this finale is going to be so good!

ceo!tom holland...
  • tom holland, CEO of Holland Industries, was all everyone could talk about 
    • only 21 and already so successful 
    • and extremely attractive 
  • although you couldn’t stand all the buzz around him since you knew him from school, unfortunately losing touch once he took over his dad’s business
    • of course you liked him so it was hard for you to see him around pretty supermodels all the time
  • it was like one am one night and you were craving a slurpee so you went to the gas station

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The high school tag. Has it been updated lately? On the Tumblr app here, it doesn’t show 😥

yeah you have to use a browser and go to our page to see

This Counts, Right? by we_are_the_story (1/1 | 2,480 | PG13)

Block-lettered versions of the first words your soulmate will say to you are outlined in black when you are born, or your soulmate is born, and are consequently filled in within a minute of the first meet.

Stiles doesn’t think, “You’re going down, 24,” can constitute as a friendly conversation, or a nice, normal beginning, but Stiles never really cared. And he got a lucky number out of it, so that should mean something, right? The only thing is that a number generally means a sport, and he and sports had always had a mutual hatred for one another. But Stiles would never let something as trivial as a disagreement get in the way of being a good friend, so when Scott joined the lacrosse team at school, Stiles did too, took 24 as his number and didn’t expect anything else.

But then it happened. And it was simultaneously worse and better than he could have ever expected.

Or: too many people are injured during a lacrosse game against their rival team and Stiles must step in, only to unexpectedly help ensure a win. Stiles still doesn’t really understand.

How to (not) Woo a Nerd by beatlesgrl (1/1 | 1,730 | PG13)

He can’t help it if he sounds pissed off all the time. His mom told him it was just the way his voice was, that there was nothing to be ashamed about, that the right people would know he was actually a sweetheart and love him. Problem was, Stiles Stilinski wasn’t one of those people.

Five Little Pumpkins by gremlins-came-and-got-me (Scared_Beings_in_the_Dark) (1/1 | 1,930 | G)

Distracted by a car turning onto their driveway, Derek didn’t notice Stiles sneaking up on him until he upended the cup of paint-water all over his head.

“Oops,” Stiles said, grinning smugly.

“That was not an ‘oops,’” Derek told him, stripping out of his soaked shirt and using it to mop at the mess in his hair.

The Kind of Eyes That Drive Wolves Mad by CosmoKid (1/1 | 4,875 | PG13)

Stiles is finally being invited to his first high school party alongside Scott. It would be cool if it wasn’t a Halloween party and if he hadn’t agreed that Lydia could choose his costume.

Granted, when he’d agreed to it, he had reason to. Lydia is good at costumes so his decision was a good decision.

Or it was until Lydia announced he would be going as Little Red Riding Hood two hours before the party starts so he has no choice but to either go as Little Red Riding Hood, go as Stiles Stilinski or not go. And this is his first ever high school party, he can’t not go and he is not going to be the spoilsport that doesn’t dress up, which is why he’s currently sat on some knackered sofa in a barn dressed as Little Red Riding Hood.

Or in which Lydia dresses Stiles up as Little Red Riding Hood for a Halloween Party so he matches with Derek’s werewolf costume.

at this point I’m starting to not give a fuck anymore
I worry so much about my content being as high quality and effortful as I can, I struggle having fun with it - because I go all anxious over “no this isn’t good. no this isn’t enough, I should do this instead”
and even tho I worry so much about it and work hard, the negative backlash is still here, if not getting higher

So what I should do is just
not giving a fuck

and finally have some fun with my art. it may be lazy and bad looking, but what matters is I have a good time doing it 

The last one blooming, Chapter 15

TITLE: The last one blooming


AUTHOR: fanficshiddles

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine that there is an omegaverse where Alphas and omegas can only bond with their true mate. Loki is an Alpha and he one day meets his omega. But she is a young Midgardian child, who is terrified of Alphas. So he has to work hard to gain her trust, to allow the bond to grow between the two.


Citizens of Asgard were confused as they watched the two omega girls run through the city towards the palace. Rose and Freya couldn’t get out of school quick enough. That was them finally finished with school, forever, and they were going to see their Alphas train in the training ring.

When they got there, it was just in time. They watched from the stands to start with as Loki and Baldur were practicing with some Asgardian soldiers.

Baldur was good with his sword and quick at dodging them. Loki was using his two daggers and was very swift and agile as he moved. Rose couldn’t take her eyes off him. She was really impressed when he used his illusions and teleporting to help him with his attacks.

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Mystery Musician (Steve Harrington)

Steve Harrington x Reader


Hey! Hope ur doing Good! Could you possibly do one where the reader is a musician and steve falls for her so he tries singing and it’s just a lot of fluff?

THIS IS SO CUTE. For a musician I used guitar and piano because I wanted to give duet-ability and those are things I have experience with so I can try and make it as accurate as possible. If this isn’t what you had in mind I’m super sorry. I did this one a little different than I would have just because both sides are important, so you see your POV and then Steve’s. So there’s a bit of POV jumping. I hope you like it.

You sat in the empty music room practicing after school that Thursday, agonizing over a new piece. Your band usually played “You Really Got Me” and wanted to do the whole lead in song “Eruption”. Sure, no problem you thought, until you tried to learn it. Each piece individually was hard, and all together it seemed impossible, but you still had to learn it. You had the metronome going as you zipped through the first 40 ish seconds of the 1 minute 40 song. You were so happy you could scream. You had made a ton of progress today.

Since the intense guitaring had really stressed you out you decided to unwind before you headed back home, by playing some piano. One of your favorite songs to play is “The Greatest Love of All” because Whitney Huston was one of the greatest vocalists of all time. As you played along you couldn’t help but sing a little. Of course, you thought that you couldn’t do it justice, but it was one of your favorites.

After finishing up the song, you stood, gathered up your sheet music and tabs, packed up your guitar, and walked out. On your way out you saw Steve Harrington staring at a wall of lockers, but he’s been super weird since last October so, you didn’t even take a second look.

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"You will find your soulmate when it's least expected." Can you think of something for US UF and UT bros please?

US Sans: You run into each other, literally, both sprinting through the town on the way to somewhere. You crash into each other, you apologize profusely, you look each other in the eyes…..your souls flutter.

You stay like this, just drinking in the sight of the other, for minutes. Then you both remember that you were in hurry, sprinting away from each other, just to come back for a second to exchange numbers.

US Papyrus: You meet because he falls asleep on the balcony of his flat, slowly sliding down, landing on yours, which is right beneath his. You are both confused until you look at each other. Your souls swell with warmth at the sight of the other.

“guess you could say…i fell into their life.”

UF Sans: You two are in a bar. One of the dark, almost empty ones. Sans hates places with a lot of people, and Grillbys is flourishing up here on the surface, especially full in the evening, so he only goes there for lunch and breakfast. This bar is his new drinking spot.

He walks in, seeing you sit on his barstool. This one is his, so he tries to shoo you away. But as you turn to look at him, your eyes meet, your souls bounce in surprise. Yeah, alright, you can have this seat, he is happy as long as he can sit next to you.

UF Papyrus: He loves going to those gyms humans rave about. He rather trains by himself or with Undyne, but he can’t resist to show off from time to time in front of tons and tons of humans. 

You are next to him on the treadmill, and you turn up the speed every time he does. He every time you do. You both are in a fierce competition, your treadmills giving out before any of you two give out. You go to shake each other hand in respect, but as your eyes meet for the first time…you both rather want to exchange numbers and go for a drink or two.

UT Sans: You buy hotdogs from him. Every day, every lunch break. It is in the middle of the summer, so you wear sunglasses and a large brimmed hat. Sans never get’s a good look at you, and you never a good look at him, Sans always wearing one of those visors on his head, and a pair of overly large sunglasses that just look terrible on him, together with a Hawaiian shirt that is too large on him.

Then a rainy day comes, and you two finally meet face to face, properly. Your souls shudder, you but sucking in air in surprise, coughing as the harsh smell of mustard and relish hits your mouths and noses in larger quantities than normal. You give him your number, he gives you a hotdog…with his number on it written in ketchup.

UT Papyrus: You meet in the woods. He loves to hike, it reminds him of his patrols back in the Underground, but he get’s to see so much more up here. You two meet, your souls pulling you two towards the other. 

You decide to hike the rest of the way together. And you keep doing it every week for years to come.
A Hundred Sunrises - nerdqueenenterprise - Star Trek: Discovery [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: Star Trek: Discovery
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Hugh Culber/Paul Stamets
Characters: Hugh Culber, Paul Stamets, Sylvia Tilly, Michael Burnham, Ash Tyler, Gabriel Lorca
Additional Tags: background Michael Burnham/Sylvia Tilly, background Gabriel Lorca/Katrina Cornwell, Alternative Universe - War on an Alien Planet, android!Paul Stamets, Engineer Tilly, Slow Burn, mentions of torture, Mentions of Death, Hugh is still a doctor Michael is still a genius and Lorca is still shady af

It’s the seventh month of the war with the Klingons on Alterra, and either because Captain Lorca is completely mad or the most daring man out there, he’s taking his squadron all the way out to Isthmus, closer to the Klingon bases than any other squadron is stationed. And that means that Dr Hugh Culber has no chance but to pack up his medbay and come with.
Oh, and accept that he’ll be followed everywhere he goes by 19-1026-71, his personal protection android that the captain insisted on. Never mind that 19-1026-71 isn’t a fighter android, or that he very empathically doesn’t want to be here and is being an asshole about it, or that he’s… actually really cute.
Great. Hugh’s life just got a lot, lot worse.

(Each chapter is individually tagged with its triggers in the notes before it.)

it’s here. the android!paul culmets au! you have no idea how excited but also scared i am of the reception. this is going to turn into a 100k+ thing eventually and … holy fuck guys!!!! this is my child, my creation, and i’m so happy to finally share it with you! please be gentle!

and i am so, so, so thankful for @wordssometimesfail, my outstandingly amazing beta who is so good at asking exactly the questions i need to answer!!

(also hey pls reblog this if you like it to boost me a little! please?)

tags under the cut!

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Finally completed the DJing skill! There can’t be many more that Poppy needs to complete!

So far we have maxed: charisma, cooking, comedy, fitness, gardening, gourmet cooking, guitar, handiness, logic, mischief, painting, piano, programming, rocket science, video gaming, violin, djing, dancing, photography, and baking!

Good grief, that’s a lot of skills, and only a few more to go!

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Do you prefer the first seasons style or the latest style? I prefer the first! It makes me happy!

Latest, I miss the days when the show was 90% Star and Marco for sure, and I hope that they’re going to come back eventually, in an evolved way, but now the show is much more interesting to me, and the pacing way more compelling - these past 9 episodes have been so packed with developments and events for a western cartoon! Maybe TV networks finally understood that leaving the writers freedom to do what they want instead of forcing 70% of the show to be easily re-airable, fillerish episodes is the best way to get a good story?

I’ve got early morning tests tomorrow so I’m taking it easy tonight 💅
Just had some supper, going to have a bowl of cereal (with lactose free milk) in a little while and then maybe a popsicle before bed. Need to try to get some food into me, try to get back into an eating schedule! 🍜
I’m finally keep down some solid foods, so that’s pretty good. Stomach doesn’t feel good though 😷
Early bed time for me, probably going to fall asleep watching Dragon’s Den 🐲


Being with you this weekend has been the best experience of my life. From the second I got to hold you I knew it would be hell to let you go. Everything immediately felt so comfortable and natural. From the way your hand fits in mine to the way our lips mold. Your laughter has become my favorite sound and your voice has become the most calming tune. This was the easiest hello and hardest goodbye. Thank you for flying 1,316.7 miles so I could finally hold the world in my hands. I’ll see you in January. I love you, my angel. 💕✨ @coastal–currents

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Ok ok ok so I never wanted to try weed when I was in high school or anything and then when I finally did want to try I thought I wanted to go into policing (this was before the media actually started covering the brutality stories) but then I saw how fucking racist the entire institution is. Anyway now imma try an edible next weekend what should I expect?

I’ve had edibles that made me feel good and chill and edibles that made me super paranoid and freaked out…. just start with a small amount and be conscious of how you feel because every edible is different and you never know what could mess you up 😩💖❤️✨


So I went to Disneyland Paris for 3 days about a week ago

My first time ever and I loved it. Also nearly cried like, 3 or 4 times? It’s really emotional when you see your all-time favorite disney princess up close, alright? Also spent quite a lot of money. And only slightly regretting not getting any of the Beauty and The Beast pins, but Belle’s eyes looked really creepy on them. 

I really want to go back sometime, but even though we found a really good deal (just over 600 euros for 3 days and 2 nights for 4 people!), it’s just so expensive. 

Still, I don’t regret spending all that money at all. My little sister and I wanted to go there since we were little, and by convincing our parents to come along so we could take the car there and by splitting the total cost in two, it ended up being so much more easier to finally realize this dream. 

@mousysims tagged me, and now that I’m finally home here we go! Thank you so much for tagging me <3

(Please ignore the shitty photo-shopping of a gradient onto my simself’s hair)

Rules: Post a picture of your self sim and answer these questions, then tag some friends.

Favorite season: Now that I live in a place where it never rains, I realize how much I miss a good thunder storm in the summer.  So summer it is.

Favorite books/author: hmm, well I really like books with unique story structures like As I Lay Dying or The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime. So let’s go with that.

Favorite song: I’m so bad at answering this question because I kinda just fixate on a song for awhile until I tire of it and move on, which doesn’t really sound right for a “favorite” song. That song right now is Kygo’s Sunrise.

Favorite food and drink: Food: Bagels. and I mean a real bagel made by someone from Brooklyn.  Drink: I have a serious weakness for XXX vitamin water.

Dogs or cats: Dogs! I do like cats but I’m allergic.

I’ve been consistently following Shokugeki no Soma for the last few weeks because I wanted to see the outcome of Megumi’s shokugeki match-up. I was expecting her to win because she’s never quite gotten that final win despite being good enough and being pitted against all these incredible chefs.

Then the author team throws a forkball at me and makes me suspect that she’s always going to play second chair and fuck that’s annoying. I appreciate that she consistently gets acknowledged by other chefs as being a threat/talented chef, but it’s a shounen manga–why can’t she win every once in a while when it’s obvious that she’s capable of it?

It’s irritating because she’s actually so good and the only way her storyline could end with me being satisfied is if SHE becomes the #1 instead of Souma. 

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The reader ha stop wear an eyepatch for medical reasons and Barb is supper sportive of it even when reader is nervous about it.

“Listen, if anyone says anything I’ll go full on Yang on them,” your girlfriend told you as you fiddled with you eyepatch once again.

Barbara took your hands so you’d stop. You gave a heavy sigh, “I hate this thing. When was the last time you’ve seen an eyepatch? I look dumb.”

Barbara frowned, “It’s only for a few weeks while your eye heals up and until then we can just pretend you’re Nick Fury or the world’s coolest modern day pirate.”

You finally smile and shake your head, “Why are you so good to me?”

“Arrrre it must be how charming ya be,” Barbara joked before kissing your cheek as you let out a laugh.