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Idk I just think it’s really cool that somehow Taylor is always there for us in some way right when we need it. I’ve seen so many posts from secret sessioners about how beautiful the timing of the invite was. There’s been so many clean speeches who have altered people’s lives. Even the songs!! ESPECIALLY the songs!!! When Gorgeous came out a few days ago I was like literally?? This song fits my life perfectly right now how is this happening??? Idk I just love love love this woman with my whole heart


Genji is secretly a McHanzo shipper.
Hanzo is probably going to kill him again.

Everything has its place, and I know exactly where that is.

I could walk through it blindfolded and know exactly where to step.

It’s messy, but in a lived in sort of sense.

There are moments of noise and laughter, but it is usually silent.

I stay hidden in my own space, wandering off to who knows where in my mind.

Not everyone that used to be here still is, which is okay, everyone grows up at some point.

I am comfortable here, but I wish I was more open to leaving and going to new places.

I hate it yet love it at the same time


River Song Appreciation Week

Day 3 - Favourite Theme: Inevitable Death

River: Sometimes I wonder if perhaps, just perhaps, I’m still a little bit— immortal. I think everyone wonders if they are, but I was, once…

I finally got my shit together and managed to write a korean drama recommendation list. Under the cut below, I added a description of the dramas along with a short comment on what I thought about it. If you like my recommendation list, please like and/or reblog. it means a lot ♡

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I feel a bit lonely.. i talk to my dog every day. Cause he is my only friend. He is my best friend. My disorder takes everything i have.. i feel scared and confused… just like a little child. I take my teddy bear, cuddle it and go to sleep… listen to bring me the horizon and think about the lyrics how perfectly they fit to my miserable life..

“I can’t explain it. I know you’re meant to be in my life. I know we were meant to cross paths and our relationship is not a coincidence. I believe there are people you’re destined to meet during your lifetime and I, without a doubt, believe you are one of mine. I don’t know who you are to me just yet. I don’t know if you’re a lesson waiting to happen or the closest someone will ever come to understanding me, above even myself. I just know you’re meant to be where you are right now. You’re not casually passing through, you’re here to bring my life something I’ve never known up until this point. It’s as if this role was written with you in mind and no one can fulfill it the way you do, you’re just now stepping into your placement. You were written into my life and because of that you fit so snug, so perfectly. Certain traits of your personality exist purely to complement mine, or maybe it’s the other way around. Some piece of me exists for you alone, and it must be the same for you in turn. I don’t know what you’re meant to be to me just yet, but stay where you are. Please. I can’t explain it, but I know you’re meant to be here.”

Imagine refusing to be left behind on a hunt when you are 39 weeks pregnant and going into labor in the Impala.

Request by @msimpala67 - Thank you for this request. It was so much fun to write. I’m adding it to my Life Unexpected Series because it fits perfectly. Thank you for helping with my writer’s block! You’re awesome!

“Y/N!” Dean pleaded with you. “You have no business being on a hunt,” he paused searching for the best way to put it. “In the condition you’re in right now,” he finished with a sigh.

“The condition I’m in right now?” You challenged from your place on the couch. 

Dean rolled his eyes at you clearly exasperated. 

You had a bowl of ice cream sitting on your swollen stomach. Just moments ago, before this fight broke out, you Dean, and Sam had been watching the baby kick the bowl. You had all been laughing. Then Sam mentioned that he found a job.

Sam sat in silence as you glared at Dean. You looked to Sam. “Did he really just say that to me Sam?” You asked him not really looking for an answer. He put his hands up in surrender, refusing to answer your question which only fueled your fire. You attempted to stand, your belly sticking so far out in front of you that it was difficult, to say the least. You finally managed to get in an upright position with a huff.

“Sweetheart,” Dean said tentatively. You glared at him but didn’t interrupt. “You can hardly get up or get around. You don’t move very quickly these days,” he said with a chuckle as he looked at you with your hands on your hips.

You furrowed your eyebrows and started moving quickly toward Sam and Dean. You waddled like a duck that had something stuck up its rear. You glanced at Sam who had an amused look on his face from his seat at the table. Immediately, he wiped the smirk off his face a spoke. “See Dean, she can manage just fine,” he said trying to contain his laughter. As you waddled past him, you hit him on the back of the head just enough to make a statement. This brought forth his laughter in earnest. You looked to Dean who was smiling at you.

“Look, guys,” you said. “If you don’t just take me with you, I’ll jump in one of the other cars and follow your asses.” You said with finality.

Dean sighed heavily and put his head in his hand. He realized there was no reasoning with you. This was a battle he would have to concede.

You continued, “and we’re leaving this afternoon so you don’t have an opportunity to leave me behind.” You padded down the hall to yours and Dean’s room to pack some things. Sam was still laughing as you left. You blew a strand of hair out of your face, irritated.

Two hours later, you and the boys were a good hour away from the bunker, driving down an old highway with the windows down. Dean had the music blaring because he said, “The baby loves classic rock so it’s staying.”

You laid stretched out on the back seat, tapping your toes along with the music. You laughed as Heat of the Moment came on. You made eye contact with Dean in the rear view mirror, and he winked at you. You smiled sweetly back at him, your fight forgotten, and gently patted your stomach. Nine months ago when You and Dean had ended up in bed together, you’d have never thought it would evolve into what it had, or that it would include a baby. You smiled as you closed your eyes.

A sharp pain shot through your abdomen the moment you closed your eyes. You dismissed it, but the pain stayed fairly constant for about the next 2 minutes then eased away. You breathed a sigh of relief and closed your eyes again.

“You okay princess?” Dean said from the front a look of concern on his face. You managed a smiled and nodded keeping your eyes closed, and it happened again. The pain shot through you, and this time it was more intense. You couldn’t hide your discomfort. “What is it sweetheart?” Dean asked unable to keep the panic out of his voice.

Sam had turned around to check on you and at that moment your water broke.

“Oh shit,” you muttered.

Sam’s eyes went wide as he spoke. “Dean her water just broke.”

“Her what just what?” He said not wanting to understand what was happening that very moment in his back seat. In baby.

“Dean,” you screamed as the contractions continued to intensify. “You need to find a hospital now!” you demanded.

“I’m on it,” Sam said as he looked down at his phone. “Shit,” he mumbled under his breath. “The nearest hospital or anything like that is over an hour away.”

“An hour?” Dean said is disbelief. Sam just looked at him and nodded gravely.

“Guys!! I don’t have an hour, I really think you should pull over!” you were desperately trying to pull off your underwear as the pressure was increasing. Dean did what you said and pulled over. Both boys jumped out of the car. Dean ran around to Sam’s side and opened the door. Your legs were spread and Dean got a good look at the situation. His face went white.

“Oh my God, Dean what is it?” you asked in a panic.

He looked at Sam while pointing at you. “Sam is that a head?” His voice raising and getting higher with each word.

Sam’s eyes went wide and he pushed Dean to the side and climbed into the car. “Yeah Dean that’s the head,” Sam said to Dean surprisingly calmly and then looked in your eyes. “Y/N, just breath for me okay? and lay back.” You tried to lay back but the pain was excruciating. “Dean,” Sam yelled trying to snap Dean out of his haze. It didn’t work.

“Dean Winchester!” You screamed as the next contraction hit you. That brought him to, and he ran to the other side of the car and flung the door open.

“Sam what can I do?” He asked in a panic, desperate to make something better.

“Climb in and give her something to lean on and something to focus on,” Sam said from your feet. “Y/N the next contraction your going to give me a push,” Sam added.

In that time Dean had settled himself behind you and pulled you between his legs. Your head collapsed on his chest as he pushed your hair out of your sweaty face. Your breathing was labored, and you were starting to cry.

“Shhh baby, it’s okay. I’m here. I’ve got you. Sam knows what he is doing,” Dean said glancing up at Sam. “Right, Sammy?”

Sam just looked at him wide eyed. That didn’t comfort you in the least. “Yeah, sure,” Sam managed.

“Oh God Dean, am I seriously going to deliver our baby IN BABY?!” you screamed as another contraction hit.

Dean rubbed your shoulders and whispered in your ear, “Take deep breaths Y/N. It will be fine.”

“Y/N, you’ve got to push,” Sam said as Dean took your hands for leverage. You pushed with all your might and the pressure was so intense that you let out a blood curdling scream. Both Dean and Sam were yelling over you, cheering you on. The contraction subsided, and you breathed heavy.

“One more may do it, Y/N. So next time make it count,” Sam said with a smile. You managed a stifled cry and nod as Dean squeezed your hands tightly for support.

“It’s coming,” you screamed as the pain hit you again.

“Push!” Dean and Sam yelled in unison and you did. The next thing you heard was a high pitched scream, and you started crying. You looked at Sam and he was holding a baby. Your baby. He was crying which only made you cry harder. You felt Dean’s tears falling on your neck as well.

“It’s a girl,” Sam said with a laugh as he looked down at her. Immediately Dean tore off his flannel and handed it to Sam. He wrapped the baby tightly in the shirt and then handed her to you.

From behind you Dean looked over your shoulder and said, “Hey baby girl,” he said to your daughter. He kissed you on the cheek and said, “You were a beast, baby.”

You smiled at him and managed a laugh. “What should we name her?” you asked as you stared into her dark green eyes. She had her daddy’s eyes which warmed your heart.

“I’ve been thinking Emmary,” Dean said as he gently stroked the babies cheek.

“Emmary?” You questioned liking the sound of it.

“Yeah, your mom, Emily and mine, Mary,” he said his lips close to your ear as he kissed your neck.

You leaned against him and smiled. “That’s perfect, Dean. Emmary Jane Winchester.” You said throwing in Jane because you had always loved that name.

Dean kissed you tenderly and then looked at the baby. “Hello, Emmary Jane,” he cooed. “You entered this world in quite possibly the coolest delivery room available,” he laughed and kissed her forehead.

You laughed tossing your head back on to Dean’s chest behind you. He chuckled with you.

Sam appeared again neither of you had realized he disappeared. He was hanging up his phone. “Thanks,” he said into his phone and hit the end call button. “Ambulance is on its way. Should be here in 20 minutes or so,” he said as he smiled at the three of you. He climbed into the seat with you and looked at the baby. “Baby girl,” he said and you interrupted.

“Emmary,” you said with a smile.

“Emmary,” Sam said understanding the name. “You were just born in the coolest delivery room ever. I’m shocked your daddy isn’t flipping out right now,” he said as he looked up at Dean.

Both you and Dean and burst into laughter. The Winchesters were so unlike sometimes you couldn’t believe it. You sighed and smiled as a tear ran down your cheek. You looked from Emmary to Sam and then finally back at Dean. You pecked him on the lips and said, “I love you Dean Winchster.”

“I love you, beautiful,” he said with a kiss, the hunt and the fight you had hours ago a distant memory.

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anonymous asked:

I was wondering what race you think each high lord is. I am going to try some art but the fandom scares me...

I will say that with this fandom no matter what you do, someone will accuse you of whitewashing the characters. Just saying- it’ll be like one person out of 500 notes, but be prepared. 

I tried to find some generally accepted fancasts you can reference, but a lot is just what you chose as your personal reference. Also- a lot of them are just pretty. It’s easy to think of Helion and Beron as older men because they have kids (knowingly or otherwise), but Feyre kind of solidly describes all fae as looking around the same age (except Madja). So… I guess all Fae are like 25-30 physically? IDK.

Rhysand- Night Court: Middle Eastern/ Persian

Now, I said middle eastern or persian, but my fancast tends to be Indian model Rohit Khandelwal.

Toni Mahfud is also a very very popular Rhys fancast, and with that jawline he can rule all of Prythian, I just consider him more of an Azriel than Rhys.

Helion- Day Court: Black

I took some flack for fancasting Rael Costa as Helion. Some people would like to see much darker skin on Helion and that works too. I just choose Rael because of his eyes and also the golden tint of his skin- like daylight :)

Corey Baptiste is another great Helion, but like my later issue with Thesan, he might be a wee bit too pretty. I picture Helion as more ruggedly handsome.

Thesan- Dawn Court: Southeast Asian/First Nations(? anyone else read him like that?)

Thesan is a bit of a difficult one. He’s described as having brown hair and skin “kissed with gold, as if the sunrise had permanently gilded them”. He mentions his ancestors hailed from the Xian fae empire, like the fae form Amren takes which is broadly considered to mean asian (which is why I don’t give the Rael Costa fan cast to Thesan). 

Now, I’m probably the only person who also reads that as First Nation/Native American- just because of how First Nations/Native Americans also came from Asia and migrated over. 

Mohawk model Michael Hudson is the closest I could find who fits my personal mental picture of him (he’s just a wee bit too pretty). Again though, a more popular headcanon for Thesan is probably Southeast Asian.

Kallias- Winter: White (Like, albino white)

Kallias is described as you’d expect for Winter Court- like ice with blue eyes (ROWAN????). He’s one of the High Lords who is pretty clean cut.

I always consider James Mitchell pretty close to how I picture Kallias, but a lot of fan art uses Stephen Thompson as a reference.

Beron- Autumn: White

Beron is white with red hair, and his description is really mainly written in terms of how he looks different from Lucien. The biggest thing being that Lucien is “more tanned” (at least, that’s what they think). So for Beron I go standard redhead, which means very pale skin with more red undertones compared to tan (All the redheads I know have very pink skin).

I tend to lean towards Harm Verwegen as a reference.

Tarquin- Summer: Black

Tarquin is described as dark skinned with white hair. It’s pretty easily accepted within the fandom that Tarquin has dark brown skin that is either darker than or equal to Helion’s.

I really like this guy, he fits my mental picture perfectly, but I can’t for the life of me figure out what his name is. Every link either leads to pinterest or skincare ads… If anyone can put a name to him, please let me know!

Tamlin- Spring: White

Tamlin is described as being white with a healthy tan and brown hair.

I lean towards Ben Dahlhaus as a good Tamlin, just convince him to shave :)

Those are just my headcanons– anyone have any other ones? I’d imagine there will be healthy disagreement on the Thesan analysis.