this flower is for me tbqh

drowninginthecosmos  asked:

If you're still doing the character opinion thing do neglected Slingby and Undertaker plssss


general opinion: lowkey the dad friend

hotness level: i’d bang, i’d also be unable to walk for a while

hogwarts house: idfk fuck um hufflepuff/slytherin

best quality: good man, tried to save flower child

worst quality: accidentally killed flower child

ship them with: flower child (alan)

brotp them with: ronald

needs to stay away from: Sebastian. I don’t need to explain why.

misc. thoughts: HE WOULD SCARE ME IRL TBQH

  • manon when we first meet her: i am Death. i am Evil. i am soulless. i am your worst nightmare.
  • manon now: elide is my smol precious flower child! abraxos is too pure for this world! i must protect the thirteen at all costs because they are Good and they deserve it and im their mama bird!! imma go save the world now