this floating dream we call life

Someday of my life
Someday of my life
The wind calls, the trees rustle
Cherry blossoms dance in the season
My memories are fluttering around again, ah, they float down before me

I recall the day we first met
It was passionate from the very beginning
The first time I'd felt such uneasiness

Let's make a promise
So that even if we're separated one day
We'll meet here again
Where the beautiful flowers bloom

One day in the rain, one day in the shine
Let these memories never disappear
We watched the future from the same place
One day in the rain, one day in the shine
I'll embrace these overflowing memories
Our path stretches onwards... with our dreams

anonymous asked:

Hi! Could you explain what you mean about Moffat's vision of afterlife? I'm genuinely interested.

Hullo, thank you for asking this really interesting question. I’m saying pretty common stuff here, that was said a hundred times probably, but at least it’s compiled here.

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