this film was so weird

i am tired of Hollywood reboots with gender reversal. and not for the reason u think. i am glad that they’re doing female led movies, im glad they’re making a film about wlw, this is all good stuff. but it just feels lazy. they’re just taking stories that men have already done and swapping the men for women, and women deserve better than that. wlw deserve their own movie, not a brokeback mountain reboot, women deserve their own stories not just a Ghostbusters or Oceans Eleven reboot, we deserve our own original content not just our version of content written for men

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for your wisdom teeth removal are you getting laughing gas or are you just being put under? cuz if you're getting laughing gas you should totally film it

literally both so you can expect some weird posts from me later tomorrow (maybe i’ll film it who knows)

I’ve just watched the rocky horror picture show for the first time in my life because I’ve bought Mel tickets for her birthday… My fucking god, that is the most random and bizarre film I have ever watched. It’s so weird, I enjoyed it, but I’m not sure how it’s a cult classic?!?! It just wasn’t what I was expecting haha. Looking forward to seeing it live tho, should be a laugh, and we’re dressing up 🤘🏻

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Hi all of your AUs are spectacular! I love the ideas behind them and you're great at finding good gifs! Please keep making more AUs because I love these two wonderful idiots in whatever universe they happen to exist in.

ahhh thanks so much. Making those AU’s are a nice change & it’s fun to try and find suitable footage. I have so many weird films and youtube videos screencapped now… I can’t take credit for the stories though, those mostly come from @lukegarrowayisamaincharacter but we work well together!  Thanks :D

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I love hearing about American University since I'm from the UK and it's so different! We literally spend all of our years here specialising in the degree subject we chose when we were 17/18, so hearing about film majors having to take biology is so odd.

ahaha yeah america is weird, we have to take general education classes before we can take all the classes for our major 😩