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170811 - Meeting Monsta X at Starbucks in Berlin

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I met Monsta X on the streets of Berlin yesterday. Or at least two of them, my bias and bias wrecker, Jooheon and Kihyun. Nice.

Basically. My friend (from the Czech Republic) and I (from Sweden) had wandered around all day, visiting the kpop store and all that. Then we were standing by a pedestrian crossing, waiting for the green light. And suddenly this guy walked up to my side and I had to take a double take bc, ‘Is that Kihyun???????’. My heart dropped and I turned to my friend and was like “IT’S KIHYUN IT’S KIHYUN OMFG IT’S KIHYUN.” BC HOLY SHIT HALF A METER FROM ME STOOD THE ACTUAL YOO KIHYUN!!!! Sorry I’m still freaking out holy shit. He looked like a f**king god, looking all artsy in his round golden glasses and big camera. Plus: no make-up!Kihyun is 👌 👌 💕 👅 👅 😭 💖

Kihyun then waved to someone on the other side. We thought it was his manager bc what would he be doing all by himself in Berlin when his concert is just in a few hours?? Suddenly the light turned green and he went ahead of us, and since we thought that it was his manager on the other side of the road (we couldn’t see the person he was waving to yet) we didn’t want to ask for his autograph since they usually aren’t allowed to do that.

But then we saw who he was waving to. J O O H E O N!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was also standing by himself, wearing slippers, shorts and a wind jacket. He looked so fluffy and smol and okay imma stop talking. So now we had to make a decision in 0.1 second, are we going to follow them and ask for their autographs or just go back home? 

We decided to follow them, walking about 100 meters behind them. After only a minute or two they went into a Starbucks and we stopped outside. After about two minutes of freaking out we decided that our last chance was to also go in, just look at them and then leave without bothering them. So now my friend was literally standing right next to Jooheon (who ordered an iced americano for Kihyun and a coffee with milk for himself bc that’s important information). When he’d ordered he stood beside Kihyun who were waiting for their orders. Then one of the cashiers recognized them and asked for a photo, and they actually agreed to take the picture so yeah. My hands were shaking so bad when I payed for my drink but I’m proud of my friend and I bc we actually managed to act like any other customers in the café (where are our Oscars?).

While we were waiting for my friend’s drink, the boys left the café and we were kind of sad bc yep they’re leaving and we’re not going to follow them. But then they sat down at a table outside! At this point a total of five girls + a really kind dad had noticed them. So we looked outside and saw that they actually signed autographes to the girls! So they basically only sat down to make those fans happy and sign their stuff (stan monsta x) And now we freaked out again bc neither one of us had a pen nor a piece of paper. But when we walked outside a girl let us borrow her pen and paper so that was really nice of her (I owe her my life).

While my friend was doing something else, I walked up to their table, Kihyun to my left and Jooheon in front of me. I just said that I was “so so sorry for disturbing them but can I please get an autograph?” Kihyun made his “pftttth” laugh with his eyes looking like half moon crescents (y'all know which one I mean), but he took my paper and signed it. Since Kihyun was to my left I couldn’t really look him in the face that well, so when I spoke I mostly looked at Jooheon. I was stuttering like an idiot in the beginning but I was shaking so much while trying to act cool and look calm lmao. I basically told them that I was “really excited for the concert tonight” to which Jooheon replied with an “oh really?~” AND HIS DIMPLES ARE SO FREAKING DEEP MAN I SWEAR TO GOD THAT BOY WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME. . So yeah I basically managed to keep eye contact with JH for like 15 seconds and then I just said “thank you so much and sorry for disturbing” to which Kihyun replied with a “It’s alright” then I  left so that I wouldn’t disturb them more than I already had.

A short clip of me saying the last sentence and Kihyun replying with “it’s alright”.

The video was recorded by smallestnose

So yeah, in totalt there were five people plus my friend and I who noticed them that time. Everyone was really respectful and left as soon as they got their autographs. My friend and I left (shaking like idek) and when we looked back when we had walked about 300 meters, we noticed that the boys had left.

So yep that was the first time I met an idol and talked to one. Also, you should know that I’ve always thought that I would be one meter taller than every mx member (I’m 175 cm [5'8 ish inches?]) but both Kihyun and Jooheon were taller than me. They looked 300x more beautiful in person and both of them were tanned and just yeah. Kihyun looked like a photography student who just walked out of class while Jooheon looked like a fluffy 22 y/o who just woke up, hair in a mess. 

So now I own a paper with their autographes (jh signed w J-honey i mean yes i’m dead) and I’m just so so so so grateful that they took their time to make their fans happy. A plus is that the concert also was bomb af.

Basically: never be one of those fans who tries to search for the location they last were seen, just walk around, do your thing. And if it happens it happens, ya know? 

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Rewatching AoS 4x07 cause I dunno, and I am still living for all the Quakerider in that episode!

Like, Robbie wanting to help Daisy beat up the Chinatown crew, but he physically can’t so he just tells her to “have fun.” <3

Also the:

Robbie: On your left!

Daisy: *takes out the guy by slamming the Charger into him*

Robbie: Fair enough.

Little Things About the Bandstand OBCR that I Love

•The imagery you get during Just Like It Was Before
•whenever Corey sings “Cream rises” because 😍
•Whenever Corey sings tbh
•"he’s so flat, uh"
•the little nod to In The Mood
• Freaking Laura Osnes man. Everything she touches turns to gold I swear.
• Julia’s mother is the greatest women alive. I swear 10/10 mother.
• “She doesn’t remember the bridge!”
•"Then I’m breaking the rule Wayne!“
•Literally the entirety of Right This Way
•Literally the entirety of Nobody
•The whole band is hilarious and I love them all
•the whole conversation with Oliver during I Got A Theory
•"How do you do that?” “I have no idea”
•Again, 10/10 mom. Just. 👌. Beth Leavel is just amazing.
•Welcome Home gives me chills every time
•"and the cabs are a menace, could have used one on a German"
•This Is Life is my favorite. It just is okay. Like love it. I love it so much okay. It’s pretty and I love all the senarios and I just love it a lot.
•The Finale makes me cry. Bye.
•That girl in the Epilogue is me meeting Corey Cott. I apologized like twelve times.
•"it is them! It’s the Donny Nova Band!!“ “OH NO”
“I love the way Laura says “Philidelphia you do show love for your brothers!”
•Corey’s southern accent was cute too
•The whole thing?
•the way some songs just seamlessly blend into one another. It’s beautiful.
•the fact you can get most of the story just from the OBCR b/c I’m tired of being confused.

•All the motifs from song to song!

That’s all I got right now. I’ll add more later, or feel free to add some of your own!

SHINee Reaction #4 - You’re an amazing cook and they taste your food for the first time

Requested by a lovely anon!

Jinki (Onew): “Waah~ Jagi this is some of the best food I’ve ever tasted!!!”

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Jonghyun: (he’s a bit extra lmao) “Ahh I am the luckiest man alive!! This food is magical, I freaking swear it could cure any sickness with the amazing flavors it has!”

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Kibum (Key): “Ooh dayumnnn girl this is GOOOOD!!” (He’d probably make you cook for him all the fricking time now)

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Minho: “You’d make such an amazing husband/wife jagi~”

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Taemin: “Wah~ How come something taste this good???” *complete shock and amazement*

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Oh my god Tony is such a freaking tease!! I swear if that man were any sassier he'd be in a helluva lot more trouble lol That was absolutely beautiful, and just so emotional. I'm so happy they worked it all out and get their happily ever after. It's fantastic, and oh so hot! 😁 Thank you 😊

lol I love Tonys whole attitude this entire chapter. He is both absolutely blown away by how good it is between them, and also still running his mouth and I love that!

I think there is literally nothing in the universe that can resist the sweetness of Steven. Even his biggest enemies become his best friends.

I mean

look at this

and this angry, heartbroken gem

turned into this loving, happy renewed gal who was wiling to sacrifice her freedom for someone she deeply cared about


I swear to God, if Steven doesn’t find a way to befriend Jasper, I will cry


Alex Gaskarth got engaged, right? 

And he’s gonna need a best man, right?

And Jack has been his best friend since forever. 

I mean people freaking ship them. 

So all I’m saying is, shouldn’t Jack be his best man? 

Yes he freaking should. And I swear if he isn’t I’m gonna ScREAm my head off. 


So now that I’m finally back home from Norway and can actually do something other than like&reblog, I present to you a (late) b-day present to my favourite Voltage dude. This freaking man I swear–

It’s a quick 20 min doodle but hey, it’s something .v.; Albeit late but shshhshshshhhsshh

Art is mine, Atsumu is Voltage inc’s. 

Happy 2014!

“Cut! Good take guys. I like the kiss you two shared. It was so passionate that I almost thought it was real.” The director teased Tom and I as he praised our acting skills.

“Thank you. I almost thought it was real too. Or is it real, ___________?” Tom joined the director and teased me as well which made my face turned red, I could feel my cheeks burning as if I’m running a high fever.

“Alright alright. Let’s stop teasing her Tom. I don’t want to scare your co-star away. Anyways, I got to go back to the apartment now to place the equipment. Go ahead and enjoy! Is New Year Eve! Have a good one and see you next year!” The director left after giving Tom and I a hug.

“So, any plans?” Tom asked.

“Well, I guess I would be heading to the supermarket, get some foods then to the DVD shop to rent some DVDs and celebrate in the apartment. What about you?” I told Tom about my “plans” I had for New Year. After all, I will be spending it alone as my family members and friends are all back home.

“I’m heading home to celebrate with my family. Hmmm.. Would you like to come along?” Tom asked shyly as he blushed a little.

“Ah. I would love to. But would your family mind?” Oh my goodness. I can’t believe this is happening to me. Tom has been my celebrity crush way before I joined this industry. Not only did I get to work together with him as his co-star, as well as Chris and Liam, the Hemsworth brothers. Tom is inviting me over to his home for New Year celebration. If this is a dream, I wish I would not have to wake up forever.

“They would love to have you, darling!” Tom answered excitedly.

“Huh?” His reply caught me off guard. I mean, his family has not even seen me before and this is the first time I’m working together with Tom. Why would his family love to have me there during their family celebration.

“Oh gosh, I meant the more the merrier. Yea, that’s what my family thinks. So, do come along, _______. ” Tom’s face has become redder and, his reply sounded as if he was trying to cover up for the previous sentence he just made.

“Well, thanks a lot Tom. But, I would need to do some preparation first before I head to your house. ” I will need to have a clean bathe before heading over, as the previous scene that I had was action scene which covered my whole body in sweat.

“Sure! Let me send you back to the apartment first. We will set off at 630pm alright?” Tom asked politely.

“Will do! There should be enough time for me.” Another 5 hours for me to prepare. It should be more than enough. I assured myself in my heart. As I’m really feeling nervous.

“Hey _____! Wanna join me and my brother for the New Year countdown? Since the 3 of us are alone without our close ones here, in London.” Liam came over to me as Tom and I were preparing to leave.

“I’m sorry. She’s my guest for today. ” Tom rejected Liam on my behalf even before I had the chance to react.

“Brother. Are you gonna invite us along as well. I’m sure your mum wouldn’t mind having us along.” Chris asked Tom with a teasing laugh.

“You have Liam with you.” Tom punched Chris on the right arm mischievously.

“Alright! You guys have a great 2014 yea! Enjoy!” Chris and Tom did a fist punch before we parted.

“Why didn’t you invite them along? I’m sorry to probe but didn’t you say the more the merrier?” I know it was wrong of me to ask. But, oh well I’m a person full of curiosity.

“Ehehehehe” Tom just replied me with his signature laughter. I wonder what this man has in mind.

On set was pretty near our apartment, and with Tom’s skilled driving skills, we got back to the apartment in less than 15 mins.

“Alright ______, I will see you later on at 630pm yea. Take your time to prepare. No need to rush.” He winked at me before turning his back and return to his assigned room in the apartment.

So right after Tom has left for his room, I changed into a casual attire, My favorite Loki’s shirt together with my sweater and a pair of jeans. Then, I headed out to the nearby supermarket to get some red wine, as a gift for his family. After which, I got back to the apartment, had a bathe, changed into a blue silk dress and sat by my bed going through the script, while waiting for time to pass.

“Hey ________, are you ready?” I heard a knock on my door as well as Tom’s voice.

“Coming!” I placed my script on the table and headed to open the door. Tom was dressed in a pair of jeans, a simple white plain tee and his favorite leather jacket. I swear this man looks freaking hot even though he is in such a simple outfit. Just as I was observing him, I could felt his gaze has not left me ever since I opened the door.

“Hello! Earth to Tom!” I waved right in front of his face, as there was no reaction from him at all when I talked to him. He was just standing there staring at me.

“Oh… Oh. Sorry. Did I missed anything?” Tom laughed apologetically.

“I was asking if we could set off. Hmmm.. Is it too formal for me to dress like this?” I asked him while looking down at my dress.

“No no no. Of course not. You look ravishing, ________.” Tom purposely used Loki’s tone to speak.

“Thank you Loki.” I smiled and walked towards the main door of the apartment.

“Hey! You should thank me not Loki!” Tom argued like a kid as he chased after me.

So, throughout the whole journey, we were talking about Loki and having Tom to act as him while he was driving. I really enjoyed it a lot as Loki was the first character, that had made me noticed this gorgeous man.

“Midgardian, get out of the car now.” Tom, no I meant Loki commanded as he pulled over his car at the garage of his house. He then led me up the stairs to his house.

The main porch of his house was still filled with Christmas decoration which made it looked super cozy. As he opened the main door and led me in, I was screaming in my heart. His house, was just my dream house. His living room was spacious, filled with vintage furniture. Right in the corner of the living room, against the wall, there was a fireplace. Some photos were placed on top of the fireplace. This was something I had always hope to see in real, as back in my hometown, the weather was too hot that a fireplace was not needed at all. At the other end of the living room, there was a piano being placed. I could totally imagine Tom sitting there and playing the piano. The image was just too gorgeous that I could feel my face became a little warm.

“I’m home!” Tom called out as his family members walked out of the kitchen towards us.

“Hi, you must be _________. Welcome!” Tom’s mum greeted me as she left a peck on my cheek.

“Hi auntie, err no I mean Mrs Hiddleston. Sorry as back in my hometown we address our friend’s parents as uncle and auntie.” I apologized.

“Is alright dear, call me what that made you comfortable.” She smiled and held my tight to reassure me that it was alright.

“Hi ________. Nice to meet you. I’m Thomas’s dad. Well, you can address me as uncle. This term felt so much closer than the formal term of Mr Hiddleston.” His dad shook my hands as he said with a laughter, which sounded quite like Tom’s.

“Hi uncle. Nice to meet you!” I returned a firm hand shake and smiled politely.

“Hi ______! I’m Emma! Thomas’s younger sister! Sarah asked me to send her regards to you and she’s sorry that she could not be here today due to work.” Emma hugged me as if I was a long lost friend.

“Please send my regards to her as well and nice to meet you Emma.” I hugged her in return. Nope, the hug was not awkward at all even though it was my first time meeting her. However, I felt strange when she talked about Sarah. It seems like the family knows about me.

“Oh ya! I brought some red wine over. Thanks for allowing me to join the dinner” I handed the red wine over to Tom’s mum.

“Is a pleasure to have you over, darling. Alright, please excuse us while we prepare for the dinner. Thomas, tour her around our house.” Tom’s mum instructed him before turning back and head to the kitchen with his dad and Emma.

“Auntie, is there anything I could help with?” I called out to her.

“Is alright sweetie, you are our guest. Just tour around the house with Thomas.” She smiled warmly at me and headed into the kitchen.

“Seems like my family loves you a lot, _______.” Tom commented as he held my hand and led me up the stairs. I was too shocked to react due to his sudden action of holding my hand. However, we remained like this as we tour around the house. First, we reached the second floor which had 3 bedroom. One belongs to his mum, one to Emma and the last one, Sarah’s. I only glanced into the room at the door as I find it impolite to enter the rooms without permission. Even though Tom assured me that it was alright. Soon, we proceeded to the third floor. I swear this man do know how to enjoy his life, by having the entire floor all to himself, even though he is not always home.

“Midgardian, you are lucky enough to be in my chamber.” Loki stared deep into my eyes and whispered.

“That’s my pleasure, my lord.” I played along with him. His “chamber” was really amazing! There was a bedroom as well as an library on the third level. Tom first led me into his bedroom. The design of the room was simple with a king size bed being placed in the middle of the room, a LED tv being hung on the wall right across the bed, a walk in wardrobe together with the bathroom located on the right of the bed.

“Come, ________. Let me show you the library of mine! Is the favorite place of mine in the entire house. Whenever, I took leaves from work, I will stay in there for the whole day.” Tom proudly introduced his library to me.

His library was across his bedroom. The pathway to his library has a very huge Christmas tree and was decorated with Christmas lighting as well. The library was built with glass door and windows around it, with a transparent roof as well. Upon entering, I could smell the scent of books. There was a shelf filled with all Shakespeare’s collections.

“Woah! This is amazing Thomas! All the masterpiece of Shakespeare are here! And the roof! Oh my gosh, I feel as if I’m outdoor! This is so good for star gazing! This is really cool!” I exclaimed as the design and collections that Tom has in the library really amazed me.

“Well, you could come here anytime you want, love. To read, to star gaze. Anything you want to do.” Tom leaned in to me and stared into my eyes with his blue-green eyes, as he speaks in a husky voice. I felt myself melting as I placed both my palms on the wall behind me.

“Hmmm… Am I interrupting something?” Emma called out from the door just when Tom was about to kiss me on the lips. I quickly pushed Tom away and smiled at Emma feeling embarrassed.

“Well, mum wanted me to get the both of you down for dinner. Come on, _________. Let me bring you away from this pervert!” Emma hooked my hand and pulled me away from Tom while hitting him lightly on the arm. I know she was trying to ease the awkwardness in the room. I laughed and walked away with her, leaving Tom at the back shouting that he’s not a pervert to us.

“Thank you uncle and auntie for the sumptuous dinner! Really love the food that auntie had prepared!” I thanked them profusely at the dinning table. Dinner was great. It was filled with good food, wine, talks, laughters and most importantly stories of Tom when he was younger. Never was there a moment that I felt left out , as they will always include me in their conversation. The best part of the dinner was seeing Tom blushed in embarrassment, when Emma told me that she and Sarah gave Tom a nickname, golden retriever due to his curly golden hair. Now I know how the nickname came about.

“So, _______ any plans for tomorrow?” Tom’s mum asked while we were doing the dishes in the kitchen. She finally allowed me to help out after much pleading.

“Well, filming will resumes tomorrow evening due to the tight schedule.” I answered with a sigh.

“Awwww. I was thinking of asking you out for a shopping trip, _____! I guess we could only leave it till next time. Life of a celebrity.” Emma replied with a sigh while cutting the fruits. She is an actress herself hence, she is able to understand the feeling of having to film on a public holiday.

“Yes, work is more important. But always remember to have plenty of rest alright, _____? And now, shall we bring the fruits out and join the gentlemen out there?

So, the five of us were sitting around the table in the living room, playing cards and watching the countdown show being shown on TV, while talking to one another.

"3,2,1 Happy New Year!” We shouted, exchanged hug and well wishes with one another. I then excused myself and made my way to the dining area to call my family. Just when I was making my way back to the living hall, I overheard the conversation between Tom and his family.

“So Thomas, you gave our family heirloom to her yea?” Tom’s dad asked him.

“Hmmm yea dad. I gave it to her as a Christmas gift. Are you guys alright with it?” Tom replied and from his voice, I can feel that Tom was feeling a little scared. Perhaps afraid that his family does not like me. I was feeling nervous with his family’s answer as well, although the both of us are not together yet.

“Of course we are alright with it. We love her as much as you do, Thomas. She is a lovely lady. By giving the heirloom to her, i know you are dead serious about her. We will support you no matter what, son. ” Tom’s mum placed her hand on his and squeezed it while looking at him, face beamed with happiness.

“Brother, I didn’t expect to have a sister-in-law who is younger than me. But, I love her! She is really nice and cheerful! Love having her around! Does she knows about the bracelet being our family’s heirloom?” Emma placed her hands on Tom’s shoulder to show that she supports his decision.

“Oh no I didn’t tell her. I’m afraid I would scare her off. After all, we have not know each other for long.” From his tone, I could feel Tom feeling dejected.

“Trust me bro, I’m sure ______ loves you as well. Find a chance to tell her today! Have a sweet 2014!!” Emma encouraged Tom while patting his shoulder.

They immediately stopped the conversation when Tom’s dad spotted me. I was a little unsure of how to react after knowing the meaning behind the bracelet that Tom had given me during Christmas. As if knowing what I’m thinking, Tom then suggested that we should make a move back to the apartment, due to us having a long day during filming. I thanked Tom’s family again for the dinner and the companion before leaving the house. It was really a great night spent with them.

“Hmmm Tom… About the bracelet? There’s a meaning behind it right?” I asked Tom when we were in the car and of course before he started driving.

“You heard our conversation? So, what’s your feelings towards me, love? You are not going to return the bracelet to me right? ” He turned to face me and I could see nervousness from his expression.

“Well, but shouldn’t a family heirloom to be given only when a couple are getting married?” I raised one of my eyebrow and questioned him.

“______, listen. I know what I’m gonna say now will sound ridiculous to you. But I’m still going to say it anyways. ______, ever since knowing you, you have been giving me the feeling that you are the right one for me. I have dated quite a few ladies before you but, no one had ever given me this kind of feeling like you do. Therefore, I’m sure that you are the one for me in my life. The perfect one to be Mrs Hiddleston. By giving you the bracelet, I not just only want to express my love for you and making you my girlfriend. I wish to be able to walk down the aisle with you and saying "I do” in front of our family and friends and even the media who will be attending our wedding. _______, i really love you, a lot. I want to take care of you forever. Would you allow me to have the chance to do so?“ He held my hand and confessed to me. I could see tears swelling up in his eyes, as if he was afraid to hear a no from me.

"Thomas, all these are just too happening for me. Could you give me some time to think about it? I will give you an answer when we reached the apartment.” He agreed to my request and started driving back to the apartment. Throughout the whole journey, none of us speaks a word. I was deep in my thought thinking of what answer I should give to Tom. No, is not that I don’t love him. In fact, I love him even before i know him as he was my celebrity crush. After knowing him personally, I fell head over heels for him. Deep in my heart, it was shouting yes when he proposed to me. What stopped me from accepting him was the fear in me. By accepting the heirloom, it is not just as simple as accepting him as my boyfriend. It will mean to agree to his proposal of being his wife. As much as I want to be, I’m afraid I will not be good enough for him. After all, we have not known each other for long. What if one day he finds that I’m not the right person for him? I do not wish to have us announcing our engagement at the start of 2014, and to have it canceled at the end of 2014. All these fears are building up in me when Tom pulled over the car at the car porch of the apartment.

“_______, please say that you are not going to reject me.” Tom pleaded and his eyes were red now. It just breaks my heart to see that he is going to cry out soon.

“Well, Mrs Hiddleston sounds nice to me. But, Thomas, can we leave the marriage part to a later point of time? I love you Thomas, I really do and able to be Mrs Hiddleston would be the best thing that have happened to me in my life. But don’t you think we should start dating first before we talk about marriage? I’m not rejecting your proposal but I felt that we should start it off with dating first to know if we are really suitable for each other.” I held his hand tight and confessed my feelings to him.

“Thank God. I was so afraid that you are going to reject me, ______. Of course we can start off with dating first, but I’m sure by the end of 2014, you will be Mrs Thomas William Hiddleston.” He cupped my face and tears of joy streamed down his face.

“So confident about it and yourself huh?” I teased him while wiping the tears away.

“Of course I am. Mrs Hiddleston to be.” He laughed and leaned in for a kiss. Yep, that was the first 2014 kiss that we shared as a couple. Nope, no longer just on screen couple but real life couple.

“Cut! Woah! Excellent take! This kiss was even more passionate than the one last year. Did something happened during New Year?” The director teased us again.

“Last year’s kiss was more with acting skills. But, this year onwards all the kissing scenes between us are filled with true love.” Tom answered with a blissful face and pulled me in for a kiss again with the bracelet shining on my wrist.

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How do you poop?

Do I SERIOUSLY have to explain to you how to use a freaking toilet!?? FINE!! I made ya a guide book!

I swear man, Sometimes you humans are complete idiots!! psshh…Don’t ask me again…