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I'm here to request headcanons for our verse/ship because I woke up like I LOVE THEM.

  • francis and alana kind of become connoisseurs of vegetarian pizza by mistake because they build a habit of ordering pizza on weekends, or when they’re lazy, or when one of them is having a bad day – and not just fancy gourmet ones but greasy ones with soggy green peppers and rubbery mushrooms.
  • they go running on rainy mornings when they know the running trails will be empty. francis does a lot to help alana through the frustrating and lingering stages of her physical rehabilitation, when it seems to her that she should be “all better” and francis has to slow her down from pushing too hard.
  • alana gives francis a referral to a psychiatrist who she knows well, and who she knows will be a safe and good professional fit for francis and her fc is rachael taylor because this psychiatrist is a lot like trish walker.
  • francis takes a lot of pictures of alana in all her mood ranges, and when he develops them he tries to hang all of them on the wall but sadly has to put most of them in photo albums. he has covered the entire fridge with photos of her though. their magnets are all from the pizza delivery places they buy from.
  • taking baths is the one thing that a lot of couples find romantic to do together, but francis and alana have their baths alone – not because they need space from one another, but after alana introduces aromatherapy to francis, and rose pink bath bubbles, they both have their own scent and temperature preferences, so it’s better for them to have their separate baths. but the other often lounges near the bath as well with a book, or massaging the other’s head and shoulders.
  • alana’s brothers trying to explain the concept of “man talk” to francis when they go for beers, but francis comes home and tells alana every single thing they talked about anyways because he doesn’t understand this weird “gender secrets” thing that happens over beers in a pub.
  • there’s a video of francis and alana playing piano and ( very beautifully ) singing fleetwood mac. francis was recording them dabbling at the piano and that came out of it, and when they watched it over again francis cried a lot. 

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Names: Lou
Nickname: Lou is the nickname. Sometimes people call me Lo but not onlline please just call me Lou
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Height: 4′7″
Orientation: Lesbian
Ethnicity: latino
Favorite Fruit: uhhhhhhh… bananas?
Favorite Season: summer
Favorite Book Series: currently All For the Game
Favorite Fictional Character: Aristotle Mendoza
Favorite Flower: I don’t…. I don’t know. I don’t think about flowers often enough to have a favorite tbqh
Favorite Scent: oohhhhhhh I really like vetiver like a ridiculous amount
Favorite Colour: brown
Favorite Animal: my cat
Favorite Band/artist: currently Ji Nilsson, i love her
Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa: coffee coffee coffee
Average Sleep Hours: uhhh i pretty regularly sleep 6-7 hours
Number of Blankets I sleep with: 1 usually unless it’s like winter
Last thing I Googled: idk i haven’t…. i haven’t googled anything today apparently. whatever it was was probably embarrassing tho
Blog created: fffukin…. 2017 oh yes the joys of accidentally deleting your blog
Number of Followers: 97 because i barely post any original content *finger guns*
What do I usually post about: fandom things, aftg, aad, trc, soc, rANDOM ex christian stuff that probably none of my fandom followers wants to see and i should like make a second blog for
Do I get asks regularly: no but i don’t blame anyone for that i gotta put myself out there more and make some content if i want people to be interested in anything i have to say lmao

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Name: Kayuya
Nicknames: Kayu, Bees, Kay
Zodiac sign: Pisces
Height: 5′7″
Orientation: Pansexual (with a v low sex drive)
Nationality: American (kill me)
Favourite fruit: Cantaloupe
Favourite season: Winter
Favourite book: Tbqh, any Star Wars EU book is amazing.
Favourite flower: Lavender and Wisteria
Favourite scent: Lavender and Honey
Favourite color: Yellow
Favourite animal: Bumblebees 🐝
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: Tea, especially Matcha or Earl Grey
Average sleep hours: It’s either 4 hours or 13 hours, there is no in between. (I think that makes my average around 6.57 hours a day during the school year)
Cat or dog person: Cat
Favourite fictional character: Carla Yeager
Number of blankets you sleep with: None, I’m a very warm person
Dream trip: Sweden
Blog created: September 30, 2014 (my main blog came much earlier tho)

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  • manon when we first meet her: i am Death. i am Evil. i am soulless. i am your worst nightmare.
  • manon now: elide is my smol precious flower child! abraxos is too pure for this world! i must protect the thirteen at all costs because they are Good and they deserve it and im their mama bird!! imma go save the world now

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NAME : nikki !
NICKNAME : literally anything tbqh
SIGN : virgo
HEIGHT : 5′4′′
NATIONALITY / ETHNICITY:  im american. white as mayo tbqfh.
ORIENTATION :  hetero yo
FAVORITE FRUIT : strawberry
FAVORITE FLOWER : sunflower / daisies
FAVORITE SCENT : clean linen
FAVORITE BOOK : dont make me choose pls
FAVORITE ANIMAL : dolphin / red panda
COFFEE, TEA, OR HOT CHOCOLATE : sweet tea or hot chocolate
DREAM TRIP : travel the world for as long as i want without worrying about da $$$$$
BLOG CREATED : april 6, 2015