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MM RFA members’ VA april fools dlc free talk: English dialogues~! ♡♡♡

Hearing this makes me really happy, I don’t know why. LOLZ. I kept on laughing each time I repeat the English dialogues. :p

I love their accent v much ♡

Please, on Apil Fool’s Day...

Don’t worry or frighten your friends?

I’ve seen posts about screamers but what I’m referring to here is telling your friends, especially those online, fake worrying or frightening news.

Examples from my own past; one friend saying they had been kicked out of their house and another telling me they were pregnant. To me, at the time an autistic teenager who struggled with dates, I took their ‘frightened’ messages as facts and became very panicked and concerned for them. 

I was rather upset and hurt when I found out that it was ‘just a joke/prank’ and my trust in my friends lessened. 

Now I am a fan of harmless pranks, please don’t take this message as ‘don’t prank people’. Anything harmless and in good spirits in generally okay in my book.

My message is: don’t say things that could actually frighten or worry someone, for your sake or someone else. Please don’t tell people fake ‘news’ of major injuries, deaths, unexpected pregnancies, job loss, home evictions, severe illnesses etc. These aren’t funny, they are frightening. They are realities for many people and are not as far-fetched or as ridiculous as they may seem to you.

Thank you

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You have a mongols with dinosaur mounts story? I am very intrigued because I love mongols and dinosaurs and this is just 2 of my favorite things smushed together

To be more accurate, I have a working concept of a story about a society roughly based on the Mongols, the people of which ride/otherwise utilize both dinosaurs and other archosaurs as well as early synapsids.

I’ve been tinkering around with it for at least half a year, and even had a couple false starts on it, but it’s not quite ready to be written yet. I do have my two main characters and their overall quest, but not much of the structure yet. It’s a story I thought about making my next big wed serial after Earthcast, if I ever have time.

(BY THE WAY, I haven’t forgotten about the last chapter of Earthcast!! I know it’s March now and I’m really sorry!! I’ve been very busy with my classes since January and it’s hard to find time/energy to write.)

Anyway, here are some fun details:

  • they get their dinosaurs, etc from a kind of necromancy, except it only works on animals that hatch from eggs. egg-necromancy
  • the magic works better the more accurately they can describe the animal’s evolutionary history in the spell, so this is a very phylogeny-focused world
  • the main quest is partially about getting to the capital and submitting a description of a newly-discovered Silesaurus (because yes, there is a prestigious OFFICIAL RECORD of all the critters)
  • the Mongol-analogues just conquered one main character’s country (a China-analogue) and are busy working on infrastructure, so another part of the Quest is to build a damn road using sauropods
  • only people with ovaries can perform the egg-necromancy, so most societies have developed as female-dominated
  • (and because using the egg-necromancy magic increases the likelihood of infant mortality, polyandry is quite common)
  • one of the main characters is a trans man who has to deal with the fact that masculinity = not resurrecting dinosaurs even though he really wants to just resurrect dinosaurs
  • the other main character is Very Strong and has a pet Pakasuchus
  • the main Mongol-analogue clan is just All About Notosuchians

As loathe as he is to admit it, Harry picked up traits from the Dursleys in childhood. They were his only influences, after all. 

Some of them, he doesn’t even notice. When he spoons six cubes of sugar into his coffee but adamantly refuses cream, he doesn’t remember making the same for Vernon so many times the order is practically muscle memory. When Quidditch matches have their inevitable funny moments - when somebody is nearly unseated by a Bludger, or when a low-flying bird distracts the Keeper at an opportune moment, he doesn’t recognize the harsh snort of unexpected laughter as Dudley’s someone got hurt laugh. When he’s drying dishes at the sink in front of the window at the Burrow, he doesn’t feel himself craning over the stained yellow for a view at other inhabitants of the house messing about in the yard, neck stretched the way he had watched his aunt’s stretch for years. 

The ones he does notice make him feel sick. The knee-jerk reaction towards beggars in the street at Diagon Alley, the grumbling over the news, the satisfaction in making someone - usually Kreacher, loathe as he is to admit it - feel small. He knows that it’s part of having been raised by human beings - you pick up negative traits (Ron and Ginny do it, too, they fuss over clean socks and get work too ingrained with politics), but still. 

It hurts to know that he’s still so intimately connected with that part of himself. 

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Everyone shares April Fool DLC's the fucking sad 3rd ending
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