this film mate

This is the film that started it all. The film that taught me about Twin Flames. I have watched it over and over and over. I absolutely detested it the first time, not really understanding the weight of the relationships being depicted. But the more I watched it, the more it all made sense. Realization came crashing down around me. I sympathized with the characters but I understood why things happened the way they did.

This film shows what happens when Twin Flame and Soul Mate collide. I can only suggest that you watch it multiple times, as there are many things to be discovered with each viewing. Also, the soundtrack and cinematography are AMAZING!!

I didn’t know whether or not my Twin was out there after watching this the first time, but I had a feeling that something/someone extremely special was waiting for me. I knew it. So hearing he was my Twin a year after was a small “ah ha” moment, although I deduced that much. It was more like, “well, of course he is.”…

Even though I knew of Twin Flames before the journey began(thanks to this film), it didn’t prepare me for what I would face. Nothing could have. But I’m here and there’s no going back. I know I’ve likened this all to Neo and the Matrix before but that keeps coming back to me. That’s what it is, there’s no going back to how it was before. My life has been divided into two parts. Me before this awakening, and Me now. Two wholly different beings. The latter being more attuned to the outer-world. Sometimes I look in the mirror and hardly recognize myself. All in all, I’m here. For a reason unbeknownst to me at the moment, I’m on this road with this amazing person beside me and no matter how fucking difficult it gets, I’m anxious to see it to the end.

tl;dr watch Cafe de Flore if the idea of twin flame/soul mates remotely interests you. And let me know what you think! It’s in French but should be streaming on Netflix with English subs.

I met my soul mate when I was fifteen years old. We went out for ice cream. After my dad started teasing me about my first date, the way dads do, and I told him; ‘Dad, it’s no big deal. I’m gonna be going out with a lot of different girls on a lot of different dates.’ And that is the first time that I ever lied to my father. I met my soul mate when I was fifteen years old and I’ve loved her every minute, every day since I first bought her that mint chocolate chip cone. I have loved her through the birth of our three perfect children. I have loved her, even when I’ve hated her. You married couples will understand that one. And I don’t know if it’s gonna work out, I don’t know what’s gonna happen. I’m sorry, Robbie. I can’t give you that. But I can promise you this, I will never stop trying. Because when you find the one, you never give up.
—  Cal Weaver (Crazy, Stupid, Love)

“We all know each other but haven’t necessarily shared the screen together. It looked like it was going to be a masculine kind of act-off. And ironically, with the exception of Ben Mendelsohn, I think Jacki Weaver actually slipped through the back door and took the top honours.”

“Jacki’s everybody’s Mum. She’s one of those personalities. But you’ve got to earn her respect as well.’‘ 

–  Joel Edgerton commending Jacki Weaver for holding her own on the testosterone-heavy set of "Animal Kingdom”


Requested?: yes

Can u do a smut where jack and the reader are secretly together and while their doing it the boys walk in and now they would have to explain

WARNING: SMUT, UNPROTECTED SEX (make sure you get that rang before you do the thang(;)

“Hey, YN” Jacks voice rang through the phone.

“Hi Jack,” I smiled to myself.

“I was thinking, since I’m finally moved into my own place, you could come over more often, like tonight for example…”

“That sounds like fun, id love to,”

“Great, see you at 6?”

“Sounds great, bye Jack.”

“Bye babe,” I could practically see his smile through the phone.

It was currently 3 now so I had plenty of time to kill. Jack and I had been together for around 3 months now, keeping it secret from the boys was difficult, especially when jack lived with Conor. But now that Jack got his own place it’s going to be a lot easier to sneak around.

I spent the whole day trying to pick an outfit to wear. I settled on a matching red lace lingerie set, a pair of white skinny jeans over it and a cute thrasher cropped sweater.

I took a peek at the clock and it was already 5:45. I slipped on my vans and started to head to Jacks place.

I was about to knock on his door when it flew open.

“Ugh, I’ve missed you.” He groaned, wrapping his arms around me, pulling me inside, and pushing me up against the closed door.

“We saw each other last week,” I giggled as his lips brushed mine.

“A week too long, baby girl,” he mumbled against my lips before connecting them.

I immediately kissed him back, glad to be back in his arms again. His hands slid down my sides and landed on my ass. He groped my butt and then his hands traveled to my thighs.

“Jump baby girl.” He whispered against my lips. I did as I was told and wrapped my legs around his waist.

“Jack, I need you.” I whimpered as he placed kisses down my jaw and neck.

“As you wish,” he smirked. He lifted me off the door and walked us over to his brand new couch. He sat down in what he likes to call his “favorite spot” and I was straddled on top of him.

“Fuck baby,” he groaned and threw his head back as I ground down onto him while I kissed his neck.

“No foreplay, please..I need you so bad.” He whined.

“Of course, daddy.” He groaned at his nickname.

I slid of his lap and popped open the button of his jeans. I shimmied them down his body and he stripped his shirt off so he was completely naked.

“Strip for me, baby.” I blushed and slowly took off my clothes in front of him. He slowly pumped himself as he watched me.

Once I was naked, Jack grabbed my by the hips and pulled me onto his lap.

“Ride me.” He breathed out. I blushed and positioned him at my entrance.

I slowly sunk down and I felt him stretching my walls.

“Damnit jack, you feel so good.” My eyes screwed shut.

“Yeah baby? You like how my big cock is stretching you out?”

“Yes, oh god, yes!” I moaned. Jacks hands found my hips and helped me slam up and down on his dick.

“You’re so hot.” Jack pulled me flush against his body and started feathering kisses down my neck all the way to my boobs.

“Holy fuck, Jack! I’m so close.”

“Me too, fuck.” He threw his head back. I started bouncing faster and soon I felt the too familiar feeling in my stomach.

“Ah shit! I’m cumming!” My walls tightened around Jack and my body started convulsing.

“Holy fuck you’re so hot baby.” He groaned as I kept bouncing on him. He pulled me close against his body again and wrapped his arms around my waist. His head dipped into my neck and he snapped his hips up so he was fucking me instead of me fucking him.

“Uh, fuck!” He groaned into my neck.

“YN?! Jack?!” Conor’s voice rang in my ears.

“No fucking way!!!” I heard Joes voice next.

“What the fuck are you doing here?!” Jack quickly grabbed the throw blanket on his couch and threw it over us.

“You invited us to film a video today, mate!” Joe piped in.

“Since when have you two been together?!” Conor asked excitedly bouncing around taking a seat on the couch next to us.

“Conor, can we please talk about this when my dicks not buried inside of my girlfriend.” Jack rolled his eyes.

“Girlfriend?!” Joe yelled.

“Yes, now leave!”

“Fine! Fine!” Conor put his hands up and left the flat with Joe.

“Finally, I didn’t get to finish yet.” Jack threw the blanket off and started pushing my hips up and down.

“Jack, don’t you think that kind of ruined the mood?” I rolled my eyes, trying to climb off of his lap.

“Fuck, nothing could ruin the mood, baby.”

“Well this time, let’s do this in your bedroom.” I giggled walking towards his room.

“Fuck yes,” he jumped up and ran after me.