this film is v good

tony going to his first party since coming back from afghanistan and visibly being like “jesus fucking christ how was this a thing i used to Do, how do i act like Tony Stark™ who is he i don’t know him, maybe i should have stayed in the Garage I Live In Now, can i have a drink do i make eye contact what do i do with my hands and my Face” is one of my favourite moments in the mcu 

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Henlo! I was wondering if you could do Mc watching a horror film with each of the members? V + Saeran + RFA, also I am in love with this blog!! Please keep up the good work!💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️ -Miz

Thank you ^^!! I’ve never really been a fan of horror but I tried my best! I hope these are what you wanted :) ~H x

RFA watching a horror movie with MC


-This boy doesn’t do horror
-Like, at all
-But you ask to watch one
-And he can’t deny your puppy dog eyes
-So the two of you end up curled on the couch together, about to watch a horror film
-What Yoosung doesn’t know is that you can get scared at them easily too
-Right from the beginning, Yoosung’s hand is tightly wrapped around yours, squeezing it
-And when it gets to the really scary stuff, he screams
-But so do you
-The two of you hide underneath the covers
-“Can we turn this off?” Yoosung asked.
-“Good idea,” you agreed with a slight smile.
-He could definitely tell you were scared
-“MC, can you stay with me tonight?” Yoosung asked with pleading purple eyes.
-You can’t say no
-Not that you would
-“Of course,” you complied.
-The two of you cuddled until you fell asleep
-And even when the nightmares came, you held tight


-“Horror? You have an interesting taste but no problem, babe,” Zen grinned when he saw your selection of movie.
-Don’t be fooled
-He’s terrified of horror a lot of the time
-But you can’t know that
-He’s your knight in shining armour
-Despite being a good actor and appearing confident, you can tell he’s scared
-The little flinches and jumps betray the brave face he’s wearing
-But you love horror so decide to see if you can get the truth out of him
-“Zenny, I’m scared,” you lied, hugging him tighter.
-“Shhh,” he whispered, stroking your hair.
-You let out an audible gasp at a scary-ish scene and Zen jumps too
-“Don’t worry, babe, I’m scared too, but I promise you’re safe,” he whispered.
-You tried not to grin
-But also felt kind of bad because he was still trying to protect you even though he was scared
-Sometimes I forget how sweet Zen is


-She’s kind of opposed to the idea at first
-“MC, I’ve not really watched any horror films but I doubt I’d be good with them,” she warned.
-But you’re excited about it
-And she can’t say no
-The two of you curl up on the couch and watch the film
-Jaehee looks to be handling it well, although she doesn’t seem that interested
-She’s actually terrified and dying inside please help her, MC
-When the film ends, she shrugs
-“I think I prefer musicals, but you have an interesting film choice,” Jaehee commented.
-It’s not until that night that you realise how much you screwed up
-Jaehee hugs you super tight and refuses to let go
-And you’re sure she’s having a nightmare, the poor thing
-After she lets out a muffled shriek in her sleep, you decide to wake her
-She jumps upon being awoken before realising where she is and immediately pulling you into her chest
-“MC, you’re safe!” she sighed in relief.
-“It’s okay, Jaehee, I’m here,” you promised.
-Now you feel really guilty
-Jaehee was right- you’ll stick to musicals from then on


-Honestly, he was just a bit confused
-He’d never watched a horror film before
-He’s a sucker for soap operas, though
-So he didn’t really understand a) why it was scary or b) why the characters were so stupid
-“Why did he just shout into an empty house, MC? It’s highly illogical.”
-Jumin, we love you, but shut up and watch the film
-Your plan to try and scare him didn’t really work, though
-He wouldn’t stop commenting
-“That was stupid. Looking behind you when you’re running slows you down.”
-“There’s a door at the back. Why don’t they check it instead of kicking a locked door?”
-You actually have to stop the film several times to explain that it’s ‘entertainment’
-He doesn’t find it funny
-You’re definitely sticking to Soap Operas


-As soon as you mention it, Seven is very ready
-A bit too ready
-He has the spooky lighting and sound effects prepared in the lounge
-And even drags Saeran to watch it with you
-Throughout the film, he laughs and doesn’t seem affected at all
-Instead, he tries to scare you and Saeran by occasionally going ‘boo’
-Watching a film with Seven is a nightmare
-Because the boy never concentrates on it
-Once the film’s over, Seven goes about his usual life, appearing unaffected
-You and Saeran are unconvinced
-So you decide to play a prank on him
-When he comes in from grocery shopping the following day, the house is in darkness
-You and Saeran are nowhere to be seen
-And Seven is getting slightly worried
-He’s still scared from the film
-Saeran plays a recording of the evil guy’s laugh from the film
-Seven immediately tenses
-You cast a shadow, having dressed up as the character
-“MC? Saeran?” Seven called out.
-“They’re gone,” you say in a gravelly voice which he hopefully won’t recognise.
-To your and Saeran’s satisfaction, Seven dives out the house again and closes the door
-After the two of you laugh for a solid minute, you quickly set the house right and pretend nothing happened
-He was scared of the film after all
-But he’s even more confused when he thinks he dreamed your prank


-Saeran says that he loves horror
-You don’t doubt him
-You choose a film and curl up on the couch to watch it
-It’s only halfway through when you realise
-You made a huge mistake
-As the first gunshot goes off
-You turn towards Saeran immediately
-Sure enough, he immediately tensed and it staring, wide-eyed, at the screen
-You don’t even hesitate to turn the TV off
-“Saeran? Saeran, are you ok?” you asked.
-He shook his head and started to hug his knees close to his chest
-Idiot! Why didn’t you think of this when you chose the film? you tell yourself
-Your priority is Saeran, though
-You hug him tightly to your chest and repeatedly remind him that it’s all in the past, that he’s safe now, that you’re here with him
-Saeran slowly comes around and hugs you back, tears falling from his eyes
-“Sorry, MC, I had a flashback- I couldn’t-” he croaked.
-“Hey, it’s ok. It’s my fault- I just want you to feel safe and happy,” you apologised.
-The two of you hug on the couch
-“How about we watch something else?” you asked.
-You both agree on children’s TV. It’s definitely safer and better watching


-He’s really not a horror person
-It’s not that he gets scared of it, he just doesn’t really like it
-However, after all the crazy drama with Rika
-He starts to sympathise with the main character
-And gets really invested
-You watch as your boyfriend sits on the edge of his seat, wondering how they’ll get out of the crazy cult the protagonist and their friends are trapped in
-Instead of bringing back horrible flashbacks, it reminds him of how glad he is to be out of that situation
-Of how glad he is to be with you now
-The film finishes and he turns to you with a smile
-“That was a really good film, actually. I’ve never really liked horror before,” V said.
-“Really?” you raised your eyebrows, shocked that he did actually enjoy it.
-You had been hoping to sneak in a cuddle session had he been scared
-“Yes, we’ll definitely have to watch them more often,” he nodded.
-You’re going to have to find some really spooky ones now
-So you can finally have your cuddle session

Meagan Good as Luba in Saw V (2008)

Synopsis: Following Jigsaw’s grisly demise, Mark Hoffman is commended as a hero, but Agent Strahm is suspicious, and delves into Hoffman’s past. Meanwhile, another group of people are put through a series of gruesome tests.

Written by Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan

Directed by David Hackl

some thoughts on Falsettos in cinemas

*note: i had only heard like 3 songs before i saw it and didn’t really know the exact plot

-first of all we are v lucky to have a good-quality filming of it and that we can see their faces close up (although one of my favourite things about theatre is being able to watch the actors who aren’t the focus of the scene, so I appreciated when they showed that)

-brandon uranowitz/mendel saved my life

-jason was nothing at all like I thought he would be, I thought he would be like anthony rosenthal lol but he wasn’t and it was so interesting his character was really unexpected for me

-i didn’t realize it was all sung through so kudos to bill finn i honestly think he’s a genius like the 25th annual putnam county spelling bee is one of my favourite musicals and this was so different and there was so much music and so many lyrics wow just wow

-stephanie j block is my fucking hero. everyone clapped after i’m breaking down and she was fantastic

-damn the racquetball games i don’t know how the coordinated the actors and the sound but it was amazing

-MARCH OF THE FUCKING FALSETTOS one of my favourite musical numbers ever 

-jason and whizzer’s relationship hurts/warms my heart

-marvin at the psychiatrist tho


-i laughed so much at jason “I think ___ is the most beautiful thing - not love” every time

-when marvin hits trina and then says “no baby i wouldn’t -” and she’s like “no” (or “don’t” i don’t remember) wow the writing and acting there

-”my father’s a homo, my mother’s not thrilled at all”

-mendel’s marriage proposal… lyrically adorable and sweet and musically so sweet

-the baseball game - choreography, lyrics

-mendel and jason

-i want to marry betsy wolfe she’s the cutest person i’ve ever seen

-trina had such good songs i’m so happy

-UNLIKELY LOVERS they were trying to kill me

-what more can I say was sooo beautiful i’d already listened to that song so much but christian borle is amazing

-you gotta die sometime was like…..soooo musically good? like so musically interesting, and andrew rannells was brilliant… i was really blown away and I can’t stop listening to it even though it’s so sad


-I broke when whizzer touched jason’s shoulder at his bar mitzvah and said “thank you” and then went back to his bed like that was the most beautiful and terrible thing 

-the lesbians and the gays as best friends was too much i was so heart warmed

-tracie thoms’s VOICE

-THE HARMONIES. both how they were written and performed

-have I mentioned that william finn is a genius

-it was so much funnier than i expected

-such a good balance of serious and funny

-andrew rannells’s voice!!

-the cast is absolutely unbeatable. like. you can’t find anything better anywhere. which means they could do so much musically and acting-wise and i imagine it would have felt incredible to be a part of the cast. i can’t even express how in awe I am and how much i respect them

-i’m definitely forgetting stuff but overall it totally exceeded my expectations and not just story-wise but MUSICALLY it was brilliant


the last three panels i used in this post were the second tme ’d drawn them, the first time they weren’t like, what I’d envisioned when I set out. They didn’t have the right feel.

But they’re done, anyway, so here they are.

I’m so mad at critics thinking that Marvel superhero films have defined the genre and set some standard and set of rules that future filmmakers within the superhero genre have to abide by and incorporate. 

Batman V Superman had its flaws. It did. It wasn’t a perfect movie. However, criticisms of it not being funny enough, of it being ‘joyless,’ and it just not offering the same comedic relief that an Avengers movie would is beyond ridiculous to me. This film didn’t set out to make you laugh every five minutes and it didn’t promise to be some hilarious Superhero film so going into that movie wanting to have all this back and forth comedic banter between Batman and Superman when nothing has suggested that it was something you could expect is on you. Not on the film. I felt like this movie explored more serious concepts that Man of Steel introduced and that involves this idea of how humans would react to, first, the realisation that life exists outside of Earth, secondly, those aliens arriving on Earth, and finally, these religious ideologies that talk of a God and seeing Superman as this god-like figure and how the world responds to him being treated as such. Conceptually, Batman V Superman was incredible. I felt like it had so much more going on under the surface that if people just stopped waiting for a witty one-liner every five minutes, they’d grow to appreciate it. Now, I’m not going to get into a discussion of what worked and what didn’t, but my point is: the Superhero genre should allow for many different kinds of films and media and to so harshly rip one superhero film apart because it didn’t follow the same structure of another superhero film is so beyond frustrating to me and it is not a reflection of a film failing but rather a reflection on someone not understanding that Marvel has set a tone and a structure for its cinematic universe and DC Comics is in the process of establishing its own tone and structure for its cinematic universe. We all have our preferences and can dislike something because it’s simply something we don’t like but to be critical that x isn’t the same as y and therefore y is terrible… that’s not a valid criticism. 

I tried to stay pretty quiet on this topic of discussion but seeing how much Batman V Superman is still being dragged in the mainstream media in an attempt to praise Civil War has just started to really bug me. And to now see early reviews of X-Men: Apocalypse criticise the film for not being hilarious has just heightened my level of frustration. Concepts within the Superhero genre are very serious and if ANY film wants to take those concepts seriously and approach things differently than a light-hearted action film then let them fucking do it and stop expecting a plethora of jokes to be the basis of what makes a superhero film good. End of rant. 

it’s been months and people still don’t understand why bruce wanted to fight clark. lex said it!! straight to clarks face!! ‘[to clark] you my friend have a date! across the bay! [something i can’t quite catch but the word hate is there] two years growing…but it did not take much to push him over actually! little red notes, big bang - you let your family die!’

lex saw an opening in bruce’s one weakness: his love of those he considers family. he saw that opening and took it, twisted bruce’s love into something harmful. he pushed and prodded an open wound that hasn’t been closed since jason’s death and manipulated it. bruce saw superman as responsible for the wayne employees deaths, the first person bruce saw as the fog cleared was keefe, who was instrumental to lex’s plans? keefe! sending bruce those messages under the guise of keefe sending them, making bruce believe that the bomb was keefe’s idea, making bruce think superman and the fall of wayne tower lead to the death of so many in the explosion. ‘you let your family die’ - lex says it almost comically to clark. this is the big part. almost mocking, because lex doesn’t care about his family. it’s implied he murdered his own family. but he know’s bruce cares deeply about family. he sends this note, playing on not only the wayne employees deaths, but on jason’s death, on his parents death. your family, you soldier, your fault.