this film makes me so uncomfortable but i love it

Reylo shippers/the people who have the most extensive knowledge of the dynamic of Rey and Kylo: we have accumulated a lot of evidence over the last year+ and studied the film very closely to put into words our interpretation that there is a romantic angle and possibly foreshadowing of a two sided love story in the trilogy between Rey and Kylo. Most fanboys, news sites and general Star Wars fandom: THAT IS THE MOST STOOPID IDEA I HAVE EVERY HEARD, REY IS SO OBVIOUSLY A SKYWALKER DUH, KYLO KILLED MA FAVOURITE CHARACTER HE CANT BE REDEEMED OR HVE HUMANITY IT MAKES ME UNCOMFORTABLE !!! REYLO SHIPPERS AND ALL FANGIRLS NEED TO BE TAUGHT HOW TO DO STAR WARS PROPERLY-OUR WAY-SO THERE Mike zeroh: wait a minute guys, hear me out I just came up with a theory, maybe Kylo has compassion for Rey and they could fall in love, after over a year I have come to this sudden realisation Most fanboys, news sites and general Star Wars fandom: WHAT AN AMAZING ORIGINAL THEORY MIKE!

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Reylo shippers:

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that scene in D2 where Carlos expresses he doesn't ever want to go back bc he was the one at the end of his mother's abused and M/al just - completely disregards it?? Like damn I know she's having a long meltdown but at least lighten up on the self-focus for a second? Also the fact that that moment is supposed to be "funny" in the film - idk that moment made me reallllly uncomfortable and it was disheartening to see

Okay can I just take an aside for a moment because I don’t get to gush about Carlos ever and I love him. Cameron plays him so well in hurts me inside.

Seriously, when Mal starts yelling and Carlos flinches? A+++ acting right there. One of my favourite parts of the movie, because that one tiny act makes all of his abuse REAL. I love that headphones are now part of his wardrobe because I get triggered by loud noise and it’s entirely in-character for him to as well.

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Winner takes all

It’s still April 3rd somewhere in the U.S



“The problem is Sakura-chan, and this is the way I see it, you have the right to ignore my love for you, but you ignoring me doesn’t stop me from loving you. I am dreamer Sakura and in this case, the only solution is for me to wake up. You’ve got to wake me up, you’ve got to reject me for real.”

Sakura who had been half-way through a ramen slurp choked momentarily on a noodle.

“Naruto, you’ve got to let a girl finish slurping before dropping that kind of talk on her.”

“Before you reject me. Give me a week.”


“Give me a week to win you over.  If I can’t win your heart by the end of the week, you can reject me for good and I’ll move on forever.”

Sakura glanced over her shoulders to see if anyone at the Ramen Ichiraku was eavesdropping on their suddenly serious conversation.

“Let’s slow down for a second Naruto, I’m still trying to process the unusual direction this conversation seems to be taking.”

“Sakura, I know this sound strange. But I’ve made this promise to myself to finally win your heart.”

“You made a promise to yourself?”



“Just now.”

“Just now?”

Naruto nodded. “Yes, as I watching watching you slurp I promised that I’d put everything I have on the line to win you over. But I need you to give me a chance. Give me a week.”

“Okay let’s summarize all of this. You, just now-made a promise to yourself to win me over in seven days.”

“If I can’t do it in seven days I’ll move on.”

Sakura looked at Naruto closely now, gauging his seriousness. “I appreciate the melodrama. I actually enjoy melodrama to be honest, but it’s not–”

“All I need from you Sakura is a chance.”


“You can reject me at the end of the week” Naruto interrupted. “No hard feelings.”

“I understand what you’re saying but–”

“We’ll still be friends, as close as ever, I swear.”

“That’s good to know bu–”

“One week Sakura, just give me one week.”

She sighed. “There’s literally nothing I can say right now that’s going to stop you from going through with this right?”


Sakura took a moment to consider this. “How do you plan on–.”

“I don’t know. But it’s gonna be romantic and it’s going to be memorable. I guarantee that it will blow you away.”

“Is it wise wise to make that kind of guarantee when you have no idea what you’re going to do?”

“If I knew how to win your heart Sakura, I would have already done it. But I am going to do it, I just need you to open to it. Just give me a chance Sakura-chan.”

Again Sakura paused to reflect. “You’ve….okay you’ve got a chance.”

“Thank you.”

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The fact that people think la la land deserved that humiliation makes me so uncomfortable like???? Yeah I LOVE moonlight and think it deserves best picture but y'all need to fucking chill! If anything you should hate on casey affleck for winning for doing standing and nothing in his film



Charlie Hunnam on working with Rob and filming in the amazonian jungle.

Q “How is it working with Rob?”

“Really wonderful. I mean, really fantastic to work with. We didn’t really talk too much while we were working. There was a time these characters meet each other on screen in the film, and so I don’t know if we never really talked about it, but I had decided that I just wanted our relationship to exists exclusively between action and cut. But I also didn’t want to put Rob off and like make him feel uncomfortable or anything. So I thought I would play this game with him and see if he was receptive and if I was upsetting him, then I would change tactic. But he either just didn’t care or understood what I was doing and wanted to play the game with me. So yeah, we didn’t talk too much while we’re filming, but it was all about the movie, no animosity or anything like that.

Q “It looks like you guys are cool and you’re taking pictures together”

No no I love the dude, and I came into this project really admiring and liking him. It was really just about trying to explore like a creative thing you know? Try to explore a acting technique or a way to put a relationship on screen together that I’ve never tried before, and I thought about a lot prior to this film but never really had an opportunity where it was appropriate, and this is where I tried it out. So it’s cool.”

Q “I heard you had a beetle going in your ear”

“I had a little beetle crawl in my ear. Yeah, little stowaway… I mean I had a scorpion on my hands and it was not planned. You know that I had my hands on the ground and this little really little like opaque pink colored scorpion ran and just sort of stopped on my hands and I just like flicked it off as the cameras was rolling and then it just stood there. And so there was a snake wrangler on set and right after they told “Cut!” I said “That little thing was just on my hand, is that poisonous?” and he said “Dude, if that had bitten you, you’d have been dead in about 30 minutes”

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It's mind-boggling that so many adaptations try to push the Benvolio/Rosaline pairing. We got After Juliet, Romeo's Ex, the 2013 film, and now Still Star-crossed.

I wonder why! After reading a summary on Goodreads, I found the love plot of Romeo’s Ex rather repetitive—a Capulet and a Montague who fall in love and try to end the feud? Isn’t that exactly what Shakespeare wrote in Romeo and Juliet? If we are to create a romantic relationship for Benvolio, I would rather he loved Mercutio. (I’m still waiting for a production that follows this text post.) As for Rosaline, I do like what the canon explicitly specifies: she does not want to have anything to do with men, so let her.

I have mixed feelings about Still Star-crossed. On the one hand, the diversity of the cast makes me very happy, and it was filmed quite near where I live! (I actually found out about it because a professor from the University of Salamanca mentioned it on his Facebook page.) On the other hand, I’m uncomfortable with the whole premise of the story. It revolves around the idea that the households did not cease the violence after Romeo and Juliet’s suicide. I’ve always thought, however, that the reconciliation of the families was pretty much the whole reason why the story was even told in the first place. If you look at the Prologue, Romeo and Juliet are first mentioned because they were the ones to stop the feud: ‘A pair of star-crossed lovers take their life, / Whose misadventured piteous overthrows / Doth with their death bury their parents’ strife.’ A few lines later the same idea is repeated: ’… the continuance of their parents’ rage, / Which, but their children’s end, naught could remove.’

To me, the fact that their love defeated all the hate and violence of Verona is one of the reasons why their story is so powerful and worth telling. This is why I think the idea of Still Star-crossed demolishes Shakespeare’s play and takes away its beauty… if the households impassively continue to exert violence after their children kill themselves in a desperate attempt to escape from the feud, what is the point of their deaths? It becomes quite a desolate story, where nothing can stop tyranny and where not even ‘a glooming peace’ is brought by the morning. However, I think the play does suggest that Romeo and Juliet’s love can indeed overcome their households’ hate. This is why I’m not particularly fond of the plot of the show, not only because of the Rosaline/Benvolio pairing, but because it kind of makes Romeo and Juliet’s deaths pointless.

“I’ve had photographers who tried to direct me like that and I just can’t do it. Still photos are so uncomfortable. There’s something about 24 frames per second that’s more freeing. I mean, when it’s just one frame at a time … not to mention they threw this beautiful, naked model in the middle of this shoot. You take an awkward guy and you make it more awkward." 

Another reason why I'm uncomfortable with r*ylo.

My last post about this garnered some negative attention from reylos who called me an idiot, but I really don’t care about them at this point. I think the main reason why reylo makes me uncomfortable is because from the very beginning, I connected SO strongly with rey. I felt like I had been written into a Star Wars movie. My mother even told me I looked like Daisy Ridley after she saw the film. I was a self sufficient, smart, and independent child. My parents worried about me because I was their first, but they didn’t have to. I’ve always loved science and technology, I’ve always stood up for myself.

Rey felt like me, and I felt like rey. I even cosplay rey, which I’m currently working on refurbishing and making more screen accurate. I felt the emotions rey felt in TFA, and I even cried while listening to Rey’s theme afterwards. That’s the reason why reylo gets under my skin and drives me mad, is because I feel for her so deeply. Star Wars is my escape, and rey is who I connect with. Seeing her in pain and suffering by the hands of Kylo ren didn’t make me ship them, it made me nauseous.

Thus ends my explanation part 2 lmao, thanks if you read this


It Follows (2014) -  David Robert Mitchell

5 bullets on this film:

  • I think this is one of the cutest horror movies I’ve ever seen. It’s not scary, but it made me very anxious. It’s not the best horror movie ever, it’s not unforgettable, it doesn’t make you want to sleep with the lights on, but it’s innovative.
  • I appreciated the 80′s vibe and how it reminded me of John Carpenter’s movies. I love when you can’t figure in which year the film is set.
  • I FUCKING LOVE HORROR MOVIES WITH A PRETTY CINEMATOGRAPHY!!!!!!! The scenes are so refreshing and beautiful and aaaaaaaahhhh. The soundtrack is nice too.  Like, this movie would suck without those details. ‘It Follows’ proves that a simple story can be turned into an amazing film with good editing. 
  • The actors are good, but that makes me feel uncomfortable because they are young and talented, while I’m here wondering if I will work at Mcdonald’s or at Burguer King. 
  • Everyone thinks about this film as a moral lesson for teens to not have sex. Like,”don’t have sex!!! you will die!!!!!!”. I don’t think it’s about that, it’s not the main theme. Yes, it can be seen as a metaphor for STDs, but there’s much more to think about.

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The staff would tell you to get off your ass, take your tumblr experience into your own hands, and block and blacklist tags and users you find objectionable. The real world is never going to cater to you, why should tumblr?

aw this is adorable. i’m assuming. a reylo? who tf cares. hi sweetheart, thanks for taking the time out of your day for me. 😘 i’m pretty damn sure i know how the real world works thx. i’ve been through enough shit in my life to know that. let’s remember i’m talking about a fictional film franchise and a part out of it that makes me uncomfortable. and before you come to my blog talking shit, know that i have blacklisted tags and that it still shows up, so thanks for the comment. love how you anon, shows your maturity of facing me hmm? 🙃

Mako Mori is a great character but Pacific Rim is not the great feminist film its fans make it out to be
A friend of mine mentioned PacRim in regards to feminism, and it spurred this rant I’ve been meaning to write. Because sadly I’m actually on the fence about PacRim being a great feminist (or PoC) film, and it bothers me that many people seem to want to laud it as such.

I think Mako Mori is one of the best leading female characters to grace an action film, no doubt. She encompasses a very heroic role in the movie (from the way she’s introduced via cinematography and story set up) and has a lot of good character qualities that both address her place as a younger character AND an Asian woman.
But there are so many gender and racial undertones that surround her that make me uncomfortable, even if those undertones are most likely unintentional.

  • White male / Asian female co-leads, whether platonic or romantic, have a lot of awkward savior complex– it’s inevitable. I love the implications of a queer platonic life partnership (yay, no kiss at the end), but the fact remains that many people will interpret them as romantic regardless. There’s even a “sexually tense” scene where she’s watching him undress, and I know it’s supposed to be over his scar and shit but come on, really? Too many narratives of Asian women pining over “virile white boys” to make it that accidental. We don’t need this shit, okay.

  • The antagonization and immediate killing off of the Asian male characters (the ones played by the Luu triplets), and the killing off of a Black mentor figure (Idris Elba) for the sake of propelling a main lead’s character growth, as well as the focus on MORE WHITE MALES and their rivalry over protecting said Asian female is hmm not so hot. (also I’m so sorry, I was so confused over Raleigh and the two Australian pilots help identical mayonnaise boys)

  • Another reason the death of the Luu triplets really irked me is because del Toro was obviously inspired by Japanese media. Giant robots have been around for over a couple centuries and have such a long history in Japanese and East Asian media–his choice to cast a Japanese woman is very deliberate and it’s hard to not see her as a form of “authentication” to appropriate Japanese ideas. In really horrible terms, Mako Mori’s character is obligatory
    Combine that with the White male / Asian female dynamic and we have this sense of sexism in the cultural appropriation– the Asian males are introduced in an antagonistic light, then killed off because they are weaker than the white male lead. Sound familiar?

  • And on the note of the way Asian men are treated in the film, they have a fucking character named Hannibal CHAU and he’s White. Sure, it’s addressed in the film but was that necessary? And oh, speaking of that entire side-plot, let’s have more white males running around doing important things (I’m talking about the scientists, etc). Would it have killed to make one of those scientists female? Or another race? Like a Black female scientist, guys, I would have loved that side plot so much more than watching Charlie Day run around screaming like a dying dog.
    …Back on topic, I’m sorry.

  • I just. can’t. deal with the fans who talk about PacRim like an amazing feminist film. I will say it again, Mako Mori is a GREAT character, but it just frustrates me that she is surrounded with problematic shit in that movie. Her hero’s journey is sandwiched between Raleigh’s and it really sends the message that he is ultimately more important than her. She is “protected” by him in several occassions, her back story is presented as something he gets to be privy to, HIS GAZE is the lens in which the audience learns about Mako and Stacker’s father/daughter relationship

I loved the film, I really did, but I think Asian women deserve better. Asian women deserve more than being vessels to allow white men to encroach on Asian culture. I am sick of seeing Western media use us for their white male-dominated needs.
WoC IN GENERAL deserve better. The fact there were no darker-skinned women in the film at all really bothers me as well. Asian women are not your exotic but well-behaved ticket into political-correctness.

Do better, demand better.

‘Neighbors’ stars take UA

So only one of you went to college [Franco], but you weren’t in a frat. Why not?
Dave Franco: Just going into college, I just had this idea in my head that I never wanted to join one. There’s actually no reason in particular. But I ended up being the guy who befriended people in the frats because USC is kind of in a seedy neighborhood, so the only party scene is at these fraternities. So, I had to befriend these guys, and it was never entirely comfortable because I knew a handful of guys in the house and the rest of the guys were like, “This guy didn’t go through pledge semester; what the hell is he doing here?”

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Why am I here?
To love? To laugh? To cry?
To numb myself with beer?
Or am I born to die?

I vaguely remember being four maybe five,
But those memories are torn like a photograph
Taken with disposable film; the only proof I was alive
Now hangs in frames: see, there’s me in a bubble-bath.

Maybe there’s a God but I’m not so sure;
Seems to me that his Divine Plan’s laughable-
And what did Adam & Eve have belly buttons for?
(Plus his followers make me uncomfortable).

Why am I here?
Overwhelmed with this thought as the sky starts my insomnia;
I begin wonder if I’m the only one awake with unanswerable fear.
But then I remember, it’s day-time in Australia.


Why Am I Here?

By Ryan Havers