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Five favorite movies

Oh god this is tough. So what I’m gonna do is tell you my top 5 most recently watched films. (Spoiler alert: I cried at every one of these films.)

1. Moana: So whenever Moana walks out into the middle of the ocean to face Te Fiti and sings “This is not who you are. You know who you are.” I cry. So it is now officially my favourite Disney film.

2. Lion: Boy is separated from his family and ends up getting adopted by caring, loving Australian parents. Goes on to deal with identity issues and decides to go searching for long-lost birth-mother??? Happy ending??? Kill me now.

3. Moonlight: This film was so beautiful, important and an amazing exploration of a young black boy trying to discover his sexuality while coping with homophobic bullying and an addict mother. And again… boy finds father and mother figures that look after him and feed him and check up on him??? Stop.

4. Logan: Do I even need to say anything at this point. Feisty, foul-mouthed girl taken in and protected by foul-mouthed old man who is the epitome of “no fucks to give” but clearly he has many fucks to give if you dare touch his adopted mutant daughter. Sad sad sad at the end. Many tears shed. ‘Nuff said.

5. Hidden Figures: Three kick-ass black women trying to thrive in a misogynistic, racist environment, always underestimated and always beating the white men at their own game anyways? Sign me tf up. I loved this film so much.

“It’s probably under the moonlight that we see that black boys can be blue, can be sad and sullen and intimate,” he said. “It’s under starlight that we see them differently, or that we get the chance to.”

“Because we rarely see ourselves in those hues or under that gauze. We see ourselves in the harsh police light or the amber of street lights, but what is it when the reflection of the sun in the moon is sitting on these bodies. What beauty can we see?”

- Tarell McCraney