don’t forget!”

”I won’t!“

”I can’t wait to live happily ever after with you.”

”Me too!“

x x x

"So did the prince and princess live happily ever after?” your darling daughter asks.

“Yes they did.” your husband confirmed.

“I like this story more than other fairy tales.” you daughter continues, smiling widely, her eyes become crescent moons - just like her father’s.

“I like sleeping beauty because the prince killed a dragon witch!” your son added.

“But nobody’s better than dad! I bet you that dad can slay 2 dragon witches if he wanted!” glancing at the father of your children, you smiled wider at the grin on his face before he made his way over to circle his arms around your torso from behind, resting a chin atop your shoulder.

“That’s enough you two. You’ve had your story, now its time for bed.” you gently order as the two immediately snuggle into their covers.

“Do you remember that promise we made?” Jimin asked as the two of you made your way out of your children’s room.

“Which one?” you laughed.

“About getting married.”

“Oh…yes.” you smiled at the memory. There was a time where you thought that promise was put off because it was made at such a young age…but who knew that it would end up coming true?

“Thank you…for being my lover and best friend all these years. I love you Chubs.”

Smiling you pecked your lover and best friend’s lips, “I love you too, Jiminnie.”

Dancing the with Linebacker - Chapter 4

Rated: M (swearing and sex talk and all that fun stuff)
Kristoff and Anna finally dance in the spotlight.

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Anna placed a hand on Kristoff’s chest below the outer fabric of his suit, feeling his rapid heartbeat. “You’re nervous.”  She said.

He couldn’t concentrate, let alone meet her eyes.  “Gee, you think?”  He hissed.

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SHIPS Could They? Should They? Will They?

 There has been a lot of discussion (again) around ships especially since it looks like there is a shake-up among the characters about whose is with who and what relationships are ending and some that might be beginning. Currently Connor’s relationship is strained due to Robin’s health; Nina is paranoid as all get out because Will is back to publicly making goo goo eyes at Natalie. Natalie and Jeff broke up, Tate and April broke up, and Vicky and Ethan are done too. And who the hell knows what’s going on with Sarah and Joey as they are trying to pull Rexton 2.0, the bootleg version, out of nowhere. Which made me wonder about all the ships; their pros and cons and what could happen or if it should and better yet will the writers ever do it….most of these I’d say no cause I just don’t believe it but it’s fun to see.

(I’ve only paired the ones that I have had people talk to me about or I know other people actively ship. Obviously the sky’s the limit here.)

Let’s start with the big 3.

Natalie Manning and Will Halstead

Ship name: Manstead

Why they work: Will genuinely cares about Natalie; he cares about her well-being and there is a protectiveness that he has for her. With that being said Natalie seems to have walked into a relationship without the effort or the pressure. She gets along with Will effortlessly and their friendship deepens because she doesn’t have to think about betraying Jeff or what it means in the big picture, the feelings she has for him snuck up on her and there is something nice about that.

Why they won’t: A lot of shippers that love Manstead forgot about his behavior in the first season towards her. It’s the classic I can’t have you so I’ll treat you like shit. She was originally written pretty tough, witty, and someone that would never take his shit but as we watched her mourn her husband in-between him gas-lighting her every other episode (Like literally after the first 3) she lost a lot of her autonomy and her toughness and it dissolved the other half of the ship. Also another easily forgotten line is that he literally told her he was in love with her but not willing to wait while she mourned her husband that hadn’t even been dead a year….yikes.

Connor Rhodes and Sarah Reese

Ship Name: Rheese

Why they Work:The show has a very had time filling in the gaps for a ton of their characters but it’s hard to believe that Sarah didn’t grow up wealthy. Her mother is a lawyer and from the sounds of it a litigator and a very successful one. She may not have multi-million dollar Dolan Rhodes money but they are by no means poor…and that’s just a maybe, Connecticut (where Sarah is from) is one of the richest states in the nation. Anyway these two would bond over feelings of inadequacy as being a doctor in the world of monetary elites is still not that impressive so they talk about what it’s like to have everything and still be neglected and disrespected. He can take her to any place and she gets it because she was raised similarly.

Why they Won’t:Canonically Connor kind of has a thing for feisty women, both Robin and Sam were assertive and he’s drawn to a woman that will put him in his place. Sarah is just now getting comfortable in her skin let alone telling someone else how theirs should fit, also Connor is a bit of a rebel ; South America for med school, Riyadh for his residency. Sarah follows the rules.

Will Halstead and Connor Rhodes

Ship name: Rhodestead

Why they Work: Canonically these two really should already be best friends, they both lost their mothers, have one other sibling, strained relationships with their fathers, and special connections with their mentors whom they both ultimately lost. We watch them go to the ends of the earth for their patients but mostly because of ego which is this ships downfall….

Why they Won’t: They are both a bit egotistical. Both want to be top dog so badly, with it unceremoniously going to Halstead, I know we are in the Church of Connor Rhodes but Halstead is actually the better doctor. He was born with the talent that Connor is learning to get. However when it comes to people and jumping through hoops to get to conclusions Halstead is constantly doing them to Connor and ending up wrong every time. The verdict here is if it ever happened it would be slower than Manstead because this is literally when social worlds collide.

Ethan Choi and Sarah Reese

Ship name: Reethan

Why they Work: Rigid rule followers with a sense of discipline, although applied in different areas, these two have a strange balance of each other. He lifts her up so she can see that she can do more and with that teaching it gives her tenacity to step into that role. (Remember that gun episode? Sarah was not letting him steamroll her). She lends a softness to him that allows him to loosen up (which is much needed).

Why they Won’t: Besides the age gap, it’s kind of clear that Ethan only sees her as a kid-sister, a private, so to speak. I could see endless fights about her trying to help with his PTSD and him lightly and not so lightly telling her to back off.

April Sexton and Sarah Reese

Ship Name: Rexton

Why they Work: This has the potential to be literally THE CUTEST same-sex coupling on the show. Both of them are not the hard partying types, they tend to be the quintessential “good girls.” Kind, easy going, and encouraging. This ship has presh written all over it. SO MUCH FLUFF.

Why they Won’t: When is the last time these two had a scene together? Yeah. Also Sarah has yet to really let her hair down, at least April does every now and then plus the inevitable fight between them about April’s sacrificial lamb-like behavior for her brother and Sarah’s indecisiveness about her future.

Connor Rhodes and April Sexton

Ship Name: SexnRhodes

Why they Work: These two, after that pilot scene, there was chatter but they went nowhere. They could’ve been cute because April would’ve actually been pampered and loved in a relationship where her partner respected her work and her drive. They also have that in common. April isn’t just a nurse; she’s a trauma nurse, who thrives under pressure, with speedy actions, thoughts, and choices. Connor is the same, even though he switched to cardio-thoracic surgery, he is still a rebel that likes the challenge and pace of quick decision making. Also can we talk about the secret fights/dirty talk they would have at work all in Spanish? That ship wrote itself but….

Why they Won’t: It’s all a little too perfect right? Yeah April would definitely take issue with the way Connor fled after his mother’s death. She literally sacrificed her ability at being a doctor to help her little brother who is less talented. Even though there are feistier parts of her personality, I think Connor would end up running over her or getting bored.

Will Halstead and April Sexton

Ship Name: Sexstead

Why they Work: Both are catholic and grew up in Chicago, these two are driven and worked their way to where they are today with little or sometimes NO encouragement from the people that were supposed to love them. Confused and or dumped/bypassed by their crushes (Severide/Natalie) they would share some kind of basic ground for it. April and Will both thrive in the ED and she is an amazing nurse to him because of her speed and accuracy and his quick, logical, and usually correct analysis and diagnosis of the patients but…

Why they Won’t: When they think they’re right…they ‘re right (remember the drunk-guy going through DT’s episode?). She has no problem going toe-to-toe with him but they are both stubborn as hell (his insistence at her taking her meds when she was pregnant, how interesting that story would’ve been if it was his baby) anyway this would still be a hard ship to sail cause Natalie’s ass would still be walking round the ED causing problems…plus her and April were /are? friends.

Ethan Choi and Connor Rhodes

Ship Name: Rhoi

Why they Work: Aww the quiet little interracial M/M ship between the two hottest male doctors on the show…(yeah I said it). This would be the curiosity ship, who are you? What do you like to do? I never knew that about you kind of relationship. Long talks/walks about the places they had traveled to and the unique cases and ways that they handled them during their times abroad.

Why they Won’t: Remember that ego thing that would tax the hell out of Rhodestead….Ethan Choi is not exempt from that either. Two alphas fighting for control when they are adamant about being right. Connor would cave, problems and fights would ensue.

Ethan Choi and April Sexton

Ship name: Chexton

Why they Work: Arguably the two best looking folks on the show (fight me) they could work because he is probably the second best doctor that works in the ED (I have made my feelings known about the first) and she is the best trauma nurse there. They’d bounce ideas off each other and then go back to the other’s place for good-looking people sex afterwards. What they would talk about…no clue.

Why they Won’t: Remember the episode when April came back after her miscarriage and she was adamant about helping that women who was a mule? Yeah, Ethan is too black and white and the violence he has seen keeps him that way. April sees shades of grey and that would be a huge problem for them, handling cases, and then arguing about them when they got home.

Ethan Choi and Natalie Manning

Ship Name: Channing

Why they Work: One word: military. I could see them laughing over stories about basic training, bad military food, pranks, and residency stories. They would bond over his quiet love of children and her obvious field of pediatrics. His insomnia would be awesome for midnight feedings for Owen while she slept.

Why they Won’t: Remember when he mansplained pregnancy and childbirth as basically not being a factor in trauma (so cringe-worthy)? Yeah he doesn’t respect Natalie’s opinions and that would END them. Also I don’t see Natalie getting together with anyone that was enlisted ever again after what happened with Jeff one and two to be honest. It’s time for her to try something new.

Natalie Manning and Connor Rhodes

Ship Name: Mannors ( I totally made this up and couldn’t stop laughing so…)

Why they Work: Barely, they are both attractive. Other than that when the show debut they couldn’t have been in more different places in their lives, she was eight months pregnant and he had been overseas treating Saudi millionaires. The danger and excitement of his world may have intrigued Natalie at first and her relative mystery at not answering his questions about her husband might have made him curious but….

Why they Won’t: For all the reasons above, not to mention they stopped writing feisty Natalie like three episodes in and we ended up with second-guessing –judgy -Mary Sue that I have so much contempt for. Connor likes decisive women that challenge him. Also Natalie seems like she has the healthiest family out of all the characters, Connor would feel like an outsider or feel a little ashamed opening up about his screwed-up family.

top bangtan ships!

@bulletproof-bad-wolf wanted to know people’s top ships, romantic, platonic, or otherwise, and I think this is a brilliant idea! So um. I’m gonna start with the one y’all all know is coming.

1. Yoonminseok (Yoonmin/Yoonseok/Jihope, romantic AND platonic)

Look at them okay. The to-be-tall team stole my heart little by little. It started with yoonmin, and then I started paying attention to jihope, and THEN the chemistry between yoonseok snuck up on me and now I just…I have a lot of feelings. And I realized I could just smush ALL THREE together. And now here I am. A mess. A giant trashy mess.

2. Taegi (romantic and platonic)

Daegu boyfriends. Tae relies on all the members in different ways but I’m very very fond of his relationship with Yoongs. I think I rambled about this before. They’re just…I love them. Yoongs is always careful to make sure Tae knows they’re just joking with him instead of letting Tae feel awkward and I appreciate that, as someone who has trouble with that kinda thing.

3. Junghope (I don’t even know, this is also a mess)

*starts singing Paramore* How did we get heeeeeere! Like seriously what happened to me, where did this even come from. I was avoiding any and all Kookie ships like the plague and now…Sigh. Okay. Whatever. I surrender.

4. VMin/95z (99% platonic)

I crave this kind of friendship. I used to have this and now… *stares wistfully into the distance* They complement each other so well. But it’s not without some conflict, and I think a lot of people don’t quite realize that. Sometimes they just…get on each other’s nerves. And that’s fine. It’s healthy! It makes me happy that Tae has Jimin.

5. Sugakookie (????)

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

I’m 100% blaming @the-orgasmic-cypher on this one. I’m sorry. That’s a lie. I suspected this day would come on the same day I realized Yoongi was my bangtan bias. When Kookie called Yoongi short and then Yoongi made that pouty-ass face…Dammit.

6. Namseok (romantic and platonic)

I like that they’re same-age friends. So that kind of gives them a similar vibe to the 95z but…less insane. I like that Hobi is constantly climbing all over Nams. And I like that Nams relies on Hobi for backup with leading. They’re a good and very underrated pair.

7. Yoonjin (romantic)

These two are called grandpas a lot but I kinda see them as having less grandpa-y relationship and more…snarktastic push and pull? But mostly Jin pushing Yoongs and then pulling him elsewhere. I like that Jin is the only one that can sass Yoongs right back and Yoongs just shuts up and quietly takes it.

8. 2Seok (romantic and platonic)

Gosh okay so like. These two lowkey got me during AHL but I kind of tried to ignore that. I love how patient Hobi is with Jin and I love that he looks up to Jin. They can be super serious together but also devolve into a fit of giggles and I really really love that.

9. VHope (romantic)

Listen the reasons I like vhope are like 90% perverted so…But that 10% has to do with how soft Hobi is with Tae (most of the time, ahem). Because Tae seems to need that.

10. Namjin (romantic and platonic)

I mean…Default couple tbh. They’re not even a ship so much as a fact.

Um. I think I was supposed to do 5 but then I did a lot I’m so sorry. I’m gonna tag @the-orgasmic-cypher @taethereal @sometimesophie @heypon @robotkeychain @landamongthestars

Drunk Last Night (Part 4: Stay)

Originally posted by strengthcas

Summary: you and Dean have one final blowout…

Pairing: Dean x Reader (Sam x Reader friendship)

Song Inspiration: Stay, Florida Georgia Line

Word count: 2,000

Warnings: angst, language, lots of feelings

A/N: the conclusion to the drunk last night mini-series (unless I can think of more…)

This is part of a series! Read Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

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Pairing: Scott Summers x Reader
Prompt: Years of friendship can create years of tears.  
Charles, Hank, Alex. Jean, Jubilee
Word Count: 2018 Words
Warning: Angst, swearing, death, ??? somewhat fluff.
A/N: Let’s just pretend that DOFP didn’t fuck up some of the time line, also some of the ages were just based off headcanons and personal guesses so yeah.
Tagging: @littleredridingtodd

Originally posted by xmendaily

((gif not mine, credit to owner))

                You were six when Scott Summers made you cry for the first time. It was show ‘n’ tell, Scott had brought in an action figure. “It reminds me of my brother, he’s fighting in the war!” A young Scott declared, swaying on the balls of his feet with eager eyes. The teacher became gravely quiet, before asking Scott to continue. “Alex gave it to me before he left, he said he’s gonna come back and get it so we both can play together.” He went on, rambling about his big, strong brother. You were sitting in the middle of the carpet, eyes glossing over with tears. Your dad had left for war, and last week you were told he was never coming home. Your cousins and so many others killed and Scott was gloating about it. Albeit, he didn’t mean too, Scott’s parents painted a picture of Alex being the hero. Something Scott needed. But still you let tears slip past your chubby cheeks before sobbing. Everyone was silenced, random kids erupting in tears as Scott watched with confusion.

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Little Bumps

WWE Imagine

Requested: Seth x Reader- You and Seth are best friends, you end up fucking like animals in the hotel room, 3 moths later you tell Seth you’re pregnant and have sweet love making sex for the first time.

Word count: 2385
Warnings: smut, language feels overload
Author’s notes:  I loved writing this one, super awesome thank you for the request!

 As you wait outside his locker room, you sit on the cool, hard metal of a folding chair, your mind wondering back to what got you in this situation to start with.

   You had been out drinking with a couple of the other wrestlers, and your best friend Seth. You ended up in a club downtown, drinking and dancing. You and a couple of the other Diva’s decided to get out on the floor an dance after a couple rounds of shots, and so, you reluctantly followed them onto the floor, and after a moment of awkward movement, found your rhythm and swayed with the changing beat, your hips moving in slow circles as you raise your hands over your head.

  You smile as Seth wraps his arms around you from behind, pressing you into his familiar body.

“Hey there.” You purr, your rear pressing into his crotch as you dip low, then shimmy back up, raising your hand and dropping it back to his neck, his facial hair tickling your neck as he leans in to speak into your ear, his breath hot and heavy as he speaks.

 “Jesus, Hey.” the words tickle your ear as his teeth graze your lobe, his hands pressing into your stomach, just over your mound, pushing you further still back into him.

You blush as your friends giggle tipsly behind you, following their dates off the floor to the bar. You continue to dance with Seth, your body’s pressing and melding together perfectly. With every brush of exposed skin you felt your body light up, desire pooling between your legs.

  “How about we get out of here?” He asked huskily, his dark eyes hooded by lose strains of chocolate brown locks that had fallen from his bun.

 “Let’s get one more drink.” You say, leading him off the floor as you head straight for the bar.

You shiver as your memory blurs a little, you had ended up having a few more than just one more drink, and the night from there was a little fuzzy.

 You remember walking into his hotel room, and him pressing you into the wall as soon as the door closed, how his hands tore the fabric of you dress, greedy and full of need as he explored every inch of your body, his eyes never leaving your face as he asked permission.

 “Y/N, I want you, hard, now, please?” He purred, his fingers sliding easy under the fabric of your lace panties, his rough digits massaging your sensitive bud perfectly for a moment, sending waves of pleasure through you, settling at the apex of your thighs.

Suddenly, his hand was gone, leaving you wanting. “Seth! No, no please, please I need you!” You begged, writhing between him and the wall, your mouth finding his urgently.

“Say yes?” He growled, his now bare knee pressing between your legs, pressing against your now soaked mound as he speaks, dropping his shirt on the ground after yanking it over his head, exposing his perfectly sculpted chest, and thin line of dark hair running from his chest all the way to his boxers, disappearing under the elastic line of the waist.

  “Yes, Yes, please.” You moan as he spins you dropping you to back onto the bed and flipping you over, your ass exposed as he pulls your hips back so you’re positioned in front of him.

 You remember the sting of his hand as he let it come down hard on your ass, sending little waves of tingling pleasure to your dripping cunt.

You weren’t sure when his cloths had finally come off, and at the time it didn’t really matter, you wanted him, needed him.

The night fades a little, and you recall his voice soft but strong in your ear as he finally pushed into you, how he filled you, how his hands felt on your hips a he gripped you hard, slamming into you, his hand coming up to wrap around your hair, yanking you back into him.

 “Who’s my good little slut? Who loves this huge cock slamming into their soaked fucking cunt?” He had growled, his teeth latching onto your ear as his other hand grips your throat hard, making you whimper out a moan.

 After that you cant recall a lot, you remember him pushing into you as he finished, how he held you after.

When you woke the next morning Seth was still asleep, snoring slightly. You had snuck out, collecting all your things and getting dressed in what you could find of your cloths quickly. You tried to act normal that day when you seen him later, like nothing had happened. You were terrified that you had ruined your friendship. But he seemed to either be playing along, or he truly didn’t remember because everything went back to normal.

 Which lead you to where you sat today, four months later, pregnant and scared. After what seemed like a eternity you heard Seth come down the hall, his cheerful voice carrying down the hallway as he seen you, a smile on his face.

 “Y/N! Hey! What are you doing out here? Come on, I’m going to shower at the hotel, want to get out of here.” He laughed, taking you under his arm as he lead you through the hallway of the stadium, and to his car, opening the passenger door for you.

 The ride back to the hotel was a nearly silent one as you shifted uncomfortably in your seat while Seth sung along with some song on the radio talking about heathens.

 As you walked into the hotel room after Seth, you finally cracked, throwing your things down on the floor by his bed, starting him. Was he going to act like nothing happened from now on?

“What’s wrong Y/N?” He looked worried as he took a step towards you, dropping his bags next to yours.

“Well Seth, I’m really confused.” Your voice raises a octave as you throw your hand in the hair, letting them fall loudly back to your exposed thigh, your dress had ridden up, to just about mid thigh.

“Well that makes two of us, I thought we were fine, more than fine, what’s gong on with you lately with you Y/N?” He matches your tone.

“Well, Seth, what’s going on is we had a drunken fling and you haven’t so much as mentioned it! You’ve pretended it never happened!” You yell, stepping forward so you’re nearly pressed into him.

“Oh no you don’t! You arent blaming that on me Y/N! I woke up to a empty hotel room and a pair of lace panties shoved in my pocket! That was your choice! You could have stayed!” He growls, his dark eyes gleaming.
 You had never thought about that. Tears well in your eyes. This was so much to deal with, and the major issue wasn’t even out on the table yet. You take a deep, shaky breath, trying to calm yourself.

 “Y/N, I’m sorry I yelled ok, I just, I was upset that you left without saying anthin-” You cut him off before he can finish In a breathy terrified voice.

“Seth I’m pregnant.” The words come out in a rush, threatening to suffocate you as they claw up your throat.

“What?” Seth’s face drops to a dead stare, his eyes dropping from yours to your hands, which were wrapped protectively over your mid-section.

“Are you, are you sure?” He asks, his eyes slowly coming back up to meet yours. You stare at him a moment, and then giggle a little hysterically. You had asked the same question four months ago when your doctor read you the results of the test. You had looked at her in complete disbelief.

“4 tests and 5 doctors appointments. I’m-I’m pretty sure.” You finally manage, plopping down on the bed next to Seth. He sits beside you after a moment, the argument completely forgotten.

“Is-is it mine?” He asks quietly, almost so quite you didn’t hear it. “Yep. You’re the only guy I’ve even come close to sleeping with in the last year.” You sigh, dropping our face to your hands, finally sobbing.

 “Hey, Y/N, no! Don’t cry! W-We will work through this, I know it will be hard, but we will. If-If you want to.” He coos softly at you, his large hands pulling you up and into his arms, pressing you tightly into his chest. You did want to. You wanted it more than anything.

 “Seth…” You try, your voice cracking as you look up into his dark eyes, and suddenly his lips were on yours, his hands not gripping but cradling you, protectively.

“Seth.” This time your voice is different, need clear in your tone as you push his shirt up and over his head, his mouth still pressed softly to yours as he grips the hem of your dress, pulling it up and off you, dropping it into a pool of soft material at your feet.

“Y/N, I love you, I always have, we will work this out I promise.” He breaths softly against your mouth as he lowers you to the bed, his fingers trailing down your body, pulling your panties down your legs and off.

He stared down at you, a small but distinct bump formed on the lower of your abdomen. You sucked in a loud breath when Seth suddenly leaned down and pressed his lips to the exposed skin, then moved back up your body to press the same tinder kiss on your lips.

 “Seth, I want you. I love you too.” You whisper, bringing your hands up to his neck, pulling him back down to your mouth, tongues intertwining as you groan softly into his parted lips, his bulge biting into your hip as you grind up into him.

 “Fuck Y/N. I’ve dreamed of this every single night since the first time, having you again, being buried in you, hearing you moan and pant out my name as I make love to you.” He purrs, his lips pressing into the base of your neck as and his fingers tracing the line of your bra, his expert fingers hooking the strap and unhooking it, pulling it off your shoulders slowly, taking each of your nipples in his mouth in turn, sucking gently, and working his ay down your body he slides between your legs.

 “Jesus Y/N, you’re already soaked.” He growls, blowing on your dripping mound softly, running his finger gently between your folds, pushing into you, and pulsing his fingers, curling them slowly inside you, making you whimper.

“Please Seth I need you.” You beg as his tongue flicks over your sensitive knob, making you arch your back off the bed, your fingers wrapping into his hair, pressing him into your core as he continues to lap at your mound, sending sharp sensations of pleasure through your body.

  “Seth, I’m, I’m going to c-cum!” You cry out, your fingers tightening in his hair as your orgasm ashes over you, your body shaking.

 “You taste so good. I need you, now.” He growls as he climbs over your body, pulling your knee up with him, and resting it on his hip as he lines himself up with you.

 You moan as he runs the head of his cock from your dripping core up to your clit, and then back down several times, teasing you as he nips at your neck, your hands still in his hair.

“Seth please, I need you, please?” You beg, pressing yourself up against him, trying to push him into you.

“I know you do baby, I know you do.” He purrs in your ear as he pushes all the way to the hilt into you, taking your breath away. He slowly rolls his hips and pulls almost all the way out, then pushes back in, repeating this slow torture over an over as tension builds in your stomach, aching for release.

 Seth groans as he picks up his pace, his hands resting on either side of your head, weight on his elbows. He bows his head to kiss you, and you take that moment to pull him in deep, then roll so you’re on top of him, his cock still buried deep in your pussy.

 “Fuuuck Y/N. That’s perfect, right there!” He moans out as you begin to bounce on him, bringing his large hands up to cup your breasts as you ride him. He rolls the hardened peaks of your nipples in between his forefinger and his thumb, pinching them slightly, making you wail out his name as you rise and fall on his cock, his hips raising to meet yours as you pick up the pace, a loud slapping sound reverberating though the room.

 “Y/N, I’m going to cum! Oh shit, please don’t stop!” He growls low, pulling you down into his chest, dropping your knees to either side of him you adjust so that he is hammering into you from underneath you, your breasts crashing into his chest as he drills you, making you scream out his name, a second orgasm rocking through your body as rope after rope of hot cum fills you.

 “Jesus Christ Y/N.” He pants after a moment, you’re still draped over his chest, but you’ve positioned yourself so that just your upper body is pressed against his. You sigh contently, waves of pleasure still rolling over you.

“You’re, you’re really pregnant then?…Is..Is it weird that I’m kind of already excited to hold it? I know it will be perfect if it looks even a little like you.” He says shyly after a moment, peeking down at you from under long lashes.

Love swells in your chest, and flutters in your tummy. “No, I am too… and She will be beautiful.” You say quietly, eyes trained on his face.

“Wait, she?” He exclaims, a smile spreading across his face, his eyes lighting up like Christmas trees.


If you give me a request about learning to control powers, then I have no choice but to make a Frozen related title. Sorry, I don’t make the rules. This one is for fuckyeahheedus and it got a little bit fluffy at the end but I quite like it so I hope you do too. I’m experimenting with this technique where I try not to use adverbs if I can help it - it’s supposed to improve the quality of writing by showing the audience what the characters are feeling rather than telling them. I’m also having so much fun posting more than one thing today so I’m uploading this with about 2 other things. Enjoy, my darlings! 

Prompt: I was wondering if you could do a Loki X reader where they grew up together and Loki helped her how to control the powers she has but now they’re older they have developed strong feelings for each other and try to hide it by arguing a lot. But at the end of a fight when Loki tries to be intimidating the reader says something about him being a great king then feelings come out? sorry its long XD

“Conceal, Don’t Feel” (Part 1)

The forest looked as though it were ablaze, each silver leaf of the trees reflecting Asgard’s orange sky as the sun set. You wandered through the tree trunks, hopelessly lost, and spun around at the sound of a branch snapping.
“Who goes there?” Your infant voice called out, hardly the most threatening of things. You raised your fists, the only way you could think to protect yourself, and let the magic running through your body ebb and flow.

“You have magic?” A bodiless voice asked. It was a higher pitch than you’d anticipated and seemed to echo throughout the entirety of the forest. Had you not been so petrified, you might’ve found it funny.
“Y-yes. Now come out, or I’ll use it.” You stammered, trying to convey the strength you did not possess.  

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Drabble 6: Swings (Version 1)-- Alexander Hamilton

Request: Can you do 16 on the second list with a.ham please😊

Prompt: 16. “What’s truly astonishing is that you actually got them to believe that terrible lie.”

Pairing: Alexander x Reader (its mostly platonic)

Tw: None (unless you count fluff?)

Word count: 474 (this is so short whoops)

This was a lot of fun to write! This is the first version for this prompt, as Peggy is writing an angst version! ~Eliza

Version 2


“Alex I swear to god you better be here!” you angrily whispered into the darkness. your best friend alexander told you to meet him at the park in 15 minutes, which wouldn’t of been a problem, if it weren’t 2 am.

suddenly you saw a light coming from the far end of the park, right where the playground should be. You turned on your phone flashlight and cautiously walked toward the light. Once you got closer you saw a familiar figure on the swings. you snuck up behind him and waited until you were right next to him.

“boo!” you whispered in Alex’s ear and suddenly he was on the mulch doubled over.

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The Intruder

A/N: Spencer and Reader go on a date, and after getting dropped off at home, the Reader’s home gets broken in to.
Enjoy!!! :-)


You had finally been asked out on a much anticipated date with your friend, Spencer. You met him at a bookstore that was in between your two apartment buildings – your love of literature was what first connected the two of you, but you quickly learned that you had a lot in common. After almost a year of friendship (and some flirting that you thought was obvious, but he never seemed to pick up on), he asked you out on a real, out-to-eat-at-a-fancy-restaurant, date.

He was a perfect gentleman all night – pulling out your chair, holding your hand, and even showed up at your door to pick you up with a big bouquet of flowers. It was nothing short of a perfect date.

It was the end of your dinner and he was walking you up to your apartment – your heart thumped against your chest as you thought about the possibility of the kiss that could happen when he dropped you off.

Approaching your door, you decided to spark a conversation. “I had a really wonderful time tonight, Spencer” you looked at him as his cheeks flushed a deep red and he smiled.

“I did too, Y/N. We should do it again… next weekend?” he asked – you could hear his voice shake with nervousness as he asked you out on another date.

You felt all giddy inside at the thought of him wanting to continue to go on dates, you happily accepted.

“Well… I guess this is goodnight…” you tried to hint at him to make a move. Being who he was, he didn’t seem to pick up what you were throwing down.

“Goodnight, Y/N” he said briefly as he gave a little wave and walked away.

You felt a little sad as you walked into your apartment and shut the door behind you. Pressing your back against the door frame, a ping of disappointment pulsated through you as you thought about if Spencer thought the dinner you just had was just platonic friendship thing. You stripped off your dress and slipped on a pair of pajamas and crawled into bed, quickly falling into a deep slumber.


It was in the middle of the night and you were fast asleep in bed. You were in the midst of a wonderful dream when you were startled awake by the latch of your front door opening.

You lived alone.

You sat up straight in bed, thinking of your options. You went with your instinct and called Spencer, who you knew could get there in an instant. Bonus: he was also an FBI agent.

You snuck into your bathroom that was attached to your bedroom and sat down in your tub, legs curled up against your chest. After finding Spencer’s smiling contact picture, you clicked on his name and pressed send.

A sleepy Spencer finally picked up after six rings. “Erm… hello?” his raspy voice questioned.

“Spencer, there’s someone in my house… oh god, I’m so scared…” you said in a small, hushed voice.

You could hear Spencer sit up in bed, immediately waking up from his hazy slumber. “I’m on my way – go into your bathroom, grab something to defend yourself with, and don’t make a sound. I’m going to stay on the line with you, okay? I’m coming Y/N, I’m coming”

You grabbed your straight iron that happened to be right there on the sink. Terrified tears were beginning to stream down your cheeks. “Okay, Spence. Please hurry…”

Right as your uttered those last words, your bathroom door swung open. A large man, with wide shoulders and a long, scraggly beard came in holding a gun at you. “GET UP!” he yelled at you.

“Y/N? Y/N?! Is he in there?” you could hear Spencer question as the mysterious man grabbed your phone out of your hands and throw it against the wall.

He grabbed your arm and forced you out of the bathtub, throwing your straight iron to the floor with a crash, and held you close to him. You could feel his warm, reeking breath against your face as he told you exactly what he wanted to do.

“You’re going to get a bag and put all of your most valuable possessions and purse in it, before whoever you called gets here. Now, GO!” the ending he howled and you scrambled to get a bag to begin throwing your jewelry in.

Right as you threw a few necklaces in, you heard your front door break down, as you heard Spencer’s voice echo through your apartment. “FBI!”

As soon as the robber heard his voice, he frantically grabbed the bag as he shattered your bedroom window and began to crawl down the fire escape. He was out of sight once Spencer came crashing into your room, gun ready to be fired if needed.

“Y/N?! Are you okay?” He began to check your appearance and upon seeing that you looked unharmed, he asked his next question. “Where did the burglar go?”

“He climbed down the fire escape” you breathed out. Spencer started to head to chase after him, when you grabbed his arm. “Spencer, please don’t leave me” you begged.

He came back to you as he stroked your cheek. “I called the police and they will be here in a few minutes – I have to go after him, or else he may never be found”

You nodded your head and let go of his arm. Your gaze broke as he turned and climbed out the window, shimmying down the fire escape with ease to chase after the robber.

Only moments after he disappeared out the window, cops busted into your home. You pointed out where you saw him chase after the man, and the police led you out of your apartment into the hallway and began questioning you about the events that had just transpired.


A half an hour later, the police had finished their search and collected all of the photos and evidence they needed – Spencer returned.

As soon as you saw him, he wrapped you up in a tight embrace as your tears spilled over again and stained his t-shirt. Spencer cooed as he stroked your hair and tried to calm you down.

Not letting you go, he began to update you about the case. “I chased the guy for a few blocks, but we finally caught him. It’s going to be okay, Y/N… shhhh” he continued to console you.

You pulled away and looked into his eyes. “Thank you for coming, Spence” you said as he continued to comfort you by stroking your arm.

That is when he surprised you.

He pulled you into his arms, his lips crashing into yours with a sweet, burning passion that you had been waiting so long for.

He broke the kiss and rested his forehead on yours. “I’m sorry I didn’t do that earlier this evening… I got nervous and wasn’t sure if you felt the same way and –“

You cut him off by tugging on his shirt, your lips crashing into each other again in a swirl of passion and softness.

Although it was a little late, you finally got your goodnight kiss.