this film is so perfect though omfg

Wet Onesies

“Yeah see you around mate.” Dan said, watching their friends leave the swimming pool. They had just finished filming their sponsored Krave Challenge and had needed a few more people to make it extra perfect. Swimming across a pool in a dinosaur onesie hadn’t been Dan’s favourite activity and he was looking forward to getting it off; it was extremely clingy on his skin and it made him feel uncomfortable in the worst sense. Dan carefully walked towards the dressing rooms, looking as if he’d shit himself.


As he entered the dressing room, he immediately let out a chuckle. The room was big, had white tites and was deserted with the exception of Phil. It was Phil’s position and the sheer tightness inappropriateness of his extremely tight fitting clothes that made Dan laugh. Phil was sat on a bench, his legs randomly spread out, struggling with the zip in his tight lion onesie. Dan noticed how much tighter Phil’s onesie was compared to Dan’s; you could basically see the outline of his dick through the tight, wet fabric. Dan knew it was disrespectful and slightly wrong to stare at your best friend’s penis, but somehow he couldn’t help himself. Phil let out an exasperated groan, still struggling with his zip, and Dan felt something tickle in the lower part of his body. Dan imagined Phil pushed up against Dan, his cock throbbing against Dan’s bare torso, his lips on his…

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