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yo please teach me about oscar wilde i really wanna get into him but i dont know where to start

oh boy have you come to the right place!!!! let me tell you about this man!!! 

this is probably my favourite picture of him because of his expression… i mean how is that not universally relatable…

Crash Course Biography:

  • Oscar marries his wife Constance in 1884, had 2 kids & decided he didn’t actually like her all that much & i’m like 70% sure they never had sex after kid #2
  • 1886 Robbie Ross (light of my life) turns up & is unabashedly homosexual - most people attribute Robbie as the one to bring Oscar to the Side of Gay.
  • Oscar struts about town, living a life that Henry Wotton would wholeheartedly advocate. He assumes the role of a ‘dandy’ - think flamboyance from every angle & add some frills. This was cool for him as it wasn’t seen as synonymous with being gay, just being a dramatist. 
  • 1891 is when Lord “Bosie” Douglas turns up & introduces Oscar to more gay stuff & more illegal stuff like weed & brothels & prostitution 
  • 1894 is when Bosie’s dad finds out about their relationship, flips out & takes Oscar to court for being illegally gay in 1895 :(
  • 1895 Oscar counters the charge by saying the case was unfounded (it totally wasn’t, he really did have a lot of sex) & whilst his epigrams / wit won him initial support, it all went downhill quite quickly. there’s another 2 trials for Oscar whilst all his friends pack up & get out of England (Robbie breaks into Oscar’s house upon request & packs up some of Oscar’s stuff, then legs it out to Paris) 
  • I think that the judge doesn’t even let Oscar have any last words in court i mean is that not the most heartbreaking, soul crushing thing you can do to this man 
  • Oscar does his sentence of 2 years hard labor in prison & gets hit in the head / ear - this injury & botched treatment is to be the cause of his death
  • He goes to Paris under exile & as far as I can gather lives with Robbie’s help but spent a lot of the time rejecting his help too. Also Oscar tries to live with Bosie again but both of their families are having exactly none of that behavior.
  • Oscar dies in Paris at the age of 46

Importance of Being Ernest is the 1st work of Oscar’s I read & I have never looked back. it’s short & sweet & hysterically funny, the humour is in no way dated & I love it
Picture of Dorian Gray please read this book as I have read it more than 7 times now & I need someone to rhapsodise about this with. It’s honestly a brilliant book with a totally cool plot & 3 fascinating characters (3 guesses who my fave is…it’s basil… it’s always basil)
The Ballad of Reading Gaol is the last work Oscar created before his death, & it’s about the harsh reality of prison & honestly I cry just because of the context
The Happy Prince & Other Tales so, my parents used to read these to me as a kid & like…is it really any wonder i love Oscar Wilde so much…I really honestly adore these stories!! 

Wilde (1997) Stephen Fry has been my standard image for Henry Wotton but he does make a damn good Oscar & also Michael Sheen as Robbie Ross is everything
Dorian Gray (2009) now…i have to admit i haven’t watched this but with all things considered i think i’m slightly justified in that due to the blatant disregard of Dorian’s descriptions in the book

Articles / other things to check out!!
queerhistoryproject has 2 great articles on Oscar here & here!! 
An article on Dorian Gray which is great 
This article explains a bit about where Oscar was coming from in the whole ‘aestheticism’ movement!!
And if you’re really keen (like me) there’s this one on Ernest 

I’ll cut my info dump off here - it seems like an ok place to stop! I’ll probably make more posts about Oscar-related things & any lit revision that I think might be useful to put up on this blog? I hope you enjoy the crash-course in Oscar Wilde & that this is all somewhat useful!! :]


10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

“I hate the way you talk to me,
and the way you cut your hair.
I hate the way you drive my car,
I hate it when you stare.
I hate your big dumb combat boots
and the way you read my mind.
I hate you so much it makes me sick,
it even makes me rhyme.
I hate the way you’re always right,
I hate it when you lie.
I hate it when you make me laugh,
even worse when you make me cry.
I hate it when you’re not around,
and the fact that you didn’t call.
But mostly I hate the way I don’t hate you,
not even close…
not even a little bit…
not even at all.”

Maybe I'm too easy, but...

I’m just thrilled that, Number ONE:  Carol Peletier and Daryl Dixon made it to another season of this trash-fire show, alive–which is more than I can say for my precious baby Glenn and so many others. 

Number TWO:  MMB and NR are apparently already filming/sharing scenes together–which I choose to take as a win, because hello.  Anybody remember the last few years? 

Number THREE:  Did I mention that I was happy that our Caryl babies had survived another brutal season?  Because I am.  

Number FOUR:  I just don’t see some grand romance with the King.  Sorry.  I see respect and understanding, and to be honest?  I could see Gimple playing up Zeke’s side in this for drama (as if it’s even needed at this point), but Carol is so not there.  You’re not going to fake me out on this.  I still don’t even think she’s in the best head-space to be there for Daryl, but she’s heading in the right direction. Moving at the warp speed of a glacier, but as far as this being a mutual thing, just try to sell me this candy-coated shit.  It’s not working, and all the panic in the world isn’t going to sway me.  I’m fond of Ezekiel, love me some Khary, but c'mon.  Three episodes of scenes versus 7 seasons of excruciatingly slow build-up.  You’re going to have to pry my cold, dead fingers off of this ship.  They’ve earned this, and the idea that it will be thrown over for what?  Two and a half conversations and a Tiger?  Carol’s already got her Tiger by the tail, babies.  She’s had him semi-tamed since the Farm.  She just has to decide it’s well and truly time to pucker up and rumble.  No more pussyfooting around the issue, and I happen to think this is the season for those damn blinders to come off.  But eh.  What do I know? 

Number FIVE:  Caryl have made it to Season 8, and they're the last couple the Gimps has in his back pocket.  Do we really think he’s that stupid?  Wait.  Don’t answer that, lol.   

Have some hope. 

It’s much better than a panic sandwich. 

BTS reaction to their pregnant S/O being very hormonal

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Jin would be aware that what you are going through is very hard and that you are carrying a big weight for the both of you, so he enjoys the good times and supports you during the bad times.

“I love you sooo much, Jinnie!”

“I love you too. Thank you for carrying our big boy.”

“…Big? What’s that supposed to mean?!

“Nothing babe, you’re perfect!”

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It would be hard for Yoongi to keep up with your moods, but he would always try his best to help you out.

“Yooooongi… Can you buy me oranges and cheese fries?”

“Five minutes ago you wanted pancakes! What am I supposed to do with all these pancakes?!”


“Sigh……..Yeah, ok, sure. I’ll be back in an hour.”

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Your emotional distress would cause Namjoon equal amounts of distress and confusion. He would panic every time he sees you crying and would only calm down when he figured out what’s wrong.

“Why are you crying?? We’re watching a comedy??”

“The dog reminds me of my first dog. I MISS YOU LUCKYYYYY.”


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Hobi would have his own little ways to deal with situations. He would keep your favorite film in the cd player, always have your favorite food on hand and try not to forget anything. 

“Have I thanked you for being absolutely amazing lately? I couldn’t do this without you.

“Hey, it’s the least I can do! You are carrying my little baby after all.”

*imagine being minnie*

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Jimin would also get pretty distressed when he’s not able to figure out what’s wrong. But he knows that a hug can fix almost anything.

“I lost my keys, Jimin. I have no idea where I put them. What if they are gone?”

“Hey, hey, hey. It’ll be alright. Come here for a second. Calm down and think. Where did you see them last?”

“Over here… I found them!”

“See, everything is alright”

*imagine being Tae*

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Tae would get attuned to your moods pretty quickly and he would always know what to say.

*Sobbing in front of your dresser*

“Taeeeee… None of my clothes fit me anymore. I’M AN UGLY SWAMP MONSTEEEEER.

“That’s not true, you are my radiant, beautiful, amazing, etherial soulmate. How about we go shopping, huh? Would that help?”



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Kookie would get a little scared at times, but he would know that you aren’t saying things to hurt him, but because you are going through a lot of stress physically and mentally.

“Jeon Jeongguk?! Did you take out the trash like I asked you?”

“Oh my god, please have mercy.”


“I’m sorry, love.”

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My favorite parts of the movie, Call Me by Your Name

This is INSANELY long (so obviously an insane amount of spoilers), jumbled, and in order of when I thought of each item (except for the Montaigne stuff) As long as this post is, there are tons of other moments that stick out, but one has to make choices! I tried to keep comparison to the book at a minimum as one can judge adaptations on their adherence/truthfulness to the source material or completely as its own thing (both are valid), and it’s easier to do the latter in this case. I’ve also kept it mostly positive, though as I’ve mentioned previously, I did have a few issues with the film (feel free to ask any questions you might have about that or anything else CMBYN related). Also, I need to see it again. As soon as possible.

*When Elio has the nosebleed (no footsie though ugh), he goes inside and sits on the floor and Oliver comes looking for him. The way Elio asks Oliver to sit with him breaks my heart. Just a subtle hint of plea. Everything that happens during that sit-down also fucked my life. It’s burned into my very being. Every look, kiss, touch, word.

* There’s this wonderful housefly that, throughout the movie, shows up occasionally to hang out with Elio when he’s thinking about Oliver. I could probably write a paper on what I think the significance of the fly is, and my feelings about the fly, but really, it was just a fly- a nice touch by either Luca or Ivory.

* The desperation in Elio’s kiss after he breaks down crying during the peach scene. How is Timothée not actually feeling that at that moment? Talk about acting. It was spectacular. Everything about his reaction was spectacular. The crying, the sad embarrassment for crying, the clutching at Oliver. (Aside:Oliver not eating the peach was unacceptable and Elio’s reaction being switched from being overwhelmed that someone felt something for him so strongly that they would do such a thing to being upset that Oliver is leaving soon was annoying.)

* The hilarious lunch conversation with the extremely talkative, not very polite, guests. This conversation needs to be witnessed and experienced, because it’s so funny. At some point they start insulting each other- someone gets called an “asshole” I think, but the expressions and tones of voice of everyone involved stay exactly the same, so it’s hard to even tell who’s being called an asshole, etc. Like this is just everyday conversation.

* After Elio says goodbye to Oliver at the train station, he sits around for a bit trying to process and calm down and then, because what else to do in this lovely family?, he calls his mom. As he asks her to come pick him up, he breaks down (I did, too). The shot is perfect. He’s in the phone booth and we’re outside and a bit away. He starts off the call facing us, but during the emotional bits, he turns his back. He’s hiding his crying from the world (including the viewer), but not from his mother, who can hear him losing it. This is a lovely private family moment, one of many that we’re privy to throughout the film.

* On Elio and Oliver’s trip, there’s a shot of Oliver’s face as Elio sleeps, looking completely at peace. Oliver is sitting on the bed, looking wrecked, and remorseful, and like he wants to stop what’s about to happen. The next scene is their goodbye hug at the train station. I wonder if Oliver sitting there that night knows that very soon he’s going to break Elio’s heart. Not just by leaving, but in telling him that he’s getting married (Over the phone? Really Oliver?) I’ve never been totally sure just how “on and off” Oliver and his future wife actually were. We never really get to know much about Oliver. In both the book and the movie, he’s more a mirror of Elio than a separate character. We only know him through and via Elio. So, in that way, is Oliver’s “on and off” relationship the same as Elio’s “on and off” relationship with Marzia? Where they hang out and fuck, but Elio holds back everything important? I don’t know.

* On the phone call when Oliver tells Elio he’s getting married, Oliver asks, “Do you mind?” A perfect, though strange, bit from the book to carry over- those are the words someone uses when asking permission to do something. What if Elio had said yes? Was Oliver seeking an admission that Elio loved him and wanted to be with him? Was he looking for an ego boost? Was he just asking an awkward question? Oliver is such a mystery to me.

*Anytime Armie/Oliver danced, I laughed. Man, that was some awful, but adorable dancing. The only time I didn’t laugh was when Elio got up on the dance floor and danced with Marzia right next to where Oliver was dancing. That time, I held my breath.

*The morning after they have sex (make love?) for the first time and Elio goes after Oliver into town. They walk a bit to have some privacy and while walking, for a few seconds they “hold hands” with just a finger or two tangled. So insanely lovely.

*After Oliver and Elio talk about how open Oliver is about showing his Judaism by wearing his Star of David, the next image is of Elio coming up for air while swimming in the lake, his Star of David around his neck. It’s a rebirth via water being symbolized, so a baptism of sorts. Oliver, simply by being Oliver, allowed so many hidden parts of Elio, parts Elio felt ashamed of, to be reborn into things that were not shameful, that were beautiful, things to be celebrated and nurtured.

*After Elio receives the note that they’ll meet at midnight and subsequently becomes seriously obsessed with his watch, they’re sitting outside, Oliver, Elio, and Elio’s mother. Elio gets up to leave the table and Oliver, so nonchalantly, asks Elio for the time. It’s such a sexy and funny way of Oliver reminding Elio what’s going to happen that night. And ratcheting up their respective anticipation.

*Sufjan. Sufjan. Sufjan. I can’t even.

*The way Elio says Oliver’s name. So often he says it as if he’s asking for everything he’s ever desired. There’s so much longing and affection.

*The sight and the sound of Oliver eagerly removing his belt the first night that he and Elio sleep together is super sexy. He’s kneeling over Elio, who’s lying between Oliver’s legs and they both look desperate. The sound and look of the leather as it’s being pulled quickly through Oliver’s belt loops is the perfect symbol for that desperation.

*It was completely genius, whoever’s decision it was, to have Elio constantly pressing himself against Oliver, whether it’s Elio’s head against Oliver’s chest or Elio’s whole body as he’s, literally, climbing Oliver, jumping into his arms, pulling Oliver against him as Elio leans back against a wall, etc. It’s like Elio is trying to absorb Oliver into himself. Like he can’t possibly ever get close enough. Like he wants to crawl inside Oliver and make himself a little home in his tummy or in his chest, by his heart- maybe take a nap surrounded by Oliver. Like he simply cannot get enough of this man.

*Elio’s hairstyle at the end of the movie & every single time Elio did his slide dance move. What glory was that?

*That one lovely shot of snow before the last scene. Foreshadowing the cooling off of Elio and Oliver’s relationship, and letting the viewer know that their summer, which was, vicariously, ours, is officially over. Also, snow is just beautiful.

*The night that Elio confesses his feelings to Oliver, Oliver comes back late. Elio, thinking that Oliver has been out with someone else, is restless in bed, and mutters, “Traitor,” as Oliver uses their adjoining bathroom. Then when Oliver closes the bathroom door without acknowledging Elio, Elio rolls over again says, sadly, “Traitor.” The word enlarges Elio’s desire- makes it so much more than just lust. He’s saying that they have something important together, something that can be betrayed. The fact that he doesn’t consider his actions with Marzia to be traitorous makes perfect sense to me. He knows his own feelings, that Oliver is, for whatever reason, infinitely more important to him than Marzia. But what Oliver feels is, at that time a mystery.

*Elio tells Oliver that they have to sit in the backseat of the car because Anchise usually drives as Elio’s father navigates. Then Elio’s father comes along and tells Anchise that he doesn’t need to drive and then invites Oliver into the front seat to be navigator. Elio is adorably upset that he doesn’t get to ride shotgun (understandably!). But also probably a bit unpleased that he doesn’t get to share that small backseat with Oliver. Ha.

*This part right here, when Elio asks for a truce and Oliver offers the hand of the statue. It should have been funny, but it was actually just very sweet and hurt my heart a bit.

*As Oliver and Elio leave on their trip, Chiara rides up on her bicycle. She’s late, though, and they’re already on the bus which is pulling away. The borderline sarcastic wave that Oliver gives her is pretty funny and Elio’s mother inviting Chiara to dinner with a thrown in, “Bring Marzia with you” is just ouch. But the look on Elio’s face as Oliver sits beside him, like this is everything. He’s sitting here with Oliver, going away with Oliver (!!!) and he seems so joyful, but also overwhelmed by that joy, and like he’s seconds away from crying. Lovely lovely acting by Tim.

* Elio’s father is pretty much perfect at fathering fatherly. And Michael Stuhlbarg is magnificent in this film. His final speech to Elio about Oliver, and love, and life is spectacular, both in the book and the film. The line that always makes me cry, whether reading, listening, or watching is:

We rip out so much of ourselves to be cured of things faster than we should that we go bankrupt by the age of thirty and have less to offer each time we start with someone new.

I’ve had one of those lives where this would have really been nice to hear when I was younger. But since I kind of want to rip out every memory I have of this book/movie, to cure myself of too many feelings, it might not have mattered.

* Also in Elio’s father speech is my favorite quote about love. I was ecstatic that it was in the book so having it in the movie made me doubly ecstatic. The quote, by Montaigne about his platonic male friend, is untranslated in the book (& I don’t know if anyone bothers to look that stuff up), while in the movie, there are subtitles (the translation in the movie is different than my preferred which is below, but whatevs). Below is a larger portion of the quote, the part in bold is the bit in the book/movie:

Si on me presse, continue-t-il, de dire pourquoi je l'aimais, je sens que cela ne se peut exprimer qu'en répondant: parce que c'était lui; parce que c'était moi.

If you press me to say why I loved him, I can say no more than it was because he was he, and because I was I.

From the book:

“You’re too smart not to know how rare, how special, what you two had was.”

“Oliver was Oliver,” I said, as if that summed things up.

“Parce que c’était lui, parce que c’était moi,” my father added, quoting Montaigne’s all-encompassing explanation for his friendship with Etienne de la Boétie.”

I can’t explain why I’ve loved particular people most in my life- we were just the kind of people who would love each other. We spoke to something in the other. I’ve always appreciated the joyful, but also, almost resigned (potentially tragic) quality of such an acknowledgement. “We were meant to love each other” alongside “I couldn’t have stopped it even if I’d tried.” It’s perfect for Elio and Oliver.

FT 541

So these are rough translations and kinda hard to read but Erza is saying
“No weapon in the world would work. Especially since the dragon cry no longer exists.”  

Dragon Cry……

That means that everything that happened in the movie actually happened which means every nalu moment in that IS VALID. 
I don’t mean to turn this into an annoying Nalu post (im pretty sure i say that in every post i make lol) but Dragon Cry shows a lot of how Natsu sees Lucy which we don’t normally get in the manga. A lot of people like to think Nalu is one sided because we always only get Lucy’s reaction to their moments, which I don’t agree that it’s one sided at all but I will say I wish we saw more of Natsu’s perspective…
BUT NOW with this in the Manga it makes me so happy it’s confirmed because in that film you see more of Natsu side of things. ***Spoiler from the movie*** Especially that pretty ass flashback Natsu has of her when he’s unconscious. oml

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any halloween headcanons for all the ninja?

I bumped this one up cause spooky day tomorrow

  • Lloyd gets so excited and the guys are only too happy to indulge him
  • the boy gets free candy for a day let him live
    • but also please ration them or he will wreck everything on a sugar high
  • Kai: are you ok, Lloyd? You look a bit disappointed
    Lloyd: yeah it’s just. we knocked on so many doors and no one asked for a trick ://
  • they have a situation to deal with so they’re in their ninja gear and everyone’s like ugh everyone’s dressing up as the ninja this year, so mainstream ://
  • Misako: Lloyd what should me and Wu dress as
    Lloyd: just yourselves bc honestly when you told me you two were dating it was the scariest moment of my entire life and has forever scarred me so
  • you can bet your entire ass that they’re gonna make ghost jokes about Cole
    • “isn’t this like your second birthday?”
    • “this is the one day a year where you are so powerful”
    • “are you connected to all things scary tonight do you get like extra special powers”
    • Lloyd while on a sugar rush got a bit excited and yelled “SCREW YOU COLE” and threw a huge rock at his head but it went straight through him bc he was a ghost and it hit kai instead who was standing right behind him
  • Jay: it’s so cool Wu and Misako gave us money to go buy halloween outfits. I love mine! Hey cole what outfit did you spend your money on?
    Cole: *turns round with a newly bought puppy in his arms* what
    • plot twist Cole gets the most sweets because of the puppy
  • in order of who puts the biggest effort into their costume from most to least: Lloyd, Jay, Nya, Kai, Zane, Cole
    • Lloyd: do I even need to say the boy has never been more alive. when he was little he used to dress as garmadon, but now that he’s older he likes outfits that coordinate with someone. Jay is the most willing
    • Jay: also loves halloween bc he loves dressing up and he and his parents used to go trick or treating together and they could put on the best displays in the junkyard, so he’s really good at improvising with little materials
    • Nya: so good w makeup effects and also do you guys really think you’re gonna outdo her costume??? no if it’s not the best one on the ship she’s not going out in it. changes her outfit every year you aren’t gonna see her in the same outfit twice
    • Kai: isn’t all that fussed about halloween but he puts loads of effort in bc he’s made it a challenge to beat Nya and he likes planning it all. Absolutely sucks though he can’t coordinate and overbuys and if he tries to make it himself it will turn out as an atrocity.
    • Zane: actually really likes halloween and thinks it’s cool and likes getting involved but he doesn’t put as much effort into costumes as the others do. he usually wears the same outfit every year but it’s a good one
    • Cole: literally doesn’t give a hoot about how he dresses but he’ll do it if lloyd asks. one time he was just like “I will wear a sheet with holes in it for eyes" but he didn’t cut the holes big enough so he couldn’t see and walked into everything
  • people who eat the sweets while trick or treating: Lloyd, Cole, Nya
  • people who save them until they get home: Zane, Kai, Jay
  • Wu: Cole you have to return that dog you can’t keep it
    Cole: why? he’s part of my outfit and you don’t ask any of the others to return their outfits >://
    Wu: … damn you’re right
  • how to be extra 101: do your trick or treating by flying the bounty, which has been rigorously decorated, to each house.
    • a floating temple as a base always looks scary, even without the decoration, but a spooky ship flying above your house??? Wins every time
  • one time Jay dyes his hair like an electric blue colour and he thinks it’s just a wash out one but no he accidentally buys permeant
  • Lloyd’s like “it’s halloween it’s tradition to watch a horror film” however Kai and Cole HATE horror films with a burning passion so most of their time is spent holding each other and screaming and crying and then staying up all night watching videos of animals doing cute things to make them not scared

Ask me ninjago headcanons!

i should probably cut this but also it’s really funny to me so like ... #yolo

Takeshi takes the phone from Yuu-chan specifically to laugh uproariously at Yuri for ten minutes before lapsing into pained giggles.

“This isn’t very funny,” hisses Yuri. “Did Yuu-chan ever do something like this to you?”

“What the hell are you talking about?” says Takeshi. “You went to our high school. The only competition Yuuko had was you and she probably figured she could support both of us if you got enough sponsors. I let her knock me up before I graduated, for fuck’s sake. She knew I was a sure thing.”

Yuri ignores the part about Yuu-chan’s only competition being him – which is a weird running joke between Yuu-chan and Takeshi. One of them is always reminding the other that if it hadn’t been for Victor Nikiforov, they could have had internationally famous beautiful figure skater Katsuki Yuri as their arm candy. Takeshi is forever making fun of Yuri by saying that if Victor Nikiforov deserts him with a shameful bundle, he definitely could marry Yuu-chan and Takeshi could take care of the baby while Yuri took his revenge by breaking all of Victor’s records.

“I don’t know what to do with him!” says Yuri. “I’ve never - no alpha has ever been this interested in me before!”

Takeshi snorts a little. “Oh, I want to be there when Souji hears about this. I want to see his face when he hears an alpha got you into his bower.”

“Souji?” says Yuri.

“You know, my year? Most popular boy in school? School council president? Rich? Kind of hot? Dyed hair? Looked like a Johnny’s Boy? Got into fights every time you went into preheat?”

Yuri has no idea who he’s talking about. He was gone for competitions so much in high school that his homeroom gave him sarcastic standing ovations for actually showing up.

“The one that was always crowding you up against walls, dumbass,” says Takeshi, exasperated.

“Oh, him!” says Yuri. “… why would he care?”

“I’m going to hang up and I’m going to go tell him you said that,” says Takeshi. “And then I’m going to film him crying into a giant bottle of sake, and my life will be complete. Make sure Victor stays hydrated, and let me know if you need in the rink. Victor probably doesn’t want to be around other alphas right now.”

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what's your favorite p&p adaptation?

I can’t answer this because it’s too hard so instead I’m going to tell you why all of them are awesome and why you should watch them. 

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

  • It’s a modern adaptation in a series so it’s got this incredible way of translating it into modern times without leaving too much plot???
  • For a webseries it’s really well produced. Acting, costumes, writing, etc. Goooood shit. 
  • “I dislike smiling. It contorts the face.” 
  • COSTUME THEATER! Where else are you gonna get costume theater with these characters?
  • This is easily the best version of Fitz
  • POC characters, which 0% of the other adaptations can boast, except for Bride & Prejudice which is bae  
  • Darcy is gr9 hi babe
  • Honestly you could just watch for Jane she is the wife of all of us what a Queen
  • Ashley Clements kills it, she’s astounding, I just adore her delivery. 
  • Mary Kate Wiles manages to make Lydia likable, which is pretty much impossible. 
  • This whole series is so quotable??? Like, wow????
  • That first Dizzie kiss is A++++++++ THANK YOU ACTORS FOR GIVING THAT TO US WE LOVE YOU
  • Side note, A+ for not slut shaming Lydia. 
  • Takes place in the good ol’ USofA so it can also be a pretty rad on wheels social commentary 

Bride & Prejudice

  • IT’S A MUSICAL VERSION OF P&P!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!
  • Aishwarya Rai is literally the most beautiful, beautiful, graceful, beautiful woman of all time, and she plays Lalita. 
  • Directed/written by a husband and wife team, like, A++ let’s always watch movies written by women and directed by them
  • The Cobra Dance. Enough said. 
  • “The lesbian.”
  • I get all my dance moves from this movie; I’ve been watching it since I was a kid. 
  • “It’s just like screwing a lightbulb with one hand and pettin’ the dog with the other.” D A R C Y NOOOOO 
  • The commentary Lalita makes on India was really informative and the whole movie does that; I think it’s important for a person like me who lives in America and is really privileged to hear different perspectives of different countries like this. So thank you B&P for educating me on something I never would have learned about. 
  • Ashanti. As herself. 
  • The whole plane ride with Lalita and Darcy destroys my soul. Destroys it. 


  • Did some say sexual tension? 
  • Like, oomph do these guys want to bad. 
  • I need three bullet points just to talk about how much they want to bang 
  • I really liked the way Kira Knightley played Lizzy getting slighted by Darcy at the beginning. She actually seems offended. Which you don’t always see in the other versions. 
  • This movie is really cool because the director purposefully shot it so that the family looked like a real family and the viewer felt like they were kinda creepin’ on the Bennets. So it’s not composed, it’s like we’re always peering around corners or over shoulders. 
  • Bingley is an actual golden retriever. 
  • Also the cinematography!?!?!? like the scene where they’re both dancing and nobody else is in the room? That is gr9. 
  • Rain!Darcy is the greatest Darcy. Darcy should always be wet. 
  • Also his voice is deep. Like the bottom of the sea. But it sees into my soul. 
  • Bingley practicing his proposal on DarcY????? BROMANCE that is some goooood shit. 
  • The SOUNDTRACK lord sometimes I just listen to it over and over again. Sometimes @ananbeth will text me and be like “Rachel I’m listening to the P&P soundtrack” and I have to prepare myself for her tears. I cry. 
  • The house where they film Pemberley is so gorgeous? This movie is so aesthetic? 
  • Darcy’s smile when he’s laughing with Lizzy could make angels sing. 
  • The American ending of this movie is the greatest thing to happen to this country since Betty White, who is older than sliced bread. Like, hoooolly crap, I don’t care that it isn’t period appropriate, I will watch it 20 times over until I shrivel up into a prune of tears. 
  • And one last time, for the people in the back, SEXUAL TENSION. 

1995 BBC 

  • It’s basically the book. Like, the only difference is… well, you know. We’ll talk about later. 
  • There’s so much boobs. There’s boobs everywhere. This movie is probably the reason I’m bisexual (I’m just kidding but seriously boobs.) 
  • Colin. Firth. COLIN FIRTH. AS DARCY. 
  • I just love the costumes, idk why, I love me an empire waist line. 
  • Did I mention Colin Firth’s Darcy?
  • I really love the way Jennifer Ehle plays Lizzy’s spirit. I feel that she captures Lizzy’s spirit really beautifully; she really grabs onto her lust for life. Kira also does that, but Jennifer was my first Lizzy so she’ll always be Lizzy to me. 
  • Colin Firth undresses and jumps into a lake in a white shirt. 
  • Colin Firth in the bathtub
  • colin firth starring as grumpy cat. 
  • Lydia is played probably closest to how the book intended her. 
  • Idk why but Mr. Bennet is perfect, I love him, I am his and he is mine, he will parent me forever with lil tummy and his glasses. 
  • Also this Mrs. Bennet is probs more accurate to book Mrs. Bennet but that kinda depends on how you read it. 
  • The “not at all, they were brightened by the exercise” scene is basically the reason I wake up in the morning. Darcy you have it so bad. 
  • I love the way you kinda see Darcy’s transition… because you spend so much time in this universe and with the characters, Darcy’s transition goes really slowly but smoothly. It’s not too fast, it’s just perfect. I love it. 
  • Meep

Bridget Jones’ Diary 

  • Colin Firth’s triumphant return to grumpy cat. 
  • Actual quote from Colin Firth upon returning to the set: “Surprise bitch. I bet you thought you’d seen the last of me.” 
  • Bridget is all of us. She is literally a single, chubby, slightly alcoholic girl who loves Pride & Prejudice too much. Literally, there’s a bonus feature where she interviews Colin Firth about playing Mr. Darcy. 
  • If you’re looking for Mr. Darcy hopping into bed with someone, watch Bridget Jones’ Diary. He says “I happen to like your wobbly bits” and that makes me happy. 
  • Also I feel like you see his butt and that’s important because Mr. Darcy’s butt is very important for science. 
  • The bunny scene? Mmmmmmm.
  • allll byyyy myyyseeellfff 
  • “I like you just the way you are.” 
  • Darcy and Wickham BITCH FIGHT it’s incredible and it’s raining men is playing in the background oh my god. I’m gonna go rewatch that scene right now goodbye friends. 
I hate the way you talk to me, and the way you cut your hair. I hate the way you drive my car. I hate it when you stare. I hate your big dumb combat boots, and the way you read my mind. I hate you so much it makes me sick; it even makes me rhyme. I hate it, I hate the way you’re always right. I hate it when you lie. I hate it when you make me laugh, even worse when you make me cry. I hate it when you’re not around, and the fact that you didn’t call. But mostly I hate the way I don’t hate you. Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.
—  10 Things I Hate About You (1999), Dir. Gil Junger

Welp. We went to see Wonder Woman. I cried during the sad parts and some of the other parts. They were the same kind of tears I had on and off through Ghostbusters. Movies with strong women who are fully realized people who are allowed to be sexual but are not sexualized and can also kick ass just make me cry randomly. Though TBH I also cry in LotR when anyone picks up their sword and runs into battle screaming the name of their home. I didn’t even realize how ravenous I was for a female version of that.


Favorite Films: 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

I hate the way you talk to me,
and the way you cut your hair.
I hate the way you drive my car.
I hate it when you stare.

I hate your big dumb combat boots,
and the way you read my mind.
I hate you so much it makes me sick;
it even makes me rhyme.

I hate the way you’re always right.
I hate it when you lie.
I hate it when you make me laugh,
even worse when you make me cry.

I hate it when you’re not around,
and the fact that you didn’t call.
But mostly I hate the way I don’t hate you.
Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.

I’m Always Right


Word count: 851

Warning: Sweary af

Finally wrote this! It literally contrasts with my current mood so sorry if its bad?? Enjoy

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“I don’t know where you got that from!” Dan retorted, shaking his head at you. It was early evening, and you, Dan and Phil were gathered in front of the TV for an anime spree – but as soon as you mentioned Dan being the heaviest sleeper ever, he instantly began to defend himself. You grinned, laughing a little under your breath.

“Dan, I’ve slept with you practically every night for about a year now.” You began. “I’ve fallen on you before and you haven’t even noticed.”

“They’re right, Dan, you are the worst to wake up in the morning.” Phil added, and you nodded in agreement. Dan groaned, rolling his eyes.

“I’m so not a heavy sleeper. Now put it on before it gets too late.” He grumbled, and Phil pressed play, your eyes catching with a mischievous glint before you turned to watch the screen.

 “Come on,” You whispered to Phil, nudging his side and pointing to Dan. He was fast asleep, the TV still blearing out anime. Phil smiled, and you ran into the kitchen, grabbing a box of red hair dye you had bought a while back and bucket of water. When you returned to the sitting room, Phil was slowly lifting him to rest his back on the sofa where a towel had been prepared, making sure his head was propped up. You pulled on some gloves, Phil putting on his, and you started to gently rub the cold dye into his hair. Occasionally he lifted his hand to itch his head, but Phil would just take hold of it and place it back down so not to get dye on his fingers.

“Right, this is the hard part.” You mumbled after letting the dye stay in for around twenty minutes, Phil holding the bucket of water behind his head. You slowly let him down so his hair was half submerged in the water, leaving him there for a little while so not to wake him before swilling away the excess dye. Phil was biting his lip, and you jumped as Dan started to let out soft snores. You stopped for a minute, unable to contain yourself, before returning to wash away the dye on the front of his head.

“Y/N?” He mumbled, and you stopped, your heart racing.

“Go back to sleep, love.” You coaxed him, pressing a kiss to his cheek, as it was what you did during the night.

“I love you.” He let out, before he fell back asleep and the snores started up again. Phil was going red, trying not to laugh, and you had to clench your fists to release the energy built up inside you. When the dye had washed away, you dried his hair down with a towel, brushing it into place and waiting for it to dry before you could use the straighteners.

Finally, you finished, and you got rid of any evidence, settling in next to him. He groaned as he eventually woke, stretching and pulling you into a hug.

“Morning, sleepy.” You chuckled, giving him a chaste kiss.

“Afternoon.” He replied. “What time is it?”

“About six. Do you want to order a pizza?” Phil suggested, and he nodded.

“BRB.” Dan announced, getting to his feet and heading toward the bathroom. You took one look at Phil and burst out laughing, holding your stomach and pausing when you heard the bathroom door shut.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” Dan’s scream echoed up the stairs, and you began to laugh again, eyes tearing up. The door opened, and he stared at you. You stopped laughing and smiled at him as innocent as you could.

“You alright there?” You asked, and he pulled a face.

“I swear to god if I get my hands on you…” He started.

“What are you going to do, fall asleep on me?” You joked, and Phil covered his mouth as he began to laugh.

“No, I’m going to fucking strangle you!” He yelled, and you jumped to your feet, just escaping him as he came towards you with outstretched hands. You caught a glimpse of Phil getting out his phone as you bolted towards the door, Dan running after you, wailing profanities. You bounded down the stairs, screaming, hiding in the bathroom and slamming the door shut.

“Fucking fight me!” He yelled from the other side of the door, and you just started howling with laughter. He eventually fell silent, and you swore you heard footsteps going away from the door, so you unlocked the door, slowly.

“Got you!” He burst through the door, and you screamed, trying to slip past him but he caught you, pulling you into the air.

“MERCY!” You wailed, flailing, half aware of Phil filming you from the corridor.

“Not until you say sorry for making me a tomato!” Dan demanded.

“You already were a tomato!” You cry-laughed, and he began to tickle you. “No, NO! Fuck, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” He put you down, took one look at your face and burst out laughing.

“Well, I guess you were right.” He muttered through his laughs.

“I’m always right.”

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I loooooooved your cole headcanons especially the Les miserables ones! Do you have anymore?

kakdakks thank you, I don’t think you understand how much I love this boy ❤

I refer back to a few from this post so if you haven’t seen it

  • Eyebrows™
    • Jay: what the hell are you doing?
      Cole: I am doing my eyebrows.
      Jay: that’s a big ass mirror.
      Cole: I have big ass, eyebrows.
    • “My brows are bigger than my future”
    • Nya: cole please just let me pluck one of your eyebrows
      Cole: if you take my source of power I will be rendered useless in battle and you will all die without me

  • One time they shrunk his favourite t shirt in the washing so he cut the sleeves off and wore it as a crop top

  • Emo teen phase?? Emo teen phase.
    • “I’m just trying to look like my HERO, JOE JONAS.”
    • He pierced his own ear and then cried because it hurt so he took it out. Don’t worry he got both pierced properly when he was older.
    • You think he has emo hair now you should’ve seen it before
    • Sometimes it still surfaces:
      Nya: Wu, how did unlock your full potential?
      Wu: well you see, when I was a young boy-
      Cole: *bursts through the door* MY FATHER, TOOK ME INTO THE CITY, TO SEE A MARCHING BAND
    • They had to do a time capsule when they were at school and Cole’s dream job was to be a full time employee at Hot Topic

  • Cole had braces and unfortunately didn’t burn all photographic evidence so his dad literally shows everyone that comes round ever.
    • “Look how straight his teeth are now!!” “Dad the milkman does not care about my teeth now please get your hands off my mouth”

  • He learnt from shaving his head last time, so he ties it up a lot until he can get a proper haircut. Is he the most beautiful boy you’ve ever seen? Yes.

  • “Cole how do you like your coffe?” “As black as my soul.”

  • Child: wow I wanna be just like you when I grow up!!
    Cole: haha you mean dead inside?
    Child: ???
    Cole: haha, yo u mean,, super strong??

  • *Skulkin running at ninja*
    Nya: Cole, I need you to buy me some time!
    Cole: how exactly am I supposed to- NYA NO COME BACK
    Cole: what would my hero Joe Jonas do…. I know! *Jumps in front of skulkin* STOP!
    Skulkin: ???
    Cole: … *bursts into an impromptu dance battle*

  • Les mis for you my friend:
    • Eponine is his fave ok he’s like “girl I feel you I too would take a bullet for Marius"
    • No seriously Eponine is his girl, one time he was just in his room singing “on my own” while looking out the window at the rain really getting into it. Nya walks by and bursts out laughing and Cole is like IT’S EMOTIONAL OK and Nya is like nah I think she needs to get over him and stop whining tbh and Cole is like >:O !!! And doesn’t talk to her for a week. When she tries to apologise she gets a 3 hour lecture on how Eponine’s bravery and sacrifice clearly makes her the best character in the musical.
    • Also I’m cry @eyeofthewolfe did one of the best covers of on my own here pls listen to it she’s so talented
    • Kai was trying to convince Wu to let him fight garmadon and he got really mad and told him no, and it was silent for a while until Kai started singing “I dreamed a dream in time gone byyyyyy” and Cole screamed for 27 seconds solid and swears it was the best day of his life
    • Wu: Jay something needs picking up from the store, you need to go get it
      Cole, quietly: look down, look down, you’ll always be a slave…
    • Once they were literally going stir crazy when no one needed saving so they re-enacted the entire musical themselves
    • so @theninjaofcake sent me this video of a young boy playing Val Jean and was like it baby theatre Cole!!! And I have never agreed with anything more in my life

  • I know it’s not technically a musical but Moulin Rouge is his favourite film. It’s one of the only films that will make him cry every time without fail

  • When he first gets his super strength he keeps forgetting he has it so they’ll be like “hey can you toss me that pen” and he’s like “oh sure” *throws pen half way across ninjago*
    • Alternatively:
      Cole: *excitedly runs to Jay’s room* JAY GUESS WHAT *rips off door*
      you need help Cole
      Cole: I know

  • Literally my favourite thing about season 7 is when Cole is like “uhhhh oops new hands!!!” and drops the cup on the floor when he doesn’t wanna drink it, so I’m sure he does it all the time.
    • Jay: cole help me carry this box it’s really heavy
      Cole: oh sure  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
      *halfway up the stairs*
      Cole: oh no ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I suddenly am losing feeling in my hands ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
      Cole: oOPS NEW HANDS ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) *drops box on jay*
      Jay, from the bottom of the stairs under a smashed box with the contents scattered on the floor: I hate you. I really really hate you. Were it not for the laws of this land I would have slaughtered you.

  • Cole is so good at getting himself out of trouble. He tried to heat up an entire carton of milk, still in the carton, in the microwave and blew it up and somehow managed to convince sensei that it was Kai.
    • He was rumbled when he tried to blame something on Zane and Zane was like D: and Cole was like “no I can’t do this it was me I’m a filthy liar, Zane I’m so sorry bby"

  • He will not call a villain by their real name.
    • “Well if it isn’t grannydon”
    • “If pyth-whore shows up one more time I am going to bitch slap him into next Thursday”
    • “Oh hello bore-o. Stinky ghost boy. Go steal the realm crystal ugly.” “Cole you’re also a ghost” “yeah but I’m not STINKY”

  • I mentioned that he hated singing and dancing because he was forced into it and it wasn’t what he wanted to do with his life, but now that he’s grown and he’s happy with who he is he really appreciates the talent he’s been given. He enjoys it when he’s just singing because he wants to and not cause he was forced. So now thank you for the music is his anthem

  • As you’ve seen from my previous list he is gay but will he hit on girls that Kai is trying to hit on just to get on his nerves?? Absolutely

  • Wu: Cole why is your jacket moving what have you got in there?
    Cole, sweating: n othing,,,
    Cole’s jacket: *barks*
    Wu: he followed you home. In your jacket.
    • *Later*
      Jay: how come Wu let you keep a puppy
      Cole: because he agreed that there should be someone else living here that’s as beautiful as me since none of you are clearly anywhere near our level
      he doesn’t know he’s still here does he
      Cole: no and if you tell him I’ll tell Nya that her favourite pair of pants went missing because you tried them on and got stuck and had to cut them off

  • Cole: you’re back from your date early
    Kai: I got stood up
    Cole: aw that sucks… do you think they walked in, took one look at you and then changed their mind?

  • He makes fun of them all the time but they know he’s just messing. He would actually commit murder for his friends if anyone hurt them

  • Drinks his respecting women juice 3 times a day

  • Cole doesn’t get sick. Well he does, but he refuses to accept it.
    • “Cole you’ve had like 2 hours sleep and you can barely stand, go home" “not to fear, I drank an entire bottle of cough syrup so I am A-OK” *passes out*

  • Wu: Cole where’s my tea?
    Cole: idk where’s my mom? >:/
    Wu: … that’s fair

  • Cole: I’m telling my mom on you
    Jay: you don’t have one
    Cole: fine then I’m telling your mom
    Jay: I don’t have a mom either
    Jay: I’m adopted

Ask me ninjago headcanons

I met Space Dad today and you guessed it, he’s a goddamn gem

Some of you have seen me post before about how Supergirl has been helping me deal with safety issues my gf and I have been experiencing this year. So as you can imagine, I was pretty emotional about the opportunity to thank someone from the show for how it’s made me feel like who I am is OK, even on days when I’ve literally been icing bruises in front of the TV.

I tried so hard not to cry meeting David at his Supanova signing table, but as I got closer I was really overwhelmed. But the first thing he did was grin and say “I love your hair!” (it’s blue atm) to help me relax. I apologised for getting emotional (“it’s alright, take your time darling”) and explained what SG meant to me and that my gf and I weren’t always safe, and he said “I know, I’m so sorry”. He was glad the show could provide some comfort and make a genuine impact. I told him that I loved this indie film of his I saw at SFF a couple of years ago called Free in Deed and he was stunned - “Where did you see that? It was so hard for us to get it distributed into theatres, with a predominately Black cast.” We had a great chat but I didn’t want to take too much of his time.

I gave him a thank you card and a donation to Sydney’s asylum seeker centre in J’onn’s name, and he was so appreciative. He told me to take care and that he hoped things would get better for me, and signed my SG comic. Later at one of the panels he spoke so highly of the cast (Chyler in particular) and you could really tell he took the role seriously and truly loved his work.

In summary, he’s an absolutely beautiful man and we couldn’t be luckier to have him as our Space Dad.

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JUNE 21: Edie & Thea: A Very Long Engagement (2009)

When Edith Windsor sued the federal government for making her pay excess taxes on her deceased wife’s estate, she paved the way for the overturning DOMA (The Defense of Marriage Act). Her name and the name of her late partner, Thea Spyer, went down in history, but it wasn’t until June 21, 2009 when the documentary Edie & Thea: A Very Long Engagement was released and the world came to know the real life love story behind the landmark civil rights case.

The film opens with Edie and Thea combing through old photos of themselves from their younger days. A photo of Edie in a pink swimsuit flicks onto the wall and a wheelchair-bound Thea says “Yeah I love that girl…and the person who took that picture also loves that girl” and my first thought is “Oh no this is going to make me cry.” The rest of the film is much of the same – old photos, cute banter, and me crying. Edie and Thea first met in 1963 at a restaurant called Portofino in Greenwich Village, which was a popular hang out spot for New York lesbians. From that night forward, the two kept running into each other at various gay bars and clubs and always made a point to dance with each other before the night was over. It wasn’t until a particular weekend trip to the Hamptons where they “made love all afternoon and went dancing all night and that was the beginning.”

Edie Windsor and Thea Spyer proudly hold up their marriage certificate (x).

Thea was a respected psychologist, Edie was a head manager at IBM, and the year was 1967. In order to hide the true nature of their relationship from their coworkers, Thea created a make-believe older brother named Willy who was dating Edie, but in reality, the two were engaged and living together in the gay haven of Greenwich Village; instead of a traditional wedding ring, Edie wore a circular diamond pin on her shirt almost every day for the next forty years. When New York City legalized domestic partnerships, Edie and Thea went to city hall immediately and were one of the first 100 couples to be issued a certificate. Thea suffered a heart attack in 2002 and when her health began to rapidly deteriorate in the following years, the two decided to get married for real in Toronto, Canada on May 22, 2007. Although Thea’s doctors had given her less than a year to live, they were able to be each other’s wives for two years before Thea passed away on February 5, 2009. Edie & Thea: A Very Long Engagement captures a fleeting moment in time. The pure love and sweetness that radiates from the documentary is probably best summed up when Thea, clutching her wife’s hand and sitting in their living room, says, “We have been dancing for forty-two years. It’s slowed down a little now, but we still manage.”