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Sebastian Stan In Every Decade
For @steverogersnotebook + the anon


Voltron season 3 click-and-drag!

(the planets mentioned are the ones from the season finale)


This is my first collab :0

So me and my awesome friend @linkerbell were watching some svtfoe episodes the week before and we found some hilarious parallels between this show and steven universe, specifically the interactions between Ludo and Glossaryck. It just screams Peri and Lapis. We couldn’t control ourselves, we just had to draw this scene.

@linkerbell did the sketch, the lineart and placed speech bubbles

I did the coloring, shading and effects

P. S the quality looks better on the phone

Special shout out to the kids doing the morning announcements in Spider-Man: Homecoming for the most accurate portrayal of how terrible and awkward announcements are that I have ever seen.