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“Y/N? Is that you?” gasped Seth while looking at Roman and Dean with a surprise face

“Yes, baby is me,” I said while giving him the biggest hug 

“Baby!!! I missed you. I can’t believe you are here.” He said in between kisses 

I had been keeping this a secret since the last couple of months. I wanted to visit Colby and be the one who gives him the surprise. You see, I found out that we are expecting a baby. I know that maybe Colby is going to be a little confuse and surprise about it. He had explained to me that he does not want any kids. 

“ What are you guys smiling about? Wait! Did you two had something to do with this?”  Colby shouted at Roman and Dean

When I found out that I was pregnant the first person I called was Roman. Leati and I are like family. I know his family and they know me as well. I am  Joelle godmother, that’s how close we are. In fact, he was the one who introduced Colby and me to each other three years ago. 

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Andromeda - Heleus Cluster, Star Systems 1 / 7

Sick Day: Cuphead/Mugman X Reader

Imagine that: A babysitter that Elder Kettle hired to take care of Cuphead and Mugman. One day they got sick together and you decided to help them.

before any of you react, i’ll only be writing PLATONIC requests for Cuphead and Mugman. The rest of the characters i’ll only write for PLATONIC and ROMANTIC requests. I… really can’t handle smut for this series.

I really love this game a lot even though I can’t play it. The visuals and music are something dear to my heart and the bosses are adorable as hell, I really couldn’t help myself.

Reader is gender neutral


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“Is that so?” You said to Elder Kettle. “How did they get sick exactly?”

Elder Kettle sighed as he rocked back in his armchair. “Something got chucked inside their heads and they drank it. I have the foggiest idea how they didn’t notice when they were out frolicking.”

You hummed at his answer, you leaning back as well on the sofa. The bag full of new stuff you created for Cuphead and Mugman to play with. You were hoping to see their reactions for it but… oh well.

“How long do you think til they get better?” You asked the Kettle.

His spout-nose huffed with steam. “I’m not sure. I’ve talked with a doctor and he says that it may take a few days for them to recover.”

Letting out a dejected sigh, you grabbed your bag and stood up. “Well, thanks for your time. Sorry for the hold-up, Mr. Kettle.”

The elder stood up and shook his head. “Nonsense! You’re always welcome here. The boys adore you after all!”

You chuckled at his words as he thanks you for your visit. Once exiting the small house, your brain immediately racked itself with ideas on how to make the two brothers feel better.

You snapped your fingers together. “Eureka!”

The two brothers lay together in the same bed, feeling as though the pain that they’ve accumulated through the numerous battles they’ve been through has multiplied ten-fold. Their noses, though rounded as they were, are now comically larger and leaked of snot every now and then. The liquid inside their cups were sludgy and murky, the exact opposite from what its usual appearance.

It wasn’t their fault, in retrospect. It just so happened that a particular spider monster had messed up their afternoon. When they weren’t looking, the spider monster’s lackey spider had spiked the liquid inside their heads. Once they’ve attempted to do a Super Move, the liquid immediately made them groggy and tired while the Spider gang had the last laugh.

What a cruel world, this is.

“Cuphead…” Mugman moaned, voice muffled from his clogged nose. “I feel horrible.”

His brother groaned in response. “You and I both, brother.”

Both of them groaned in pain at the same time. The large bed felt like it was suffocating them but they know if they remove the covers, it would be incredibly cold for them. So cold it might freeze them for sure!

A knock on the door brought their droopy eyes up. “Boys,” the voice of Elder Kettle rang through the door, “you have company!”

The door creaked open to reveal the old kettle together with you. Just like magic, their moods immediately lightened as they removed their covers to properly greet you.

“(Name)!” They both said in unison before breaking into coughing fits. Both you and Elder Kettle rushed in to take care of them, patting their backs while avoiding the coughs.

“Don’t stress yourselves boys!” Elder Kettle reprimanded. “Both of you aren’t still fully healed. Lie down and rest.”

The brothers complied with the elder’s words. You placed both your hands over each boys’ head. The temperature on both heads were extremely hot.

“Aw shucks,” You said to them after retracting your hands, “I feel sorry for you both. I swear when I see that bug who did this to you—”

“N-No need for that!” Mugman stuttered, his voice terrible from the sickness. “You really don’t need to do that.”

“Yeah!” Cuphead added, voice muffled from his clogged nose. “I swear it to ya! When we get back up, we’ll deal with that fuzzy freak in no time!”

You laughed at their words before patting their heads. “I’m sure both of you will. I’ll be watching too!”

“Well, it appears you three are up and about. I’ll be leaving you with the boys, (Name).” Elder Kettle said, patting your shoulder before leaving the room. You turned back to the boys, lips upturned in a wide smile.

“Guess what I got for you two.” You said giddily.

The brothers’ faces were confused but answered nothing. You bent down to the side of the bed to pick up a huge bag of goodies the ex-debtors gave you.

“Ta-da!” You exclaimed, shaking the bag. “Presents from your friends! To help you guys feel better!”

The brothers’ eyes widened at the bag of presents. Their sickness suddenly didn’t matter anymore as they sat up straighter to look at the presents.

“Golly!” Mugman exclaimed. “All of these things are for us?”

You giggled at his eagerness. “Sure is! Which one you wanna get first?”

“I’ll pick!” Cuphead proclaimed, digging his hand in the satchel to pick something. He drew back his hand, revealing a container full of sweets with a little note of Baroness Von Bon Bon’s regards.

“This looks delicious!” Cuphead said in awe at the treats.

“Me next!” Mugman followed after, drawing his hand inside the bag. You took the container of sweets from Cuphead, telling him that he should take his medicine before eating them. Mugman withdrew his hand to reveal a bouquet of hand-picked flowers by Cagney’s garden.

You still remember the murderous stare the humongous flower had given you when you murdered his kin.

“These look pretty!” Mugman complimented. “Too bad I can’t smell them though…”

“It’s okay Mugs,” You comforted him, “I’ll put it in a vase so it’ll last longer.”

“Oooh!” Cuphead drawled, taking out a balloon… cup… head of both him and Mugman. “This looks amazing!”

“I’m guessing that’s from Beppi?” Mugman guessed.

“Wow. Then this has to be the first non-threatening thing I’ve seen from him.” Cuphead remarked.

“Uh…” You trailed off. “That’s from Djimmi.” You took out a red balloon that had the words: ‘Get soon or whatever’ written in blue lettering. “This is from Beppi.”

Cuphead groan. “Just put it with the others.”

You complied, tossing the balloon with the weight at the corner where the rest of Beppi’s “gifts” lie.

And thus you and the brothers spent the afternoon opening all the gifts your friends had given you. Some were nice with get well soon sayings while others didn’t exactly show it at first glance. You knew that other half meant well though (I mean you made sure of that). Before you knew it, it was already nighttime. You noticed the brothers’ eyes starting to droop as they fought to stay awake.

“Well, I guess this is my time to go.” You said, picking up the now empty bag.

Both of them whined, saying that they don’t want you to go just yet. You giggled and patted both of their heads. “It’s not like I’m gonna go away forever. I’ll visit you two again tomorrow.”

Somehow with those words, their moods lightened a bit. They went back under the covers, heads propped up by the pillows you fluffed up for them. You stood up from the bed but a hand grasped your wrist. You glanced down to see Cuphead’s hand stopping you together with his and Mugman’s puppy-dog eyes. You sighed at their actions before leaning down to give a kiss on their heads. They both flush at your kiss, the liquid in their heads bubbling up tremendously.

“If I get sick, I’m blaming you guys.” You joked.

Cuphead laughed. “Then we’ll be the ones taking care of you!”

“Yep!” Mugman added. “Then we’ll be the ones making you presents!”

You laughed as you reached the door. “I’ll be waiting for those!”

Giving Elder Kettle your goodbyes, you went outside their house with a warm feeling inside your heart.


ladies of the inner circle of the night court

“The Court of Dreams. The people who knew that there was a price, and one worth paying, for that dream. The bastard-born warriors, the Illyrian half breed, the monster trapped in a beautiful body, the dreamer born into a court of nightmares… And the huntress with an artist’s soul.”

When you literally had to learn everything about radiation to obtain your degree and then you watch The 100 explain science…

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You’re Not A Winchester Pt. 2

Title: You’re Not A Winchester

Author: theimpalaiscrying

sister!reader x Sam & Dean Winchester

Words: 1,858

Warnings: Angst, holy shit blood, swearing, implications of depression and suicide thoughts, tears.

A/N: First of all, THANK YOU ALL for the positive feedback and the support for my first flippn’ series! I’m freakin’ blown away! AND SORRY FOR THE DELAY FML. ENJOY. I THINK. YES. AND THERE WILL BE MORE.

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