this freaking movie is killing me

  • what she says : i'm fine
  • what she means : in the new harry potter movie, when Credence Barebone is literally begging Graves to help him after the obscurus wrecked havoc on his home, he is in shock and he is fucking terrified,terrified of himself because he KNOWS, he must know that HE is the one responsible for what happened, he must be, and he doesn’t know what to do, he doesn’t know how to control his magic, he just knows people have been killed because of him, he thinks he’s a freak, he’s a monster, no one will ever love him, and help me, Graves, p l e a s e - and then the only person he trusted, his only hope, the only one who gave him some semblance of genuine affection, casts him aside like a broken toy he doesn’t need anymore.
Things I’m waiting to see in the kuro movie

- Everything.

But specifically:

- Dr. Feelgood:

- “We’re The Midfords”:

- “My mother did this to my hair because we’re going to church today” hairstyle:

- “You’re a freak but not for me” scene:

- “I am alone but I have food”:

- Masters of deception:

- Sportacus:

- Resident Evil. Starring Ronald Redfield:

- “Your face is grass and I’m gonna mow it”:

-”Even though I have to kill you I admit you have nice shoes”:

- This guy:

- “I am secretly a five year old inside of a demon’s body”:

- Ceiling Lizzy + “You just seem to keep falling for me”:

- Female character people would have liked more if she had been a boy:

- Jealous is the new red:

- Fetus Ciel:

- This guy snorts when he laughs:

- Titanic 3D:

- I am all technique (but I have killed many while trying to acquire the perfect precision):

- Emperor Nero + That moment when everyone was tired of Druitt’s shit and wanted to kill him:

- “My hair hides my true identity”:

- Undertaker’s real name is Charlie Chaplin:

- This scene will look awesome animated:

- Yandere! Sebastian + That moment when everybody’s heart broke:

- The origins:

- #LetUsAllHugFetusCiel 

- “Maybe this burnt down mansion was a bad idea”:

- “Cause you’re hot and you're cold, 

don’t wash me at all. 

You’ve hurt me, get out. 

It’s too hot, I’m out!”:

- The mistery of where Sebastian’s left hand is in here will finally be solved:

- More fetus Ciel:

- “And he was like, ‘hey bastard, your ends are split’ and I was like ‘just like your girlfriend’s legs last night, but you don’t see me complaining about it now, do you?’”

- It would have hurt more if he had hit the top of his hands instead of just the palms + Oh, so you suddenly feel the heat but you couldn’t manage to make a simple fucking bath, huh?:

- I don’t care if she doesn’t even talk I just wanna see her in the movie:

- Madam please, I’m still not over you:

- “Sweet kiss, shitty ass crown. Just get me a princess tiara and we can pretend”:

- When you think you know a lot of stuff for your age so you bother your father about it, but then your old man gets tired of you and hits you with the harsh reality:

- *Mmm watcha say…*

- Do you think Sebastian DiCaprio will get his oscar after this?

And of course… The thing that most definitely has to appear…



Okay so, we all know that Credence is the obsurus (I can’t remember how it’s spelled, forgive me) and that he was abused by Mary Lou.

Now, why didn’t he kill her while he was losing control? He could easily have done that.

My mother said, and I believe it too, that he felt sure around Mary Lou. He never liked her but he felt that he had somewhere to go.

Besides, after all the abuse, Credence didn’t have faith in himself, which is proved be his VERY FIRST WORDS in the movie which are “Do you think I’m a freak?” So, he accepted the abuse because he felt he deserved it.

However, he loved his sister. When Mary Lou found them with the wand, she saw Credence holding it and went to punish him, but the girl (who’s name I do not recall sadly) stepped in between and admitted it was hers. That’s when Credence killed Mary Lou.

WHEN HE SAW HES SISTER IN DANGER. In front of his eyes.
Mary Lou would abuse the young girl in front of his eyes and he couldn’t take it.
The obsurus killed Mary Lou when she attacked his sister.

I know this might be incomplete, add something if you want to. BUT CAN YOU FEEL MY HEART???

Honestly tho the movie only touched on it but it was pretty obvious that Branch had a huge freaking crush on Poppy like that eyes and smile line was WAY too specific to be improvised. This little nerd keeping all of her invites and writing dumb sappy poetry in his head and telling her that he loves her while trying his best to put aside years of being too proud to admit that he was unhappy just to make her smile like just fuck me up ok these two are fucking adorable. 


The Avengers : Dragon age (?)  ^▽^

I sketched this a while ago. Finally I finished it after watching The Avengers 2.
It took a freaking long time to clean up and do line works. 7 full bodies and the details that the characters have killed me. ugh.
Anyway, did you guys enjoy the movie? I did. ;)

+ It is like they are doing costume play.
Cullen is wearing a long blondy wig.(That is why his face says ‘WTH’. lol)  Dorian, Josie, Cass and varric are totally enjoying their costumes. Iron bull was painted by green. Leliana prepared this and now she is giggling at those representation. :)  I think Solas:Loki, Inquisitor:Nick Fury.
This art work is based on the first movie of the avengers. Thank you so much for a lot of likes and notes.

[05/11/2015] - KIM

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I felt the same way about Jace. Last night when he said, "Please don't leave me, Alec." or when he was surrounded by Maia and was saying he would basically surrender to them to be killed as long as he can get to his brother. I was sobbing. My husband just started watching this season and was like, "Damn, this is intense" regarding Jace. lol I didnt have any feelings towards jace from the book or movie, I just didn't pay attention to his character. But the writing is A+. Freaking Dom. I love him.

hey :) i’m finally getting through my asks after being away for a month, so this answer is so late, sorry!! i assume you’re talking about my swear word laden post about jace wayland and dom fucking sherwood??? yeah, dom is killing it as jace. fucking dom indeed. best. jace. ever. ♡ xx

seventeen in a crappy horror movie

s.coups: thinks he has everything under control but is actually the one freaking out the most

jeonghan: the only smart one

joshua: the main character

jun: the guy who gets killed while trying to seduce some chick 

hoshi: dies by like falling down the stairs

wonwoo: the one who everyone thinks is the murderer

woozi: thinks it’s all a prank until he gets killed

dk: the dumbass who opens the closet door

mingyu: trips while being chased by the murderer

the8: actually the murderer

seungkwan: dies first

vernon: wants to fight the murderer but is actually scared shitless

dino: the pizza delivery boy who shows up late and finds everyone dead

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I’m so sorry for the late reply but usually EXTERNALLY SCREAMING helps. It won’t calm you down but it’ll freak everyone else out and that’s always good

I’m kidding. I hope it went really, really well because you are my talented little movie star 😍 and if it didn’t, pass me the water gun cause I’mma gonna kill some judges 

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Im really glad to see that someone else thought TFA was a gigantic overrated mess. While i did enjoy it the first time watching it two more times made me realize how much pandering this movie made for the sake of nostalgia rather than create something original. I pad money to see a new fucking movie, NOT episode IV 2.0. Also, i will never fucking forgive Disney and J.J Abrams for killing off Han Solo so predictable and stupidly done. And don't even get me started on Rey's character.

The movie is straight up garbage and I don’t understand how anyone can call themselves a fan of Star Wars and say they liked it. It completely destroys the entire OT by rendering it entirely pointless. Now nothing Luke, Han, and Leia did back then mattered cause everything got effed over by the Empire anyway. The First Order maintains the exact same strength of the Empire, if not more, which is freaking stupid and makes no sense. AND it kills off Han after destroying his relationship with Leia for the sake of creating a crappy new villain. How can anyone who likes Star Wars think this movie is anything but garbage?

every time i see the book of life stuff i’m just like… what a wonderfully done film. like, so pure, there’s a love triangle but they make it pure and not yucky bc they’re all best friends and also… pride in culture while still criticizing the negative aspects (ie. killing bulls) like. what a nice thing.


Fred Weasley x Reader

Request: Hi! Could you write a harry potter imagine in which fred and y/n are dating and fred finds out about y/n’s fear of spiders and makes fun at first, but then she freaks out after seeing a boggart, and fred comforts her.

Your name: submit What is this?

“Fred!” You yelled, jumping away from him, your heart racing.

“Y/N, I thought you liked spiders!” He teased, holding out the small glass box full of tarantulas. “Look at them, they are so harmless and fuzzy.”

“Are you trying to kill me?” You asked, placing a hand on your chest as you tried to play off your fear. Truth was, you were deathly afraid of spiders. You had watched a muggle movie named The Giant Spider Invasion when you were a child, and in it were giant arachnids that had an appetite for human flesh. You knew it was a irrational fear, but watching that movie instilled a fear in your head.

You silently cursed George for breaking in some fireball whiskey last week after hours. You, Fred, George, Lee and Angelina had stayed downstairs in the Gryffindor common room and had played a muggle game of truth and dare. Though you had never heard of it, Fred was quick to explain the game to you, and after a few shots you had agreed. It was sometime in the middle of the game when you began to loosen up and reveal more about yourself, and when your turn came, you chose truth and had accidentally revealed your biggest fear.

Fred and George of course found this entirely hilarious and at any given moment found a way to tease you about it; you would be walking down the corridor when they will suddenly catch up with you with some new information on spiders or some other thing. One time, you had been walking when Fred suddenly pulled you violently to the side yelling, “WATCH OUT Y/N! YOU ALMOST WALKED INTO A SPIDER WEB!” You had immediately recoiled and began panicking but stopped when you heard his boisterous laughter.

“Shut up, Fred.” You rolled your eyes, picking up your bag from your seat. “We have Lupin now, lets go.”


“Now, when I open this door, the boggart will come out and take the form of what you fear most,” Professor Lupin spoke, walking over to the record player, “and what is the charm?”

Riddikulus.” You chimed alongside the class. Lupin nodded approvingly and began the music before opening the cupboard door with a flick of his wand. You glanced back at Fred and George, who were dancing to the music and you laughed at their antics, causing Fred to cast a cheeky wink at you. You rolled your eyes and readied yourself as your turn came up.

There was no doubt in your mind that your boggart would take the form of the flesh-eating arachnid, but you wondered how you had to make that take the shape of something you found humorous. You found a great many things funny, but still you found it difficult. 

Eventually your turn came up, and you moved forward in the line. The boggart paused before crack! It turned into a giant arachnid. You stumbled back as it creeped forward, its eight eyes sharpened on you. The image of the spider dressed in a purple glittering cape and a glittery red top hat melted from your mind and you froze in fear. 

Y/N? Y/N?” You could distinctly hear Fred calling your name but it was garbled, like your head was in water.

All you could think about was how you were going to die. By a giant flesh eating spider. It was right in front of you now, its beady eyes dangerously close to your face as it’s breath wafted over yours, venom dripping from it’s fangs. You gulped, and slowly raised your wand hand, finally being able to react.

Breathe. It’s only a boggart. Breathe. You could hear a voice coach you through. You forced the image back into your head. “Riddikulus.

Crack! A red top hat and cape sprang onto it’s body, red high heels adorning it’s feet. All at once you could hear again, and you noticed how close Fred was to you. The class laughed heartily at the boggart and you turned your head to Fred. His eyes penetrated into yours, an unusual look of worry etched into the usually happy face. You forced a smirk, and made your way to the back of the line quickly, trying to calm your racing heart.

After Fred had conquered his own boggart of Voldemort, he walked to the back of the line. By then your heart had relaxed some what and you gave him a small smile.

“Are you alright?” He murmured in your ear, dipping his head slightly so he could talk to you.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” You muttered, wringing your hands. 

Fred grabbed your hand, causing you to look at him. “I’m sorry, I had no idea they scared you that much.”

“It’s fine, just a stupid fear.”

“No it’s not, everyone fears something and I shouldn’t have made fun of yours. I’m sorry.”

Your smile was genuine now as you looked at him, “It’s okay Freddy,” You squeezed his hand, “thank you for helping me though.”

He grinned playfully, “You are entirely welcome.”

You looked forward, engaged in the class once again, hands still entwined with Fred.

Crack! George’s boggart of Voldemort changed. He stumbled in the long green dress he wore, which was covered with a baggy mouldy green cardigan, large bug-eyed glasses covered his eyes and a scarf was tied around his bald head. You burst out laughing when you realised George dressed the Dark Lord in the Professor Trelawney’s clothing.

Why do I keep picturing the scene from "The Little Mermaid" were

Ariel sings the reprise of ‘Part of Your World’ to Eric; but instead of them they are Clint and Pietro? Like, the first time they met (just like in the movie) Pietro knocks Clint onto the ground, but the archer hits his head over a rock while falling, knocking him unconscious. Wanda (Pietro brought her along with him) sees him and says “Pietro, I think you killed him.” So the speedster kind of starts to freak out and kneels beside Clint, trying to wake him up. Then, out of the nowhere he remembers that when he was little, their mother used to play 'the little mermaid’ and sing to them when Wanda or him were sick. So he starts singing softly the reprise, watching carefully as the archer slowly wakes up and looks up at him in awe. Then Wanda reminds him they must leave 'cus his friends are coming; they both leave as Natasha rushes to the archer. Clint gains consciousness as the redhead tends his wound, kind of worrying when the archer asks her if she just sang to him in russian. “Like I would do that, you strange, flightless bird.” she answers him.

Oh, and of course, when Clint was gaining consciousness, he kind of saw Pietro like Eric did in the movie:

I just keep picturing that and I don’t know why… Ooh, wait. I know why… Because I’m hawksilver trash