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Hello everyone! My dash is rather dead, and since I unfollowed a lot of blogs a while ago, I would like to follow some new blogs so here’s to another follow spree :) Here are my general requirements:

1. Tag your posts
2. Be 17 and above in the year of 2017. I’m 23 this year and it makes me uncomfortable following users much younger than I am. Even if you’re comfortable with it, I’m not.

Other things I will be looking at but are not an absolute requirement:
1. (***** HUGE PLUS POINTS FOR THIS) Posts K//pop OR has a K//pop related sideblog (the // is there bc a lot of people who follow me probably blacklist that so I don’t want to miss out any other blogs I might like). If you post BOTH K//pop AND anime that will be an even larger bonus. FYI, my ultimate bias group is EXO so it would really help if you have their related content. I also like girl groups like Blackpink, f(x), Red Velvet, Twice, EXID. In any case, just put your main fandoms in the tags. Feel free to check out my sideblog too!

2. Multifandom anime blog / 80% of your blog isn’t limited to one fandom 

3. Post things not related to anime (e.g.: TV shows, video games - I’m very into Persona now so that will be a huge bonus, film, aesthetic, etc.) aside from anime

Please reblog this post and please put in your tags: 

1. Which of the above apply to you
2. Your main fandoms (in anime and/or K//pop)

I will only consider people who reblog the posts with the above required tags! Also, you don’t have to feel obligated to follow me back if I do follow you after checking out your blog! I would just like more blogs to follow ^^ Mutuals, I would highly appreciate it if you could reblog this as well!

I have never been more confused and frankly disgusted by a human being more than I have just been. I saw a comment on YouTube where someone thought it would be a terrific idea if Kylo ren got his hair cut in the next film. A human being looked at the perfection which is Kylo’s hair and thought “yeah, that should be cut, that would improve things”. I’m going to need some time to process things but perhaps it’s best just to accept that every YouTube comment is more ludicrous than the last.


March 11, 2017 - I got a fever this week and I was at death’s door for sure. During that fever, however, I took an AP Psych unit exam (and surprisingly scored a 90) and started my Intro to Computer Art class. I also worked on a promo film for a high school and asked the interview questions (which was pretty scary because the principal was pretty scary). March 9 is the birthday of a really close friend of mine and MY ULTIMATE BIAS, MIN YOONGI/SUGA.

Listening to: Fire Truck - NCT 127


AHHHHH thank you all so much wow I can’t believe that many of you follow me 😂😂 anyway, I promise I’ll get better at following back. For now, I’m gonna copy my wife @seventiescherry and make a list of my fave people on here 🤗

- @seventiescherry : what can I say about this girl. She’s literally my rock. My go to my everything. My favorite person on this website. I know she will always be there for me; just like I always there for her❤️ Anouk is the best metal head wife one could ask for and if you’re not already following her…r u ok? Cuz you should be and this is your ticket to do so 💛⚡️

- @beberequin : my honky tonk women 🌼🌞 this girl is seriously amazing! Her blog is so lovely and groovy. She is the ultimate muse and Kirk Hammet groupie 😉 I’m so glad we are starting to become closer.

- @m—ermaid : Beautiful electric lady 💙⚡️ Elle is seriously another one of my favorite gals on here! Her blog is crazy amazing and it’s nuts how we like practically all the same kinds of stuff when it comes to music 🖤 Her selfies kill me on a regular basis too btw!

- @makedeathmybitch : Another fave of mine! Her blog is amazing and my favorite go to blog for all things musicians! I wanna become better friends with this gal 🤗

- @sacrificialvirgin : Audrey was one of the first people I became friends with on this website. We go waaaaay back (remember when we were both OUTSIDERS accounts?? 😂😂). She is the best and her blog is the perfect go to for old 60’s/70’s films / witchy content 🖤

- @rock-basstard : MY ROCK AND ROLL QUEEN 🖤🎸 uuuugh she’s one of the best! Her blog is the ultimate grunge fantasy and I love every aspect of it! FOLLOW HER!

- @90swildrose : my beautiful gem 💎 the rarest of the roses 🌹 I feel like I connect with this girl on a spiritual level and she is one of the kindest people I’ve met on here. She’s not afraid to speak her mind, which I love ❤️

- @beauty-loversx : Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson’s love child 💛 this groovy gal has got the most perfect blog that will fit your aesthetic purposes ✨

- @sodascherry : Myriam is such a sweet soul and another fave 70’s blog of mine❤️ definitely check her out if the 70’s is your timezone !

- @childofstar : I think we can all collectively agree that this blog is the best and the ultimate 70’s blog 💛💕 I reblog her entire blog tbh 😂

- @december–rose : Her name stands true. The white winged dove is the most perfect lady in all the land. I absoutley adore her blog 😇✨💛

- @crystallineknowledge : the ultimate Stevie Nicks blog 💙💛 that’s where I go for all my Stevie pics! She’s enchanting ✨

- @igotmemories-igotshit : another fave of mine for all things grunge! Seriously if you like Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, RHCP..follow her! She’s extremely sweet and her blog is tons of fun 🤘🏻🖤

- @glamrock-lizardman : Rose is another one of my favorites! This girls talent is unbelievable. She’s also met some really cool people like Iggy Pop, Mick Rock and Marky FUCKING RAMONE! Seriously follow this girl and check out all her special effects makeup photos. Idk how she’s not working in Hollywood yet 💚

- @loveage-moondream : my favorite witchy lady 🖤🔮 her blog is totally enchanting and you should definitely check it out!

& here are a bunch of my other favorites: @twin-salopian , @nailinmyhead , @louder-than-love , @rocknrolld , @stonegodssard , @lunabrooke , @theindiandreamcatcher , @aboysbestfriendishismum , @velociraptorjr , @dailysixties , @20thcentury , @vinyl-smoke-and-leather , @one-bad-apple , @the-rollingzeppelin , @70s-moon-child , @honey–fingers , @kosmikwitch , @groupied , @velvet-overdose , @retro–babe , @70s-cherub , @b0wie-babe , @velvet-moons , @60smoonchild

I hope I don’t leave anybody out because I do love each and everyone of you

Recurring event: cole sitting around scrolling on his phone, bored because lili is filming. opens his lili folder (you know he’s got one) gets stuck on one particular photo and goes: i should post this one with a vague description or emoji and watch the fandom explode while i enjoy my improved instagram aesthetic 

anonymous asked:

kristin honey, what wilde thing should i read after dorian? because i loved dorian so much and want to broaden my wilde horizons and fully become a part of the wilde fanclub of which you surely are the president.

(firstly I LOVE YOU WHAT AN HONOUR. secondly, sorry i took so long writing this i went to get my books to remind my self of titles and ended up reading the whole of the portrait of mr. w. h.)

ANYWAY. it depends what you’re into?? if you like the more narrative elements of his work, like to know him as an author/creator then definitely his Short Stories  (a lot of them are for [his] children but doesn’t make them any less great!!) my favourites are The Happy Prince and The Nightingale and the Rose

then there are his more “serious” Novellas (they’re basically longer stories than the shorts and shorter than TPODG)(they also sort of link to each other)

and ofc His Plays (but obviously the reading the play format is different to a story and i know some people don’t like it)(there are a lot so here are my faves) 

  • The Importance of Being Earnest (also watch the film)
  • Lady Windemere’s Fan 
  • A Woman of No Importance 
  • Salomé
  • More

AND POEMS. he has a lot so just …. HERE

Special mention to The Ballad of Reading Gaol(said Jail) he wrote whilst imprisoned for his crimes in Reading Jail.

and The Sphinx because it’s the ultimate Aesthetic Poetry. 

OK NOW to know him more as a person and a character?? on a more personal note: His Letters

DEFINITELY FIRST AND FOREMOST-  DE PROFOUNDIS. (its quite a read but v v beautiful and sad and gay) which he wrote to his lover aka Alfred Lord Douglas aka basically the reason he’s was in the prison and yet still blames himself aka Bosie

More letters and essays (god bless this website tbh)

Finally I finish with this. If you can find them, the letters he wrote to Robbie Ross, if you can find them.
One contains one of my favourite lines Wilde ever wrote about Bosie:

“He is quite like a narcissus - so white and gold… Bosie is so tired: he lies like a hyacinth on the sofa and I worship him.”