this freaking song man

Freaking SBS, man (part 2)

First of all, bitch? Second of all, what in the actual fuck?

These people spend 7 years of their life dedicated to you. When the going get tough you decide to throw them? Throwing them is fine. People get fired all the time, but the execution? What the fuck, SBS? You are a reputable broadcasting company, is this the kind of business you practice?

Not only did you decide to fire them you also put words in Song Ji Hyo’s mouth by giving reasons for her departure to be because being an actress and an entertainer is too much for her, while actually she doesn’t even know she’s being fired. We know she’s an actress and once had to miss filming because of her schedule (SNSD Special), but it turns out you were lying to us.

Even Kim Jong Kook was only given 2 days notice. Maybe that’s the reason there was no reason for departure in his case in that article.

Will there even be a farewell episode? I doubt they will come for filming anymore. I mean why should they when they were kicked out like trash?

Good fucking luck SBS, things are going to go downhill from here.

Thank god Gary left when he did. He left with his dignity intact.

Excuse my language, I’m pissed.

C: I do not like Young MA. She is just like every other misogynistic black dude rapper out there. I see a lot of black women defending her but it’s like, we were going at Kodak black for saying his shit about black women, but we ain’t checking Young MA. What if it was a gay black man singing these songs? Motherfuckers would freak out. Young MA doesn’t get a pass because she’s a black women and a lesbian. She perpetuates colorism in her music to why can’t we have one song that praises black women😡

also I feel the need to discuss this: the more zayn solos niall adopts, the more recognition he seems to be getting for just how great his voice is!!! like, every time he gets a zayn solo people are like “wow!!! niall!!!” which like, we KNOW he has a great voice but he so often is singing harmonies and doesn’t get as much recognition for how great his voice is. and he’s getting it so much more now and like……….even though zayn isn’t here anymore it’s like he’s still looking out for niall and making sure people hear niall and know JUST HOW IMPORTANT niall really is

No One Knows Who I Am
  • No One Knows Who I Am
  • thepurpah

The only way I could do this was by doing Melodie feels at the same time and pretending not to be me

Editing audio is a pain- singing is a nervous pain- ALL THE PAIN FOR THIS THING idek so many mess ups but it was the best i could do…


Lazer Team - I’ll make a man out of you

Because this song is so freaking perfect!