this film is my everything

“I want a LGBT film that has well  rounded characters” 

“I want a LGBT film that has an interesting story”

“I want a LGBT film that has good subtext”

“I want a LGBT film that has a happy ending”

“I want a great LGBT film”




anonymous asked:

What do you film with? your gifs are really good quality, is that just a laptop cam, or?

(( OOC: I film almost everything on my computer webcam… 

But every once in a blue moon I’ll use the family camera to film some nicer stuff… 

I’d do it more… but it’s such a HASSLE! *sighs* )) 

me: pfft. how big could this news REALLY be, masterpiece email? calm down.


i just want to do everything at once, i want to travel and film all of my adventures and i want to take pictures of everything and i want to spend early mornings in airports and late evenings on rooftops and i want to drink lattes in little cafes and discover myself