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February 5, 2017

There’s something wrong with this place. They say that individuality is something we should embrace, but they want everyone to wear the same clothes and buy the same phones. They want the parts of us that makes us unique, it’s okay as long as everyone else is doing it, right? They say that freedom of speech is something needed, but we’re a little scared to speak our thoughts– is anyone truly listening to the youth? They say that it’s our fault because we’re young, there’s too much information for the brain to filter– somewhere around the lines of being born into this mess and being blind to the truth, we have lost our way as a species. They don’t build them like they used to. So before you blame it on the youth, remember who raised us. So before you make another mistake, remember that we must act together. We can laugh at the president all we want, but remember who put him there. So before you blame someone else, point the finger at yourself. So before you get some sleep tonight, pray a little longer than usual because it’s going to be a long time before everyone returns to just being okay. It’s going to be more than a few years of (subtle) fuckery.

just borderline things™:

  • deleting your social media accounts to punish ppl with a lack of your presence but then remaking two days later because the lack of attention drives you crazy
  • checking your fps’ accounts and feeling threatened when you see them talking to literally anyone else
  • some tumblr post: “platonic feelings are just as important as romantic/sexual ones!” (bpd voice) sounds fake but okay
  • being too exhausted/upset to fortify your mental filters and letting something petty/mean slip out, expecting punishment immediately
  • feel a mixture of relief and annoyance when the punishment never comes/reassurance is given in its place because wtf i did something wrong why aren’t you telling me i’m horrible tell me i’m horrible
  • losing spoons to harmless interactions that rubbed you the wrong way for reasons you can’t tell anyone
  • feeling ashamed for Literally Everything because you do everything too much
  • “what if words inflicted physical pain would the world be kinder” words do inflict physical pain because i have bpd dingus
  • splitting on your fps and then splitting on yourself right after

The Blackhawks sing Holiday Songs (x)



  • Laughing 24/7 because this boy loves the sound of your laugh.
  • So many kisses, on your hands, thighs, cheeks, neck, collarbone, ect.
  • Skinship.
  • Him singing to your when cuddling.
  • Rubbing circles on your hip bone.
  • Playing with Snow/Snapchat filters.
  • Karaoke dates.
  • “You’re aren’t getting out of bed until i do so lay back down.”
  • Going on double dates with Chanyeol and his partner.
  • Beak being so excited to show you off to the world.
  • “This is my Jagi and i love them very much, i hope you will too.”
  • Him hiding his face in your neck when he’s upset or sad.
  • Petting his hair and telling him that everything will be alright.
  • Running around the house because Baekhyung wants  kiss but you wanna play hard to get.
  • Stupid arguments about small things.
  • “Jagi you’re doing it wrong.”
  • Loud ass sighing coming from him because you are mad at him and ignoring him, but then you’ll get annoyed and forgive him.
  • Him looking at you with the biggest heart eyes ever.
  • You memorizing all of EXO’s songs and him being so proud of you.
  • Singing with him all the time.
  • Silly snapchats.
  • Him calling you and the two of you ending up falling asleep on the phone.
  • His family loving you more than him.
  • Purposely making him jealous because you love the cute little pouts he flashes you.
  • Him wanting you to go to the gym with him as “motivation” but really just uses that time to show off his strength to you.
  • Asking him to taste things you have cooked and him saying it’s the best thing he’s eaten even though you know it’s pretty bad.
  • Matching EVERYTHING.
  •  Him waking you up early because he got up early and gets bored when alone.
  • Having to try on a whole bunch of lingerie because he buys them for you.
  • Him letting you braid his hair and do his make up.
  • “Don’t i look pretty jagi?”
  • Owning a couple pets together and end up calling them “kids”.
  • Playing so much video games together and trying anything to win them.
  • Having a score board in your living room recording everything you had won and everything he had won, because he’s competitive.
  • Hiding the hickies he leaves all over.
  • So much teasing.
  • Forcing Baek to wipe off his makeup when tired. 
  • Going on cheesy cute romantic dates.
  • Him going on and on about his day before going to sleep knowing that used probably go to sleep mid conversation.
  • Smiley Baekhyung.
  • The other members loving ho nice you are to them.
  • Over all a sweet little (kinky) fluff ball that must be protected 100% of the time.

Don’t you just love Baek :’)



This is the little koi boy I’ve had my eye on at the petco for several weeks now. I didn’t think he’d still be there by the time my tank arrived and got set up, but he was! 😊He’s really small. He wasn’t labeled as a baby, and he’s not quite as small as the baby ones, but still… small. I got the micro pellets for him in case the regular ones are too big. And I moved filter media as well as a plant and 5 moss balls over from the big tank so it should be pretty much insta-cycled, but of course I’ll be keeping a close eye on it and doing water changes as needed.

INFJ Confession

I hate that I’m too open with the few amount of people I’m open with. It sucks because I don’t easily express my emotions on the regular as an INFJ, and definitely not with just anyone. When I find someone who gets me (which is rare) I get too excited and overdo it. I get too attached or I unload too much on that person. It is so hard for INFJ’s to find souls we are comfortable with, much less, comfortable exposing our thoughts and feelings with. When I do, I have a tendency to say too much.

I find that I am too genuine and honest to a fault, I have no filter once I am comfortable expressing myself with you. My closest friend right now is an ENTP and our friendship borders on soul mates. But I hate the feeling I get after burdening too much of my inner thoughts and personal feelings even on just one person. They always seem safer inside my head. It is good and healthy to express yourself once in a while, by talking with someone. In fact it is essential for the growth and mental health of the INFJ as we naturally gravitate towards internalizing everything. But even so. Not everything is meant to be shared. Even with the few we do choose to share with.

Elemental Attunement

Here are a few ways of connecting with the elements that I have always found useful!

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Fire Sigil

  • Take a walk on a sunny day. Notice the warmth of the sun on your back and the light that filters through closed eyelids. Drink in the light.
  • Turn off the lights. Spend the evening in candlelight, or sat by the fireplace.
  • Honour your inner dragon and eat spicy food, visualising the heat of your breath is fire as you exhale.
  • Take the initiative. Finish neglected projects with fiery ambition, feel the spark in your veins as you burn through what weighs you down.
  • Observe how fire takes on more forms than you think. Do you feel the raw electricity in your TV? Is it too much to bare sometimes? Can the light of life in a newborn’s eyes be considered fire?


Air Sigil

  • Imagine that the next breath you take will be the first of your life. As you exhale, think it is your last. How does it make you feel?
  • Indulge your creativity. Read, write, create. Be a force of inspiration and let your thoughts wander.
  • Move your arms back and forth as if you could move the air with the power of your will. Feel the cool sensation of the movement on the palm of your hands and visualise sculpting a ball of air. 
  • Take a walk on a windy day. Note the movements of the wind, how it changes everything around you and carries energy and fragrance through empty space. Listen between the whistling and the soft turn of the leaves to see if you can hear something more.


Water Sigil

  • Go to a beach. Feel the pull and push of the tide. Mimic it with your movement; pull your arms inwards and push them out again along to the rhythm. Sync yourself with the rise and fall of the energy.
  • Take a moment to still yourself. Close your eyes. Place a finger on a spot where you can feel your pulse. Feel the throb of your heartbeat and the blood pumping through your veins. How does it feel to know that you carry rivers inside you?
  • Let your emotions spiral. No holding back. Learn how our feelings can have both positive and detrimental effects and realise that water can not only wash away problems but can also be a destructive force itself.
  • Take a shower and feel the water wash away everything you have ever thought or become.Be cleansed and remake yourself every single day.  Take a step backwards in your mind to a time where everything was dark and all you knew was the feeling of being surrounded by warm water. You have been a part of it since you were in the womb.


Earth Sigil

  • Lie down. Let the energy you hold within yourself and the energy of the earth touch, overlap, consume each other. Lose yourself for a couple of moments and forget where you begin and the ground ends.
  • Be a stable, reliable force. A shoulder to cry on. The friend of the group that feels like a parent in the best possible way. Find a sense of calmness within yourself and hold it firmly, not letting the positive or negative influence your tranquility. Be neutral in the face of bias but swift and forceful when the time for justice comes.
  • Think of a tree. Think of the roots that go far beneath the ground, holding it in place. Think of the years and years the tree has remained and endured despite everything. Realise that you can do the same.
  • Wake up before everyone else and observe how the world is different when everything is still. 

sojustifiable  asked:

10) things you said that made me feel like shit, maybe? if you feel like angst. your angst always wounds me.

She often is not satisfied with his reactions to her small tests. She knows 22 is too wise an age to be playing games, but she cannot resist. She’s protecting herself, she thinks. 22 is too young an age to have a heart as solid as a rock.

“Soul,” she says as she moves down the stairs precariously in dagger-sharp heels, “how do I look?”

She scanned and filtered through rows and rows of dresses to find what she felt to be the right one. It is tight like a second skin, black and shimmery like a clear night sky. The confident part of her believes it brings out her best features: her eyes, her legs, and her hips. The less brave piece of her believes it to be too much, too not-Maka. She stands firm before him, whose eyes are too impassive for her trembling nerves.

“Cool,” he manages after a restrained, practiced pause.

“Cool,” she repeats. She blinks back forceful tears. 22 years. She is not a child. She cannot stomp her feet or shout. She can only stand her weakening ground.

“Yeah.” His sanguine stare returns to the Seinfeld marathon on the television. His soul flickers against hers but just barely. She can’t read him.

There’s a tantrum forming like an acid in her veins, sluggish and thick and oozing. “Have you even ever found me attractive?”

“What? Is this a trick question?” There is aged laugh-track in the background.

“I’m being serious.”

“I’m scared you’re not.”

She crosses her arms and fixes him with a loaded stare, all shrapnel and lingering danger.

“Maka,” he says with a chest-breaking sort of sigh. “What are you getting at? Why are you constantly going out with new men every night now?”

“Why is everything I do suspicious?”

“Because it’s not something you normally do.”


“I don’t know. To me, you’ve always been undateable and now…” he mumbles, his voice trailing off. It slips out by accident, she knows, because his eyes finally fill with a semblance of emotion. Something like pained shock and frustration. The step before a steep fall, the car-crash look.

She shatters. “Okay.” She knows that’s the most potent word she can throw at him. It is small but strong like her, like a bullet. She can see him fumbling to patch up his mess but she leaves him with a slam of the door and nothing but eerie silence.

22, she thinks, but it’s like being 14 again, all scattered thoughts and tears and hormones she forgot she had.

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Please read me when you're "not enough"

You’ve got too much piss and vinegar
In that soft soul to give up

Don’t forget

The taste of moonlight
And stars filtering through your fingers
How you love to dangle from rooftops
And precarious places
Like you have a rumble with death

Well let me tell you something, Ponyboy,
You don’t get to surrender so easily

Rage against the dying of the light
And do not gentle into that goodnight

It just might be the damn fighter in you
That redeems you
Grab my hand
Feel my strength through our fingers
Face forward and and keep pushing onward

Yep, we’re going to trudge through shit
broken glass, hate, betrayal, cruelty, corruption
The wind is going to lash you to pieces
But, my dear, that’s when you fool their asses

And stand up anyway

You stand up because you’ve battled pain before and didn’t die

You stand up because your mom fought like hell
Bringing you into this life

You stand up because you’ve got talent
(I see it and it’s brilliant)

Baby, most importantly,
You stand up for you

Show them your beauty and worth
Because those stars are in your heart now
And you need to illuminate the night
Show others what strength is

Get up when chemo took your hair
When daddy’s not coming home anymore
When addiction’s got you by the throat

Heroes are not found in Marvel comic books
They are real

And they get up everyday and fix breakfast
Through the fears of not being enough
They smile at others and hold them close
Because if they don’t
Who will

So stand up and let’s get going
When you lose yourself to love hope faith
Selfless giving
The self doubt fades away
The world needs heroes to speak for them
To fight for them in words
And you’ve been blessed with an elegant voice
Use it


Ah yes, the distraction that just won’t quit! Usually a great method for coping with seasonal blues, though, so I don’t feel too bad about it.

Found some rotala wallichi at the lfs for the first time, usually they don’t have much for plant stock, so I picked some up since it was under $5. I was thinking it might die on me, but I think I see some new growth in the third picture.

I am also being bad and am setting the spare 10 gallon up as a fourth tank. Thinking of either keeping a single pea puffer, or a school of celestial pearl danios with some shrimps? I ordered sponge filter parts because the HOB filter is way too much. Finally, an actual low tech tank.

Bonus shot of the Marsilea quadrifolia emersed tank that I nearly killed with a draft. I think it’s doing alright.

Christmas Miracle

Pairing: Neymar Jr x Reader

Synopsis: You decide to gift Neymar with the best Christmas present he could ever wish for.

P.O.V: Second-Person

Genre: Romance/Fluff

Rating: T

Word Count: 1,832

Warnings: Smut(?) (not too described)

A/N: Merry Christmas to you all and Happy Holidays! 🎅🏼🎄🎁 xoxo — jas



     The sunlight filtered through the small gaps of the half-drawn curtains, glaring down at the two slumbering figures in the bed. Strewn articles of rumpled clothing wreathed the carpeted flooring of the master bedroom. A bottle of expensive red wine sits at the foot of the bed, the cork misplaced as small droplets of the rich fermented drink drip down; staining the soft white carpet in the process.

You shifted in bed, a whimper slipping past your plump lips as you nestled your face into your fluffed pillow; shielding your closed eyelids from the vengeful glare of the early-morning sunlight. There is a dull throbbing in your head, forcing you to peel open your drooping eyelids and wince from the blinding sunlight in your eyes. 

Feliz Natal meu amor,” a familiar thick Brazilian accent murmurs from behind you, a warm arm wrapping around your slim waist and tugging you flush against his taut chest. He nuzzles his face in the crook of your neck, stubble tickling your sensitive skin as he peppered sweet kisses down the slender slope of your neck. “Did you sleep well last night?”

Your lips twitched into a teasing grin. “I think you know the answer to that question, senhor.” You slid your hand around the base of his neck, dipping his head down to yours, as you press a sweet, loving kiss to his soft lips.

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But you know what really makes me feel all flustered and emotional inside??? The fact that Jongin was so nervous and scared before his first Vapp that our worried leader Suho needed to help him out to make sure that Jongin would be able to finish the broadcast and yesterday Jongin literally just popped up on the Vapp channel like “HIII EVERYONE, ahhhh I missed you all so much omg, hope you missed me too, btw I’m so happy that I can dance again, haha, and I died my hair, do you like it??? =) Ohhh AND IM A REAL PRO WITH THIS V-THINGY NOW, I managed to set a filter and so on, just ignore the typo in the title :’D aND MUCH LOVE TO ALL EXAM-TAKERS OUT THERE YOU WILL DO GREAT FIGHTING i cheer on you and I hope you sleep well, aww, we’ll talk again soon♥!!1!”

He became so confident and open, he even doesn’t care anymore if he’s barefaced or not, we’re all his close friends and he isn’t ashamed of anything anymore, not scared if he could do something wrong and this makes me so, so happy and I just want to give Jongin the biggest hug of the world and tell him that he’s doing beyond great ;;;


hi I’m emii and I use snapchat filters too much

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