this film deserves more love around here

CG is a great medium, and I love it. The technology deserves a little more credit than it gets around here, because the computer scientists are so good. But we pride ourselves on saying, ‘It’s nothing without the stories.’
—  Jonas Rivera

How darling is it that he’s wearing a shirt with The Wolf of Wall Street on - the film starring his good friend Leonardo Dicaprio! He’s such a loyal supporter to his friends and family - and his charities.

Tom really couldn’t be more amazing if he tried. I just wish he’d see that. I sometimes worry that he’ll burn himself out, just because he’s afraid of having too much time with his thoughts and fears. He’s a good person who does good deeds and is among the very best at what he does. So he certainly ‘deserves’ to give himself a lot more credit than he seems to do. We certainly love you around here, Tommy! :)