this film was so weird

omg lookatallthesebigasstrees

I had a dream president obama had the secret service kidnap you and they locked you in a top secret bunker and wouldn’t let you go until you told them how The Gifted ended. And me and a few other snk people (pochihi (furball) avoidingavoidance, hachidorikun, kenjiandcompany, and flecksofpoppy) went all mission impossible to get you back (we even had the theme)
But hachi wanted to eat a banana and aa was like “HACHI we gotta go save morgan!” and hachi was starting to argue about the importance of potassium but got cut off when furball blew up the doors and got us inside and we kicked ass and found you and you were sitting at the table eating noodles with marco. Just totally chill like ‘oh hey guys what’s up’

and I haven’t seen the faces of half the people in my dream so they were just running around with their icons where their heads should be

I was so confused and useless through the whole thing, and poppy slammed some guys face into a wall and kenji laughed and filmed the whole thing. The only person who did anything useful was furball

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What scene does Beca say "I'm right on top of that, Chlo" ? Also do you know of any other scenes/lines that are Sendrick improv?

At the end of the Bellas practice. Emily asks why they were only practicing choreography and not singing. Beca answers ‘well for that you need a set which unfortunately is on me’ and Chloe says ‘by the way we need that soon Bec’ and Beca as she’s leaving says “I’m right on top of that Chlo”

I’m really not sure of other sendrick improvs. I feel like the scene at the pool party when Chloe is smacking Beca’s butt and Anna is doing that phone call move, that was kind of a nod to a move that got cut out of the first film.

I also feel like Anna improved the “You’re so weird” line in the tent and Brittany responds “Thanks” it just seems like a Sendrick thing because they say that to each other all the time in real life.

rottenappleheart replied to your post “ok but seriously mad max fury road is incredible”

oh whoa wait it actually came out? i thought people were still freaking out about the trailer? THIS CHANGES ALL OF MY PLANS

yes no go see it immediately people are freaking out because it’s just good. it’s super violent in amazing ways. lots of women with personalities in an action movie (!!!). it’s tense and awesome and a thrill from start to finish. seriously I’m all keyed up still :D :D :D 


So this was a little weird for me to make, since I’ve never really talked to a camera before. (Other than doing homework for school)

But I really want to start putting cartoon shorts on youtube, so it would be great to build an audience of people willing to share this.

please don’t laugh at me, I promise I’ll get better at all of this


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I know you say you began working in production in summer 2012, but I'm just wondering... exactly how would you start? where do you go? What do I have to do? I want to do this so badly, but I have no idea where to even begin. (Thanks so much for being so kind and lovely in replying to all of our messages! You have no idea what this means to me.)

I took a nontraditional route to the industry, well not really THAT non traditional… I had a contact and they called me to be a PA.  After that it was up to me, I impressed the production manager and coordinator and they called me after that for more jobs.  Getting into the film industry is … so odd. Its a weird gray world of freelance people.  Im trying to figure out how to get people into the industry, like the best route they can take.  Here in Austin there are some WONDERFUL ways to get into the crazy work world, theres several production companies I’ve worked with (Fueld Films, Elephant Productions, etc)  that take on interns and thrown them into the industry.  My favorite PAs in the field have come from Fueld, and I learned SO MUCH from one of the Production Managers there.

 Trying to explain the work world is difficult so I’m gonna try. 

1.  First gig: Either you’re an intern somewhere OR you’re introduced by a contact or friend (I’ve called greenhorns into the field bc I knew they were hard workers and had what it takes) 

2. AT THAT FIRST JOB, you have the potential to impress the coordinators(PCs) and production managers(PMs), the ones that do the hiring.  IF YOU WORK YOUR ASS OFF AND HUSTLE AND IMPRESS THEM, They will call you for the next job.  

3. This is where it gets tricky.  Its like 6 degrees of separation? You work with PC A , on Job #1. Once that job wraps PC A starts working on Job #2.  If you impressed PC A, they will want to call you for Job #2.  On Job #1 you will work with the AD crew (Assistant Directors), First and Second ADs and SUPER IMPORTANT to impress. The AD crew usually recommends freelance PAs they like to work with.  On Job #1 You work with 1st AD “Bob” and 2nd AD “Joe” … They’re freelance - so when they go on to their next job for whatever it is, when the coordinator calls them to offer a gig, they will name their 3 PAs that they like and want.  ……………… Each job you work gives you the potential contact to work 3-6 more jobs.  Does this make any sense?  Job #1, make 2 contacts get 2 more jobs.  Job #2 you now have 5 contacts, Job #3 you now have 8 contacts, Job #4 you now have 12 contacts… and know everyone in that citys film industry. 

I’ve missed you for a while, maybe I’ll always miss you. I guess in a few years time or many years time I’ll talk about you in the way my parents do about their first real friendships, because that’s what you were to me. I told you everything, and you told me everything. I spent most days with you, usually at yours and we’d sit and eat so much junk food and watch stupid girly films, and weird tv shows and I loved every second. You know I’m thankful for everything you ever did for me and I do still miss you some days but then neither of us are who we used to be, we’ve both changed and things changed. I hope you’re happy and more people see the best side of you these days.
—  Thank you EY

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Hey! Just wanted to give y'all a film rec and some ship recs. The film is "The Dreamers", with somehow canon incest between twins (it's so weird you'd have to see it for yourself, I can make no good summary). And the ships: Robb/Jon from Song of Ice and Fire, every combination among the Pevensie siblings in Chronicles of Narnia (especial mention to Edmund/Lucy), and Alec/Jane from Twilight; they're all pretty interesting. So, if anybody else ships any, you're not alone, and also... *high five*.

Anon from before here: I forgot, I totally need to add another film rec. I’ve read you personally don’t like many brother/brother ships, so this is for your followers. “From Beggining to End” is a really cool film that doesn’t show incest in an unhealthy way for once; it’s actually very sweet. I’ve only ever found it in Portuguese, but it has English subtitles, so… there you go, hope you enjoy.

Wow, thanks, Anon, for all the recommendations! I really love hearing about everyone’s favorite ships. And yeah, it’s always good to know when we’re not alone!

Alec/Jane is very topical given the ask I just answered and I’m very partial to Edmund/Lucy as well. Jon/Robb - classic. 

What you said about The Dreamers - “somehow canon” - is so accurate. It’s so much more than subtext even though nothing really happens. (My main commentary post for Isabelle and Theo is here.)

And I’m really glad you brought up From Beginning To End. I haven’t seen it but I know it’s a very beautiful film and it’s an important rec. 

Its so weird seeing Jonathan Groff in a film like American Sniper I’ve only ever seen him as like alt hippie dudes or singers or Zachary quintos boyfriend

It’s so weird that they filmed a spot for coca cola with almost every pairing, but they hired actors for Larry Stylinson?

I don’t understand when people get weirded out about how much I care about movies and tv shows. like yeah I’m encouraging you to watch this new show, yeah I’m really excited about watching movies with you, yeah staying caught up on my shows is important to me. I’m invested, I give a lot of fucks about these things. like my future boyfriend better like lots of movie dates. why is that so weird??? I’m going into film and television for heavens sake!!! you’d think that now when I tell people that I’m gonna be a director, they’d be okay with my show and movie obsessions. but no one gets it!!! why don’t they understand?????

ok um so we watched life is beautiful in ap euro today and i just wanted to talk abt some stupid feelings i had after it uhh im mentioning the holocaust so it’s under the cut im Sorry mobile users but like woa life is beautiful really evoked a lot of emotion and honestly it’s been a really long time since i saw a film that really made me think like this one did ok sorry uh anyways !

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